Naruto locked in the undead Apocalypse Chapter 14

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"Normal speech"

'Normal thought'

"Demon speech"

'Demon thought'


"Seeing how attached to you she is and how much she means to you and your group according to Komuro-kun… I've realized that she would leave just as soon as you walk right out the cage." Yuriko states as Naruto just waited for her to get to the point.

"So what I want to know is… what was that thing that you fought the other day?" Yuriko asked the demon prince who stood up and moved towards the window. "That thing was a man who had tormented me for many a years." Naruto explained to the woman who stared at him in surprise.

"Kabuto Yakushi a cursed ningen who was once the right hand man of a man named Orochimaru and also one of the people responsible for this outbreak." Naruto told her.

"He was the one who unleashed this plague on the world?" She asked only to flinch when Naruto turned to look her in the eye with his Rinnegan.

"If it wasn't for him the man who started all this would not have comeback as an immortal zombie and unleashed this plague on us and you." Naruto states as he headed to the door.

"Before I go I will let you know this… no who comes for us, no matter how any of them we have to kill, know that your daughter will live well past everyone who will die and that includes you and your husband."

What truly makes the world's greatest aphrodisiacs

"AHH!" both Taniuchi and Kawamoto exclaimed in ecstasy as Tsunoda and Miura fucked the two girls from behind.

Miura grabs Taniuchi's breast from behind fondling them and started pinching her nibbles as he continued to thrust is dick into her.

*Moan* "You're… ah… being too… oh… rough Miura-kun AH!" Taniuchi exclaimed as she tried her best to meet all of the boy's thrusts.

*Grunt* "You're so tight and warm inside Taniuchi." said as he thrusts into her one last time causing her to scream as she reaches her climax causing the boy to emptied his load into her and groan out in satisfaction.

Tsunoda turned Kawamoto around, lifted her up and played her on one of the seats with her naked lower body in the air.

Tsunoda then thrusts into her. "AH… Tsunoda… Yes… MM… So good!" Kawamoto exclaimed as she wrapped her legs around the boy's waist.

Tsunoda then started to fuck her into the chair, holding on to the two arm rest so to help steady himself.

*Groans* 'Damn this bitch is so fucking tight, it feels like she is going to make me bust a nut soon.' The punk that tried to start a fight with Komuro thought.

While this was going on in the back of the bus Shido sat at the front watching his students with a sadistic grin plastered upon his face and an evil gleam in his eye.

*Sigh* "There is no better aphrodisiac than fear." Shido said to himself as he walked Tsunoda and Miura switch partners.

Suddenly, Shido was brought out of his musing by his phone ringing. "This is Koichi Shido speaking." The teacher said answering the phone.

"Ah... yes Kurokami-kun… yes… ah thank you." Shido said as he hung up the phone.

Shido then stood up and moved to the back of the bus. "Everyone your attention please!" Shido said as his students all stop what they were doing.

"I'm afraid that for now playtime is over." Shido said causing the students to all get dressed.

"Now then I have news from our heroic friend who went out on his own Kurokami-kun." Shido said.

"We'll be welcoming a group of refugees!" Shido informed his students.

"They are a rather large group, however as the teacher who is supposed to be guiding you all there's something I've been worried about!" he said confusing the horny teens.

"Unlike when we were at school, I am encouraging you all to love freely now, why is that?

"It's because I've determined that you are all qualified to do."

"So I take great pride in being the teacher of this group of wonderful students." Shido said causing both Taniuchi and Kawamoto to blush and smile happily at each other.

Although these two just had sex with Miura and Tsunoda who they really wanted more than anyone was their teacher Koichi Shido.

Please look outside, gaze upon this pitiful situation!" Shido said pointing to the zombies wandering the streets.

"This tainted world is about to perish because of its sin." Koichi Shido said.

"However that's not the case with you my students." Shido starts.

"You who are unspoiled and untainted, you're the angels who will bear the new world." Shido proclaimed.

