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- There's something inside you. It's hard to explain. They're talking about you boy. But you still the same

- People Talk -

She was almost twenty. She was a college student. She had a job and was said to be a great dance partner and even teacher – she taught Rocky how to swing so she must be good! – and she was said to be a nice ray of sunshine.

But she wasn't a ray of sunshine now. She was furious! She had been seeing red and the palm of her hand stung as the residence – nice business tonight – of Lackadaisy froze. Many stopped and stared. Some gaped and others whispered. The band had halted and Ivy didn't care one bit.

Standing across from her, looking flabbergasted and floored as she held her reddening cheek where Ivy's hand had just made contact with along with her claws slightly, young Darla DeVara sputtered in horror. Darla was a spoiled gal from a wealthy family – her father was even here tonight with Wick – and was a pure white color with big green eyes, her hair cut short and her claws manicured nicely. She always had the most expensive outfits she could get her daddy to buy her and he didn't mind spoiling her. All in all she was a stuck up snooty-cat.

And Ivy Pepper had just slapped her. Had slapped her loud and hard. Why? Because Darla Devara had a bad habit of opening her mouth and saying horrible things. She'd hurt anyone to make herself feel better. The two girls that usually could be found at her side – The Hallow sisters, Eva and Gloria – had been cackling along with her like good little pets to their master. Both had horrified expressions as they fanned Darla and glared daggers at Ivy.

But Ivy still didn't care. She could see Mitzi standing and almost tsking. If Mitzi had heard what Ivy had just heard, she'd have done worse than what Ivy had just done. "How… DARE YOU!" Darla screeched out finally, her marred face contorting in pure rage as she straightened up. The Lackadaisy watched with held breath. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Viktor. Viktor had just stepped back into the bar from the back and was watching the scene.

Her eyes snapped to Darla in time to recoil back as her manicured claws and the palm of her paw made hard contact with the side of her face. It hadn't hurt as much as she thought, and she blamed that on the adrenaline she now had. Ivy was never one for cat fights and she'd never had to draw her claws on anyone before, but now she could care less. She did the most unladylike thing and curled up her paw and smashed it into her face the same way she had seen Viktor do it to multiple people in her life.

And just before she could lay another one as Darla stumbled back and to the ground, Viktor – seemingly out of nowhere! – had her. His large paws were on her shoulder, preventing her from moving as he pressed down, keeping her rooted to the spot as Ivy visibly shook from rage.

Darla screeched incoherently as her father – Damien DeVara – apologized to Mitzi and ordered his right hand man – Checkers a large tabby with a scar over his nose and chest – to gather Darla up. Checkers did so – though with some difficulty from Darla thrashing to get at Ivy – and carried her out the Lackadaisy. Viktor – upon a motion from Mitzi – lead Ivy out through the crowd.

Nobody said anything. People looked away and Ivy suspected that a glare from Viktor did that. Ivy shrugged Viktor off – which he relented simply, not having been holding her that hard – and Ivy stormed into the back where the liquor was sighing in deep frustration as she crashed down onto a crate of labeled beer and kicked off her heels and held her head in her hands, still ragging.

She didn't look up when she heard the door open or close, but she knew it was Viktor and she knew he was staring down at her. But right now she didn't care. Viktor didn't say anything, though. She'd expected some kind of reaction. But all she was getting was silence and the feel of him staring at her.

Not but five minutes went by before Ivy cracked. She wasn't as good as Viktor and the others at the quiet treatment so she put her hands on her knees and sighed in anger. "Do I have a bruise on my face?" she asked him, looking up. Viktor furrowed his brows and lowered himself – with difficulty – to one knee and took her chin and turned her stinging cheek towards himself before releasing her and shaking as he got to his feet. Ivy shot up and pulled out a crate – with difficulty and made him sit down.

"Small bruise," he coughed as he clinch his knee and Ivy felt bad. She hadn't meant for him to hurt himself to check on her… But that was Viktor. He was a grizzly, mean tempered, dangerous man but Ivy had seen his soft and good sign enough times to know that if for her – like Atlas had asked him long ago – he would do whatever he could for her…

Which brought Ivy back to Darla's snide words. "That guy at the bar, you know? I heard he's probably involved in Atlas's death. He's such a creep anyway. Should be put to sleep!" Ivy felt her anger flare and she clinched her small fist and huffed. Viktor would never hurt Atlas. He would have never done something like that! He respected her godfather. Atlas had helped Viktor get a new life and Viktro had been loyal – is still loyal – to him to the end and on. Hearing Darla say something so… So wrong had just set her off.

Ivy's cheeks puffed and she winced. "Ow… Ugh Bruises don't go with any of my dresses," she whined and Viktor just hummed quietly as he rubbed his knees. Ivy watched Viktor and smiled just slightly as she stood up. "Can you take me home?" she asked, causing Viktor to frown and look up at her. "I kinda don't feel like going back out to dance with this," she pointed to her cheek and Viktor hurmphed and forced himself to his feet. "Have work. Rocky take you home," he said and Ivy deflated. She wanted Viktor to take her home…

"Oh. Well… If you're busy I'll just go upstairs and wait in the café," she stated cheerfully, causing him to stop and raise a brow at her. Ivy just smiled and Viktor sighed. "Drahý Bože," he muttered and Ivy could see the relent. She smiled before heading to a secret door that would take her upstairs, watching Viktor head back to work the bar.

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