Naruto Locked in the Undead Apocalypse Chapter 13

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Chapter 13 of Naruto and Gaara locked in the Undead Apocalypse.

"Normal speech"

'Normal thought'

"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


Naruto swung the Samehada at Kabuto hoping to shave the white skin from Kabuto's body. Kabuto blocks the attack with his bone blade. Kabuto had for a spilt second grinned at this. However this proved to be a bad idea as he ended up paying for it when the spikes-scales from the sword expended towards him.

"AHHHHH," Kabuto screamed in agony as the spike-scales pierced his chest and right eye.

"You let your guard down Kabuto… a foolish mistake," Naruto said as he vanished from in front of Yakushi.

Kabuto eyes once again grew wide and a horrified look spread across his face as he suddenly, felt Naruto's demonic signature appear right behind him and the fact that Naruto's demonic pressure had descended upon him.

"This is the end Kabuto," Naruto said as he skewered Kabuto with Samehada. Kabuto's mouth opened as he out a soundless scream.

Chapter 13

Naruto violently rips Samehada out of Kabuto's body, which cause gallons of blood to come gushing out of his body. Kabuto then took a step towards to edge of his dragon body. "Damn you… Naruto… Namikaze." Kabuto grunted out as he fell off the body.

"That's one down, only two more to go." Naruto said to himself as he seals Samehada and starts to walk back to the others.

As Kabuto fell towards the ground head first, a sinister grin spread across his face as he does a hand-seal. 'You may have won this battle however, I will take your precious sword woman away from you.

Suddenly, the Dragons body started to shake and began to break apart. "So I guess I won't have to take care of the body after all… wait I sense dark chakra within those cracks." Naruto looked through the cracks only to be startled when zombies started breaking out of the body and rushed him.

"What the fuck!" Naruto exclaims as he began ducking and dodging the incredibly fast attacks of the horde.

Naruto then jumps back and activated the Rinnegan as they charged at him.

"What the hell is going on?" Sasuke asked Gaara as they watch Kabuto's body start to crack and a huge wave of the undead began to climbing out of it. "We need to kill them stop this!" Gaara roared as he started to create a giant Biju bomb.

The remaining heads of the Dragon started to create a giant chakra ball. Naruto who was still fighting on the back of the dragon could feel the Dark chakra start gather into a giant ball of death.

"KURO-KIRIN, BEGONE WITH THE THUNDER CLAP!" "Tailed Beast Wave!" Both Sasuke and Gaara roared as they fired there attacks right as dragon unleashed his own. The Biju wave and the dragon blast collided with each other and started an unstable power struggle.

'Shit, that's way too much power I need to make sure that the twins get the girls out of here.' Naruto thought as he used the Hiraishin no Jutsu to appear right before the girls and the twins.

The Black lighting dragon shoot down from the sky and descended upon the dragon's body. Once it hit, it literally exploded quickly vaporizing all the zombies within the vicinity and but for some reason wasn't destroying the body.

"Gin, Zen, Jugo I want you to take the girls and get them the hell out of there right now!" Naruto roared as nine tails.

"Holy Shit that's not a good sign at all, we have to go right now." Zen said getting an ok from Gin.

"Naruto, what the hell is going on, what the fuck is that thing up there?!" Rika asked the Daiyokai standing before her and the others.

"This entire area is going to become a gigantic crater." Naruto said as he clapped his hand together, shocking the twins and confusing the others.

"Wait want are you doing, is this another jutsu of yours?" Saeko asked the Demon only to be shocked by what she saw in Naruto's hand.

"Oh god he's going to use that we really have to go right now!" Zen yells out as he and his brother.

"Wait a second you plan to use Chibaku Tensei here of all places what's just plain insane!" Karin proclaimed as Naruto's yokai started to condense the black void in his hand.

"If you use that, there will be nothing left of this part of town." Jugo states as he lifts Karin up over his shoulders much to her displeasure.

"Just get the hell out of here already!" Naruto roared as they all vanished. After they were gone, Naruto appeared right beside Gaara and Sasuke.