"And I am just the blemished adult who is nothing like you, I've sinned and lived in darkness." Shido said as tears fell from his eyes. (This bastard's good)

"I… *sob*… I'm hoping to cleanse all of the sins that I've committed by being with you!" The man said as his speeches seemed to twist and corrupt the mind of his students.

"Please my children show me the way and let me see the new world beyond this chaos!"

I am happy to take on the burden of being our leader! Now our hearts as one we can only overcome this crisis with strength as a group!"

"Let's build a new world together with just us and continue to grow closer!" Shido said as the students all started clapping.

"Just stop it already!" Yamada exclaims being the only one who was not corrupted by Shido's speeches.

Shido who as basking in the corruption of his students glared at the boy from the corner of his left eye.

"Is there something the matter Yamada-kun." Shido asked the boy, while doing an impressive job of not letting it show in his tone.

"All this talk about this new world or whatever is just weird." The boy said.

"Oh is that so." Shido said as the look on his face turned sinister.

"I could care less about that stuff, all I want to do is find out if my family is still alive!"

"Family? Who gives a shit about them?!" Tsunoda said as he pulled Kawamoto close to him.

"You've just been quietly sitting this whole time! Why haven't you been helping us run a train on these two girls?!" Tsunoda asked as he started stripping Kawamoto of her clothes.

Besides why would you even want to go back to your parents, when Shido-sensei allows us to do whatever we want? The boy asked as Taniuchi walked over and began making out with Kawamoto.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about; it's weird! I want to see my mom and dad!" Yamada proclaimed as Kawamoto started to eat Taniuchi out causing the girl to moan out in ecstasy.

*Sigh* "What a predicament, now then what should we do with you… I just don't know." Shido said with a look on disdain on his face.

"Everything he says is corrupt. Should we return him to the world that is trying to rob us of our freedom?" Shido asked his students.

"Or should we direct him along the right path so that he may find salvation?!"

"Let's kick his ass out and leave him on his own!" Tsunoda suggested as the others began to chant "Kick him out" (With the exception of Taniuchi and Kawamoto of course)

Tsunoda then tosses Yamada off of the bus while ignoring the boy's protests. Once outside he is then surrounded by hordes of the undead and devoured.

And as this went on outside, Shido was enjoying himself as Taniuchi sucked him off while Kawamoto eat her out and the others all cheered the man on.

(Takagi Manor)

"How many time do I have to tell you to get you to understand?" Saya asked the people that came to her mansion with her father.

"Killing pandemic? That complete bullshit, the government is using that as an excuse for failing to figure out why dead bodies are attacking people!" Saya explained to these delusional people.

"Do you expect us to believe that all of those people are dead? Don't be ridiculous!" some guy that was apart of the delusional group said.

"It has to be some form of disease… some kind of infection!" the guy said. "That's right there is no way that this could be happening without a reason." A woman said finding the balls to speak after the guy standing next to her.

"Well of course there is a fucking reason, but none of us around here are going to find it out!" Saya exclaimed even though she knew part of the real reason already.

"Unless by chance you're some well-renowned prized winning research scientist with access to a lab!"

"And even if you are do you think any of us have time to wait until your research is completed?!" Saya asked putting the dumbasses in their place.

"Well… that's just uh." The woman said not being able to make an argument to Saya's point.

Takashi and Kohta who was standing right behind her had to admit that they were enjoying Saya talk down to these ignorant people that would never learn to real truth as to why things where this bad.

"We have to concentrate on surviving and that's all, try not to get eaten!" Saya said getting ready to shut these fools down.

"I can't believe this mob's incompetence, did any of you listen to a word my father said?!" the demon lover asked.

Suddenly, something dawned on the woman that Saya just chewed out and she found the strength to bite back.

"Oh I see so that's the point you are really trying to make isn't it? I was wondering why high school kids where flashing guns like they were cops." The stupid woman said confusing Saya, Komuro and Kohta.

"After all that's is what you are after, you're just saying that you are going to protected us when all you are trying to do is control us with violence." The woman said.

"How dare you when there are so many people suffering in other Asian countries." The woman said.

