Pairing: Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown

Ages: 22 and 30 respectively

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Stephanie Brown was exhausted. Trudging up the stairs to her apartment the blonde woman shook her head as she thought about her rather tragic day. It had started off good, after all it was her two year anniversary with Jared Brokesford a prominent lawyer at Fitch, Goole, Harris. The two of them had met when Stephanie, a reporter for a local paper, had gone to the law firm to interview Jared. He had just won his first major case putting in jail a pair of siblings who specialized in trafficking little girls. Stephanie had been impressed after meeting him. Jared had been quick on his feet but he had exuded a gentleness she hadn't seen in anyone since Tim. Plus he was easy on the eyes which was always good. A few days after the interview Stephanie and been shocked and extremely pleased when a dozen roses had arrived at her cubicle with a dinner invitation from the handsome lawyer. Stephanie had immediately accepted and the rest, as they say, was history.

Immediately Stephanie pulled a face. It was history alright; tonight was supposed to be a magical night. They had been dating for two years and the next logical step in Stephanie's mind was engagement. So when Jared had called her earlier telling her to be ready at 7pm promising a special surprise Stephanie had nearly jumped out her skin with glee. The past few months had been stressful on their relationship with both her and Jared gaining promotions causing them to have less time to spend together. In fact Stephanie had been sure that Jared had forgotten about their anniversary. Any hints she dropped had been met with blanks looks or smiles. All confidence in her soon to be fiance renewed, Stephanie had left work early to get ready for the night's festivities. She had dressed in her most seductive underwear and slipped on a barely there black dress. Generally Stephanie had one mode for her hair, a no nonsense bun but tonight was going to be special...different; so she had left her hair waving down her shoulders.

By the time Jared arrived to pick her up Stephanie had transformed from a dowdy looking reporter to a sex goddess. Jared had eyed her appreciatively and immediately led Stephanie out of the apartment to where he had left his car. Then the evening went to hell. All thoughts of engagements and anniversaries flew from Stephanie's mind when Jared took her to a work dinner party. His special surprise? He had been promoted to partner. Any other day Stephanie would have been pleased for him but today, the day that was supposed to be about them, the news had infuriated her. She had pulled him aside, wished him a happy anniversary and left the restaurant. Of course he hadn't followed her, how could he leave his own celebratory party?

Stephanie shook her head and finished walking up the stairs feeling completely disgusted. She made her way to her apartment door and shoved the key in the lock. She walked in and began talking off her coat. Suddenly the fine hairs on the back of Stephanie's neck stood up and her entire body tensed up. It had been many years since her "bat senses" had tingled but Steph knew better than to ignore their warning. Slowly she pulled off her coat and once she had set it aside she slid her hand into basket near the door. A few moments later her hand reappeared with a hand gun firmly in it's grasp. A wry smile touched Stephanie's lips. Batman would have never approved of a gun but it made Stephanie feel better having one.

After removing her shoes and setting her purse down, Stephanie silently walked through the darkened hallway towards her living room. She entered the room slowly, ready to shoot whoever was in there but to her surprise-and relief- there was no one. Stephanie retraced her steps and quickly inspected the rest of her apartment. Thankfully she didn't find anyone. Feeling silly for drawing her gun over nothing Stephanie flipped on a few lights and padded into the kitchen tossing the gun on her table as she walked to the fridge. All this hunger and anger was going to drive her insane.

"If I weren't here on serious business I might have taken the time to laugh at your pathetic attempts at locating an intruder."

The deep voice was sudden and scared the crap out of Stephanie. She let out a shriek and came up quick, banging her head on the inside of the fridge. Cursing she backed out of the fridge and whirled around. She made a half leap for the gun before realizing that it was Batman leaning against the entrance to her kitchen and not a common thug. "Bruce! What on..." Stephanie's voice trailed off and she frowned remembering that recently Kara had mentioned that Bruce and Clark had gone up into space for an extended mission. She glared at the Batman in front of her and took in the familiar sardonic tilt of his lips. Immediately Stephanie planted her fists on her hips and snapped, "Damian Wayne! What on earth gives you the right right to come uninvited to a girl's apartment and scare the hell out of them?"

Damian's mouth curved into a smile and he said simply, "Like I said, business."

Stephanie narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. "Kindly take your business and leave."

Of course Damian ignored her and with a nod motioned for her to sit down at the table. Stephanie considered ignoring the nod and demanding once more that he leave but really, who could argue with a Wayne? Besides, her legs felt like crap after all that walking. So with a toss of her hair Stephanie sat down in a chair, legs silently screaming in joy. Careful to keep her face blank she sat back and waved a hand. "Well I don't have all night. Why are you here Damian?"

