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Chapter 4

(Shizuka POV)

As Gaara-kun and I make our way to towards Rika's apartment, I thought about all that has happened today. All of this stuff happening all round us from the outbreak at the school to her being saved by Busujima-chan saving her from those things as every other student beings killed then turning and meeting Komuro, Miyamoto, Takagi, and Hirano when they saved Saya from being bitten.

'Yes all of the other things were like a blur to me until they were surrounded in the hall of the school by the hordes of them'. 'Thinking about it know I can't remember a time were I was so terrified in my live and thinking about it now has my feeling hopeless'.

'Then when all hope seemed to be lost for us those two came to our aid. Shizuka looked to the young man that walked along side her'. 'As I look towards Gaara as he walked beside me with a hard look on his face his body was tense as if we were expecting and attack that might happen at any time'.

'They both just came out of nowhere and took care of those things with out hesitation and the moved with a purpose there struck so fast that it was a blur to me eyes. Then when I saw him walk towards us after killing them I felt my heart skip a beat'.

'His short spiky red hair that looked so soft and made me won't to run my fingers thought his red tresses'. 'The red colored tattoo which was the kanji for love that was on the left side of his forehead. His eyes which to me seem like a bluish green or a greenish blue seemed to be hiding his past from the world but when he looks at me those eyes just seemed to entrance me and make me want to get lost in them forever'.

'Looking at his face I can see that he doesn't have any eyebrows and instead has these black rings around his eyes that made him adorable to look at. Now that I think about it he almost reminds me of a tanuki with the black rings' I cant help the giggle that escapes out of the mouth.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself Lady Shizuka what seems to have you in such a good mood?" Gaara had asked me when as we turned to me with his piercing gaze that seemed curious.

I felt my face heat up as he looked at me with those eyes that make my heart flutter. "Oh-uh its n-nothing Gaara-kun I'm just thinking about something foolish you shouldn't worry ok.

Gaara look at me for a few minutes and then there was an amused look on his face as he turn his gaze forward then kept on walking. I sighed as I fell into step behind him. I felt very embarrassed as we walked towards the apartment.

(With Naruto and the others)

"Dynamic entry" Naruto exclaimed as he does a flying drop kick at a massive deformed Zombie that had started this attack on their group after Gaara had went ahead with Shizuka. The monster was launched towards a group of others that were advancing towards Saya, Kohta, and Rei.

"Are you guys alright?" Naruto asked as he walks over to them.

"Yes we are fine but what are we going to do about them?" Rei asked Naruto as she knocked some of the zombies that close in on her back with her broken broomstick that she uses for a spear.

"The horde is increasing and they are beginning to corner us not to mention Saeko and Komuro won't be able to hold them off for long and protect that Yuuki girl for long" Saya told Naruto has they turned to the hordes that surrounded the other three that were within then.

Naruto stared at the horde with determination as he came to a decision. "Wait here I got a plan" Naruto said, then faster than Saya, Rei and Kohta could follow with their eyes he dashed towards Saeko, Yuuki and Takashi.

"He sure is fast isn't he girls" Kohta said as they watched Naruto begin cutting the hordes down left and right creating a path towards the others location.

"Yes I suppose so but still how did he get that fast in the first place is what I would like to know." Rei said to both Kohta and Saya.

"You know what I would like to find out myself and plus he has been using those unique abilities to help keep us from being bitten I and Takagi and Saeko seems very interested in him along with that girl Yuuki" Kohta exclaimed while his left eyebrow wiggled and he use his two index finger to indicate a heart getting Rei to giggle at his antics.

Saya didn't respond as she was too preoccupied with watching Naruto battle his way to save the others. 'He's so mysterious I wonder what he is hiding from us, there is no way a human can be that fast' she thought as a smile spread across her face.

(With Takashi Saeko and Yuuki)

'Damn we got separated from Naruto and the others and at this rate we will be overwhelmed' Saeko thought as she swung her wooden sword cutting through a few zombies and knocked others back.

"Hey Saeko we have to find the others soon or it could spell disaster for us and we also have Yuuki here that we have to protect until Naruto comes back" Takashi said as he swung his bat at a few zombies knocking them down.

"Hey what makes you think I want or need your help huh?" Yuuki said getting both Saeko and Takashi's attention.

"What are you going on about you don't have anything to use that will keep them at bay and plus we all need to stay alive until we meet up with Naruto and the others" Saeko exclaimed annoyed by the other girls attitude.

"I said I can take ca- Yuuki was cut short by a shadow that loomed over her and the sound of an empty moan that seem to shake the ground beneath her feet.

Slow Yuuki painfully turns her head around only to see the huge deformed bodies of the new Behemoths that were standing over her. Seeing three of them in total she was frozen in place out of fear.

As the one in the middle close in on her she started to see her life flash before her eyes. Once it was two feet in front of her it raised its large clawed left hand and let out another loud moan which seemed to snap Yuuki out of it.

It then struck down on her or at least tried to as one minute she was about to be crushed by the behemoth then the next she felt some ones arms wrapped around hers and she heard an explosion at to far from were she was.

Opening her eyes she finds herself staring into the blue eyes of the one man that she has become interested with since the little incident on the bus that cased them all to decide to abandon.

"Are you hurt Yuuki-san?" Naruto asked as he held her bridle style as they stood by both Saeko and Takashi.

"Were did you come from Naruto" Takashi asked in shock. 'How can he do that one minute it seemed that Yuuki would be killed then the next Naruto appears by us with the girl in his arms with out so much as a scratch on her' he thought as Saeko also had the same thought.

