Naruto Undead Apocalypse chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Wow I forgotten how weak the first wave is and just how did we loose Gaara?" Naruto asked his best friend as they stared down at the undead bodies that they had torn up.

"If I remember correctly it was that man that slaughtered them all while they were focused on the hordes" Gaara commented to Naruto as he then turn to the group with Naruto doing the same since he could practically feel the group they just saved stares and the tension in the air.

"Well now that we have taken care of the ghoul squad why don't we head to the front gate" Naruto suggested as he waited for the Groups Leader to answer.

Snapping back to realizing that the two mysterious teens in front of them Takashi being the unofficial leader of the group. "Ok but first I would like to know what was your reason for helping us when u could have saved yourself, what was that gust of when and that thing you did to cut off those things heads also who and what are you as we have never seen or heard of you two?" he asked Naruto and Gaara.

"Well I will answer the first question while we will have to wait until we get out of here and go to a safer place agreed" Naruto said to them.

"Well since you did help us and seem to be able to kill them all on your own I just we agree to your terms" Saeko told Naruto and Gaara as the others of the group all nodded in agreement.

Nodding back in understanding Naruto said "To be blunt with you beautiful women" Naruto said with a grin and a playful wink. That had Saeko and Saya face turning beet red Shizuka giggling and Rei smiling at the compliment.

"Uzumaki contain your hormones this isn't the time" Gaara scolded his friend for flirting at the moment.

"Ah come on Gaara I had to lighten up the tension anyway to answer your question we were sent by high ups to protect your little group as for why well that will be explained later on is that enough questions for now" Naruto told them.

Takashi and the rest of the group nodded their heads although they were even more confused and had many questions that they decide to hold of until later.

"Alright then let's get the hell out of here the front entrance to the school is right this way and as fun as it is to kill them we have to get out of here before something bad happens" Naruto said as he turned and made a dash towards the entrance with Gaara and the group following right behind him.

They run down the hall until they started to see the entrance only to see that it was blocked by them but something was different about them.

"Damn don't looks now but we have trouble and what's worse is that some knew ones are there as well" Naruto said in annoyance while the rest of the group was put more on edge.

"Takashi Saeko you guys are with me will take the ones on the right while Gaara, Kohta and Rei take the left the rest of you provide us some cover" Naruto commanded to the others.

"Right we're on it" the group said in unison as they attacked the hordes.

Naruto being the first one to reach bit into his thumb and swiped it on a seal that was located on his left arm. There was a puff of smoke and then a nodachi. The hilt was black with four red diamonds on it. The blade was pitch-black and it reflecting light off it side from where it traveled into the room.

When Naruto was three feet from the horde he vanished from in front of them only to appear in the middle of them as nine of them went down with there heads falling off the bodies. Then Naruto made across sign with his two index and middle fingers.

Kage Bushin no jutsu Naruto called out as five clones of him all holding copies of Naruto's sword and then they started attacking the other undead bodies. Naruto from years of experience parry and dodge some of the new type of bodies that were faster and have five giant claws.

Naruto jumped back them spun and gathered some wind chakra around his blade then he unleashed the attack.

Futon: Kaze no Yaiba Naruto yelled out as a blade of wind shot out and thanks to him releasing the jutsu while he spun around and the amount of chakra the wind blades arc was large enough that when it expanded it cut down most of the undead that surrounded him.

Not to far from where Naruto was Gaara was standing in the middle of about thirty of them surrounded him and when they tried to attack sand from the gourd on his back lashed out at them crushing there bodies and the heads as he stood there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

From where the rest of the group stood they watch as these two boys slaughtered the undead left and right without a moment of hesitation their eyes wide open and their mouth a gaped at the sight.

Saya and Saeko had looks of shock and awe as they watch Naruto made copies of himself and they all seemed to glide through the hordes destroying them with ease. As they watched on Saeko and Saya began to feel hot as they watched him.

'I must have that Blonde sword master I wonder what else he could go' they both thought at the same.

The rest of the group turned to where Gaara was and their eyes almost popped out of there heads as they watch him manipulate Sand around him and made it crush any Zombie that tried to attack him.

'Just who are they and how do they do those things I must find out more' the Group thought.

Naruto then appeared in front of the group and held his sword out to Saeko.

"Hey now stop gawking at us and come join the fight don't worry we will keep you guys safe that's a promise oh and just to let you know something else about me I never go back on my promise that's my nindo" Naruto said as he gave Saeko the sword and pull out a scroll opened it and once he added chakra to it out popped a sword that seemed to have poison dripping from its Blade.

He then charges back into battle were Gaara had gone through cutting down every zombie in his way. Once the group got over the shock deciding to wait until later also went to join the battle.

