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Abs. Seriously? This is what I am thinking about right now while at work? Not the best thing to be obsessing over in the middle of a crime scene. Sweaty, rippled, tanned, muscular abs have been plaguing my thoughts all morning long. Taking another gulp of my soda, I shiver knowing those abs will have to wait…for now. I have a job to do.

Thank God this week is done. I fish my keys from my pocket and climb into my Volvo. The supple leather holds me as I turn the ignition and am on my way. I think back to when the FBI had given me my now favorite car. It was a year ago this month and marked my ten year anniversary with the bureau. It was also around this same time that I met my current partner, Jasper. He has a great sense of humor and an affinity for practical jokes, but when push comes to shove, he is a damned good agent, and I was glad that he had my back. We were a tight knit group in our unit. There were eight of us all together; all having quickly become great friends. I knew I could trust those guys with my life…but not with my secrets. Yes, I have a secret so deep I am quite sure that my friendships and quite possibly my career would be jeopardized if they found out about my choice of lifestyle. I turn up the stereo to divert these thoughts as I drive home. As much as I play this particular card close to the vest, I am not ashamed of who I am.



I am so glad to be home after the day that I just had. Friday is always my favorite day of the week. It starts our weekend arrangement, and I cannot wait to spend it unwinding from this hell of a work week.

I walk to the kitchen expecting to find my submissive, Emmett, working to get dinner ready for us. I set my keys down on the kitchen table, frowning. Where could he be? I stand there thinking for a moment when all of a sudden I hear it coming from my backyard. Thump. Thump. It's the sound of a basketball hitting the concrete pad. I smile as I head outside to watch Emmett. I open the door and I stand to inspect him for a few minutes. He is amazing to watch. Emmett is the definition of a living Adonis. He is nearly as tall as my six foot two inch frame, but he is much burlier than myself. He is wearing a black wife beater and hunter green basketball shorts that show off the rise and fall of his muscle structure as he takes another shot. His beautifully tanned skin shimmers in the late day sun. His love for sports keeps him outside for many hours and it shows. He reminds me of a bear. My bear.

As I start to walk towards him he sees me and immediately stops playing. The ball bounces away from him when he releases it without a second thought. He drops his eyes down while a small smile plays on his lips. I walk up to him; slowly circling him, as I run my hand along his stomach muscles. He trembles as I move to stand in front of him. With eyes cast down, he takes my hand and brings it up to his lips and kisses my knuckles. It's one of those rituals that we have with each other to help us remember our roles. Even though we have been playing together for two years now, we only do it on the weekends. So it helps to have rituals to allow us to get into the right frame of mind.

"Bear, what are you doing out here?" I ask; slightly cocking my head to the side.

"Your bear apologizes, Sir. Your bear didn't know Sir would be home this early." he answers. "Is there anything that your submissive can do for you?"

I look at him and give him my best crooked smirk "Why yes bear, I would like for you to join me in the shower."

I turn and walk back towards the house knowing he is following me. As I make my way up to the shower I start mentally planning the night's events. Seeing as how dinner wasn't on the table I have decided to give him a treat and order out tonight, giving us more time in my playroom. I open the bathroom door wide enough to let him in, and then turn to look at him.

"Undress me." I whisper.

He moves closer to me, taking off my suit jacket first. He slides the jacket down my arms and lets it drop to the floor. As he starts unbuttoning my dress shirt I let my head fall back slightly. I can feel my body already starting to unwind. He takes the dress shirt off, throwing it on the ground with my jacket before he moves to my pants. Dropping smoothly to his knees he starts a slow, torturous pace of removing my belt from each loop. I push his hands out of the way, and remove the belt myself. I am not going to be teased tonight. I wanted to get him into that shower and have him pleasure me with his mouth without further delay. With my pants still on I turn and start the shower, making sure that the water is not too hot.

I turn back around to tell him to finish undressing me . I am pleased to find that he is standing there with his feet shoulder width apart, and his hands folded in front of him. He has also taken my moment of distraction to divest himself of all his clothing, leaving him stark naked and looking fucking perfect. The only thing on his body is the black braided bracelet on his left wrist. It's his everyday collar that he wears to show that he is taken, mine. I run my thumb along the braiding remembering the meaning of the intricate knots. 'Unbreakable' is the word that the old Quileute woman used. He and I both have one.

"Come on. Seeing as how you are naked first, get your ass in that shower and on your knees."

