Naruto locked in the Dead Apocalypse chapter 8

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Chapter 8

They felt the chill in the air as what Naruto and Gaara had told them where the beast tomb was located. It was a terrifying thought that a demon with godlike powers tomb lay right above them and had for centuries. They started to picture the demon appearing when the moon became blood red with black cracks appearing over the surface.

What made the situation even weirder was that both Gaara and Naruto were Descendants of the beast if what he said was true about them becoming demons because they fused with the demons that were created from it.

"This is something that I thought to be impossible, but here we are two days into it with no end in sight" Komuro said as he looked from at the world from Rika's balcony.

The chill he felt when he saw the undead wondering aimlessly through the street was starting to get to him as he felt fatigue start to set in.

I think you should try to get some rest Komuro it would only complicate things if you are too weak to be of any use," Naruto told the boy as he placed a hand on Takashi's shoulder.

"I know but, I would feel restless if I just tried to sleep right know while knowing that we could be attack at any time," he told the Rokubi who look at him in sympathy.

"Here's a thought why not you take that girl Rei and see if she can keep you company," Naruto said with a neutral look as Komuro had gone emo on him as he thought about his already fading relationship.

"I don't think that this is the time a place for that kind of stuff. He sighed at Naruto who look at him with a blink stare. "I mean with what has been going on with this outbreak and then that Tobi character showing that he is in control of the horde we don't have the time for anything else but to try and survive,"

"I believe that this is the perfect time to start strengthening your already fading bonds with the girl you love because you could die the next day," Naruto told him getting a shocked look from the boy.

"Even though Gaara and I will do everything within are power to protect this group even we could slip up and you guys could in up turning into them so you should use any down time to get closer to that girl and make amends."

"So I shouldn't hesitate but what should I tell her but is that really appropriate," Komuro ask to which Naruto look at him with sympathy know that the boy didn't no how to handle these situations.

"This is something that needs to be done Komuro, tell her how you feel and show her that you are willing to do better and she will do the same since she knows that she is at fault as well." And with that Naruto led the boy down stairs as he thought about what Naruto had told him.

"Rei come here I need you to do something for me," Naruto said getting everyone's attention will you on. The group was currently eating breakfast when Naruto and Komuro had come down.

Saya, Saeko and Yuuki all was wondering what Naruto want Rei for while Gaara had an idea as Komuro was with him.

"I want you to go stay with Komuro in the other room as he rests since he didn't get that much sleep last night," Naruto said which got confused looks from the girls and Kohta.

"Oh um ok I guess I can do that Naruto-senpai," she said as she finished what was on her plate and then grabbed Takashi by tout his already he arm and led him o the room.

"Oh and I want him to get as much sleep as possible as so no fooling around," Naruto said with a grin making their faces heat up and Rei shout at Naruto.

"We are not going to do that in there while you guys are here," Rei exclaimed only to regret it when everyone started to stare at them and Naruto's grin threatened to slit is face.

"Oh so you would do it if no one was here then well just to let you know I have placed a seal that keeps whatever goes on then the rooms from others hearing and entering so you to have fun," He told them getting the other to start laughing though Gaara just had an evil smile on his face.

Feeling mortified Rei ran into the room with Komuro and slammed the door shut. 'Remember what I told you Komuro as this could every well be your last chance to make things right.'

Naruto shook his head and then look towards Gaara and Shizuka. "Lady Shizuka can you do me a favor and help Gaara go make a list on our food and weapon supplies and help him divide up supplies to give to me for storage," to which she gave and happy yes and her and Gaara left to the other room.

"What do you want me to do then Naruto," Kohta asked which made the girl wonder what the leader was thinking.

"I need you to look around the house for anything useful to take with us in the event that he have to leave do to so unfortunate circumstances," he told the gun specialist. When they left to do their assignments Naruto sighed as he thought back to what had happened last night between Gaara and Lady Shizuka.


Naruto was currently walking back from the other room when he saw a somewhat drunk Shizuka straddling his brother.

"Gaara-kun please kiss me," She purred while she placed his right hand on her J-cups breasts as she grinds on his rabidly growing hard on.

Gaara gave Naruto a look that said please help me cause she's drunk making Naruto sweat drop.

'Oh I see after telling them that story she went to drink to get her mind off of what I told her.'