(Ten minutes later)

Naruto, Gaara and the rest of the group had made it to the outside still killing the horde looking for away to escape.

"This is getting annoying we have to end this and get the fuck out of here" Takashi growled as he and Rei were killing them while fighting back to back.

Naruto was with Saeko killing every zombie that tried to get into her guard while she took care of the hordes in front of her.

Kohta was helping by shooting nails from a nail gun to keep the hordes didn't get past Naruto, Gaara, Saeko, Rei and Takashi while also protecting Saya and Shizuka.

'We need to get out of here right now are this could become a even bigger problem I need to ask Miss Shizuka on what she thinks and then I'll have to relay the info to Naruto' Gaara thought as he vanished in a swirl of sand.

(With Kohta Saya & Shizuka)

'This is bad I'm running out of ammo and there seems to be no end to these things damn it and the others are getting to far away' Kohta thought getting more desperate by the second.

A swirl of sand appeared to the right of Kohta causing him to freak out until he saw that it was Gaara who had suddenly appeared beside him. Gaara then turns to Saya and Shizuka.

"Shizuka-san we need a way to escape from here before they have the chance to over run us do you have an idea for our escape" Gaara asked as he sent his sand to any advancing zombie.

"Well I think I know of a way" she said as she looked ahead past Gaara until she saw something. "Over there we need to get everyone on that bus as quickly as possible."

Gaara turned to were she was looking towards where Shizuka had mentioned then he turned back to her and nodded. "I will inform Uzumaki and the others". Then Gaara disappeared towards Naruto.

'I wonder how this will end' Saya thought as she watched the others fight for survive.

There was a swirl of wind and Naruto and Saeko appeared in front of where they were standing. Then a swirl of sand came and Gaara, Takashi and a dizzy Rei appeared as well.

"Ok so what do we have to do so we can leave because if it gets out of hand me and Gaara will have to sink this place with every human and zombie in that is still in here. Naruto said as he was starting to run low on chakra.

'Damn it this is because my chakra control is out of whack I can't afford to waste anymore time and Gaara must feel the same way' Naruto thought.

"Well you see over there is what we will use to make our escape it a bus used to transport student to the school" Shizuka told him as he look towards the thing she mentioned to him.

"So to that thing huh alright everyone behind me ill make sure we all get to the thing safely Gaara you make use a path through tem alright" Naruto commanded getting a collective yeses from the group and Gaara they all charged towards the bus.

The Zombie hearing the foot steps tried to intercept them but thanks to Gaaras sand and Naruto speed they made it to the bus without injury. Once they got to the bus Shizuka opened the door and got in the driver seat. Gaara was the next one to get in choosing to sit behind her and crossed his arms.

Saya and Kohta got in next along with Saeko sitting in the seats opposite of Gaara. As Takashi and Rei were about to get in with Naruto right behind them they heard someone calling out to them.

Looking back they saw a middle age man and a couple of students running towards them. "Damn we have to wait for them" Takashi said to Naruto with nodding his head.

No we don't have to save him leave them here to die they deserve it" Rei shouted as she tried getting both Naruto and Takashi onto the bus and missing the part when the older man smashed a boy that had twisted his ankle face in.

"Damn it we can't do that I will not allow it" Takashi yelled back at her. Takashi's right we have to wait for them I can't allow them to die here it would give me nightmares if I let them die here I'm sorry" Naruto told her as he stayed by the door as Takashi and Rei both got in the bus.

"You will regret saving him just you wait" Rei hissed with venom in her voice as she turned away from Takashi as they sat down together.

Naruto didn't have to wait long as the man and his students got to the door. "Thanks for waiting or us" the man said as he and the students got on. Naruto then hops onto the bus and sat down by Saeko.

"We have to go now Miss Shizuka before we loss our chance" Gaara commanded.

She then starts the bus and put in drive and sped right towards the gate. She gasped when she saw the dead blocking the gate. They are no longer humans anymore their not people anymore. She began to chant then she yells "their not alive anymore" as she drive right through them and out of the gate.

Naruto sits back and sighs in relieve. 'We made it and I thought I would have to blow the place up' Naruto thought. Well Gaara our first mission is done now you guys listen up Naruto commanded as he to the attention of his newly appointed group.

"When we get to our destination me and Gaara will start explaining to you guys what's going on alright" Naruto said getting nods of agreement from everyone.

"Good now that we are in agreement I think we need to decide on a new leader and I believe that I Shido Koichi am best qualified" the older man now known as Shido said with a wicked grin on his face make Naruto and Gaara narrow their eyes at him.

To be continued

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