He moves to the shower, getting in quickly. The sight of him naked like this makes me want to collar him already, but it's made out of leather, so it will have to wait. I swiftly remove my pants and get into the shower with him. He knows that this is his free zone; an area of my house that he is open to talk freely but respectfully. I expect him to begin talking to me, but I am met with silence. Instead I find him in his waiting position with his eyes gazing at the tub.

"Why are you looking down? Do you have something to say to me, bear?"

"Yes Sir, your bear was hoping you would grant him the honor of pleasuring you with his mouth." He says to me while the water is running down his back and over his taut stomach muscles.

That is an offer I very rarely turn down. "Oh baby, nothing would please me more than to feel your hot mouth on my dick" I moan loudly.

He reaches out and grabs me at the base of my cock with his left hand while placing his right on my hip to steady himself. He begins to run his tongue on the underside of my thick, long length; moving it over the many bars that make up my Jacob's Ladder piercing. He traces around each ball causing the bars to rotate under my skin. The feeling is like nothing else. He knows me so well. After paying equal attention to each rung of the ladder, he sheaths his teeth and welcomes my full length into his scorching, wet mouth. Throwing my head back I moan and grab his dark, curly, wet hair in my hands and gently pull him closer.

"Damn baby, give me more, make me cum in that hot mouth," I murmur. I look down between his spread knees at his massive manhood and watch him growing even harder than he already was. The sight of him getting even more hard was a huge turn on.

He moves his mouth over my purple tip, running his tongue over the now leaking slit. He is teasing me again, but this teasing I enjoy. Suddenly he pulls my engorged shaft deeper into his mouth and sucks hard so his nose hits my pubic bone.

"Oh bear. That is so good." I encourage, moving my eyes up his body to meet his beautiful green eyes.

He swallows making his throat squeeze tightly around the head of my swollen cock. Damn, that feels like heaven. He pulls back a little, swirling his tongue around the shaft, and quickly pumps my hardness in and out of his now hallowed out cheeks. Each thrust makes the steal balls on my shaft rub against the flat of his tongue.

"Aaah fuck baby, damn...oohh...fuuucck..." I gasp. I grab the sides of his head and begin to slowly hump his face as he works his mouth on my length.

"I'm so close, ooh fuck, I need to cum. Hold still now while I fuck that amazing mouth of yours. Swallow everything I give you dammit." He gives a small nod and reaches around to squeeze my ass.


I can feel more than see his throat flexing as he swallows my cum that is now squirting down the back of his throat. Damn that is hot! I pump one last time to savor the feeling before I pull him up off his knees. I take the sides of his head in my hands tenderly to lean in and give him a few gentle kisses on the mouth. The look on his face must mirror mine. Bliss. I grab the washcloth, handing it to Emmett along with my favorite body wash. We proceed to take turns cleaning each other's bodies. His ever present need does not escape my attention. Soon bear, soon.

Feeling the rippled body of this gorgeous man makes me hard again. I can't take any more of this foreplay; I need to get him up to my playroom. I turn the water off and step out of the shower grabbing Emmett's hand, pulling him out with me. The heat of the water has caused the room to fill with steam.

Taking a towel off the rack I begin to dry him off, letting my fingers protrude over the sides of the towel so they graze his skin. Watching the water glisten on his flesh makes my hunger grow. Every once in a while I pepper kisses to parts of his body. His neck, shoulders, his right bicep, his abs. Oh those abs. I have been thinking about them all morning long. It is torture for me to not be able to run my hands along them whenever I want. Being on the same team at work is a blessing and a curse. Looking at him from across the room sometimes makes it nearly impossible to concentrate on the case of the murdered young lady, knowing I had wait to devour him until I arrived at home. While on the job I have caught myself numerous times watching him, wanting, no needing him.

I hand him the towel and place my hands on his shoulders as he starts drying my body of excess water.

"You know I was thinking we should wait to eat dinner. I am feeling very impatient about getting you collared and up to my playroom." I tell him.

"Whatever pleases you Sir," he says as he stands there waiting for further instructions.

"Whatever pleases me huh? Well in that case I want you in my playroom, kneeling in your inspection position at the foot of my bed in five minutes. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." He replies before he leaves the bathroom.

I grab a new towel, wrap it around my hips and leave the bathroom. I have a surprise for him tonight. We had just gotten in new black nylon rope at work, and I commandeered some to bring home with me. Running quickly out to my car (thankful for the tall shrubbery), I grab the black rope from my backseat and head back inside.