"Gaara, Sasuke get back... this jutsu will finish it." Naruto said as he hurled the black ball right at the center of Gaara and the Dragon's blast.

"Chibaku Tensei" Naruto states as the dark void began to absorb and attract everything within a certain range including the ground and the Dragon's body, then it compressed everything together until it became a large ball of earth and a prison for the dragon's body.

'And now to compress it into nothing.' Naruto thought as the ball of earth started to condense until it was no bigger than a gain of sand.

Naruto then burned it to a crisp with his yokai. "It's over," Gaara said as they descended towards the ground. Sasuke's Susanoo disappeared and Gaara's sand demon turned back into sand and returned to Gaara's gourd.

As they all touch down Naruto's chakra mode finally dispersed and he fell only to be caught by Saeko. Gaara who had also used most of his chakra began to stumble until Rika helped him stand straight.

"Do you always have to overdo it?" Saeko asked her guardian who had his head resting in her cleavage. "Well I guess it's alright as long as you don't die on me." Saeko said as she stroked his ears.

Hey… didn't I tell Zen and Gin to get you girls out of here?" Naruto asked in between breathes as Saeko smiled down at him. "Did you really think that I would just leave without you again?" She asked getting a chuckle from Naruto.

"Are you alright Gaara, that sure was an intense battle… have all your battles been like this before coming here?" Rika asked the raccoon demon who just snorted in amusement.

"Sasuke-kun are you injured?" Karin asked the Uchiha as she checked him over. "I'm alright... I didn't use that much chakra." Sasuke told her which was technically true since he does have as much as Naruto and Gaara and so made sure not to overdo it and have to suffer chakra exhaustion or use the curse mark.

"Well now that that's over... I think it would be best if we head towards Saya-san's place." Rika suggested as to them. "Sasuke-san will you guys be tagging along with us?" Rika asked getting Naruto and Gaara's attention.

"No... I'm afraid that this is where we part ways for now." Sasuke told them as he, Karin and Jugo got ready to leave. "We already have a place to stay however we will meet again." Jugo told them.

"Naruto I will say this once, don't lose to anyone until the day we can finally fight, I don't need you dying before I prove to you who the strongest warrior." Sasuke states and with that they disappeared in a bolt of lightning.

'Don't worry Sasuke I will not lose to anyone so, you better not lose either.' "Let go, I think we've kept the others waiting long enough." Naruto said.

(With Obito)

The former leader of the Akatsuki stared at the giant canyon left behind by the Chibaku Tensei in amusement. He found himself impressed by the three godlike ninja's power.

"Yes they're power is growing exponentially, soon we will have enough power from those three fools and enough human souls to complete the true resurrection." The evil Uchiha said to himself as he starts a chain of head seals.

"Death art: Kuroshinju no Kyūshū" (Black Pearl absorption) Obito states as the air around the area began to turn black and started to merge together creating a black shard of a pearl. Yes there it is a piece of the lord of slaughters pearl." Obito states as the pearl floats towards him.

"Only thirty more pieces left until we can complete the ritual now." Madara proclaims as he appears beside Obito. "They have no idea that by using chakra and killing Kabuto that they are helping us."

"Yes the undead are merely cages for the human souls that once belonged to that body, by destroying the undead they are corrupting those captured souls." Obito said with an amusing look on his face.

"The other method of soul corruption would have taken years to complete with the amount of souls we need to collect, with this however by doing this method not only will we complete this sooner than we had originally planned but, those three are the one who had all this possible.

"Keep on fighting Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara and when I become the god of this dimension you can see your love ones alive once again.

"And I shall rule this world." Obito said as the two evil Uchiha vanished.

(The Takagi estate the next morning)

"Ta… Takashi…" Rei whispers out with in fear as her eyes that were sparkling with unshed tear stared into his. "Rei…" Takashi said as he look at her with pity in his eyes.

Suddenly, the object of Rei's terror made her presence known, staring down at her prey with one on the most sadistic smiles that the two lovers had ever seen.

