Naruto undead apocalypse chapter 6

Tobi was walked though a dark corridor of an abandon building at the edge of the city. The man had been just gotten to a door at the end of the hall when he was stopped by a voice that sounded deep and sinister.

"So you have returned Tobi, how did the Kyubi and the Ichibi far against the hordes," asked a man that was cloth in samurai armor. The man had long hair that went down to his lower back.

The armor is red and he wore brown gloves. The man eyes characteristics had ripple-like pattern over the eyeballs, the iris were purple as well as the sclera.

"The Kyubi as done rather well against the hordes and the Ichibi was able to take care of the second horde alone while the Kyubi was unconscious," Tobi informed the man.

"What about the children they have in their presence at this time, anything special about them," the Man asked.

They are nothing to worry about since they are just civilians, do you want to use them Madara," Tobi asked as Madara closed his eyes. His eye suddenly snapped open and a sadistic grin spread across his face.

"I see well for now lets move on we have a schedule to keep you know," Tobi said as he and Madara walked into the room that was covered in darkness.

(At Rika & Shizuka's apartment)

The group of had made it safely to the apartment building and Gaara had put laid Naruto on the couch in the living room. Shizuka Who had stayed at the apartment when Gaara had went to go retrieve Naruto and the others had spent her time alone cleaning the house and making sure they had food to last them awhile.

Saeko, Saya, Rei, and Shizuka were currently getting out of their dirty clothes and heading to the upstairs bath and have some girl time. Gaara had disappeared along with Yuuki because she had some questions she wanted answered with out the others knowing

Takashi turned on the T.V. and sat at the foot of the bed. He turned the channel until he got to the news channel. "The so called "killing pandemic" that has been occurring all over the world continues to spread with unprecedented speed, the number of the patience of this killing pandemic continuously increase and all ready reached up to two million in our country," the news women said as she showed a few clips that the camera crew had videoed.

"Because of its powerful infectiousness in the paralysis system, they have speculated that the number could reach ten million with in a day or two." Taking a pause to allow the viewers to let the news sink in then continued on with her report.

'Oh man it's only been a day and it's this bad out there and if that wasn't enough we got questions about the two power houses that have been protecting our little group that need answering,' Takashi thought as he turned off the T.V. then went down stairs waiting for the blond haired "superhuman" to wake up.

Gaara who had one eye open watched Takashi leave the room, Gaara then stood up and walked out on the veranda then using his sand claimed on the roof to over look the city and to think about the current situation.

(With the girls)

Shizuka who was currently sharing the tub with Rei gave out a sigh in pure bliss. Saeko and Saya who were both sitting on stools in front of the mirror with the shower head in Saeko's hand were washing themselves getting all the sweat, dirt and grim off of their bodies.

"Oh this sure feels nice," Rei moaned out as she stretched her arms over her head then leaned back in the tub her legs were currently closed and she had them in between Shizuka's who's legs were wide open and had a rubber duck floating there as well.

"It so good that it feels like I'm melting away," Miss Shizuka sighed out as she sat there enjoying the water. She and Rei both had blushes on there face from the hot water and steam.

Saya was currently scrubbing arms and shoulders while Saeko was washing the underside of her breast and her belly rubbing a lot of soap all over herself.

"This is shampoo right," Saya asked holding up a bottle and staring at it with out her glasses on making Saeko giggle and her facial expression.

"My god, your boobs are humongous jeez sensei," Rei suddenly exclaimed when Shizuka started to was and subconsciously fondle them.

"Yup I know, I get that a lot!" Shizuka said with confidence radiating from her voice.

They're almost impossibly gigantic Rei proclaimed in jealousy. Then she proceeds to grab and squeeze the older woman's tits.

"Come here and let me see those things, they just can't be real," Rei says. Shizuka screamed at being groped and fondled by the girl trying to get away but she could not get away from her current molester.

"Good god, so what we all just had to take a bath at the same time," Saya asked as she looked back and watched as Shizuka got molested by Rei.

"You the reason why we are doing this Takagi, it's fairly obvious," Saeko said as she sat by the pink haired girl with her eyes closed as she continued to washing herself.

"Yes I suppose that you are right," Saya said then she gasped at the fact that Rei's hands started to wonder in other places on the school nurses body.

But considering the current situation that we are in with Naruto, Gaara and this zombie business, I don't think we should be doing stuff like this," Saya explained and she began scrubbing her hair and trying not to look at Rei while the girl tries experimenting with Miss Shizuka.

Seeing that Saya wasn't distracted and currently have her eyes closed, Saeko grabs the shower hose then sprayed the ice cold water on Saya's lower back.

This causes the girl to jump almost out off the stool she was sitting on and let out a scream.

"That scream of yours is sexier than I thought; I wonder if Naruto will love that voice of yours," Saeko said as she turned back to the mirror missing when Saya filled up a small wash pail of water.

Saya then pours the cold water on Saeko which causes the purple haired girl to gasp out loud then shiver in way that would make you think that she just had a small orgasm.

Sigh out after the feeling went away Saeko with a blush on her face and a small and somewhat seductive smile stared at Takagi who had a tick mark on her head from Saeko's reaction.

"Geh, I didn't get much of a reaction out of you, well the right one and what makes you think that the blond will ever my sexy voice," Saya asked in annoyance and with a hard blush on her face getting a giggle from Saeko.

