Naruto Undead Apocalypse Chapter 7

So here we go with the seventh chapter of the undead Apocalypse.

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Naruto x Saya x Saeko x Yuuki

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Chapter 7

Takashi, Yuuki, Saeko, Saya, Shizuka, Kohta, and Rei all stared at Naruto and Gaara in a mixture of shock, amusement, and a little disgust as the two demons tore through there dinner at unholy speeds.

Apparently before coming to find the group, Naruto and Gaara had stored ten scrolls each full of food that was suppose to last them around four years.

At first when they heard this they thought it was for the hardship to come but, seeing the two boys down thirty plates of food they understood that it was mostly so that they never ran out of food to soon because of the two Biju's eating habits.

They were mostly put out by what Naruto had been eating though. Since

He had been consuming a large amount of ramen all different flavors and that was the only thing he eat. Now to them this was strange as they had a huge table filled with all types of food but Naruto was too focused on the ramen Saeko and Saya made. When Naruto seen all the ramen on the table, he give both girls an almost bone crushing huge that had made Yuuki jealous.

Not wanting to be far behind the other two girls, Yuuki had sat on his lap and fed him his first five bowls of ramen before she took a seat across from him and began to eat while she watched him.

Gaara was fed by Shizuka who had chosen to sit by him. Gaara at first was confused on why she wanted to feed him but after Naruto gave him a look that said he should allow her to feed him, he an excepted her offer with out a fuss.

They were all sitting around a large table in Rika's living room just eating and making small talk here and there enjoying the peace for the moment.

After everyone was done eating they all helped bring the dishes into the kitchen while Naruto had his clones clean them.

After that was finished they all gathered back into the living room taking a seat on the floor as the two Biju decided that it was time to bring their group up to date on all the details from beginning to end.

Also Naruto had his clone prepare tea for everyone hoping, that it would help them get comfortable enough to last during the whole story.

"All right now that everyone is here, we can begin the story of our origin and the origin of the man that began this outbreak," Naruto said while he analyzed every reaction the group made.

Gaara who had been doing the same taking a sip of his tea that Naruto's clones made, he told them each the rules that they needed to abide by while he and Naruto told the tale.

"While we are explain everything to you that will need to know we ask that you withhold any questions until after we the go ahead to ask and to get comfortable as this story is a long one," Gaara said getting nods from the others.

"Alright in order to make sure you guys will understand everything we tell you, I believe that it would be best to start from the every beginning as you would get confused if we just started with our own story," Naruto told them making them wonder how deep their past was if they had to start from before their own time.

"First thing you need to know, Gaara and I come from a different timeline then the rest of you when the world was ruled by Shinobi Nations two thousand years into the past."

Here Naruto stopped the story and studied the group's reactions. Takashi and Kohta were shocked by this as were the rest of them. This information was hard for them to come to terms with.

See the looks on their faces Naruto and Gaara gave them the go ahead to ask questions.

"So let me get this straight you two are from the past during a time that was never recorded in japans or any other states history," Saya asked getting a nod from Gaara and Naruto.

"That's a little hard to believe that you are time travelers, Kohta said getting a nod from the others.

Hearing this Naruto chuckled as he had a feeling they would say that while Gaara nodded feeling the same way.

"I can assure you that we are by no means time travelers as we can't travel to and back freely as that is impossible," Gaara said getting their attention.

"Our coming here will be reveal in time but for now let's start from the beginning of our story," Naruto finished for Gaara stopping the others from asking anymore questions.

"Now the story dates back centuries before Gaara and I were born when the world was in the era of endless war, a demon with god-like power ravaged the lands."

"It was a creature that was described as a demon that was as large as a mountain and had ten tails that were as long as it's body along with spiky protrusions visible behind its head, for years it caused death and destruction everywhere it went," Gaara told them.

"The Juubi was a calamity that produced a foul energy that could turn humans to ash when they were mere feet from it's body and it had only one visible eye on the center of its face."

The group began to picture the beast in their minds and they could say that it was the most horrifying thing that they had ever seen way scarier than the hordes that roamed around outside.

"Wait that's almost impossible and what does that have to do with you two and how you got here," Saya asked.

"She's right you know, it's hard to believe that such a demon existed and how would you two know that it is real if it was before your time as well," Yuuki asked suspicious about the whole thing.

"That's a good question Yuuki, Saya how do we know that the demon existed," Naruto said with a smirk on his face as his tails that he had laying behind him rouse up form the floor and began waving them back and forth in a taunting manner getting everyone to stare at it.

Then it dawned on them that both Naruto and Gaara had tails as well and they gave the two Biju an apprehensive look.

"Hey what's with the looks we can't grow that big... well at least I don't think so," Naruto said which calmed them down a little for now.

"Continuing from were I left off, because humans had no means with which to stand up to the creature the world was at its mercy for centuries until," Here Gaara paused putting the others on edge.

