Naruto: undead apocalypse chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"So you think that the group needs a leader huh is that what you think we need um what was your name again Mr. Shido?" Naruto spat feeling disgusted because he could feel the teacher's true intentions. Gaara was staring at Shido from the corner of his eye watching his every move.

To Gaara and Naruto the man was like a well full of malevolent intent. There was just something about him that reminded them of the snake Sannin Orochimaru.

"Yes that's right we need a leader and one that bares everything with valor and confidence in order for us to have a chance of survival" Shido said with a sick grin on he's face.

"See I told you that you would regret saving him" Rei told Naruto and Takashi as Shido went to the back to check on the three girls that came with him.

"Hey the city is just up ahead" Miura a boy who was with Shido exclaimed. The boy had messy brown hair and brown eyes. He wore a gakuran jacket with a red-orange shirt underneath it.

This news seemed to catch everyone's attention as they looked towards the city. What they saw of the city let them in shock.

It was a disaster every where they locked. Smoke was rising from buildings and there weren't any people out on the streets. There was small line of fire in some neighborhoods.

Also most of the zombies were not around with the exception of a few. As the drove past some near by stores one of them walked in the middle of the street only for Shizuka to run it over.

"Shit like I have been saying it's only dangerous if we keep going" Tsunoda said Gaining everyone's attention. "I would also like to now why we are following Komuro and the others. "It was your idea to head towards the city maybe we should have just found a safer place in the school.

"I agree with Tsunoda we should barricade our self in order to keep them from getting us and we won't be bitten" Miura commented

"Found a safer place in the school that's just stupid the school was being over run which means they would have eventually have us trapped and then what would have happened use your head you foolish teenager" Gaara said already getting fed up with the Shido and his group of students.

"I-I just can't stand that guy I hate him" Tsunoda exclaimed while he was pointing at Takashi. Kohta saw that the boy was going to try something was about to get up with the nail gun in his hand but Saya who was sitting next to him held up her arm to stop him then made him sit back down.

"Why is that what the hell did I ever do to you I don't even know you" Takashi says which seemed to get Tsunoda angrier. "Oh you know why you little bastard" Tsunoda shouts as he tries to charge at Takashi while failing to notice Rei jump in front of him and then she slammed her broom stick into Tsunoda's stomach hard knocking the wind out of him.

After the hit he fell on the bus floor while holding his stomach as spit escaped his mouth as he started coughing. "Bravo simply outstanding teamwork you to work well together I'm impressed. Shido was as he started clapping for them in order to gain some attention.

"However conflicted like that a need to be avoided which is why we need a leader" Shido explained gaining his groups support. Naruto, Gaara and Saeko turned their attention towards Rei and could easy tell that she was almost at the burning point and so they watch on just incase they needed to run interference.

"So what you're saying is that you should be the one who leads us through this disaster" Saya Said with sarcasms in her voice. "Why of course who else is more qualified for the position as I doubt any of you would want it and plus I have more experience being a teacher and while your mature, all you are still barely in your teens.

"Cut your bull shit bastard you don't have our best intensions at heart you are just trying to control our actions" Naruto snapped finally getting fed up with Shido and his little meaningless speeches. "I will not allow you to endanger these kids lives so sit in the back with your little followers shut the fuck up and leave me and my brothers group alone we are the leaders of this group because unlike you a teacher who has never been in war we have way more experience than you will ever have now SIT DOWN" Naruto exclaimed not noticing that he was releasing K.I. and this blue eyes bled red and the slit in them became larger and more dark.

To everyone except Gaara the temperature on the bus had dropped and as they watch on the Takashi, Rei, Kohta, Shizuka, and Saeko felt great fear that gripped their hearted at this side of Naruto. Their bodies started to quiver as their minds started to stay away from him.

Shido fearing for his life scurried to the back of the bus as quickly as he could to get away from Naruto and leaving his group of kids at the blonde ninja's mercy. Each of them had different opinions on the blonde.

'What the hell is he there is no way that this guy is human he could be trying to lure us into a false sense of security only to turn around and kill us' Tsunoda thought as he crawled to one of the back seats in front of Shido watching Naruto with fear in his eyes.

'This boy he is just full of surprises and something tells me that I should side with him instead of Mr. Shido well I wonder if I could make him mine as well' Yuuki Miku a girl thought with lust in her eyes and a blush on her cheeks. Yuuki was also one of Shido's students that got on the bus. Yuuki has light orange hair just like Rei, but cut much shorter and she uses a hair band to keep her hair back.

'What is he no one should act like this he's a monster we have to stay away from that man' Kawamoto and a girl named Taniuchi thought. Kawamoto was a red-headed girl with golden brown eyes. She was wearing the female uniform of Fuijmi Academy without a bra underneath her shirt. Taniuchi has dark blue colored hair and blue eyes covered by a pair of glasses. She has always been seen wearing the female sailor uniform of Fujmi Academy. Miura was to scared to think of anything and he was as pale as a ghost.