"What does global suffering have to do with this situation?" Saya asked as the woman turned to the others in her group.

"You just listen to me everybody, the one who is trying to turn us into murderers no who is forcing us to be murderers is that man's daughter who says yes to killing."

"I'm sorry but what the hell are you talking about lady." Komuro asked surprising Saya.

"You're just a bunch of kids shut up." One of the men in the group said.

"Fuck you asshole we have just as much say as the rest of you in this bullshit!" Komuro exclaimed hating when grownups think they know everything.

"Nonsense! Adults are making decisions from now on, not those pigs of exploited classes or some high school kids." The woman said who by now, had a twisted looked on her face that made her uglier than she already was.

"Who are intoxicated by their violent power." She said getting the people behind her to shout out in protest.

"We absolutely repudiate violent dominance!" the woman said as the people all shouted in agreement.

"SILENCE FOOL!" a deep and demonic voice exclaimed causing the group of extremist to shut their mouths.

Saya, Komuro and Kohta all stepped to the side as Gaara in all his demon glory entered the tent that they were in.

The group all stared at Gaara in horror as they took in his appearance. A car size brown tanuki that had eight tails, blood-red soulless eyes and a mouth large enough to bite a human in two.

Standing on both sides of Gaara was Rika and Shizuka who had sweat droplets on the side of their heads.

"I've had enough of listening to your stupid and delusional speeches human!" The demon said while glaring at the group causing them to cower in fear.

"Saya, Komuro, and Kohta its best that you leave these fools to their deaths, people like them who refuse to listen to those that have been out there fighting for their lives deserve to learn their lesson the hard way." Gaara said as he transformed back into his half breed human form.

"What the hell are you?" one of the guys in the group asked as the others all shook in fear.

"It's none of your concern mortal." Gaara said as he led his group of companions out of the tent and back towards the house where Naruto was.

"So what have you guys been doing? Naruto asked as he noticed the annoyed look on Saya's face and an umbrella above her head as it was raining.

"We just tried to talk some common sense into some people who were convinced that this was some kind of disease pandemic." Kohta said.

"That woman was a fucking Nazi, I talked to her only because she was talking bad about my father but it was pointless!" Saya said as Naruto walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Are they crazy? Have they seen what's been happening out there?" Komuro asked causing Rika to shake her head.

"Those people can see the truth even when they are right before their every eyes." Rika said.

"I kind of see how they feel at this moment." Kohta said. "Are you trying to pick a fight with me you fatass?!" Saya exclaimed as Naruto held her back from possibly punching their marksman.

"Wait that's not what I'm doing!" Kohta said as he had sweat rolling down his head.

"What he means is that people have the tendency to ignore what they see." Kohta said causing Saya to stop squirming.

"No one wants to be denied that's why most of the people wouldn't do anything even though they know something, it's just human nature." Kohta explained.

"You can't deny that there is a shift happening in this DE factual survivor colony." Saya said.

"Well yeah but in that kind of situation a person's first reaction is to deny it." Rika said. "They don't face reality because it is too much for them to handle." She explained.

"If they don't admit to change then they don't have to admit their mistakes or idiocy." Saya said.

"Well of course, ignoring our mistakes and humiliations, how do you think why get through high school." Kohta explains.

"Hm very breakfast club of you chubby." Saya said as she calmed down.

*Amused chuckle* "I see well it seems that human from every timeline go through some of the same troubles that we did win we first became ninja's." Naruto said.

*Amused chuckle* "However we all had to abandon that train of thought or risk getting ourselves and our teammates either killed or captured by the enemy." Gaara said.

"And that is precisely why you two are our group's leaders." Saya said getting a nod from Kohta, Komuro, Shizuka and Rika.

"Huh?" was Naruto's response.

(With Saeko and Souichiro)

Souichiro and Saeko were sitting in the Takagi dojo discussing her inheritance.

"What do you think it is?" Souichiro asked Saeko who was holding a long sword in her hands.

"I've heard the rumor that master Busujima believes that his daughter is the swordswoman and that the daughter is every bit as skilled as Sayako Chiba." Souichiro said.

