Remember when Randall was banished and mistaken for an alligator

(Shows Sully tossing Randall through the door and Mike closing it)

(Randell being beaten up with the shovel)

He almost died

(Randall on the side of a dirt road, large cut on his head bleeding heavily,

leg obviously broken)

But was found by a student

(a girl, Danielle, stopping and putting Randall in her truck)

Who fixed him up

(Randall with bandages around his head and leg in a splint)

and soon learns he's not normal

(Danielle hears Randall talking and see's him attacking 'Sullivan')

But she can't kick him out and they become friends

(Danielle and Randall play chess together, Randall's leg is in a pink cast)

But could they be more?

(Quick shot of Danielle and Randall kissing)

And will Randall's past come to haunt them?

(Waternoose, Jester and Fungus examining the Scream Extractor

and the body of a dead child)

Lost then Found but not Healed

I'm sure your old friend Waternoose would love to be reacquainted with this.

(Randall swings "Monster-Be-Gone" stick a couple times)

(Screen turns black)

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July 2011