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The End Of Our Beginning;

Chuck stared next to him at Blair, seeing her so happy and smiling was all he ever wanted, all he ever tried to do, even if his ways of showing it weren't always traditional. She got him, and she loved him. Blair had saved him from himself more times than he could count, that's why when he looked ahead, and saw what they were headed towards, he swiftly took her in his arms blocking her and the baby from as much of the impact as he could. She was screaming, and crying, he could feel the blood leaving his body. For a moment he was in more pain than he had ever experienced in his life, but he got past the pain and looked up into the eyes of the person he loved more than he ever knew possible.

"Blair.." he mumbled weakly as he squeezed her hand tightly, "promise me something.."

She shook her head, still sobbing and still in shock, she knew he was going to try to say goodbye and she couldn't handle that.
"Blair…" he said again, his voice nothing more than a whisper, she was still shaking her head, holding onto him tightly, "I love you" he told her, a gentle smile on his face, "you're the only person I've ever said that to.. I'm sorry for everything I put you through" he paused, closing his eyes, trying not to show her the pain he was in, "you deserve to be happy. Live life for both of us.. be a great mom, and don't shut people out. Love someone like you never thought possible.. and never look back." His whispers almost became silent as he started to lose consciousness, but he could still hear her, and feel her.

"Chuck.. no, no.. we're going to get through this! We'll be okay!" she sobbed, "please don't leave me. I love you. Please, Chuck, wake up!" through her sobs her voice became horse, still screaming, begging him to wake up.

"Chuck! Please! Wake up!"

"Blair, its okay, its okay, wake up.." Dan shook her lightly, waking her up out of her dream and back into the reality that the man she loved was gone. He had sacrificed his life for her and her child.
Dan didn't pry, he just held her and let her cry. After she calmed down she looked up at him, offering a sad smile as she looked at the clock in his room. The funeral was in a couple of hours.

"When he saw the wall.. and felt how fast we were going.. its like he knew. He saved me." She told Dan for the first time, "he held me, and sheltered me from the impact of the crash.. he told me he loved me, and told me to live life for both of us and not to be afraid to fall in love again.." stray tears fell from her eyes, and oddly, from Dans as well. He may not have always agreed with Chuck but he knew how much he loved Blair, he would do anything to make her happy, even if that sometimes meant hurting himself. Meanwhile at the van der Woodsen-Humphrey home, the mood was much of the same. Everyone dressed in their best blacks, and Lily still going on about how things should go. Making list after list instead of dealing with her own emotions about her adoptive sons death. Serena sat on the couch waiting for everyone else to arrive, Dan promised he'd have Blair over in time, and Nate was on his way.

Hours later the limo had stopped at the church and everyone was getting out. Serena next to Nate, looking in front of her at Dan who was sheltering Blair from the world. The service was long and emotional, hundreds of people there. But in all of the people there.. looking around at the crowd, only a dozen at most really cared about Chuck. He had only let those closest to him ever experience the real him, and in doing so he had touched them in ways he thought impossible. As lonely as his life may have been.. those people in the front row all hand in hand were better for having knowing him, even if he always thought different.
As his casket was lowered into the ground, everyone around shed tears except Blair who had none left. As they all said their final goodbyes, dropping roses inside the six foot deep hole. Blair didn't move, and Dan stayed right by her side. Hours passed and she sat there staring at the hole that now held the person she loved most in the world. Everyone else had gone back to Lilys, but Blair and Dan still sat there together. Finally she stood up, glancing back at Dan, in her eyes he could see what she wanted and nodded, "I'll wait by the car.." he whispered before kissing her forehead softly and walking off to the car they had waiting.
She watched him go before kneeling down on the ground and looking down at the hundreds of flowers that now covered the casket.
"Right now I can't picture my life without you in it.. I miss you so much already. I haven't told anyone yet.. but the nurse in the hospital said it's a girl. I'm having a little girl." She spoke softly, "thank you so much for what you did for me.. for us. I will always love you, and this little girl will know about you as well. She will know that you died saving her life.. I know I'll see you again someday.. and I know you're looking down on us." She smiled, taking off a tiny locket that he'd given to her, the only thing he had of his mothers. She carefully dropped it into the grave, watching it land in a pile of roses. "I love you Chuck Bass." She whispered as she stood up, walking towards the car trying to hide her tears.

They arrived at Rufus and Lilys a while later, and thankfully many had already left, but there was someone waiting that they didn't expect. Louis. Blair sighed as she looked up at Dan, but she shook her head and walked towards Louis, preparing for a conversation she knew she had to have.
"We can go upstairs to talk.." she said quietly, and walked up the stairs into Serenas room. Sitting on the bed she felt his eyes on her and closed her own as she searched through her bag, getting the ring from him and holding it in her hand. "The night of the car accident, I was coming to your hotel to tell you I was leaving you to be with Chuck" she spoke, finally looking up at him, "and nothing has changed.. I love you, I do. But his last words to me.." pausing she tried to hide the pain in her voice, "were to love someone like you never knew possible.. to fall in love and never look back. And I realized.. the person I was meant to be with isn't you. To be honest, I'm in no state to be in any relationship right now, let alone get married.." standing up she placed the ring back in his hand before kissing his cheek, "I'm sorry.. I truly am. But I won't let him die in vain. His last wish was for me to be happy.. and if I was going to leave you, its clear to me that I don't love you as much as I wish I did." With that she left her prince and went back down the stairs, seeing a shaggy haired guy waiting anxiously for her return. She smiled her first real smile since Chucks death, and although she knew that she still had a lot to get over, the person she wanted by her side was already there. She couldn't jump back into a relationship after everything that had happened, but she had what she needed, and had faith that when the time came that friendship would turn into what has been there all along.

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