Before going to my playroom I stop in my bedroom and slip on my favorite pair of ripped blue jeans, keeping the button undone. I stop in my guest bedroom which I also use for Emmett's submissive quarters. I pull out a pair of dark blue silk boxers placing them on the dresser top. Moving to the bed I make sure to pull his covers half way down. I don't think I am going to have him sleep in here tonight; however if the scene goes bad Emmett may need to get away from me for awhile. I sigh as I leave the room, hoping that that will never happen.

I slow my pace as I near my favorite room. I am excited to begin playing with my bear, but I am the Dom and as such must set the tone for the evening's scene.

As I stand in the doorway to the playroom, I take in the sights before me. The walls are dark blue, almost black. The flooring is a pale pine wood. All the furniture in the room is covered in black leather with chrome fittings. Against the back wall is a king sized four-poster bed with black satin sheets. On each post there is a cuff shackled to the bed, perfect for holding someone still as they are ravished. My eyes land on the most important part of the playroom...Emmett. Everything I do as a Dominant is for him. I smile as I feel my heart swell at his submission to me. To give me his trust like that is mind blowing.

Emmett is kneeling in his inspection pose looking flawless. He is on his knees, his ass resting on his heels, back completely straight. His fingers are laced together, placed on top of his head, elbows out. My eyes travel to his face looking at his impeccable features. Dimples, sculpted jaw line, green eyes like mine only his are hinted with flecks of brown. Slowly taking my eyes off of him I move to the dresser that holds some of my supplies including Emmett's collars. I open the top drawer and look over the few collars that I have for Emmett and choose his normal collar. It is a four inch black leather collar with a lock on the back that has my initials engraved in the metal. We only ever use this one in here. I put it in my pocket and open the next drawer. Pulling it open, I look over all the toys that lay in there. Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, lubes, and massage oils. I pull out a large vibrating cock ring and a bottle of lube setting them on top of the dresser. Moving to the next drawer I pull out a pair of ankle cuffs and wrists cuffs. The wall next to me holds all the impact toys; floggers, paddles, whips, I grab my favorite blue suede flogger that has a small silver bead at the end of each frond. I gather everything off the dresser and the flogger, moving to the long black leather bench that is standing four feet away from Emmett's left side. The bench has eye holes in three different places; top, middle and bottom with small hooks that are used to hold the cuffs in place.

I place my supplies at the farthest end away from Emmett, taking only the wrist cuffs, I move to stand behind him. I take his right wrist and place the cuff around it making sure it is not too tight. I do the same with his left wrist. As I am placing the cuffs on his wrists my eyes are racking over his beautiful form. He has tattoos on various parts of his body. There is a cartoon drawing of a monkey on his left shoulder, it's one of my favorite pieces of skin art on him. It is the perfect expression of his personality; being the fun loving guy that he is. His family name is tattooed on the right side of his body along his ribs. Another favorite of mine, seeing as how I have one on my left side with my own family's name. His right arm is encased in a full sleeve of a Chinese dragon that extends to his shoulder. I trace the patterns along his shoulder as I begin to ask for his submission.

"Emmett are you willing to put your whole trust in me, giving me nothing less than your whole submission, with the knowledge that I only have the best of intentions, when it comes to providing you love, care, honesty and truth? Look at me when you answer."

"Yes Sir, this submissive gives you his whole submission, and will do whatever he can to make sure you are ultimately pleased," he says as he looks at me making direct contact between our two sets of green eyes. He then bends down to place his hands on either side of me and kisses the tops of my bare feet. It is a simple gesture, but one born of complete devotion. One that makes my heart pound a little harder.

"That's my good bear." I then secure his collar around his neck. Using two fingers I slide them under it to make sure it's not too tight on his massive neck.

"Now go over to the bench. I want you laying down on your back with that bitable ass close to the edge that is nearest to where we are. Go on."

I watch him as he moves to do as I have requested and he settles into position, exactly as instructed. Splendid. I move to the right side of his head and begin explaining what I have planned for us.

"I'm sure you have noticed tonight I didn't hide what I was going to be using. That long black rope that is sitting there…I grabbed it from work before I left." I smirk at him.

"I think we can have more fun with this here than we do at work, right?" He doesn't say anything to me, knowing I wasn't looking for an actual answer.