Naruto continued after he saw the anticipation in their eyes. "A wondering priest appeared before the beast stopping its rampage single handedly," Naruto finished as he gave the group the chance to absorb this information.

"This man was known as the Rikudo Sennin, the man who created the shinobi world and the only human to have ever fought the primordial demon Juubi as the beast was called," Gaara finished after Naruto.

"Hold on how was this man able to fight the demon on his own when no other human could, want made him so strong," Shizuka asked finally getting the chance to talk.

This is a good question," Naruto said as he closed his eyes as he builds up chakra. The answer is that he had a unique weapon that gave him the power to stand as the beast's equal."

"It just so happens that that priest was the man who created this," Naruto said as he allowed lightning to spark around his left hand and fire in his right mesmerizing the group as they had almost forgotten about the inhuman abilities the two possessed.

Naruto then which the elements to wind Rasengan and a ball of water while Gaara continued where he left off.

"This is what happenings when someone mix the spiritual and the physical energy within the body that

"With his power he was able to subdue the demon and though the art of sealing was able to contain the demon within himself and became what is known as a Jinchuuriki and save the world."

Here Takashi decided to speak as he didn't understand what that world met. "So what do you mean when you say power of the human sacrifice?"

"Just what the name says the power of the human sacrifice, you sacrifice your body in order to contain the demon until the day you die," Naruto said in a haunting tone startling the group.

"Anyway afterwards the Rikudo Sennin spent the rest of his life traveling around the continent teaching the way of chakra to the world and those at had witnessed the battle would past the story down from one generation to the next," Gaara explained

"During this time the man had two sons one that inherited the mans eyes and the other that had inherited his body,"

"His eyes held great power that gave him complete control over all elements in our world and a lot of otherworldly powers that I will not go into right now, but both brothers were competing to be the sages successor," Naruto finished.

"Then the day finally came when he was getting old and he found out that when he passed away the Juubi would once again roam the lands causing death and destruction wherever it went," Gaara said emotionlessly.

"So Rikudo used is special eyes and was able to find a way to deal with the Juubi for good," Here Naruto paused as he closed both of his eyes and breathes in and out allowing a brief moment of peace wash over his mind.

"Rinnegan," Naruto said emotionlessly as he opened his eyes revealing the ripple-like pattern over the eye ball that was know purple. Saeko, Saya and Yuuki gasped when they looked into the purple orbs. To them it was like those eyes where staring into their souls judging them.

What they also noticed was that his hair fell down framing is face and turned red.

As for Takashi and Kohta they that it made him look intimidating and badass. Satisfied with their reactions, Naruto holds out his right hand and a black rod appears in his hands.

"These eyes are called Rinnegan and they grant the wielder an ability that the Rikudo Sennin had, referred to as Banbutsu Sozo: The Creation of All things.

The process he used is explained to have initially involved the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create shape and form from nothingness." Naruto explained

Then, through the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, he would breathe life into the prior form." Gaara finished

The sage used this ability to split the Ten-Tails demon chakra into nine tailed beasts, but his physical body stayed intact and Rikudo knew it was impossible to Destroy the body as it was repaired itself even with out it's soul," Here Naruto paused to let the others ask any questions they had.

So what did he turn the demons chakra into after that and what did he do with the beasts body," Kohta asks anxiously having been soaking in the information like a sponge.

"The Rikudo Sennin turned the chakra into Shukaku the ichibi no tanuki, Matatabi the nibi no nekomata, Isobu the sanbi no kyodaigame, Son Goku the yonbi no Ōzaru…

Here Naruto paused and stared at Komuro and Kohta in confusion as they chuckled in irony at the four tails named Son Goku. "Is there something I missed?"

Huh oh it's just that we know a Son Goku who just so happens to be a greet ape," Kohta said.

"Explain later I want you to explain," Gaara says getting a nod from the two.

"After Son there's Kokuo the five tailed dolphin horse, Saiken the six tailed giant slug," Naruto said while Yuuki and Saya both made disgusted faces at the mention of Saiken.

"The final three beast are Chomei the nanabi no kabutomushi, Gyuki the hachibi no ushi-oni and finally Kurama the kyubi no Yoko and the strongest of them all," again the boys chuckled at the irony which Naruto and Gaara decided to ignore.

Rikudo spent the remainder of his life as an old sage taking care of the beasts and forming family bonds with each of them as they looked up to the man as a father figure," Gaara told the group.

"The one that was the closest to the man was Kurama as he spent almost of his time with the Sennin and the youngest son while the oldest always kept to himself," Naruto explained.

"After all this the day had finally came which would mark the end of the sages life," Naruto got shocked looks form the group who where on edge now as they had known that this was coming sooner or later.