(End of Flashback)

'Gaara you should take this time to get closer to her as she will make a fine mate for you and I will make sure that you get a chance at happiness even if it kills me my brother.'

With that out of the way Naruto looked towards the girls and motioned for them to follow him to the living room. Curious about what he had planned for them they all followed him after putting their dishes away.

Naruto and a shadow clone and told it to clean all the dishes and then he gave the girls his full attention. "What I what three to do is to just relax as there is nothing for you to do right now," Naruto told them as they looked at him in confusion.

"So you want us to do nothing while everyone else has something that needs to be done," Yuuki asked him to which he just shook his head.

"To tell you the truth no one besides me and Gaara will be doing any kind of work while you guys have a day to rest," Naruto told them.
at first they thought about what he told the other to do and then it dawned o them.

"You gave everyone the day of." It wasn't a question. "that's right Saeko the only thing I want you to do I rest for today while I will be on the roof keeping and eye out for the horde and come up with a plan to deal with them when it's time for us to move out," He told them and then he use the Shunshin to vanish.

(With Shizuka and Gaara)

Gaara was sitting on the edge of the bed in Rika's room going through their supplies making sure that they had everything they would need to survive this war.

Lady Shizuka was sitting there looking beside him watching as he worked with thoughts about last night and couldn't help the blush that was spread across her cheeks.

As Gaara was sorting through everything he also thought about what she had told him last night before falling asleep.


Naruto had finally help stop Shizuka from raping Gaara but made it clear that Gaara should purge the alcohol from her system so she wouldn't have a hang over in the morning.

After Gaara had taken care of the alcohol he carried her to the bed up stairs.

Gaara set her on top the bed and used hi tails to keep her warm. Shizuka feeling his tails wrapped around her, she opened her eyes to look into Gaara's.

"I love you Tanuki-kun," she said and then she fell back asleep cuddling his tails. Gaara was shocked at her confession as that was something he thought he would tell her first.

'Well I guess the sake made her more open with her feelings since she was going to not tell me because of the age difference,' the Tanuki thought.

That night while Gaara watched his future mate sleep he grew two more tails as his power again to become more stable.

(End of Flashback)

Now Gaara was a Yonbi while Naruto had become a Rokubi thank to the Rinnegan.

Gaara had been thinking that he should start using his soon as they would be in some deep trouble soon with Madara and Tobi both running loose.

As Gaara thoughts as his four tails waved around in the air signifying that he was in deep thought, that is until Shizuka started to stroke his middle tail.

"I can't help but love just how soft your fur feels in my hands," she said getting the red haired demons attention. "I hope I'm not out of line by touching your tails Gaara-kun."

"No you have done no wrong to me as I rather enjoy your soft touch," Gaara told her making her blush and her heart skip a beat.

"Then can I rub your ears as well just for a little while," She asked feeling very shy. she moved closer to red head and placed her hands on his Triangular ears on top of his head.

she gave them a soft stroke which had made Gaara sigh as her hands felt good against his sensitive ears. "That Feels good so don't hold back.

Shizuka blush as a bright smile spread across her face. She then began to rub them making sure to be gentle with them. Gaara closed his eyes as he enjoyed her tender care and began to growl softly which surprised Shizuka.

"Gaara-kun are you purring that's so cute," She giggled at the former kazekage. He stared at Shizuka as her beautiful voice echoed through his mind.

'She's beautiful and I feel the need to protect her that's stronger than my desire to kill Madara for him taking everything from my brother and I,' Gaara thought as he placed his hand on her cheek stopping her laughter and she focused all of her attention on the red head.

"Gaara-kun what are you..." She never got to finish as Gaara began to close the distance between them. At first Shizuka was frozen in shock but then her eyes began to close as she to started closing the distance between them.

Suddenly the phone rang interrupting them when they were about to kiss. "Now what is making that noise," Gaara asked her surprised that he was interrupted at a time like this.

Shizuka got up and picked up the phone hoping to finish talking quickly so she and Gaara could finish what they started.

"Hello Minami residents," She said as Gaara got up and opened the door.

"Rika is that you," Shizuka exclaimed getting Gaara's attention. "I'm fine yes I'm here with my students and our protectors."

"I get Naruto and the others alright," Gaara said getting a nod from her as he went down stairs.