Moving my hands along the length of his arms, I pull them above his head and grab his hands, wrapping my fingers around his. "Do not move your arms. You move and I will have to restrain them, understand? Answer me."

"Yes Master."

"Good." After releasing his fingers, I run my hands back down his arms to his chest caressing his muscles. I pinch his nipple that is pierced with a small hoop, listening to him holding back moans of pleasure.

"Ooh someone wants to get vocal huh? Alright bear let me hear you tonight, I wanna know how I make you feel." I drag my fingertips through the ridges of his abs, moving them lower to his hips. I dig my fingers in slightly, getting rewarded by Emmett's guttural moans.

"Ohh Master...yes," he cries out.

I reach above his head grabbing the black nylon rope. "Alright my bear I am going to bind your legs so that you are spread eagle for me. I want to be able to ogle that impressive cock that I own."

I grab his left leg and bring it up so that his thigh is resting on his stomach and his knee is bent. I take the rope and wrap it around his ankle tying it together with a bowline knot, wrapping the rope around his upper and lower leg binding them together. I make a crisscross pattern across his entire leg and position his leg so it is laying almost completely flat against the side of the bench.

When I reach the top of his thigh I then take the rope and lay it down on his stomach. I need to prepare his cock for the next part of his bindings. I lean over him so that my chest is directly in front of him. I know he wants to taste me, but he also knows that that move will earn him a punishment. He keeps his mouth to himself and I let my pride in my submissive flow through me.

I snag the bottle of lube, squeezing some out onto the tip of his dick. Spreading it around with my fingertips, I use my other hand to then grab the vibrating cock ring and place it over the swollen mushroom tip. He moans in pleasure but remains still. With my fingers now well lubed up I gently pull the cock ring over his length all the way down, so it sets right at the base of his massive shaft. There is a small switch on the underside of the ring and I turn it on low so it puts out a slow, steady, pulse against him. I am rewarded with another deep moan. Picking the rope back up I bind his cock with the rope. One. Two. Three times around his length pulling it snugly against him but making sure it is not tight. Pulling the rope gently closer to me I bend down and lick the precum that is leaking out of him. Mmmm...

"Aaah Master," he purrs.

I smile down at him as I stand back up straight. I begin binding up his other leg starting at the top of his thigh, working my way down to his ankle with the same crisscross pattern that I had done on his other leg. I end the binding with another bowline knot on his right ankle. He is bound so he can't stretch his legs out straight but it's not so tight that I can't move his legs into the position that I want. I move the heels of his feet so that they are resting near his ass. His legs are spread wide open reminding me of butterfly wings.

"Damn bear, you are so beautiful bound like this; allowing me to do whatever I please to you." I whisper.

"Only for you Master."

"I am going to enjoy watching you squirm love" I mutter. I stand over him looking at my artwork that makes up Emmett bound and his cock twitching looking for me to touch it. I run three fingertips over a bear paw tattoo that is on his right hip. Again he reminds me of a living Adonis. Perfection is the only thing I see when it comes to him.

I move so I am standing alongside the bench and within easy reach of his entire body. I grab the flogger and lightly sway it back and forth across his pierced nipple and down his sternum. He trembles at my soft touches. Over and over again I softly flick the flogger all over his chest and stomach. I can feel my cock twitching, wanting to burst out of my jeans. I readjust myself before moving on. I stop with the light caresses on his upper body and move to harder flicks along his legs. I flick it once and watch it snap across his upper thigh leaving thin pink trails from the fronds.

"Shit," he hisses, not expecting the harder snap.

"What color are you bear?"

"Green Master."

I do it again on a different location of his lower body making sure to stay away from his cock. Hitting him there now while he is rock hard would be more pain than I wanted to give him. I glide over to his other side and snap the flogger in a quick procession. Feeling the small sting in my palm as I flick the flogger it helps clear my thoughts and unwinds me further.

"Ooh Master that feels good," he groans loudly.

My cock twitches at the sound of Emmett's voice. What a beautiful sound. I move my hand down to my jeans and pull the fabric away from my cock. I stroke myself a few times, running my thumbs along the tip spreading the bead of precum that has collected there all over my tip.

"My bear likes a little pain with his pleasure doesn't he?" I ask.

"Yes Master, oh God...yes please more."

