Naruto locked in the Undead Apocalypse chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The hordes, everywhere you looked the streets where littered with the hordes of the undead. Naruto and Gaara watched from the roof of Rika's apartment as the dead walked aimlessly through the night searching for their next victim.

Naruto growled as he thought about the man that had released these creatures upon the world. His kitsune six tails lashing out behind him as his Rinnegan seemed to glow with anger.

Gaara stared at the horde with his eternal blank stare as his four tanuki tails swayed around in a bored manner.

Saeko, Saya, Shizuka, Kohta, Yuuki and Komuro all watch from the balcony hoping to watch the show as they waited for Naruto and Gaara to make the first move.

As Naruto calmed down, he looked to Gaara who nodded his head that it was time to start.

Naruto then flares his demonic chakra while his body started to levitate off the apartment, which was possible by the uses Rinnegan. Gaara then used his sand to float to where the six tails was above the streets.

Yuuki was the first to Notice this as while the others were paying attention to the horde, she had been looking for the two demons. "Look there in the sky I see Naruto-kun and Gaara-kun," Yuuki said as the others looked to the sky as well.

"Is Naruto floating on air, how is that possible," Kohta asked getting a shrug from everyone excepted from Saeko.

"He told me about this, it's an ability that he and Gaara both know," Saeko told them, getting weird looks from the group.

"He told me that while I watched them get ready," She explained to them. They all then looked back at the sky as they waited for the show to start.

(Back with Naruto and Gaara)

"Gaara I sense humans approaching not to far from here, that might be them," Naruto said to his Brother who was looking the other way as he had also sensed two more humans in the area.

"Naruto there are two more people trying to escape into that house over there maybe you should take care of that while I take care of the zombies," Gaara suggested getting a nod from Naruto as they switched targets.

Gaara then takes his gourd off his back and drops it to the ground. Seeing this, Naruto crouches drown and begins to run on the air descending to ground level.

As the gourd comes with in two feet of the zombies, it suddenly explodes into a wave of sand getting awed looks from their group who watch from the side lined.

"Sand Tsunami," Gaara exclaimed as the sand began crushing bodies destroying the hordes left and right. When Naruto made contacted the ground (and the few zombies that where in the way) a shock wave exploded outward blooding many of them away as they were shredded apart.

Naruto grinned as he started to feel his Demon blood boil as the lust for battle began to grow stronger.

'It time to cut loose' Naruto thought as he ran at the hordes determined to rip them to pieces.

(Outside the battle area)

Rika and her partner Tajima where driving towards her apartment in a military truck when she noticed the hordes in the streets.

"Fuck there's to many of them up it looks like we'll have to force our way through," Rika groaned as she started to load her sniper riffle.

"Wait what the hell is that up there," Tajima shouts outs he uses his right hand to point up in the sky while he kept his left hand on the steering wheel.

"What is it, what do you see up there," she asked as she pulled out some binoculars and used those so she could get a better look.

What she saw was a person floating in the air on what looked like sand. This had put her on edge as the person was above where her apartments.

"It's a person up there, he's somehow floating on what looks like sand," Rika told Tajima shocking the man.

"Wait you're telling me that there's a person up there," he asked getting a nod from Rika.

"That's not all look," she exclaimed as they watch a wave of sand crush the zombies all around the area.

"We need to get there fast Shizuka and her friends might be in trouble," Tajima said. The man than sped up hoping to get there before the situation gets worse than it already was.


A man whose face was clover be a hooded cloak, watched as Naruto and Gaara decimated the horde enjoying the show that the two demons where giving him. It amused the masked man how hard those two would go to save people they had only just met.

'It will be they're downfall' the man thought as he began a chain of handseals.

Stopping by slamming his hands together and sending his dark chakra into ground, the man summoned a creature that would cause the two demons some trouble.

"Now then let's see how they fair against this," the creature gave out a soul-piercing groan as it began walking towards the battle it's steps destroying the ground beneath it's feet.

(With Naruto)

Naruto as surrounded from both sides by the zombies killing them left and right. At first Naruto ha thought that, he could have easily slipped passed the hordes by not making a sound.