For a moment Damian merely stared at her and Stephanie couldn't help but grow warm and couldn't help but feel underdressed. The dress that had been perfect earlier was now inappropriate. She tried to tug the suddenly high hemline of her dress down as Damian finally spoke. "Word has reached both me and Dick that there's going to be a massive breakout from Arkham Asylum."

Stephanie took a minute to process this before shrugging. "What does that have to do with me? I don't do Batgirl work anymore."

Damian replied easily, "Our sources tell us that the breakout won't happen until Prof. Strange can wire the funds to his 'go to man'. Even with our pooled resources Dick and I are having difficulty discovering the actual name of this mysterious person." He paused to rub his chin before finishing, "What we have discovered is that they work at Fitch, Goole, and Harris."

Stephanie was sure that she must have made an pretty good bug impression at that moment. "What? That's where –!"

"Where your lover Brokesford works. Dick and I are hoping that you can use your connections there to find out who this go to man is. The breakout is set to happen in three days so we have a very limited window."

A scowl puckered Stephanie's face and forgetting the short length of her dress she crossed her legs. "I'm sorry to tell you this but Jared and I...had a falling out."

Damian shrugged. "You're resourceful, you'll figure something out."

Stephanie didn't reply and for several minutes all was silent. Finally Stephanie stood and sighed heavily. "Fine...I'll help you guys out. But you two owe me."

Damian drove home feeling as though someone had punched him in the gut. He had not been prepared to see Stephanie. The last time he had seen the blonde girl was maybe a year or two after she put aside her Batgirl activities in favor of living out a normal life. Damian shook his head and clutched the steering wheel of the Batsmobile. He hadn't expected to find her tonight looking so...womanly. She had filled out some, replacing ropey muscle with soft curves. Curves that had been exposed by that scrap of a dress she had on. Her hair was much longer now and the memory of it brushing against the tops of her...Damian's mouth pressed into a thin line. He didn't have time for this. His father was due to return in a few days time and Damian needed to have the situation contained by then. He had to prove to the older man that he was worthy of wearing this costume, worthy of becoming the next Batman. A sigh slid through his lips; this situation couldn't be over soon enough.

"This is your plan?" Damian glared at Stephanie from his perch on her sofa. It was the next morning and Damian had come by to drop off an earbud that would allow them to communicate once Steph had entered Fitch, Goole, and Harris. He had wanted to know if Stephanie had decided what she would do once inside and the former Batgirl couldn't help but show off.

Now, however, Stephanie couldn't help but grin at the skeptical look on Damian's face. She twirled causing the trench coat she wore to flare up. Damian grimaced and turned his head causing Stephanie to laugh, "Oh come on, didn't you tell me to be resourceful?"

Instantly a scowl reminiscent of his childhood, settled on Damian's face. "I told you to be resourceful not dress up a common whore." A muscle twitched in his cheek and if Stephanie didn't know better she'd say that the young man sincerely upset. Steph shrugged inwardly; this was the best way to go about things. She reached out and pinched his nose.

"Come on Batboy let's get a move on."

30 minutes later Stephanie was entering the building a calm look on her face. She flashed her visitor's badge, that was good for another two months, at the guard and walked confidently to a set of elevators. She quickly punched the up button and thankfully the elevator opened right away. Stephanie slide inside and adjusted the belt around the trench she was wearing after she pressed the key for the fifth floor. Before she was ready the elevator doors slide open revealing the office floor of Fitch, Goole, and Harris. It was very plush and elaborate making anyone not from these offices feel very small and insignificant.

A soft whistle in her ear reminded Stephanie that Damian was watching all of this through a tiny camera hidden on a pin located on the collar of the jacket. "This is a pretty swanky place. It's almost as impressive as Wayne Enterprises." An unexpected shiver ran down Stephanie's spine. Having Damian speaking literally in her ear in that unexpectedly deep voice of his felt intamite to Stephanie and it brought on thoughts she wasn't entirely comfortable with. She took a deep breath and pasted a smile on her face as she walked over to the secretary.

The secretary, a young woman named Abagail, looked up and immediately smiled. "Miss Brown! What a pleasure to see you..." She paused to lean forward before continuing in a low tone, "After what happened a few days ago I was sure we wouldn't be seeing you around again."

Stephanie let out a fake laugh and winked. "Well you know, I gotta give the poor lug a chance to be forgiven."

The younger lady giggled and replied easily, "Well Mr. Brokesford has a meeting soon but I'm sure he wouldn't mind you going back there to see him."