"Ready or not her I come, don't let her escape Komuro." Shizuka commands as she held up her hands that seemed to have kind of liquid dripping from them. Gaara watched the scene in amusement as the high school girl coward in fear from the nurse.

"It's going to hurt." Rei whined which caused both Gaara and Shizuka to grin. "Only a little," Shizuka said as Takashi made Rei lay on her front and Shizuka slowly reach down for the girl.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Rei screamed as the nurse rubbed the medicine on her back.

When you fell from the car you hit your back, so we need to spread some ointment or it'll get a lot worse…" The nurse said as she giggled at the girl who was yelling ouch while squeezing Takashi's legs.

'And I thought that Naruto was a crybaby when it came to hospitals, nurses and doctors.' Gaara thought while chuckling at the girl's misfortune.

The group had arrive at Saya's house sometime last night and had literally passed out at the front door. The girls had all almost had a heart attack until Saya's mom and Shizuka checked them only to find out that they passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning Gaara had been the first of the two to awaken early only to find that he had been alone and that a bath had been prepared for him. Apparently, Shizuka had run the bath for him and left him some instructions on how to use it.

After he was finished bathing, he pulled out a red T-shirt and a pair of brown shorts from one of his scrolls to wear and then left the room to go find Shizuka. So hear he was standing in Rei's room watching the surprisingly sadistic nurse work her magic fingers on Rei's injured back.

"Ha-ha-ha did that burn that was my special formula." Shizuka said with pride as she what over to Gaara.

"That was very entertaining to watch, do you think you can do that to Naruto… hearing him scream in terror as you apply the medicine would be light music to my ears." Gaara said causing Shizuka to giggle at him as the left the room and began to walk down the hall.

My Boobs are killing me because you used them to balance an AK4, NOW GET OUT!" Rei screamed as Komuro ran out the room. After catching his breath Takashi just shrugged his shoulders at them.

"Whatever she loved it." Komuro said much to Gaara's and Shizuka's amusement. "Those two are so lovey-dovey." Shizuka said as she and Gaara continued back to his room.

"I believe it would be best to give them some alone time so they can get "reacquainted" with each other my dear." Gaara said causing Shizuka to erupt in a fit of giggles much to Komuro embarrassment.

"You guys suck!" Takashi proclaimed much to the couple's amusement as they entered Gaara's room.

(Naruto's room)

"I get it already, your always right ALWAYS! *BANG*" Saya yelled as she slammed her door behind her. The loud bang startled Naruto causing him to jump in surprise. "What the hell… was that Saya?" "Uh Naruto… I'm I forgot this is where you were sleeping in there."

"Saya-chan what's wrong, who were you yelling at?" Naruto asked as he got out of the bed. Saya suddenly started blushing in embarrassment as she noticed that he wasn't wearing a short or pants for that matter.

"Don't worry about that, it's not I would like to talk about now." Takagi said to herself, low enough to where she "thought" Naruto wouldn't hear her.

"So are you hungry, what would you like to eat for breakfast?" Saya asked as she walked to the door. "I will eat anything you cook for me so why don't you decide." Naruto said as he gave her a smile which caused her cheeks to heat up.

"Thank you Saya." Naruto said as she opens the door to leave. Before she could walk out the door though there standing in her way holding a plate of food and wearing an apron over a long sleeved blouse and a short skirt.

"Oh hi Saya is Naruto awake I brought him some breakfast." She said as they both heard a loud growl, letting the girls know just how hungry Naruto actually was. "Good morning Naru-baby I made you some breakfast."

"Good morning Yuuki how are you this morning." Naruto asked as he gave her a happy grin. "Well I'm alright now that you're here in bed and not out there fighting that snake-thing." Yuuki said as she sat down by on the bed beside him.

"You don't have to worry about me going off to fight until Obito or Madara so up so we can spend time together." Naruto said knowing that Yuuki was planning to cling to him.