However, it seems that would be impossible as they could somehow see the six tails and had made it so he could not escape by moving pass them.

So here, Naruto was cutting off their heads when they tried to advance on him. 'This is getting annoying I have to get passed them before they find that man and his daughter' Naruto thought as he began to leak out his demonic chakra.

Like before, this halted the hordes movements, fearing this dark energy, which gave Naruto the opportunity to jump to the top of a nearby house.

Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his head.

'This is getting us nowhere, it might be better if Gaara gets everyone faraway from here while I destroy this whole area' Naruto thought as he began searching for the man and his daughter again.

What Naruto saw though made his blood boil. The man had been banging on the door pleading with the residents to take his daughter in and keep her safe from the horde.

However, when the door was finally open, a bayonet was thrust into the father's chest by a frightened another man while the little girl witnessed the whole thing.

Naruto was beyond pissed know as he watched the little scream do not die and leave her all alone.

'That bastard I'll kill him, I'll destroy him' with that Naruto's power skyrocketed, and he grow another tail bringing him to his seventh tail.

(With Takashi and the other's)

The group watched, as the father dies right in the arms of his daughter and watched as the little girl cried her heart out. Shizuka looked to be on the on the verge of tears as this was one of the worse things that could happen to a child.

Saeko and Saya had her head down giving the man a silent prayer hoping that the man would find peace in the after life.

Yuuki had turned away from the scene as she started to recall bad memories from her passed through her mind. Komuro turned away as well but he hoped that Naruto or Gaara would find the girl before the zombies did.

Kohta though had a different reaction to the scene. He was beyond pissed, how those people dared kill that little girl's father right in front of her.

Kohta then noticed something that made his blood run cold. Apparently, everyone else noticed this as well as they gave fearful looks as the hordes advanced on the little girl.

"That's not good Kohta can you keep them at bay for me," Komuro asked as he turned to run back into the room and down the stairs however, Saeko stopped him.

"Saeko what are you doing, I need to get down there before it's too late," Komuro said as he tried to leave again but Saeko still held on to his arm.

"There's no need for you to go out there," She told him which confused the boy.

"What are you talking about, why don't I need to go and save that girl," Takashi asked the swordswoman who handed him the binoculars in her hand.

Using them, he looked to where she told him to only to see Naruto roof hopping towards the little girls located and throwing something that had been killing all of the zombies that had gotten to close to where the girl was.

(Back with Gaara)

He had just finished killing all of the zombies on the street when a truck pulled up in front of him. This intrigued the four tails, as he wondered whom it was that was brave enough to wonder the streets at night with the dead roaming around.

"You there come on out of that machine and state your business," Gaara commanded in his monotone voice.

Rika and Tajima were shocked at what the seen before them. The person that stood in front of their truck was a red headed boy that looks around sixteen or seventeen with sand floating all around him.

They released that the person that had been flying above the houses. "I will not ask you again, remove yourselves from the machine at once or else…," Gaara said as the sand began to move around him ready to lash out at his command.

Not wanting to die at the hands of strange teen Rika and Tajima both got out of the truck.

"We surrender, we are not here to harm anyone," Rika said as the two military soldiers moved to the front of the truck with their hands up.

Getting a closer look at the teen, they noticed that he had two animal ears on top his head that wear the same color as his hair and four tails swaying behind him in a bored manner.

"Ah I recognize their voices, you are hear to see Lady Shizuka, are you not," it was more of a statement than question.

Hearing this Rika realized that this handsome and strange teen was one of the people that she heard on the phone when she was talking to Shizuka.

"Yes you must be one of her friends that helped keep her safe although you are way different than I had thought you would be," Rika said getting a wordless nod from Tajima since he was unable to talk at that moment.

"Yes now I will take you to her," Gaara said as his sand lifted them up which, freaked them out and they floated back towards the apartment leaving the truck because too many bodies and sand blocked the streets.

(With Naruto)

Naruto had finally gotten to the girl and had saved her from been bitten by the zombies. After that he had killed all of them, Naruto had quoted down before the crying girl and hugged her as she cried into his chest.