"Thanks Abigail. Do me a favor...don't let him know I'm coming." With another wink Stephanie rounded the desk and headed straight for Jared's office. She gave the door a precursory knock and walked in without waiting for a reply. Jared looked up with an incredulous look on his face as Stephanie shut the door and stared at him. For a moment Stephanie felt pity. Jared looked terrible; there were bags under his eyes and his hair was mussed as if he had just rolled out of bed without looking at the mirror. His suit was crumpled and there were papers strewn all over his desk.

"Ste...Stephanie! What are you doing here?"

Stephanie gave him a sultry smile and stepped forward while pulling on the belt of the trench coat. "I'm here to give you a chance to be forgiven." Releasing the loose ends of the belt Stephanie pushed the trench off of her revealing a nearly sheer babydoll teddy. Jared's jaw dropped and immediately Damian was growling in her ear. "Put the trench back ON. I can't see anything!" Once more the young man was ignored and Stephanie gave the other man a grin and sauntered forward. "Do you like what you see?"

Jared gulped and nodded. "Of course I do but..." He paused to glance at his watch. "I have a meeting in less than three minutes." Stephanie slid between him and the desk and wound her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down and nibbled on his ear.

"What kind of meeting?"

For a moment Jared didn't respond, his eyes were closed and he had leaned forward slightly, placing his hands on either side of Stephanie's body griping the edge of the desk. She couldn't help but grin as she gently kissed his cheek. "Jared? Are you alright."

Finally he responded in a low voice, "It's a full office meeting, HR made some changes to several policies and we're supposed to go over them."

Stephanie feinted disappointment. "Well I wouldn't want you to miss a meeting, especially since you just got promoted." Then she faked excitement, "Well if you don't mind I could just wait in here for you, give you something to look forward to after the meeting." Stephanie wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Jared grinned down at her and gave her a quick kiss. Minutes later he was gone and Stephanie immediately pulled back on the trench coat.

"Are you two done thoroughly disgusting me?"

Stephanie rolled her eyes and immediately began going through the papers on Jared's desk. "Calm down Damian, I was just trying to establish an excuse as to why I'm here in the offices."

Damian responded with a snort but didn't say anything else as Stephanie searched the office. When she didn't find anything he suggested that she leave and go to another one. Immediately she made a face and said, "I'm sorry, am I handling this investigation or are you? If you want to do it then come up here and do it yourself!"

She left the office and was immediately thankful that there was a full office meeting. The surrounding offices and cubicles were deserted. Stephanie glanced up at the security camera and murmured, "Did you and Dick take care of the surveillance cameras?"

"Of course. They're on a loop, you have about 30 minutes before anyone notices something suspicious."

Stephanie nodded and immediately got to work. 20 minutes later she sat down frustrated in a cubicle towards the end of the large office floor. "I'm not seeing ANYTHING useful! Are you sure this was the company the guy mentioned?"

"We're very sure." There was a brief pause before Damian came back saying, "Check the secretary's desk."

"What? Abagail? Why on earth would I check her things?"

"Because you need to do a thorough sweep."

"Fine, I'll do it if it'll make you sleep better tonight." Stephanie stood and casually ambled over to where the desk was. Abigail was in the meeting and her replacement for the hour had sauntered off to go do who knows what. Stephanie quickly looked through the papers and drawers and found nothing. Just as she was going to admit defeat she noticed Abigail's purse sticking out from the desk. Steph hesitated for a moment before she picked the bag up and went through it. There were the usual things in there: makeup, pepper spray, a wallet, ect. Grabbing the wallet Stephanie popped it open and several pictures floated out.

"Crap!" Steph stooped down and snatched them off the floor and was about to stuff them back into wallet when Damian said sharply, "Wait a minute, show me that last one." Stephanie held it up and couldn't see what was special about the photo. It was a photo of Abigail and a slightly older man. While Abigail had a happy expression on her face the man looked rather morose.

"That's Eli Strange, Dr. Strange's son. Abigail's the one who's going to help them break out."

Before Stephanie could reply there was an outraged gasp from behind her. Steph whirled around and realized with horror that it was Abigail. The younger woman was glaring and seeing that she had Stephanie's attention she snapped, "Just what do you think you're doing going through my purse?"

"I...uh...I accidentally kicked it over." Stephanie quickly set down the bag and raised her hands. Abigail's eyes narrowed as she glared pointedly at the hand clutching the photos.

"So what, my wallet fell out and the pictures too?"

Stephanie set the photos down and said, "Fine, I'll tell you the truth. I'm here running an investigation for a...story the paper is working on."

Abigail stepped closer and snapped, "What story? What's so important that you need to go through my personal property? I'm going to call the police!"

As Abigail stalked around her desk and grabbed the telephone Stephanie blurted out the first thing that popped into her mind. "Eli Strange, the poker championships are going to be held in a nearby town and we're doing biographies on all the players. We...We heard he had family working here."