"Saya I'm going to need a lot of energy to replenish the chakra I used last night… I'm looking forward to your cooking." Naruto said as he gave Saya one of his trademark foxlike grins.

"I'll hold you to that Naruto." Saya said as she left the room a little happier then when she had the argument with her mother earlier.

"Ok now that she is gone it's time that I change into the prepare attire for to properly serve my prince." Yuuki said as she places the plate of food on the nightstand next to the bed.

Yuuki then takes off the apron she was wearing and then started to take off her blouse and skirt before putting back on the apron.

"Yuuki… what are you doing?" Naruto asked as his tail started to wag back and forth in excitement. Yuuki giggled at how excited Naruto was seeing her in nothing but a black bra and panty set wearing an apron.

"Now then get back in bed." Yuuki commanded in a seductive tone of voice. Naruto was already in bed by the time she had finished her sentence. Yuuki then climbed onto the bed and straddled Naruto.

Next Yuuki picked the plate back up and a fork. "The meal I have prepare this morning is a western-style Pancake breakfast with eggs, three sausages and two hash browns." Yuuki said as she takes the fork and uses it to cut up the pancakes.

"Ah… that looks really good what is that stuff dripping from the pancakes?" Naruto asked her as she holds the pancake to his mouth. "Its syrup, it makes your pancakes taste really good… here just try it." Yuuki said as she starts feeding Naruto.

(Elsewhere within the house)

"Hey that's a real gun isn't… a kid like you shouldn't be playing It." Some old guy said to Kohta who was working on his gun. "Huh… you think I'm playing?" Kohta asked confused.

"Is that all you wanted to say Matsudo-san." Saya said as she walked in to the garage with a tray of food in her hand. "Oh Takagi-sama, I was just going to let you know that… I finished the tune up on the Humvee that you came here in." Matsudo said as he started to sweat.

Matsudo always felt a little intimidated around Saya because of how condescending her personality naturally was to other people. This of course irritated Saya to no end and she made this clear on several occasions.

"Thank you… that will be all.' Saya said dismissing the guy much to his relief. "Wow you really are treated like a princess." Kohta said causing Saya to roll her eyes.

"You're the last person I want to hear that from… more importantly, I came here to tell you we'll be having a group meeting soon so you should hurry up with that because we will be heading out soon." Saya said a confused look from her group gun specialist.

"Why is that Takagi?" Kohta asked the princess. "This is a fortress-mansion so shouldn't we be safe… beside both Naruto and Gaara are here protecting us." Kohta states causing Saya to sigh in annoyance.

"Haven't you thought about how hard it is to secure electricity and water? Isn't that something they teach you in elementary school?" Saya asked sarcastically causing Kohta to sweat a little.

"Uh so what are you trying to say?" Kohta asked much to Saya's annoyance. "The only reason that huge network was able to operate continuously was because, countless specialists could go to work every day without worrying about the possibility of being eating by the undead." Saya told the gun otaku.

"So do me a favor and tell the others to meet us in Naruto's room in one hour." Saya said as she left to go deliver Naruto his food.

(One hour later)

"So do you have any way that would help you fining this Madara persons base of operations." Rika as the others all gave her a weird look.

"Unfortunately even if we did we would not be able to find Madara and Obito's hideout we wouldn't be able to make a move against them." Gaara said as he rubbed his temple.

"Maybe, not by yourself maybe, but what if you had an army to back you up?" Rika asked the former Kazekage who gave her a blank stare.

"All that would do is needlessly sending hundreds of people to their deaths, no matter how many human's with guns there are, they wouldn't last longer than twenty seconds at best." Naruto said shocking Rika and causing the others to flinch.

"You didn't know this but, before those two came to Japan we went to war against him and we had the might of Five Great Nations militaries and a lesser sixth nations as well against two Uchiha and Kabuto with their army of the undead." Naruto explained to the others.

"Even though we were able to stop the army without losing more than a thousand soldiers… when Madara entered the battle he single-handedly wiped-out everyone except for Naruto and I, we are literally the last of our race. "Gaara finished explaining.