"Hey Gaara I think one of us should find a safe haven to go to as staying on the course" Naruto said in a calm voice that put everyone at ease as he turned from Shido and the other students to address his brother also letting the pressure die down and allowing everyone else breath.

Takashi and his group look at Naruto as if he grew another head as he just did a 180 from being furious to having an almost carefree attitude. 'It's like he bipolar or something and even though I want to I can't bring myself to fear him' were some of the thoughts that went through their heads.

"That would be the best idea I suppose but were should we start there no telling how many of those thing are out there" Gaara said as he got up and what to the front of the bus to talk to Miss. Shizuka. "Shizuka-san do you have an idea on were we can find a place to stay".

"Oh maybe my friends place would be good to stay at" Shizuka said as she had looked back at him since they were stuck in traffic. "It's a duplex that's along the river there a convenient store near oh and also a car you know the one that looks like a tank… big" she explained as she held out her arms to emphasis how big oblivious to the fact that her J-cup breast jiggled as she had done this.

Gaaras eyes were attracted to her bust as they bounced as dirty thoughts started to invade his head and he had to turn away before he had a nose bleed and made a fool out of himself. 'I must calm down; this isn't the time for these types of things' Gaara thought as he was able to them in the back of his mind.

"So it seems that you have been in deep thought Saya-san, what's been on your mind" Naruto said as he stood by were Saya and Kohta where sitting. "Well look out the window" she said getting Naruto and Kohta to look only to see people outside trying to leave the city. Look at that, I believe it safer to evacuate to the suburbs" Kohta commented. "Cars aren't the only way to escape here She said right after Kohta made the comment.

"I see that your right about that but what is that thing that is flying right there" Naruto said as he pointed to the helicopter as it past by over the city. Both Saya and Kohta looked at him like he was crazy wondering if he was being serious or just playing with them only to see that he was serious by the look on his face.

Saya was about to answer until she saw Saeko and Shizuka walk up behind him. "I think we will have to give up our ride and somehow across OnBetsu Bridge. Saeko said as Naruto gave what she said some thought then nodded in agreement. "What about you all of their families" Saya asked. "Um… my parents are not in the neighborhood but I'd go anywhere as long as I'm with Takagi-chan" Kohta said with a blush on his round face while Saya looked disgusted. "So tell me Kohta where is your family are they close by" Saeko asked.

"My father is a Jewelry Dealer so he's in Holland on business while my mom's a fashion Designer, so she in Paris right now" Kohta explained to them with Naruto the only one confused about the topic. "Yeah right do you expect us to believe that crap?" Saya yelled out making Shizuka who was at the wheel again to turn to then and start giggling at them.

"It this was a manga, I bet your father would be the captain of a cruise ship from another country" she said as she kept giggling. "Well my grandfather actually was and my grandmother was a violinist" he replayed as he started laughing feeling a little awkward. Naruto was the only one who heard Saya grumble about Kohta not being better looking but decided not to ask about it.

"So um Naruto-san what about you and Gaara-san" Saeko said making them all turn to Naruto and Shizuka to Gaara. Naruto looked surprised by this for a few seconds and well as Gaara then they both looked down in sadness as they began to recall there failures which the whole group picked up on instantly.

Realizing her mistake Saeko tried to apologize only for Naruto to wave her off and tell her it was alright and not to worry about it. He then turn around and went to go wake up to Takashi who had fallen asleep with his head on Rei's shoulder. "Did you see that maybe we should ask him why what happened he and Gaara looked so sad" Shizuka said feeling both his and Gaara's pain has she to had lost someone who was special to her.

'What could have happened to them to make them react that way?' were the thoughts that ran through their heads. 'I don't get how they can carry all that sadness and still find the will to protect us' Saeko thought watching Naruto as he told Rei to wake Takashi up.

"We have all decided to abandon this bus and find a safer place to set up our base pf operations" Naruto told both Rei and Takashi after Takashi had woken up.

"Yes and Shizuka-san and I will go ahead and make sure the place is safe to stay" Gaara added as they both walked up to stand by the door. Rei and Takashi both looked at each other and smile as they nodded. "That's a good idea and we will start walking that way then" Takashi added getting a nod from Naruto.

"Hey what's going on here aren't we suppose to be working together to survive here?" Shido asked as hey over heard them having already gotten over what Naruto had said though he was still worry of the blonde.

"Oh yeah about that we have our own goals that we will follow and our leader Naruto is leading us" Saya said with a grin on her beautiful face that reminded Naruto of a vixens grin that turned him on." "It gives me great pleasure to tell you this Mr. Shido and I know Miyamoto feelings the same way, and remember this isn't a school trip so we have to be obligated to associate ourselves with you.