"Pure and graceful, that daughter must be you." the man said as Saeko studied the sword.

"Go on and unsheathe it, you are worthy and will not stain its power." Souichiro reassured the girl.

Once Saeko unsheathe the sword she was blown away by its magnificence. "This is an extremely rare sword with only a slight curve.

"Do you see it?" Souichiro asked.

"This is a double edge Kogarasuzukuri, I think this is the Murata sword." Saeko said.

"Hm, I live up to my expectations, it was during the Meiji era. Major General Murata who was known for the Murata Rifle had it forged at Tokyo artillery factory" The man said.

"It was stated that he once slashed a pig skull in two with getting so much as a scratch on its blade." Souichiro said.

"It was the width of the blade." Saeko said as she placed the sword down on the floor.

"This sword is yours from now on." The man said shocking Saeko. "I'm sorry but I can't accept it without a legit reason." She told the man.

I once received the training from master Busujima, will you accept it as a token of my gratitude for that. The man asked.

"Then I think its best that you give it to my father yourself." Saeko said causing the man to start laughing.

*Laugh* "I would expect nothing less from the master's daughter, you are strikingly honest!" The man said with a huge grin on his face.

"Please forgive me master I met you no disrespect." Saeko apologized.

"I'm sure you know this, but my daughter has much to learn, and I thank you for looking out for her." Souichiro states.

"May so and while it is that I saved her once, it wasn't me that was looking out for her, it was Naruto and Gaara that were our salvation." Saeko said causing the man to lose that smile he had on his face.

"By the way what can you tell me about that boy and his second in command?" Souichiro asked her wondering just how attached they were to those two.

"I know a lot about him however there are something's about him that I swore to never speak of with the promise to kill anyone who learns too much." Saeko proclaimed while glaring at the man.

"Naruto and Gaara are our leaders and as risked his life to get us to this place and we would never betray that trust!" Saeko declared.

"Hm I suppose that I will have to speak with him alone then." Souichiro said ignoring what she just said much to Saeko's irritation.

Suddenly, Saeko felt her blood start to boil and her natural instinct to kill was trying to consume her.

She gridded her teeth before she picked the blade up. "Kill… Kill…" A voice in her head said. 'No… not again, I have to get away from this man' Saeko thought as the man watch her walk away.

I thank you for this sword master." Saeko said before leaving the dojo. Saeko's grip on the sword seemed to tighten with each step all the while she was ignoring that voice in her head.

"That was strange for a second there I thought I felt a murderous intent from that girl." Souichiro thought to himself only to brush it off sense it was only a brief second.

As she wondered through the yard, she ran into the object of her affection near Saya's koi-fish pond.

"Hey Saeko are you alright?" Naruto asked as he walked up to the woman who had her hair shadowing her eyes.

Upon hearing Naruto's voice, Saeko looked stared at him through her hair and felt her lust rise.

Once he was standing a mere five inches away from her, Naruto noticed that she seemed to be radiating with killing intent and seemed to also be gripping her sword so hard that her hand started to bleed.

'What the hell?' Naruto thought as Saeko grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"Hey Saeko what's the matter? You seemed to be extremely murderous today." Naruto said as he gazed into her eyes.

"I'm sorry for asking you this so suddenly, Naruto-kun but can you please take me someplace where I can kill them." Saeko said with a dangerous gleam in her eye.

'Well it seems that I have stumbled on something very interesting.' Naruto thought was he wrapped his arms around her waist and vanished in a flash of yellow.

Yuuki who was walking towards their direction when she watched them disappear. "Aw guess I just missed them, such a shame." Yuuki said with a pout on her face.

Suddenly, the girl noticed that there was a person sneaking around the side of the mansion.

"Hey wait isn't that… oh I believe that we will be getting some unwanted guests soon." Yuuki mused.

I suppose I should inform my future brother in law.

(Gaara, Shizuka and Rika)

"I see so that man will show up soon, along with those children that stayed with him." Gaara said. "Yes brother in-law do you think we should inform the others." Yuuki asked as Rika gave the girl a weird look.