At first Naruto had thought she would be scared of him because of his less than human appearance. However, she proved him wrong by throwing herself at him after she watched him save her.

After she had stopped, crying Naruto finally had to talk to her. "I'm sorry that I didn't arrive on time young one but, you're safe now," Naruto told the orphan child.

The girl looked up to Naruto and gave him a teary smile happy that she was not going to get hurt even though she had lost her father.

"Thank you very much Inari-sama," the blushing girl said startling Naruto, as he had never been referred to as the fox god before.

Naruto then chuckles at the girl getting a confused look from her. Seeing this Naruto rubbed the top of the girls head deciding to leave it alone for now.

'Beside Kurama did mention that during the Rikudo's time when he was younger, humans referred to him as Inari as well.

"What is your name?" Naruto asked the little girl. "My name is Alice Inari-sama," Alice introduced herself which made Naruto smile down at her.

"Call me Naruto young one," the demon told the girl who nodded her head. Suddenly they both heard barking come from outside the gate and a few seconds later, a dog ran towards Naruto and the little girl.

This confused the demon as he had thought the hordes would have killed anything that was alive.

However, seeing that the dog was unharmed gave the daiyōkai an Idea. Watching as the girl named Alice held the dog in her arms Naruto began to glow red gaining the girls attention.

Went the light died down in place was a car size seven tailed red fox. Alice stared at Naruto in awe at the majestic creature before her. Alice then moved closer to the fox to touch his fur.

"Sugoi Inari-sama, your fur is so soft," Alice exclaimed as she claimed on top of him feeling bold.

The dog who had escaped from Alice before she had claimed on top of Naruto sniffed at the demons paws at first to see if it was ok and then it barked again asking if it could come along.

Naruto gave out a snort, and then picked up the dog with his teeth carrying the dog as if it was his own kit. Wrapping one tail around Alice to hold her so, she would not fall off when they began move.

Naruto then jumps into the air and began to make his way to the apartment.

As he got there, Naruto startled the rest of the group who was to busy looking at Gaara and his two guests.

Naruto gave out a low growl gaining everyone's attention. "AH the hell is that," Kohta exclaimed as everyone except for Gaara got into a defensive stance making Naruto snort in annoyance.

"Everyone calm down right now it's just Naruto," Gaara explained getting confused looks from both Rika and Tajima.

Naruto again snorted as Alice made her presence known. "He you stop it right know, you're upsetting Inari-sama," Alice told them confusing the group even more.

Naruto drops the dog who was barking on the floor and he transforms back into his human form with an annoyed look on his face.

"Seriously I'm a fox remember, though I guess since you've never seen me like that so I'll forgive you this time," Naruto said making the group sigh in relief while Rika and Tajima began to freak out.

"What the hell's going on here, just what are you," Tajima exclaimed getting a confused look from Naruto who then looked to Gaara.

"Hey Gaara what's with the extra luggage you brought," Naruto asked getting a sigh from the four tails.

"They are the ones why have been waiting for, this is Lady Rika and Tajima," Gaara explained to his forgetful brother.

Suddenly a loud and ominous groan echoed around the area startling everyone. "Oh that's not good," Naruto says as he runs out the window with Gaara and they jump on onto the roof.

The others of the Group ran to the balcony to see what was going on only for Naruto to come back and begin to push them back into the house.

"Everyone grab everything we will need and hurry up, you guys need to leave and I mean right now," Naruto exclaimed freaking everyone out.

"What is it you saw," Yuuki asked while everyone else started to do as he asked. "You will see, for now you need to get ready to leave," And with that Naruto ran outside again.

Gaara, who had been waiting on him to hurry, started to gather his sand as he stared down the monster before him.

What they saw was a giant creature that was composed ratting flesh. It was a zombie but it was big and bulky with huge clawed hands.

"Well Gaara it seems that we have a real monster on our hand," Naruto joked getting a grin from his Brother as they both got ready to attack the creature.

When the Giant noticed them, the creature let out another loud groan began moving towards them a lot faster, and destroys houses in the process.