This made Shido made a sick perverted grin as he had something up his sleeve as he lick his lips and held his fingers together. "Oh… I see you've already decided so please be my guess since this is a free country I can't stop you after all" the man said. "However Miss Marikawa must stay" he add licking his lips again getting a scared look from Shizuka, shocked looks from the others and an enraged look from Gaara as he was the one that seemed to be very protective of her since they met each other and no one noticed that Shizuka has been attracted to Gaara as well and even that she was holding on to him for dear life.

"We have students here that will need you to tend to if they are hurt so please Miss Marikawa won't you stay?" Shido said as he tried to reach her only for Gaara to allow his sand from the gourd that appeared out of no were to everyone except Naruto and wrapped up Shido in his sand coffin shocking everyone and making Shido pale and shit himself.

"If you ever try to hurt Shizuka-san again I will kill you and allow my sand to feast on your blood" Gaara growled in a demonic voice not noticing that Shizuka was blushing at the fact that He was protecting her virtue so passionately.

'Oh Gaara-kun' she thought was she could tell that she was falling in love with the man. "Come Shizuka-san we have much to do" Gaara told her as he held her hand in his as he led her off the bus with Shizuka looking into the former Kazekage's eyes also realizing that they were about the same size with Gaara being an inch taller.

Naruto smirked at his brother already knowing why he acted out the way he did then the blonde turned to Shido who was released from the sand when both Gaara and Shizuka were off the bus. Naruto then unleashed five percent of his Chakra as he pulled out Kusanagi the blade he obtained after

Orochimaru was killed.

"Everyone get off the bus I'll make sure this bastard doesn't try anything Kohta you want in on this?" Naruto asked as he saw that Kohta was about to shoot a nail at Shido who by now had shitted on himself when Naruto pulled out the sword that was dripping with what he guessed was poison.

"Hirano-san why are you helping this crazy person he has threatening us since we have been in his presence" Shido said trying to get Kohta on his side only for Kohta to shoot a nail at him that grazed his cheek.

"You're such a man Naruto-kun, Hirano-kun I'm impressed" Saeko said as she stood in front of the opened bus door with her back to them as the wind blew her hair and her skirt letting the boys see her long shapely legs.

"I missed you on purpose. I don't intent to miss again because this is for ALL THOSE TIMES YOU MADE FUN OF ME" Kohta yelled out as he aimed the nail gun at Shido again.

Shido tried to lie to clear up his name but Kohta wasn't having it as he had the look of a killer in his eyes that made Shido shut up. "How many times has picked on me including you and most of them are right here for me took kill now and don't try to say you are all innocent."I have restrained myself and have always held it in because I wanted a normal life. "But now normality doesn't exist anymore so me killing you will be fine with everyone here" Kohta told Shido as he grinned which also made Naruto chuckle darkly as they both stared down the asshole Shido Koichi who was sweating and beginning to smell like a parks public bathroom.

See as Naruto and Takashi's group was leaving Yuuki were leaving also run towards the bus door since she wanted to follow Naruto. "Hey I want to come as well" she said as she got off the bus.

This shocked them as they were not expecting her of all people to try following them. "I'd rather be safe with you guys than with a pervert like Shido-sensei and beside I'd go anywhere with you Na-ru-to-kun" Yuuki said in a lustful voice that got hateful looks from both Saeko and Saya.

After everyone left Shido walk up to the driver seat with a look of anger and frustration on his face as well as fear at the thought of being killed by Naruto, Gaara or Kohta and also ignoring Kawamoto when she asked if he was alright as the teens were all to scared to move from their seats after what they had witnessed.

(With Naruto and the others)

The Group had walked a few miles to they had come to a river that was close by were Shizuka had explained that she share a place with her friend that Gaara had asked if the person was a boyfriend which she replied that it was her girl friends place and also wondering if that was jealousy she heard in his voice when he had asked that which she hoped was.

"So Shizuka-san and I will be going on ahead and Naruto I will set up your seal so you can teleport everyone when she get there I will also send a sand clone to tell you when you can" Gaara informed Naruto getting confused looks from everyone else and a nod from Naruto.

Then Gaara walked up behind Shizuka and scooped her up in his arms making her squeak out loud and blush as she held on to him for dear life he then use his sand to made them fly off.

When they were out of site the rest of the group turned to Naruto with a look that said start explaining to which he just mouth later.

When they were going to start moving towards the direction that Gaara had flown off to with Shizuka they saw and army of the of them wandering around and moaning for no apparent reason then all of a sudden they had heard something that sent fear into everyone except Naruto and Saeko who got ready to fight.

Then out of no were the biggest most grotesque zombie appeared from behind them.

'Oh fuck me sideways' was the only thing that ran through everyone's mind as they saw the behemoth.

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