"There is no need to tell them, we can decide what to do with them once they have arrived." Gaara said as Yuuki flashed the demon an amused grin.

"You do know that the princess will be annoyed right." Yuuki said referring to Rei instead of Saya.

"All the more reason to let her find out on her own." Gaara said causing Yuuki to giggle.

(Naruto and Saeko)

Naruto watch with advent curiosity as Saeko started cutting through hordes of the undead.

'I don't know what happened to piss her off this much and why isn't she using this.' Naruto thought as he stared at the sword she asked him to hold for her.

Saeko ran through the horde slicing their heads off. She started slicing them in two. A zombie then tried to lunge at her, but she managed to make it stop by pointing her sword at it.

'She's able to cut those things in half with just a wooden sword, for an ordinary human girl that is impressive.' Naruto thought as she cut down four of them and went after the next few.

'Damn this is bad.' Naruto thought as Saeko saw sprayed by the dead's blood and guts.

'Watching her ruthlessly slaughter the dead is turning me on.' Naruto thought as he caught a glimpse of her sadist grin and a light blush on her face.

Suddenly, Naruto caught the smell of Saeko's pheromones. 'No way is she getting off on this?' Naruto thought as his eye widened and he felt his pants tighten.

"Hold it, now I know that you are dead but is a little hygiene too much to ask for." Saeko said before cutting the think into pieces.

"This is kind of fun, but it's time to stop holding back." Saeko said before running towards some of the other ones that were trying to attack Naruto.

Saeko caught up to them before they could reach Naruto and bisected them with ease. "Come now Naruto-kun were you going to allow them to get close enough to bite you?" Saeko asked the boy who wasn't even fazed be the zombies or Saeko.

"I saw that you had everything under control, besides had they been that close their bodies would have disintegrated." Naruto said as Saeko turned to kill more of the undead.

However Saeko suddenly stops her attack as she comes face to face with an undead five year old.

"Huh? Saeko what what's wrong." Naruto asked as Saeko stared at the undead child with a horrified look on her face.

"Hey Saeko what the hell is going on?!" Naruto said as he walked up to her. Naruto was starting to get extremely worried as her murderous intent seemed to be leaking out and she seemed to be trying to fight it.

Suddenly, the undead child lunged at her, going from the kill as Saeko just stood there refusing to move.

Then right when the zombie was about to grab her, Naruto's golden chakra erupted from her body, disintegrating the zombie upon contact.

Saeko flinched as the undead child let out a screech as it died, as it caused her to take a step back.

Naruto then put his hand on her shoulder. "I think that's enough for today Saeko-chan, let's go find a safe place to rest for a while." Naruto suggests as he led the still glowing Saeko away from the area.

(Ten minutes later)

The couple soon came upon an abandon traditional Japanese house and had decided to rest there for the night.

Saeko sat huddled up in the corner of the house while Naruto took a look around the house. He soon found a sword stand and decided to her sword there for the night.

Naruto then took one of the candles in the room and hung it to the roof using chakra strings and lit it with his fire manipulation.

"There that should do it for now." Naruto said as he walked over to Saeko. "Come sit with me Saeko-chan." Naruto said as he held out his hand for the teen.

Saeko turned towards him and look at his hand before looking up into his eyes.

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and as she gazed into her crushes eyes, she could sense most of the raging emotions that he was going through at this moment.

"Curiosity, concern, happiness sadness, hatred, sorrow and the last emotion actually caused her to blush a little.

"Oh… ok." Saeko said as she placed her hand in his and allowed him to lead her over to where the candle floated.

"Wait right here, I'm going to set down futons for us two sleep on later." Naruto said as he stood up.

Suddenly, Saeko stopped Naruto from leaving by grabbing his arm. "Wait please with me just a while longer." Saeko pleaded to the Biju while looking into his eyes.

'Whoa so cute.' Naruto thought as he created a Shadow clone and having it set up the futons.

"Okay while he is setting up our futons, you and I can talk about your recent increase in blood lust.


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