"That day he spent the morning with his two sons then, he entertained the biju for the rest on the day," Gaara and Naruto both had faraway looks on their faces as they thought about what happened next.

"Sometime during this Rikudo sat down with the young Biju and they would always be together even when separated and that one day they would become one being again with a different name and form and understand true power, Gaara explained.

"The Biju all know that he was one his last leg and they were all saddened but, Kurama who was the strongest of them was the one who was the most devastated and for the first time shred tears of sorrow," Naruto explained as his heart went out Kurama with Gaara feeling the same.

Takashi, Saeko, Yuuki, Kohta, Shizuka and Rei all felt the same way as it's not every day that they hear about a demon feel sorrow over the death of a human although it's not every day that you hear about demons being real neither.

"Wow to think that even monsters can feel just like us," Komuro says. "I guess that type of thing would get to just about anyone even when they are not human.

Shizuka and the others nodded knowing it was true. Naruto and Gaara took this moment to finish their tea. Naruto then calls one of the clones in the kitchen to bright him some water which he downed as soon as he was given the glass cup.

Gaara who was ready to finish the story decided now was as good a time as any. "Listen because this is the last of the Rikudo's story so you should pay extra attention.

The group all focused on Gaara wanting to know how this great man's life story ends.

"Rikudo had arrived at his home that late tired but happy that he was able to spend his last day with his family and he was able to lock away the body of the Jubi in a place no human could reach."

That night on his death he entrusted his strength and legacy onto his two sons then he asked them what they believed the right path to peace was," here Gaara allowed Naruto to finish the rest of the story.

"The eldest bother who inherited the Sage's powerful chakra and spiritual energy (the eyes) believed power was the true key to peace while the youngest son who inherits the sage's powerful will and physical energy (the body) believed the true key was love," this got to the group as they felt that something wasn't right when Naruto talked about the eldest brother.

"The Sage after listening to their answers chose the younger of the two sons as his successor bestowing on him his power before he passed away not knowing the fact that his eldest son would grow jealous of the younger and attack him," this information made the group gasp as they know new why Naruto had that look on his face.

"This incident would create the cycle of hatred within the elder brother's descendants towards the youngest brothers and their battle lasted for centuries," Naruto finished the story.

To say that the group was in awe over the tale was just an understatement. They wouldn't ever forget this tale as long as they lived but, they still had questions about the story.

"Hey there's something I've been meaning to ask you since you mentioned the sons," Saeko said as she got Naruto and Gaara's undivided attention.

"Well ask and we shall answer," Naruto said already having a guess as to what she was going to ask.

"Well it's just that you two have failed to give name the two sons and we would like to know there names," She told Naruto as the rest of the group nodded their heads.

"Well then I should tell you their names so make sure to listen carefully." Naruto said.

The group just sat unmoving staring at Naruto and Gaara blocking out everything else out.

'The two brother's names were Uchiha the eldest brother and Senju the youngest," the group went wide eyes after they repeated the eldest brother's name.

Naruto looked confused by their shock that is until he remembered Gaara mentioning that they had that they had a run in with Tobi while he was unconscious.

"Wait there is one more thing that I would like to know," Kohta says getting the go ahead from Gaara while Naruto look towards him.

"You mentioned at the sage had locked away the beast's body in a place humans couldn't get to, what I want to know is what kind of play could hide a demon the size of a mountain, Kohta asked anxiously.

Here Naruto stood up and walked to the window to the left of the room. Gaara stared at knowing what he was about to do and began to rub the Kanji on his forehead in exasperation.

"Well at night if you look in the sky you will be able to see the prison," Naruto said as he pulled the curtains a little back to look outside checking to see if there were any zombies outside.

When he saw there wasn't any he began to walk towards the stairs. Pause and looked back towards the group with a mischievous grin upon his face unnerving everyone except Gaara who looked annoyed at the smirk.

"Well are you coming to see were the beast body is imprisoned," Naruto says as he began to walk up the stairs. Gaara stands up and also walks up the stairs with out saying a word to the group.

Saeko, Saya Komuro, Kohta, Shizuka, Yuuki and Rei stared at each other confused by what Naruto just said then they got up and went after the two.

Once they got up stairs they saw Naruto and Gaara on the balcony and they all walked towards them.

"So where exactly is the prison located at?" Yuuki asked as the group all stood by the open sliding glass window of the balcony.

"The prison is right there so take a good look," Naruto says pointing up into the night sky. They all look up only to see the moon then they all looked back towards Naruto and Gaara even more confused.

"I see you don't get it I see well let me tell you this ever wonder how our moon was created," Naruto said as his eyes became the Rinnegan once again.

Then it dawned on them and they turned back towards the moon only to see that it turned blood red.

"That's right the prison that keeps the Jubi's body looked from the world is the moon," Naruto explained as his dark grin seemed to widen at the horrified looks on the groups face.


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