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Authoress Note: This was done for an iPod shuffle challenge. You were suppose to take your iPod and hit shuffle and whatever the first song was, you had to write a story based from or around it. So I did a sort of combination of both. I based the song around the story, but you don't need the song to understand the story. The song is just used for the story. If that makes sense.

Anyway the song that appears in this lovely piece is Carnival by Amanda Somerville. It's a very... Well it's a good song. And I'm actually very pleased I got to do the fic for this song, because it would almost fit in the twenties and thirties, so yaay for good deal. Sadly the rule is that you only get the length of the song to write something, and the song is six minutes, so don't expect anything super long and complete, OK? :)

- Carnival -

Lackadaisy was more lively than Viktor had seen since Atlas was alive. The night was young and more and more people were showing up by the bundle. Young and old and new and old faces stepped through the door, each flashing the little pin to show they were safe and all running for the dance-floor or grabbing seats as Rocky bounced on stage as him and Zibs and the band went wild on stage.

Viktor for once, could not find himself rolling his eyes or wanting to beat Rocky away when he would have time off the stage and come and bother him. He was calm and even offered a resemblance of a small smile to Mitzi when she would come and check on the alcohol flow and him. He could not even be bothered (at least not as much as he normally would be ) with Asa Sweet, Mordecai, and Asa's two other followers sitting in their own booth near – but away – from everyone. Him and Mordecai had shared a look and he knew their was – at least their wasn't suppose to be – any trouble tonight. Good.

"Hey Viktor! Can you believe all the people! This is great, right? I mean look! We're almost out of chairs and you can hardly see the floor anymore! Boy I can't believe this!" Rocky practically yelled in his ear, to which Viktor gave him a half version of his look. He could not blame the idioti for being as excited as he was. He was waiting for the same thing everyone was – including Viktor.

Rocky continued his babbling. "I mean it's been like, what, five years! Can you grasp that? Five years since we've seen her! And now she's all famous and coming here! Oh! I wonder if she'll give me her autograph now. She has to! She's family. OK not family, bu-" Viktor drowned the wide eyed and mouthed younger male out. He may be in a decent mood (for him anyway) but that didn't mean it could forever keep him from punching Rocky to silence him if he got annoyed enough.

"Rocky why don't you go over and start the next song with Zib, sweetie," a sultry voice cut in through Rocky's rambling. Rocky's grin widened as Mitzi took a seat at the bar, sitting in-front of Viktor and smiling to Rocky who tipped his hat. "Sure thing, miss M!" Rocky exclaimed before running off to the stage, yanking Zib away from his cigarette to start the band up again, drawing more people to the dance-floor.

Mitzi gave a sultry but affectionate smile at Rocky before looking up at Viktor, who had his arms crossed and had just scared off a man who had tried to approach them, possibly to ask Mitzi to dance. "I'm surprised at you, Viktor," Mitzi said, bringing Viktor's good eye to look at her. "You actually dressed up. I didn't think you had it in you." Viktor made a face and looked down at his two-piece suite. He had removed the jacket because it no longer fit him, and was now wearing the undershirt and pants. Mrs Bapka had been the one to convince him, really. She had said that with special occasions came special attire. So here he was (with much complaining on his part) in a suite.

"You should dress up more often, Viktor," Mitzi continued as he handed her another mixed drink, "you clean up nice." Viktor scowled and glared at her, not liking the amused and teasing tone she was using. Mitzi shrugged and took her drink. "She should be starting soon. You can come sit with me and Wick if you want a better view." And with that she left him glaring behind the bar as she made her way back to Wick, who was sitting with a few of his stuffy friends. She passed Asa along the way and spared him a respectful nod, but the two said nothing.

As soon as Mitzi took her place next to Wick, Viktor was surprised to see Asa stand and make for the bar – alone – with a calm swagger. He looked at Viktor, who glared down at the man. Viktor did not Asa. At all. He was almost certain that the sliznatý bastardo had something to do with Atlas's death. "So Viktor, you must be excited to see the little bearcat again, huh?" Asa asked casually as he took the drink the Viktor made – reluctantly – for him, swishing it around lazily in his hand. Viktor offered the man no reply, continuing to glare at him, bearing his fangs slightly. Asa seemed unfazed – though Viktor did note that his body did stiffen slightly under his gaze – and continued on. "I mean Atlas's goddaughter was practically your little shadow if I recall right. Was always following you around. You know a source tell me that she even got you to let her paint your claws!" He laughed, to which Viktor snapped his gaze at Mordecai, the two locking eyes briefly across the space between them, a silent threat being given.