Instantly Abigail paled and dropped the telephone. "I don't know who you're talking about. Get out of here!"

Stephanie took a step towards the desk and said gently, "I saw the photo Abigail, I know you're related to him. You don't have to be afraid."

For a moment Abigail's face seemed to crumple, as if she was going to start crying but then she straightened and her face grew hard. "The only one who needs to be afraid here is you." She lifted her hand and Stephanie's eyes nearly popped out when she saw the gun.

"What on earth! Abigail! Where did you get th...nevermind that, there's no need to kill me because I know you're related to him!"

Abigail stepped out from behind the desk and said coldly, "That's were you're wrong. I can't have anyone finding out that I'm related to the Strange's. And I'm going to make sure no one else ever does. Turn around and start walking to Mr. Brokesford's office."

Stephanie turned and did as she was told whispering heatedly, "Now would be a good time for you to show up Damian!" There was no response and Stephanie silently cursed the day she had ever run into the Bat family. She felt herself get prodded with the gun and she moved quickly into Jared's office. Abigail shut the door behind them and said, "Now go over to the window and open it." Her eyes widened wildly before continuing, "I don't want to be arrested for murder so you're just going to have to kill yourself."

"You'll never get away with this Abigail, the truth will always be found out." Steph spoke quietly trying not alarm the other girl.

Abigail laughed, "Of course I'm going to get away with this! Everyone saw you storm out of the restaurant the other night. That plus the knowledge that your precious lover was cheating on you drove you to end your life. It's quite simple really."

Steph's mouth dropped in outrage. "Cheating on me! With who?"

"Just open the window before you make me use this gun."

Stephanie went to the window and shoved it open. Wind blew in ruffling the girls' hair and sending papers swirling around the room. Stephanie shivered and wished she had thought to bring her own gun with her. Suddenly the weapon was being pressed into her back again and Abigail was saying sweetly, "Goodbye Stephanie."

As Abigail shoved Stephanie the blonde girl twisted and knocked the gun from her hand. Abigail cried out in outrage and lept for it but Stephanie grabbed onto her and slammed her back into the desk. Pinning her there Stephanie snarled, "Let me guess. You're the little tart he was sleeping with?"

Abigail kneed her and as Stephanie gasped out the other one snarled back, "You really think he wanted to spend the rest of his life with a dowdy reporter?"

She shoved Stephanie back towards the window. Instantly Stephanie grabbed back onto her and the two girls began to tussle. Papers flew, furniture broke, skin was scratched...suddenly they were on the ground and Abigail found herself beside the gun. Immediately she snatched it with a crazed laugh and as she pulled the trigger a large foot slammed down on her shoulder. The shot, which would have hit Stephanie square in the face uninterrupted, misfired and the file cabinet found its self with a new hole. Abigail screamed out in pain and Stephanie could only stare wide eyed up at Damian.

The young man was in full Batman regalia and with the wind causing his cape to swirl around he made an impressive figure in the suddenly too small office. Abigail whimpered in fear as Batman leaned down and grabbed her by her shirt. He lifted her up and said in a low tone, "Be thankful that you didn't kill her." Abigail burst into tears and Batman quickly tied her up and set her down on one side of the room. Beside her he left a copy of the tape showing her threatening to kill Stephanie. He turned to Stephanie and the blonde girl immediately scrammbled to her feet.

"What on earth took you so long? I thought I was going to...Wait a minute! Hey! Put me down!" Stephanie struggled against Damian as he casually grabbed her and lifted her into his arms. He strode over to the window ignoring her shouts of outrage and used one of his automatic grappling hooks to snag the roof of a nearby building. Without hesitating he jumped from the window and couldn't help but enjoy Stephanie's shriek of shock and the way her arms slid around him tightly. Minutes later they were on top of the roof. Damian set her down gently and instantly he was rewarded with several smacks.

Stephanie glared angrily at Damian and shouted, "What is wrong with you, neanderthal! You can't just let me almost die and then take off with me! Are you insane?" She stopped to suck in air but before she could continue with her rant Damian placed a finger over her mouth and said, "Go to lunch with me."

Once again Stephanie could only gape at him in shock. "Go with you-wait what?"

Damian gave a half smile and repeated himself, "Go to lunch with me. Tomorrow. I can't do dinner, Dick and I have to head over to Metropolis in the evening."

Stephanie could feel confusion swirling around in her. "Damian I'm flattered that you want to have...lunch with me but-" Once more Damian's finger pressing against her mouth silenced her.

"No buts." Damian said. "I'll meet you at..." He rattled off a time and place and was suddenly gone leaving a very flabbergasted former Batgirl stranded on a rooftop.

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