~ Reality Bites ~

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Please..." Chelsea gasped. "Stop..."

"I'm not like the others, Chelsea." She murmured darkly. "I won't just be some puppet. Not any more. Now turn. it. off!"


A familiar voice echoed across the dim, but the young girl did not drop her attention, Chelsea still suffered, yet she accepted that Aro's voice would complicate matters. Afton clearly had at some point disappeared to get help. Caius and Aro were apparently considered worthy of that title.

"Olivia, I will not ask again."

She met Chelsea's gaze. "Neither will I."

Behind her Aro nodded to Jane, and for the second time in her life, Olivia's world was consumed by fire.

I stared at them – Aro and Caius. The effects of Jane's gift had worn off as quickly as it had come, and I was in full control of myself once more. Checking my peripheral vision, I dully noted that Chelsea and Afton had left. The only others that had remained behind were Jane, and one seriously expressionless Felix. I would have laughed, had I not been feeling so self-destructive.

As if Lillith and the Giant stood a chance against my gift? I was more than capable of taking care of myself, and Aro knew it. He wreaked of distrust.

"I won't apologise." I informed them him lightly, refusing to drop my guard. "Marcus told me everything. What she does. Chelsea deserved what I made her feel, she deserved worse."

"She was only following orders, Olivia. My orders" Aro murmured pointedly, briefly glancing toward his fair-haired brother. "If you want to blame anyone, you should blame me."

"Oh I do, don't worry." I spat, unspent tears and venom suddenly painfully twisting my features. "I blame both of you."

I hadn't looked at Caius yet, I wasn't brave enough to look into those pitiless eyes, I was terrified of what I might see staring back. Master, lover, monster... the lines had blurred, and now even thinking about him made me dizzy.

"Perhaps you have every right to." Aro began carefully, an argument clearly unfurling in his mind, as he slowly glided forward. "But before you judge us too harshly, think of the good Chelsea's gift provides. How it helps."

I said nothing, and he continued.

"It keeps the guard functional, Olivia. It keeps things running smoothly, shall we say. There are so many of us. Do you think we would all be so content without her influence? Vampires are not known for their charitable natures, young one."

"One big happy family." I scoffed bitterly. "You think that gives you the right to control peoples lives!? To take away their freedom to choose? How many others are there here against their will? Felix? Jane? Alec? Did any of them really choose you over everything else?"

It was not Aro that answered.

"Shut up you disgusting little whore!"

Jane could not be kept silent. My words had struck a nerve, and before I knew what was happening, I found myself doubled over in pain, knives piercing every inch of my skin. I screamed, but before I could fight back, Caius called her off, leaving me gasping for unnecessary air, and dulling my credibility.

He growled.

"Do not be so presumptuous Jane." He spat quietly, his voice the steel edge of a wide sword. "You forget yourself."

Jane's chubby face crumbled shamefully, and Caius fixed Aro with a meaningful look, taking his long index finger and pressing it briefly to Aro's palm. Silence reigned, until Aro finally inclined his head.

"Come dear ones, let us leave dear Caius to handle things. There is still much to prepare for our travels tomorrow."

He walked silently from the room, Felix and Jane following dutifully in toe. I didn't look up from the door, instead as a distraction I took short moment to take in exactly where I was. It was a pointless room, really. Dull and dark. The perfect place if you wanted a little privacy. A priest hole to hide you from the dead.

"Look at me."


"Olivia, look at me."

I obliged, my expression unreadable as I stood pointedly to my feet. I looked.

"Yes, master." My voice so laced in sarcasm it could have rivalled his own delightful tones.

He smirked. "Are we really going to keep on doing this, Olivia?"

"I wasn't aware we were doing anything."

"Oh but we are." He breathed, slowly circling my tiny frame. "We have ever since that night at the wedding. Our own private waltz."

"A dance?" I whispered, standing tall as he suddenly loomed ominously over me. "I see it more as some weird twisted puppet show."

"You lack my insight."

My eyes narrowed. "Oh no. I see quite clearly." I murmured darkly, my lip twisting in disgust. "All this time, you knew... you knew what Chelsea was doing, that I would want to... to please you, and you used it to reach your own sickening ends!"

He chuckled lowly. "My, my, still such the martyr I see. You do love your precious innocence, don't you, dearest."

His knuckles brushed my cheek and I flinched, dropping my gaze as he took a firmer grasp of my jaw, and brought his face precariously close to mine.

"So, again it is I that is the monster, the taker of innocence, the murderer." He continued, ignoring my discomfort as I squirmed under his touch. "You seem to forget that I have been with you this entire time. That I know you, Olivia Swan. You have wanted me, as much as I have wanted you from the very beginning. Before you had even met Chelsea. The night I first laid eyes on you."

"No." I denied firmly, my golden orbs reddening tellingly in their sockets. I shook my head. "That's not true. You terrified me, you have always terrified me."

"And you enjoy it." He purred, his fingers ghosting wantonly down to my throat. "The pain and the fear. You yearn for it. It makes you feel alive. I always knew," He said, holding me, urging me to keep still. "It was in the tell-tale rhythms of your heart, the way the hairs on the back of you neck stood on end whenever I looked at you. Your pulse would sing at even the mention of my name. You are mine, Olivia. You have always been mine."

I shook my head again, more violently this time. "You hated me when we first met! You said yourself that you told Aro to kill me!" I argued brokenly. What he was saying was terrible, it would make me no better than he was...

Caius' mouth stretched wide.

"I did." He nodded, only too happy with my reaction. "But when I said you were an unnecessary distraction, I meant for myself. As soon as I met you, all I could think about were ways of killing you, of having you at my mercy to do with as I wished..." He lowered his voice suggestively. "How you would look stretched out in my bed, to see those angelic little features melted in want, and lust... you were and are my obsession, Miss Swan."

His lips brushed mine and I shuddered.

"And your wife." I challenged, damningly tempted by his profile, my anger and heartache melting from the heat of what we were both feeling. "What is she, then?"

"Sentiment." He shrugged off, and I realised at some point he'd pinned me against the wall. "She is apart of who I am, my life... but she is not you."

Truth. So much truth, and it was being poured on me like a bucket of icy water. Needed, but not necessarily wanted. I gasped against his cheek, feeling his need pressing hard into the soft tissue of my underbelly.

"I. Do not. Want you." I argued determinedly. "Everything you are, is everything I detest. I just want you and this whole godforsaken castle to burn."

"If that were true." He began huskily, smoothly unshackling himself from his pants, and ignoring my minor struggles. "Then you and I both know it would be done. You could easily stop me now, Olivia – don't deny it – you could escape. There are no more secrets. You are free to run back to your precious America, with your pathetic little family, and attempt to protect them from the coming storm, that the Volturi will rain down upon their traitorous heads."

He pushed into me and I groaned, a wave of unexpected pleasure sending my head flying back into the wall, and cracking the stone.

He laughed. "But you won't."

"Perhaps I'm waiting to turn on you at the last moment." I gasped, his teeth digging painfully into my neck. "That would be far more poetic."

"Perhaps." He grinned. "Tomorrow we shall see."

I didn't answer. My mind was suddenly to preoccupied with destroying his clothes, and he mine. Maybe he was right, maybe it wasn't Chelsea's influence. How would I know? In truth, I did like the power he held over me, I liked being at his mercy. Was he right? Had I always wanted him?

I did know one thing for certain. The scales that had always been undecided, had finally fallen from my eyes, and I had never seen so clearly.

Tomorrow we would be in Forks, and then I would finally have to decide, where my loyalties truly lay.


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