Naruto Undead apocalypse chapter 5

The sun had started to set giving the areas all around indicating that within an hour it would be dark out. The sun was barely raised over the river and shine on the surface giving of a golden light that descended over all that surround it.

It had been a relatively quiet walk to Marikawa Shizuka friend Rika Minami's apartment. As Saeko, Komuro, Rei, Saya, Kohta and Yuuki were walking they each had to take turns carrying Naruto who had passed out after the previous battle. As they got closer to the location were the outskirts of the city were all the housing and apartments were located.

Everyone of the Group had been deep in thought ever since the last battle with "them", not only had the situation seem to worsen for the five humans but it seemed that the only thing that ran through their minds was Naruto and the insane things that the boy has been showing to be capable of doing that just the other day would have been impossible.

Even though the whisker marked blondes speed and techniques were incredible that was just the icing on the cake. What all of them could not stop thinking about since the end of the battle was the unexpected transformation that the boy had gone though.

The subject alone was enough to put and almost endless amount of emotions and questions that the teens were all anxious to ask either when Naruto had awaken or when they see Gaara again.

For the girls the thing they wanted to learn about the most is the Transformation. Saya wanted to ask how was he able to do it and why was the features so close to that of an animal, Saya was almost convinced that he was apart of some lab experiment that's goal was to create special soldiers for war that went somewhat wrong as the Blonde to her, Saeko and Yuuki was just to hot and powerful to be a failed experiment.

Saeko wanted to more about his speed and the skill that the boy displayed before the transformation first and how long did it take for him to reach the level he was on. The last thing she wanted to clarify about the transformation was the boost in speed and power along with the features that came with it. The appendages reminded her of those old stories that her father use to tell her as a child.

Yuuki being the typical hormonal teenager that seemed to be the norm in this day and age was only thinking about the unnecessary details of the transformation. She wanted to ask what parts of the body got enhanced specifically certain areas of the body, Also she really want to run her hands through his hair and play with those adorable fox ears while she stroked his tails.

Takashi and Kohta were both just trying to learn as much as they could and then decide the next course of action as they thought it would be the best.

"RASEN…." Naruto shouted in his sleep as Saeko carried him on her back. The sudden out burst startled the group they all turned to face Saeko and Naruto. Saeko had a blush on her cheeks as the others stared her way with a curious look in their eyes.

Naruto oblivious to the world wrapped his tail Saya as she was the closes to them, pulling her closer them as he held on to Saeko a little tighter. Saya lets out hey as she was pulled to them. Yuuki seeing this got jealous and stomped over to the three with a frustrated look on her face.

"Hey jus what the hell do you think you d… eek" was the last thing that came out of her mouth as Naruto's second tail shot forward and wrapped it's self around her waist lifting her off the ground, she was then pulled back towards the now sandwiched teens.

Naruto still being sleep unfortunately was not in control of how fast his tail retracted back and so when Yuuki came into contact with Saeko the force knocked them all down.

Rei, Komuro and Kohta all watched as the other four members of their group as they lay on the pavement in a tangled mess of eight legs, eight arms, two furry ears and twin fox tails.

"Hey fox boy let go this isn't the time or the place for this kind of thing" Saya exclaimed with a blush on her cheeks and an embarrassed and somewhat angry look on her face.

The other three not being able to take it anymore began to laugh down right killing the tense atmosphere that had been floating around them since Naruto had passed out.

"Ok let's just help them get untangled from Mr. Cuddle Bear and find Ms. Shizuka and The red-head with the bad attitude," Komuro said with a chuckle "Do you three need any help getting untangled?"

"Stop laughing this is not the time to be messing around damn it" Saya yelled out feeling more embarrassed by the current situation and the fact that the tail wrapped around her waist wasn't about to let go any time soon, not that she minds.

Saeko just giggle from her position under Naruto not getting crush under him because his arms were on the ground and he was prompt on his knees. Yuuki on the other hand made no attempt to leave the blondes side as she began to rub his fox ears.

Naruto started to purr as she continued to work her hands on the sensitive appendages. Saeko hearing the sounds coming from the man that was sleeping on top of her began to giggle again, she then pushes Naruto off of her and got back to her feet as she began dusting herself of.

"Alright enough of this we have to continue on before they come this way" Saeko said has her tone became emotionless and she adopted a serious look on her face.

"Sense we will be at the ran de view point how about I let Yuuki carry Naruto while Saeko, you walk behind you guys so the rear is protected, Komuro you and Kohta will protect them on the left and right and Rei we need you up front while the rest will stay in the middle with," Saya told them as they all closed in 0n each other.

"Alright you guys let… Takashi was cut off by a roar that came from the sky. The voice the roar came from was that of a huge beast and seemed to make chills run down everyone of the group that was got out of it spines.

"What was that?" Kohta asked as hey started to sweat at the sudden feeling of death and decay in the air. 'This is not good we got distracted and the enemy got the drop on us, what makes this situation worse is the fact that Naruto is unconscious' Saeko thought as she got in her kendo sword play stance.

"I see so you're the kids the Kyubi and Ichibi have taken and interest in huh, I wonder why is that" came a voice that seemed to echo all around the area the group stood in.

"Whose there?" Takashi yelled as the others began to move closer together. They all tensed up when they felt an intense pressure come crashing down on them.