(Else where)

Rika Minami a beautiful young woman with tan skinned with purple hair wearing a black combat suit with a bulletproof vest was sitting at a police station somewhere in the city.

She and a few of her team the special Assault unit had just escaped an airport that was overrun by the horde. They had come to the police station afterwards as it was the only safe place at the time.

The hordes had left the place long before they got there and had moved on looking for food.

"Man what a day it's been I wonder when all this had begun," She says as she unzips her black suit revealing that she was wearing a small top with no bra underneath.

I think it was about the same time that the flash of light appeared inn the city," Her partner Tajima said as he sat beside her and took off the jacket part of his suit.

"That was during school hours if I remember correctly I wonder if she is ok," Rika mumbled to herself.

"I know you don't have a lot of friends which is weird because of how hot you are, so who are you talking about," he asked while he stares at her harden nipples poking out of her top.

"Oh no one special just my wife, she said with a grin as she caught him staring at her tits.

"Wait you're what since when," he asked surprised that she never told him her best friend that she was married.

"Oh calm down she's just my friend that shares my apartment we are not married… yet," She tells him which made him calm down a little.

"So is she why you ignore my advances do I need to make her fall for me before you do" He asked her as he stood up and lean in front of her going for her shirt.

"Sorry but you would have to be a better shot then I am before I let you get into mine and in hers," she said with a grin which made him pout.

"That's unfair as no in the force in as great a shot as you are," He whined to though she just ignored him.

"I think I'll give her a call," She said as she opened her cell phone and dialed home.

(Back at the apartment)

"Hey Yuuki-san Saeko-san Saya-san i want you to go up stairs as Lady Shizuka's friend and the owner of this house his on the phone," He told the girls. "Wait are you serious this we need to see," Saya said as she realized that as a member of the military she maybe able to help them.

"Gaara what going on I can hear you guys from outside," Naruto said as he appeared back into the house. Gaara then filled Naruto in on what the excitement was about surprising the Rokubi.

"What her roommate is on the phone alright lets go see what's the situation on her end," Naruto said as they walked up the stairs.

When they got to the room they saw that Shizuka seemed to be even happier knowing that her friend was alright and she was talking to her about Gaara.

"He and his brother where amazing they had killed so many of those things and had gotten everyone here safely and they are both very sweet and had protected me from Mr. Shido," she said getting blushes from both Naruto and Gaara.

"May I talk to her Lady Shizuka," Naruto asked holding his hand out.

"Oh here talk to our leader he will tell you wants going on," she said as she gave the phone to Naruto.

"Hello lady Rika how are you doing I hope that you're that you're safe," Naruto said in a demonic voice startling the others and making Gaara face palm.

"Who the hell is that Rika I thought she said that they were kids, who ever that voice belongs to is not even human," they heard over the phone when Naruto pressed a bottom that said speaker.

The group all look at Naruto like he had lost his mind to which he just smirked.

"Who or what are you and why did you help Shizuka," Rika asked not liking that voice either.

"Me I'm just a humble young man that had run into your friend when she and the some students at her school were surrounded by the horde my brother Gaara and I couldn't leave them there o die so we help them and she offered us a place to stay," Naruto told her.

"Why don't you let me talk Naruto since you feel like giving people heart attacks," said and emotionless voice that Rika guessed was the person called Gaara.

"Aw you suck Gaara ruining my fun with the military members," said Naruto in a normal voice shocking both Rika and Tajima.

"What was that how did you do that," Tajima asked.

"I'm afraid that we don't have time for that what is more important is that we learn your location so we can send for your retrieval Gaara said shocking the Assault members even more.

'Just who are those two' they thought at the same time.

That won't be necessary as we are headed your way right now Rika just wanted to make sure that Shizuka was fine," Tajima said.

"Really Rika you're coming home," Shizuka exclaimed excitedly. She really does sound like she's married to you," Tajima laughed

"Oh shut up anyway I'll be home by midnight tomorrow so don't leave the home ok love you sweetie," she said which made her partner and Naruto whistle.

"Love you Rika-chan bye," and with that they hung up the phone.

"Well Gaara it seems that we have some work to do tonight," Naruto said getting a nod from Gaara.

"We will have to keep the horde at bay until Rika-san is here," Gaara said.

"Ok here's what we are going do."


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