The group had made it out of the house when they saw the giant approaching they froze for all of three seconds for they began to move faster as they knew that it was not safe there anymore.

"We need to hurry and leave right now, Tajima we will use my tank," Rika said who had decided to take charge of the situation. At this point the others had no problem with that as she was apart of their group at that moment.

As Kohta and Komuro loaded the tank and got ready to get inside it, they saw Naruto and Gaara jump towards the tank while they watched the giant destroy everything in its path.

"That thing is a little far off so you guy can use this time to escape right know," Naruto told them shocking the others.

"What are you talking about we are not leaving you two here by yourselves to fight that thing, you just children," Tajima says getting annoyed looks from both Naruto and Gaara.

"Children my ass, you need to get them to safety right now or else you guys will get caught in the crossfire," Naruto growled at the two as the two demons began to leak out their demonic energy.

They were about to argue when Shizuka, Saeko, Saya and Yuuki walk up to the two demons with a determined look on their faces.

"Alright we will leave but, you better not die here," Saya told them which they both boys smile.

"Worry not Saya me and Gaara don't plan on dieing here," Naruto told the girls who where worried about him and his brother.

"Be safe and make sure you stay together at all times and look after the little one as well," Gaara said referring to Alice who was in the tank.

"Here take this Kunai as it will allow Gaara and Me to appear to you after we take care of the beast," Naruto said handing a three bladed Kunai that had a seal on it to each of the girls.

After taking the Kunai, Yuuki who was feeling bold leaned in towards Naruto's and kissed him right on the lips stunning the blond and everyone there except Shizuka.

Then thee school nurse kissed Gaara as well which shocked Rika who had not been expecting that and walked to the tank leaving a wide eyed Gaara to stand there.

After Yuuki broke the kiss with Naruto, she winked at him and walked to the tank as well. Naruto had a huge blush on his face as he place hid hand over his mouth.

Saya glared at the girl, as she walked away, which had been noticed by Naruto who placed his hand on her left shoulder gaining her attention.

"I promise to come back to you no matter what," Naruto told her as he planted a kiss on her forehead, gaining a blush from the girl.

Gaara who had turned to where the giant was(Trying to hide his bright red face) noticed that it was getting a lot closer began to rise into the air with his sand planning to keep it a bay just incase the thing got to close before the others leave.

After Saya got into the tank Naruto turned to Saeko who had turned away from the scene in sadness, grabs Saeko's hand getting her attention.

"Saeko I promise that when I come back I will tell you the rest of my story, until then hold on to Kusanagi until then," Naruto told the girl as he handed the sword to her.

After taking the sword from the blonde demon, Saeko then looked at Naruto and gave him a radiant smile. Naruto wrapped his arms around the girl's waist and pulled her into a hug.

Saeko who was blushing, allowed herself to rest her head on his shoulders for five seconds and then they separated. She then walks to the tank as Shizuka who had convinced Rika to allow her to drive, started the tank and was ready to leave.

As Saeko walked up to the tank, she looks back at Naruto who had floated up into the sky. She then gets in the tank and they drive off leaving the two demons to face the beast as they all hoped that Naruto and Gaara would be ok.

Naruto looked towards Gaara and then the beast with a dark look on his face. "Gaara after we finish things here, we will need to search for him and take him out," Naruto says getting a grunt from the red head.

"I am well aware of that Naruto, so why don't you allow me to handle this so you can fight that man," Gaara suggested, which made Naruto growl agreed to without hesitation.

"Yes as I since him near and I will kill him this time," Naruto told Gaara who grunted in acknowledgement.

Then Gaara closed his eyes and began to allow his Demonic energy to rise at an alarming rate.

The Giant who was now standing right by Rika's apartments stopped it is movements as began to shake in fear.

Gaara had grown two more tails becoming a six tails and then his body became, engulfed in a golden light. Naruto who knew what was happening began to float higher into the sky and away from the area to allow his brother to fight at full power without getting in his away.

After the golden light died down, where Gaara once stood a giant Raccoon now stood, towering over the giant zombie.

The Raccoon then roared out as it allowed its six tails to lash out wildly around behind him as he stared down his prey.


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