'W-What is this pressure I'm feeling, this horrible feeling that has descended on us' Rei thought as she looked down at her trembling hands. 'This feeling it suffocating, how can we hope to fight a person that can install this felling?' Yuuki thought as she slowly had a mental breakdown.

"Well it seems like the boy has fallen unconscious oh well; you will provide me with entertainment won't you?" the person said, then the creature descended to the ground letting loose a powerful and bone chilling howl.

The creature had the appearance of a giant lizard that's scales were green and grey giving it a sickly look. The lizard was three stories tall with huge wings that Saya thought were strong enough to send a gust of wind that could take out have the city with a single wave.

Its head resembled a snake with two horns on top of its head and five spikes sticking out of its cheeks. The eyes were yellow with a black slit in the middle.

Rei and Yuuki began to shake in fear at the creature that stood before them. Komuro and Kohta stood as still as statues in front of the girls.

Saeko's grip tightens around her wooden sword as her body trembled. See this Takashi was stocked as he thought she was scared not knowing that he was completely off.

"Well now its time for me to introduce myself," said the man that the group just noticed standing on the creatures head. The man's face was hidden behind a light purple mask that covers the entire upper-half of his head. The mask had a design that resembled the Ten-tails' ripple- pattern eye that had three tomoe usually found in the sharingan around the centre. In the centre there was third eye that was painted on with a three bladed shuriken.

He was decked out in a purple robe that had the Uchiha crest which is a fan that is red on the top and white on the bottom on the back of the robe. He had the robe open to show off his chain-mail shirt and Buddhist prayer beads that was wrapped his neck. The man also wore black fingerless gloves and he had long black claw –like finger nails, there seemed to also be purple mist that emit from under them.

He had a war fan strapped to his back that was purple in color and had a black chain that was connected from the handle to something hidden in the sleeve on his robe.

"Just who or what the hell are you," Takashi yelled out that snap Saeko out of her trance for the moment as everyone turned there attention to the masked man.

"You may call me Tobi Uchiha for now in time you children will learn more, but for now you shall entertain me by fight these," Tobi said as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. There was a black void that appeared before them and about fifty zombies appeared from the void.

They all let out haunting moans but there was something wrong with them. "It seems that you have all realized the difference between these and the normal ones you have been dealing with since the beginning.

'So they can see us this time this is not good we are at a disadvantage' Saya thought.

'This is bad, they our naturally stronger than normal humans and the only advantage we had before was the fact that they were blind, now they have the upper hand being able to see us' Kohta mused to himself.

"Now that the games begin; oh and try not to die ja ne." Tobi then disappeared in a dimensional vertex along with the creature he rode there on shocking the group as they never thought only Naruto and Gaara were able to do those things.

'This shit is getting very out of hand, who was that man as it seems that he has something to do with it' Takashi thought as he stood his ground in front of the zombies that seemed to be moving slowly towards them.

The group all huddled together ready to fight this possibly difficult battle and try to all stay alive. 'This could end here, we must win and make it to Miss Shizuka' Rei thought fighting down the urge to breakdown in fear.

The ten zombies that had been at the front of the horde began to run at them letting out a loud moan. "Shit those are runners everyone, get ready to fight," Takashi yelled as the rest of the group all braced their selves for the battle.

Then out of nowhere a giant wave of sand appeared in front of everyone swallowing the attacking horde. Then blur shot passed them into the rest of the hordes killing ninety percent of them in a single attack.

"I see we made it just in time, so are any of you kids alright?" came a voice to the left of the group drawing there attention. What they saw was a tanuki that was about the same size as a full grown dog. Its fur was a sandy brown color and the tail was as long as its own body.

'A TAKING TANUKI, WHAT THE HELL' was the thought that went though Takashi, Rei, Yuuki, Kohta and Saeko's mind as they tried not to loose what little sanity they had left.

Saeko being the first to snap back into reality decide that it would be better to just get some answers now while they had the chance. "Um can you please tell us who are and why are you helping us," she asked hoping to get a straight answer from the talking animal.

"I am what you would call a familiar my dear." The raccoon explained to Saeko also gaining the others attention. "My name is Gen and I am her with Gaara to help protect you guys, it a pleasure to meet you all," Shin said as he gave a bow to the group.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well Gen-san" Rei said giving a bow of her own. "So um is that person over there by any chance Gaara?" Rei asked as she pointed towards were the blur had disappeared.

"No I am right here, now I would like to know why it is that I find Naruto of all people unconscious and in the arms of Yuuki-san." Gaara said as he appeared before the group with the emotionless look still present on his face and his arms crossed over his chest.

The blur from earlier appeared beside Gaara along with Gen. it appeared to be a tanuki that was identical to Gen except that there were two black rings on its tails.

"This right here is Zen and he and Gen are apart of the tanuki punishment force the ultimate defense of the summoning world" Gaara exclaimed with a neutral tone of voice.

This made the groups jaw drop to the ground in complete shock. "Punishment force" was the only thing that went thought there minds.


Tobi was watching the whole event from a far, his interest on the group growing with each passing minute. Even though he was hoping to see how they would fair against the horde he sent after them, he was content to wait until next time.

"They sure are an interesting group of humans; I look forward to finding some entertainment from them," Tobi said to himself as he turn to the creature he had brought along with him and began to pet it on the side of it's long nose.

Oh well I guess it's time for me to get back to my work, I seem to have stayed longer then intended oh well lets go Beni-chan," Tobi said to the creature getting a low hum from the beast.


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