"Now that we have established the fact that looking for one cause of all this, we need to discuss where we will be heading after we leave here." Saya said as she stare out the window of the room.

"While that's all well and good… why do we all have to talk about this while I'm laying here naked?" Rei asked embarrassed that the only thing keeping them from seeing everything was the blanket she was under.

"You can barely even move… there's not much we can do while you're like this." Takashi explains to Rei.

"By the way, have you noticed that it's gotten worse out there?" Saya said Kohta used some binoculars to get a good look at the hordes in the streets.

"It's like s whole other world out there and I can tell just by look that those are the more abnormal types out there." Naruto said as we also looked out the window.

"What's really amazing though is how your parents are handling things." Komuro said much to Saya's annoyance something Naruto instantly noticed.

"Oh yeah, they're amazing…" Saya said sarcastically, much to the others shock. They sure acted quickly just to secure the house, their subordinates and the other members of the family as soon as they noticed something was wrong… except for me." Saya said as tears began to stream down her face.

Saya you should badmouth your parents especially considering how thing have been going lately." Naruto said as he wondered if this had something to do with what had happened earlier.

"Saya you have to realize just how rough it has been for everyone." Komuro said which only succeeded in adding fuel to the fire.

"That sounds just like something my mother would say!" Saya snapped back at Komuro. "I shouldn't have expected anything less from my mom and dad… they believed I had no chance of surviving so they just gave up immediately!" Saya proclaimed only for Naruto to shout enough causing everyone expect Gaara to flinch as Naruto turned to Saya and placed his hands on her shoulders. This made Saya close her mouth and look Naruto in the eye.

"Saya right now everyone is having a hard time… they have no idea if their families are alive are not, so you are a little better off than they are." Naruto told her while also giving her a look that said he would talk to her later when they have to chance to be alone.

"Okay, I understand." Saya said as she rested her head on Naruto's chest for a few seconds. "Are you alright now Saya?" Naruto asked the girl as she took off her glasses to wipe the tears from her eyes. "Yeah I'm alright, now let's get back to the matter at head." She said as she places her glasses back on.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of cars entering the estate and looked towards Saya wondering what was going on. "We need to go right know." She told the others who stared at her in confusion before following after her.

"He's back, the Don of this Prefecture's ultranationalist organization, the man who determines what's right and wrong… Souichiro Takagi, my father." Saya explains as they all walk outside.

"Hey look there in that cage, they were able to catch one of them." Kohta said as they watch Saya's dad as the man explained to the crowd on people that the zombie was a man who had been his friend for the past twenty-five years and how he had gotten bitten when he had try recuing a junior officer.

"The man then went on to explain that the person was no longer human after being turned and then cuts its head off with a sword. He then tells them that this is what they had to except from now on and that if they hoped to survive then they must fight.

The man then looks towards Saya and glares at the girl. Seeing this Naruto moved to stand beside her and glared back at the man as if daring him to say something.

Saya's father then walks over to them and his gazed seemed to harden as Saya grabbed Naruto's hand. "So Saya made introducing me to your friend here." Souichiro commanded as all the others with the exception of Rika, Gaara, and Saya all took a few steps bad.

They all knew what was going to most likely happen, they saw the man glare at Saya and they knew how Naruto would take it even knowing that the man was Saya's father.

It didn't matter since Saya someone important to Naruto and he beat and most likely kill anyone who harmed anyone he considered precious.

"My name is Naruto Namikaze, I am the leader of this group." Naruto said causing the man to turn his attention away from his daughter.

"I was speaking to my daughter so hold your tongue child." Souichiro commanded which caused the others to flinch and look towards Naruto who's eyes turned blood red.

"I don't give two shits who you are and who you were talking to ningen." Naruto said using his demonic voice, causing Souichiro to jump back.

"What the hell, Saya get away from him right now… just what are boy?" the man unsheathes his sword and gets ready to attack as soon as the boy tried anything.

"Daddy lower your sword right now." Saya said causing her dad to stare at her in disbelieve. "Hey boss what's going on why are you pointing that sword at a child." One of the man lackeys asked as they all got involved.