(Rika's living room)

Naruto sat up from Rika's couch letting out a yawn as he sat up from Rika's couch. "Oh man that was a good nap, I feel a lot better than I did when Gaara and I first came to this timeline," Naruto exclaimed although as he began to stretch out popping the bones in his arms and back.

After he relaxes he surveyed his surroundings although he was still half asleep. He noticed that he was in some ones apartment. The next thing he notices was that it was a lot bigger than his old one.

"So you are awake now Naruto and just in time," Saeko said as she sat down next to the blond. Naruto who was still half asleep when Saeko walked into the living room saw now wide awake now that he got a good look at Saeko.

He was stunned by beautiful she was and what she was wearing. "Wow," Naruto said out loud as he admired Saeko in an apron and the fact that she wasn't wearing any thing else.

Huh what's wrong Saeko asked then she looked down at what she was wearing and I became clear what he was shocked about.

"Oh, this old thing since I couldn't find any thing that fits me so I will have to wear it until the laundry is finished. Saeko explained to the blond. Then Saeko looked down at herself with a blush on her cheeks.

I know that this is truly shameful so I apologize," She said in embarrassment as she placed both her hands on her chest and pulled on the apron making sure it was covering her breasts.

Huh oh don't worry about that, what I want to know is if you, Saya and the others alright because I did pass out on you guys before we reached this place," Naruto said getting a nod and a giggle from the purple haired beauty.

"Naruto I want to thank you, if it wasn't for you and Gaara helping us we would be in a lot of trouble and I'm not to sure we could have all stayed alive and you have given me a lot of confidence."

"Well your welcome I'm just glad that you are unharmed Saeko-chan and that is enough for me right now," Naruto told Saeko feel a little flustered.

All of a sudden Naruto became serious and he stood up to and allows his tails to fan out behind him and his fox ears that had been laying flat on his head began to twitch and rise up.

"About my appearance, how do you feel about me knowing that I am not a human and the things that Gaara and I can do what is your feelings on the matter," Naruto asked as he held his head down and turned away from Saeko.

Saeko stare at Naruto's back as she thought on what to say to his question. On one hand she was very curious about the boy and his origins as there has never been anything like it.

Also there was this strong attraction that she felt towards the boy. Coming to a conclusion on what she would tell the boy she places her hand on his and pulled him to sit next to her again.

Naruto was stunned by this course of action remand silent as she smiled at him. When she opened her mouth to say something she they got interrupted by the one person they had forgotten about.

"Oh I'm sorry am I interrupting something," Yuuki Miku asked as she made her presence known to Naruto and Saeko making the latter jump and gasp out in surprise at forgetting she was in the house.

"Hey Yuuki how are you doing, you made it here unharmed like the rest I hope," Naruto asked the orange haired girl who had come out of the down stairs bath room still wet from a bath.

"Oh Foxy-kun are you worried about me, that's so cute," Yuuki exclaimed as she pounced on the blond fox wrapping her arms around his neck and rubbing her towel cover beast against the blond's chest.

Saeko watch this with an annoyed look on her face. Usually she wouldn't be bothered by this little display but the fact that she was interrupted by the orange haired girl pissed her off a little.

Then she anger was replaced be confusion about the girl. "Hey Yuuki-san were have you been since we got to this apartment as I know you didn't leave and you had asked Gaara-san about something," Saeko said which made Naruto look at Yuuki curious about what she asked the ex-Kaze Kage.

"Oh well you see this is what happened."


Since the group had returned everyone besides her and Gaara had let the living to do their own thing. Yuuki asked Gaara if she could ask him a few questions in private which he decided that he'd humor her listened to what she would ask.

"Ok what I would like to know is what was that power you and Naruto displayed as it's not something you see everyday," Yuuki asked the red head.

For about two minutes Gaara just stared at the girl with and emotionless look on his face unnerving the girl then he spoke.

"Our abilities are something that humans of this world have called upon in past to wage war," Gaara explained to the girl get shocked looks from the girl.

Wage war, what would people fight against that they would need the power you and Naruto have," Yuuki asked as he thought alone had her shake with fear.

"That is some that you will learn when Naruto awakens but let me give you some advance Gaara said as he began to ascend up the stairs.

"What you learn from our tale will forever leave you in shock and some in horror."

(Flashback end)

"Yeah and after that I wanted to be alone to mentally prepare myself to learn as much about you to as I possibly can then make my decision, so now that you are awake let round up everyone get this over with," Yuuki said.

Then there was a loud growl that made the girl jump and get behind Naruto. 'Ok how Saeko got behind me that fast I'll never know,' the fox boy thought as he wrapped as two tails around the girls.

"Um sorry that was my stomach hehe," Naruto said with a blush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

Saeko and Yuuki both looked at each other then at Naruto. There was another growl and they were able to tell that it had come from Naruto.

This caused the girls to giggle at Naruto which made his face heat up. "What's so funny huh," Naruto asked as he sent the two girls a playful glare which only got more giggles from the girl.

"Well before we had a meeting how about we feed the hungry fox before he wastes away," Saeko said in between fits of giggles.

'Oh I agree after all a man would be a lot more useful on a full stomach" Yuuki added as she held the blond's tail to her chest causing Naruto to blush at the feel.

Naruto sighed in defeat as he knew that he couldn't get away from the girls. They started dragging him to the kitchen area.


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