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This will be my first time writing my ending first, but hopefully it will keep you all curious as to how things ended up this way.
Also, the timeline of Blairs pregnancy was never really clear.. she said six weeks at the beginning of season five, so I'm assuming she was around four months by Riding in Town Cars With Boys.
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The End Of Our Beginning;

Long locks of brunette hair flew in the wind as the now three days overdue Blair Waldorf stormed into the loft she had been sharing with Dan Humphrey for the past six months.
"I woke up and did squats this morning, I have been shopping all day, walking up and down stairs, everything I ate today was spicy, and I have had more sex with you more in the past two weeks than you've probably had in your entire life! Why won't they induce me already?" the brown eyed girl growled, not realizing that Dan had company. Dropping her bags on the ground, she shot Rufus and Lily an embarrassed and sympathetic look as she sat on the couch next to the shaggy haired guy she couldn't believe she was dating.

"Still won't induce you Blair?" Lily smiled seeing the frustrated look on her daughters long time best friends face.

"At the appointment yesterday, the doctor told us that she would only induce after I'm a week overdue. Which means unless this little one stops being so damn stubborn.. we won't get to meet her for another four days." Blair explained, bending awkwardly to take off her shoes that felt too tight. She hadn't gained that much anywhere besides her stomach and breasts, but her feet and fingers were swollen.

"Well, at least we know she inherited your stubbornness." Dan grinned, earning a glare his grumpy girlfriend.

"Shut it Humphrey, or I swear to break your hand whenever I finally do go into labor." Blair snipped, earning quiet chuckles from Rufus and Lily. "So, what where you guys up to while I was gone?" questioned, raising her eyebrows at Lily, who had been trying to find out the name Blair and Dan had finally decided on ever since she found out she was having a girl.

"We were just seeing if you two were going to come to brunch in the morning. Jenny gets in tonight and Eric is bringing his new boyfriend." Rufus smiled, seeing Blair shake her head but smile anyways.

"So, you came all the way to Brooklyn to ask if we'd come to a brunch we come to every week?" she smirked, "I haven't even hinted to my mother, Dorota or Serena what her name is.. you two are going to have to wait just like everyone else" she warned playfully, earning disappointed but lighthearted groans from the two adults who had become much closer to her in recent months.

"Well, at least the poll on Serenas blog will be fair" Rufus shrugged as he stood up, "but we better get going, Jennys train gets in soon and we need to pick her up" instead of making the pregnant girl stand up herself, he bent down for a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, Lily doing the same before hugging Dan goodbye.

"Well, we'll see you two tomorrow then.. unless that stubborn little girl decides to finally greet her family. Blair, get some rest and don't overdo it trying to throw yourself into labor.." Lily warned knowing from her own experience how uncomfortable the girl was feeling.

"Hey, don't tell her to do that, I'm still trying to convince her to try galloping like horse" Dan laughed, referring to the video they'd seen on one of the sites that Blair was on looking up ways to throw herself into labor. Laughing as they saw the irritated look on Blairs face, Lily and Rufus said their goodbyes once again before heading out the door.

Not being able to get comfortable on the couch, Blair stood up only moments after the couple left, yawning as she faced Dan, "I'm going to take a shower.. its been such a long day" she smiled as he kissed her quickly, "order a pizza and when I get out we can lay in bed and watch Breakfast at Tiffanys, don't forget my hot wings" she kissed him quickly before walking off towards the bathroom, leaving him to order dinner.
An hour later, the two were propped up against the pillows of their bed, eating pizza and staring at the flat screen in their room.
"I can't believe she'll be here soon." Blair smiled, looking over at the person she owed so much to. If it hadn't been for Dan, Blair would have given up, but for some reason he saw a strength in her that she didn't and refused to give up.
"I know" he smiled, placing a hand on her rounded stomach, feeling the little girl kick.
"You're pretty great Humphrey, anyone ever told you that?" she questioned with a smile, still staring at him.
"Plenty of people have" he teased, not being surprised when he earned a smack to the back of the head, "but its never meant as much as it does coming from you." Dan promised, kissing her bare shoulder before getting up to clean off the bed. Seeing her yawn as he took their plates and the leftovers to the kitchen, he wasn't surprised that when he returned she was sleeping peacefully. After finishing cleaning up, he sat down to his desk and continued to work on his second novel.

Hours passed without him noticing as he continued to write, it wasn't until he heard Blair scream that he was snapped out of his trance like state. He was in the room in seconds, seeing her standing there with a completely shocked, terrified and excited look on her face.

"My water broke" she told him calmly, although she was anything but calm, and even though he'd been in the same situation with Georgina, he was still on the verge of a panic attack. He breathed in a deep breath, before he began to talk.
"Okay, you change, I'm going to get a cab and take your bag with me, I'll call your mom.." he rambled on, and she just nodded, trying to process what he was saying. After getting the cab and calling Eleanor, who was put in charge of calling everyone else on the list, Dan helped Blair to the cab and they were off to the hospital, while Blair screamed at the driver to go faster.

Once admitted to her delivery room, Blair finally began to let everything sink in. Dan was right by her side holding her hand, and one by one her family and closest friends arrived as well. They took turns seeing the her, but Dan never left the room.
After four hours of contractions, it was finally time for her to push and she was beyond terrified. Everything was happening so fast, Dan was coaching her, Eleanor was cheering her on and holding a cold wash cloth to her forehead, and in ten big pushes, the sound of a baby crying silenced the room.
Eleanor kissed her daughters forehead as she watched Dan cut the cord, getting a look at her granddaughter with tears in her eyes. As the doctor placed the little girl in Blairs arms, Dan wiped away the tears on Blairs face, letting his own fall freely.
The nurses came to clean up, weigh and measure the newest Waldorf and once she brought the baby back to them, Dan finally got the chance to hold the little girl. Blair was transferred to her private recovery room where the rest of her family and friends finally got to come in and meet the new arrival. Rufus, Lily, Cyrus, and Eleanor all took their turns holding the little girl as Nate, Serena, Jenny and Eric watched, hugging and congratulating Blair, and Dan.

"So, do we finally get to hear this beautiful little girls name?" Rufus asked, finally letting Serena get the chance to hold her god daughter. Sharing smiles as they looked at each other, Dan and Blair spoke in unison.

"Danyale Celia Waldorf" they both told the room full of the ones they loved most.

Hours later the guests had left the hospital, and Blair was sound asleep, as was Danyale, but Dan sat up staring at both of the most important girls in his life. Looking back to his computer, he clicked on the link Serena had sent her latest blog post.
A picture of Blair, Dan, and Danyale was the first thing he saw and couldn't help but smile. He read the small post that announced her arrival and again had to wipe away a few stray tears. It would never matter to him if Danyale wasn't biologically his, he had already fallen in love with her, he loved Blair more than anything, and nothing was going to take that away from him.

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Also, you'll notice I didn't really go into detail about the birth because I wasn't sure how I wanted it to play out.. the way I imagine it in my head is that it would be a slow motion scene that was only music until the baby cries.