Asa, seeming to have not noticed the exchange between the two former partners, took a sip of his drink before looking at the stage as the lights dimmed slightly. "Well looks like the shows about to start, hmm?" he mused as Viktor took to polishing a cup to keep from throwing the man away from him. "It was nice chatting with ya Viktor, we really should more often," Asa laughed as he made to leave. "You enjoy the show now." And with that Asa was gone and Viktor was mad. Asa never chatted. He always had a reason for doing things. Viktor could not figure why he would want to chat around with him, but knew it wasn't good.

He wasn't able to put more thought into Asa's plan as the lights dimmed more and a stage light was fixed at the curtains. Mitzi gracefully walked on stage and gave a smile as she pushed her hair out of her face. "Thank-you all for coming. It means a lot to see you all come out and support an old friend of ours – a friend who is like my own daughter – who was the goddaughter of my late husband. I'm sure he'd be very proud as well," she gave a sad smile as some people threw up Amen Atlas, before continuing, "and because I'm so proud I can, with pleasure, say welcome home to, a now young woman, Ivy Pepper." Mitzi looked back at the curtain as it started to rise. She gave a small curtsy of sort before leaving the stage.

"I've got it bad"

The band started up, the lights were bright, and Viktor felt his mouth go dry at the sight on stage.

"What do I do with this ache that I have?

Just let it be...

Or should I use all the tricks up my sleeve?"

It was Ivy – his diet'a who was now a ženaand she wassplayed out on top of a piano. She was slim, older, and dressed in a tiny and form fitting dress and heels that made her legs – decorated with a floral garter – look longer. Make-up was applied perfectly on her face, lips painted a startling light red, as she sang in a sad and mature and almost dangerous voice. Viktor's eye was drawn to her like glue and he could feel his chest bursting with a feeling – a something – that he couldn't place. A something so fierce he had to look away.

His eye instead traced the room. Many had stopped what they were doing to listen and watch. Rocky and Freckle's eyes were wide and mouths agape – Rocky more so than Freckle – as some of the band members watched her as they played. In her booth, Mitzi was watching with a fond smile as Wick watched with wide surprised eyes. And from their spot just far away from everyone, Viktor's eye landed on Asa and Mordecai.

Mordecai had a brow cocked at Ivy and looked, to Viktor, uncomfortable. For Mordecai, to those that knew him, this would not be so shocking – even with his screw loose nature. Like Viktor, the symmetrical obsessed male had almost helped raise the now young woman when she was a child and had first appeared in St. Louis. He only saw that same child – the one who would always run off with his cufflinks for fun – singing and moving dangerously seductive on the stage... And Viktor felt appalled and had to look away from his former partner.

He instead focused on other things. On the way many males – single or taken – were practically panting and sizing her up like meat. At how some of the other women gave her unimpressed or jealous looks. He focused on how he felt an urge to throttle anyone – any male – who looked at her. Any male that wasn't him. And that brought a sickening blow to him. Where had this desire and rage – rage for all the men near what his mind was screaming his woman – come from?

His mind and his urges and sense were in such a war with each other, that he did not hear the loud applause as she finished. Did not notice as she bowed and smiled that same sunshine rivaling bright smile. Did not notice as she turned to thank the piano player and made her way off the stage. He did, however, snap to attention as she was swarmed by men. He was alert as she shooed them all off – polite but firmly – and walked over to hug Mitzi. How she pulled Freckles and Rocky into warm hugs and play punched Zib as he said something to her.

And he was fully alert and stiff when Asa stood as Ivy made her way past his table and stopped her to take her hand and congratulate her. He growled deep from his chest as the Cajun and Asa looked her over with appreciation. And he approved of Mordecai's polite nod and as he coaxed Asa's eyes away from her. He did not, however, loosen up as she finally made it to the bar and propelled herself up – she was still so much smaller than him – and wrap her arms around his neck and bury her face in his neck and smile.

He did not loosen up as he instinctively caught and held her close and actually enjoy how she felt pressed against him. It took all his will to not push her roughly away at this feeling. When she did finally release him, she dropped to her feet and grinned up at him. "You big lug! I saw you from the stage! Why didn't you come closer?" she asked. Her voice sounded older – matured and womanly – and her eyes were not as innocent as when she was younger. But they still held enough innocence to make him almost smile. Instead he crossed his arms in his usual style and gave a shrug. "Could see fine from here," he stated simply, and he felt his lip twitch as she rolled her eyes like she use to.

A feeling of familiarity wrapped around him as she began to chatter animatedly to him about what had been going on since she left them five years ago. And for once he listened to every rambling word. He served drinks. She chattered on. She would dance with others but constantly return to him and to tell him more. And Viktor's rage and possessiveness from earlier agreed with this. Because while she was around him, he could scare away the other males who would dare approach – save for Rocky, who was dumb enough to approach Viktor no matter his mood or expression – and he was OK with this.

Everything felt right again. He hadn't realized how wrong things had felt until she was back. And Viktor was, for Viktor, happy.

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