One day in the mushroom kingdom, Mario was coming home from a long journy that was unknown. Mario had just walked into his home when he found a note. " Mario went to the market be back later 3 - Luigi. Mario threw the note down and said "Gay." Mario really hated Gays. He sat on the couch and drifted off to sleep. Mario was awaken from his sleep by the door opening and closing. "Luigi are u there?" Mario asked wipping his eyes and sitting up. "Yea its me Mario but theres bsomething wrong." Luigi said walking in the room with 2 bags. "What is it?" Mario asked. "Princes Peach has been kidnaped by Bowser again." Luigi said. "WTF!" Mario said jumping up from the couch. "Are u going to get her back?" Luigi asked. "Yea im going wanna c..." Mario said but stopped in his trackes because he remembered he hatted taking Luigi with him. " What is it?" Luigi asked."Nothing ill go by myself see u later." Mario replied walking out the door and down the road to Bowser's caslte. As he walked down the path he remembered that it would take 2 hours to get to Bowser's castle so he headed to the mushroom store. After stocking up he contiuned his journy to Bowser's castle. As he walked up to the gates to Bowser's castle he saw that they where already open. "Whats going on here?" Mario said to him self. He walked through the gates and up to the door and they where also open. "This must be a fucking trap." Mario said going in. SLAM CLICK CLACK. The door locked behind Mario. "Damn I Knew it." Mario said to himself. "Mario how nice of you to show up." Bowser said he was wearing a gas mask. "Whats with the gas mask fatty." Mario said. SHUUUUUUUU... A purple gas was surrounding Mario. He was getting sleepy very sleepy, befor blacking out he saw koopa troops with gas masks picking Mario up but he heard a filmillar voice. "Luig..." Mario tried to say but blacked out. When Mario woke up he was in a doctors room, he was naked bent over table and straped down his but and cock where showing. A door opened It was a toopa trooper he was rubbing lube on Mario's ass and in his ass to. "WTF! Let me go!" Mario demanded but thwe koopa trooper contiuned to lube him up. Then the koopa trooper took out a walki-e-talke and said "All lubed up king koopa." and left out the room . 10 min later Bowser walked in and said "your gonna like this." with a wicked smile. "Bowser let me go now or i..." Mario said but was cut off "Or you will kill me you cant even get out so im at a safe bet that im gonna win this time but i wont kill you." Bowser said. he walked closer to Mario and grabbed his ass. "Nooooooooo!."Mario screamed as Bowser stuck his dick up Mario's ass. Bowser's dick had to be aboout 14" by 8". mario was getting horny and he did not know why. "Oh...Oh...Oh yea." Bowser said humping Mario's ass with a rythem that made Mario moan a little. "You know you like this so stop resisting." Bowser said. "I really do but im not gay." Mario thought. Bowser begain to go faster with the butt fucking till it was rapidly. Mario let out a loud moan. Bowser smiled and contiuned to do him. Mario felt Bowser's dick begin to swell he knew he was going to cum in his ass and that it would be over. "I...Im...Im comming!" Bowser said as the milky sperm filled Mario's ass and covered the table. Bowser rest for 30 mins Mario felt like he was in heven. "It felt so good." Mario said. 'Well your gonna like this part the best." bowser said putting his rock hard dick infront of Mario's mouth.