"If I was you were you I won't leave now or else we will have to hurt you." Gaara said as his tailed became visible and his eyes turned red as well. Scaring the men.

"What the hell… there not human… then what are they… they must be with them." The lackey all said as they pulled out guns and pointed them at the two devils.

"Saya what have you brought home with you." Souichiro asked Saya who looked like she was irritated.

"He's her boyfriend dear." Yuriko Takagi said as she made her presence known to the others. Saya had a light blush on her face as she gave her mother a surprised look.

"Yuriko what are you saying, you see that these two boys are obviously not human." Souichiro said much to Naruto and Gaara's annoyance.

"Yes I am well aware of that, after all I've seen everything when they recued our daughter from a creature that seemed to be commanding "them." Yuriko explained causing the Souichiro and his lackeys to stare at Naruto with wide-eyes.

"Is this true boy?" Souichiro asked Naruto whose eyes turned into the Rinnegan and his ears and tails became visible, much to the man's shock.

"Yes, your daughter is very important to me and my brother as are the rest of this group." Naruto states causing Saeko and Yuuki to blush and the others to move to stand beside the two demigods.

"That's right daddy Naruto is the one who has been protecting me since this bullshit began… he was doing your job."

"I see, boys lower your weapons… these two are our honored guests some they must be treated with the utmost respect." Souichiro said as the lackeys all reluctantly lower their guns.

"Now then Naruto-kun was it, would you please come with me." Yuriko asked Naruto who looked at Saya.

"Go ahead me and the others will be waiting for you." Saya said as she let go of his hand. Naruto kissed her on the forehead much to her embarrassment and after kissing Saeko and Yuuki he left with Yuriko so they could talk.

"Miss Busujima, please come with me." Souichiro said as they walked to his private dojo. "Man… that was a close one, for a minute there I really thought Naruto was going to kill your old man Takagi" Komuro said getting a nod from the others.

"Naruto wouldn't have killed the man, just beat some fear into him." Gaara said causing the others to gain a sweat drop on their heads.

(Naruto and Yuriko)

"Please have a seat Naruto-kun." Yuriko said as she pointed to the chair in front of her desk. With a subtle replay of yes ma'am Naruto sat down in the chair which caused Yuriko to give Naruto a sincere smile.

"What is it that you wish to discuss Yuriko-san?" Naruto asked as he gave the woman a blank stare. Naruto decided that it was best not to treat her like an enemy and be at least civil with her.

"I wanted to thank you for getting my daughter home safely." Yuriko said getting a nod from Naruto.

"Yes however, you do realize that she won't stay with you here?" Naruto asked the woman who just sighed as she knew this was true.

"Seeing how attached to you she is and how much she means to you and your group according to Komuro-kun… I've realized that she would leave just as soon as you walk right out the cage." Yuriko states as Naruto just waited for her to get to the point.

"So what I want to know is… what was that thing that you fought the other day?" Yuriko asked the demon prince who stood up and moved towards the window. "That thing was a man who had tormented me for many a years." Naruto explained to the woman who stared at him in surprise.

"Kabuto Yakushi a cursed ningen who was once the right hand man of a man named Orochimaru and also one of the people responsible for this outbreak." Naruto told her.

"He was the one who unleashed this plague on the world?" She asked only to flinch when Naruto turned to look her in the eye with his Rinnegan.

"If it wasn't for him the man who started all this would not have comeback as an immortal zombie and unleashed this plague on us and you." Naruto states as he headed to the door.

"Before I go I will let you know this… no who comes for us, no matter how any of them we have to kill, know that your daughter will live well past everyone who will die and that includes you and your husband."


Well there you have it chapter 13 is finally finished and Kabuto is truly dead this time.

Madara and Obito's plan seems to be on course and Naruto was just a few seconds away from kicking Souichiro's ass.

Know that all that is out of the way what will happen next and where the hell has Sasuke Karin and Jugo run off to.

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