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I got the inspiration from a song called "People help the people" by Birdy. Anywho, enjoy. And if you don't like boyxboy don't read. Don't go bashing. Also, my version of Matt is cuddly and has freckles. Mello is also cuddly. Maybe slightly OOC.

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-Mello's POV-

I walked into out appartment, wearing the usual leather. I was surprised not to hear the usual shooting sounds or beeping from Matt's games. When I walked in further, I saw him sitting on the couch, just staring at the ground. The ashtray wasn't half as full as usual and his game was paused. "...Matt?" I tossed my jacket somewhere in a chair and walked closer, raising an eyebrow at him. "What after we die?" He didn't look at me, his goggles and hair in the way of his eyes, though his voice cracked, betraying his feelings. "...What do you mean?" I frowned slightly, and he glanced up, the orange lenses of the goggles slightly fogged up. "What afterwards? What if we'd be seperated? What if I'd never see you again?" He brought a hand up, slowly, trembling slighty, but I pretended not to notice. He touched my face softly, his rough, ungloved hand carressing my cheek.

"That wouldn't happen.." I tried to reassure him, but I wasn't sure of it either. I want it to be true though. He sighed softly and looked down again, his hand moving back. My fingers wrapped around his wrist gently. "And if it would happen, I'd come and find you." I lifted up his chin with my other hand and sat down on his lap. "I would find you. If you're lonely, even when I'm around, I'd hold you.. If you're sad, I'll cheer you up. And if you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it. Nothing will drag you down or tear us apart. There's nothing to be afraid of, Matt. So long as I'm in there" I let go of his wrist, touching his chest where his heart would be. "everything will be alright." He sighed and nodded slowly, wrapping his arms around my waist. "I suppose so.." He lay his head onto my shoulder, the red locks tickling on my skin. "Don't worry Matt, I love you.." I whispered, closing my eyes as he did the same and whispered back. "Me too. Love you."