'Just who and what are you Naruto' was Saeko's final thought as she graze at Naruto as he set Yuuki on her feet and turned to face the three behemoths.

"Hey Takashi, Saeko, Yuuki are you three alright?" Kohta yell to them as he, Rei and Saya made their way towards them since Naruto had killed the entire smaller one and only the three big ones were left.

"Yeah we are all alright Kohta what about you guys?" Takashi asks as he ways at them.

"We are just fine Komuro know that all of those things are dead thanks to Uzumaki here" Saya said as she and Kohta finally reached them.

"Ok now that we are all here I will tell you the next chores of action we will take" Naruto explained getting the attention of the others.

"I want you guys to head in the direction that Gaara and Shizuka headed while I take care of them" Naruto said as he bit into his thumb and swiped the blood onto a seal on his right arm. There was a sudden poof and a huge sword that was wrapped in bandages.

"What are you crazy there is no way you can fight these things on your own and I refuse to abandon you after you and Gaara help us" Saeko yelled as she thought that he had gone insane.

"I have to agree with them Naruto-san I could never think about leaving you behind in order to save myself if one of us go we all go" Rei said trying to stop Naruto from doing this alone.

She is right and while I'll admit that you are a strong fighter and that you are not normal, but don't be stupid and think that you stand a chance at fighting these things alone" Saya yelled out at him in a way that reminded him of the times win Sakura had done the same thing when they were kids.

'Now that I think about it if it wasn't for her bust size, those glasses and if she had large for head she would look just like her' Naruto thought as he chuckled to himself.

"It seems that you guys won't to stay, I'm glad that you would want to help me and all but" Suddenly red energy exploded around Naruto as the bandages on the blade ripped away and vanished revealing scales the seemed to once belonged to a shark.

Saya, Saeko, Kohta, Takashi and Yuuki all stare in shock at Naruto as he was engulfed in the swirl of demonic energy. After a few seconds that seemed an eternity to the group the shroud of energy seemed to disappear and they were able to see Naruto but what they saw put them on edge.

'What the hell' was the thought that crossed their mines as they take in Naruto's new appearance and what that sword had instead a blade that frightened them.

Naruto had seemed to have grown twin bushy tails were the tail bone was located on the human body. They were both blonde with white tips that and they were moving up and down almost as if they had a mind of their own. On Naruto's head there were two blonde four inch fox ears on that had white tips as well and his hair grow longer until it reach his waist.

Naruto turn towards the group to see the expressions on their face. The group took in the features that had change on the front of his body. His eyes were crimson red with a slit pupil in the middle. The six line marks on both his cheeks were now wider and thinker making his appearance more feral looking and his teeth and finger nails grew longer and shaper.

"They can't touch me when I go all out and I'm not exactly human myself" Naruto said in a deep demonic and husky voice that seemed to make all three of the girls and two boys shiver at the dark feeling that seemed to radiate off him.

'What the hell, he just grew ears and two tails what in the world is he and why does he have the appearance of a wild animal' thought Takashi and Kohta as he just stared at Naruto as he shivered at the energy that flowed around Naruto.

'Oh my he looks so hot just staring at him made me horny it seems that my decision just keeps on rewarding me and oh momma his shirt is gone look at those muscles he is making me so wet' were the thoughts that ran wild through Yuuki Miku's mind as a blush spread across her cheeks and her eyes glazed over with lust shining in them.

'Naruto the more you travel in our group the more shocking discoveries we learn that you have been hiding from us as the smartest woman in Japan I will learn everything you are hiding and… oh my god where did is shirt go' Saya though as her whole face turn bright red as she stared at Naruto's chest.

"Wow I never expected this from him… I wonder what else he and that Gaara guy are keeping secret because it just seems to come out at random and oh great those three are drooling." Rei groaned as this was all too much to handle at this time.

Saeko had a small blush on her cheeks as she thought 'Well our situation has just gotten a lot more interesting I wonder what else he and Gaara will reveal to us in this war we are forced to fight in order to survive'.

Naruto grin at them then he vanished before their very eyes. This seemed to snap them back to into reality as they then heard a loud roar as the three giant from earlier all had the limbs shredded from their bodies in a matter of seconds with Naruto appearing in front of them.

"And now to finish you Bijudama" Naruto roared as a ball of demonic energy appeared in front of his mouth and then shot forth vaporizing the behemoths body leaving nothing left but a trail of destruction in its wake.

Naruto seeing that the three giant annoyances are gone for good he then makes his way towards his group. "So shall we be own our way to were Gaara and Shizuka are waiting?" Naruto said with a warm smile on his face that seemed to make the three women blush since they though he was the cutest thing in the world right then.

Takashi seeing his chance to get so answers out of the blonde fox spoke up to him. "Hey first explain to me just what happened just know"

"Takashi calm down I don't think this is the right time or the right place to discuss the topic about Naruto and the secrets he has we have to go to the place Miss Shizuka told us would be a safe haven for us to stay. Rei said trying to reason with the troubled teen but she as ignored.

"First how in the hell are you that fast no human is that fast and what is with the ears and tails that seemed to grow out of you and what is going on with our world for that matter I mean first these thing show up and kill all those around us throwing the world into chaos and then you and that Gaara guy show up and start doing all these things that are suppose to be impossible just what are you" Takashi says as all of the others turn from looking at him to were Naruto was standing only to find that he was on the ground unconscious.

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