I snap the flogger a few more times in various places all over his body, rewarded with a series of groans and grunts from Emmett. My cock is so damn hard it's getting almost painful, I need to find release and soon. I set the flogger down on the side of the bench next to him and unravel the rope that is holding his shaft. The extra slack on the rope I lay across his waistline and take a hold of his hard cock, pumping twice rapidly. With my hand still on his dick, I move my other hand up to pinch his nipple as my mouth glides up his body giving kisses to his slightly sweaty surface, stopping at his other nipple taking the piercing in my mouth. I lick, bite, and swirl my tongue all over his now erect pink, bud.

"What color are you baby?"

"Green Master. So very, very green. Fuucck."

I take my hand that is playing with him and move it to the cock ring, setting it to the highest speed. Emmett screams out, not really making any sense as to what he is saying. After what probably seems like forever to him, I flick the small switch to the off position and move my hands down to his ankles to yank on the rope, quickly releasing the knot on his ankle. I do the same to the other side and watch the rope fall slack. Gripping the rope I throw it on the ground under the bench at my feet.

I walk around to the top of the table and hook my hands under each of his arms. "Shift towards me babe." I instruct him.

"Stretch your legs out bear. Let me know if you need a minute." I move back to my original place and run my hands along his legs as he stretches out to his full stature.

"No Master, your submissive doesn't need a minute. Your bear is fine."

"Okay, move your legs back up the way they were so I can prep that fine ass of yours for my dick." As he moves his body back down the bench and his legs back into position, I grab the lube and hover over his leaking cock. Unbeknownst to him, I have relieved myself of the soft denim that stood as the last barrier between us.

"Hold your legs steady for a minute. Keep those hands above your head. Don't move those fucking hands."

"Yes Master."

I squirt the cold lube over his puckered hole and spread a thin even layer. Squirting a generous amount of lube onto my fingers, I reach down and slowly insert my middle finger into his tight hole.

"Damn Em, I hope you are ready for your Master. I want to fuck you hard," I murmur to him.

"Yes Master, always ready for you." he pants.

In. Out. Slow, steady movements. In. Out. I finger his ass waiting for his ring of muscle to relax. Finally, he relaxes and I stick my index finger in with my middle finger, picking up the pace of my movements. Emmett arches his back off the bench and slams it back down, moaning out my name.

"Oooh Master...yes...aahhh...that feels sooo good Master."

"Steady please. Steady bear. Don't hurt your back." I pull my fingers out and center my swollen, purple head at his backside. Grabbing the base of my junk I tenderly push my head into his heated hole. As I watch for any signs of discomfort, I enter him slowly. I feel each barbell disappear inside of him. The pleasure is immeasurable. His muscles clench and release as I inch in deeper. And just as I feel the last rung enter him, his inner ring summons me completely inside him. I close my eyes, groaning as I savor this moment before beginning a very slow and even pace of thrusts.

"Color baby..what color are you?" I grunt needing vocal confirmation from him.

"Gre...ooh...green, really green Master," he pants as he tilts his head back in pleasure.

I start thrusting hard, more erratic, as every thought in my head slips away. Gone is my terrible work week, gone are my plans for the rest of the night, gone is the rest of the weekend. The only thought in my mind now is bear and how he makes me feel. Pleasure, elation, trust, love, loyalty, and a bit of confusion. Do I only see him as my submissive or is he becoming more to me?

I grab his knees to steady myself as well as help his legs stay in a position for a deeper thrust. Looking down at us where we are connected is sexy as hell. As sweat pours down my back I watch my rock hard cock slide in and out of his tight, hot, ass as he clenches around me almost driving me to cum right there. I grunt as I hold off on my orgasm wanting this to last a while.

"Please Master may your bear cum, please...ooh...please Master?"

"Not yet bear, you may cum only after I do. If you cum before me we will end tonight with punishment dammit. DO NOT CUM" I scream out picking up my pace even more. The smacking sounds of my hips hitting the flesh of his ass is now almost deafening in the room. It echoes all around us. SLAP. SLAP. I slide my hand down his thigh, move over his tattoo of the bear paw, down to the base of Emmett's rock hard dick, thankful that I make him stay completely shaved. Grasping his dick at the bottom I squeeze tightly pulling up until I reach his tip; sliding my hand over the tip, spreading his moisture back down along his shaft. Thrusting like a damn stallion now, I am moments away from cumming, I swipe my thumb over his slit one last time and stick my thumb in my mouth tasting him.

"Dammit bear you taste so good babe." The flavor of him on my tongue sends me over the edge and I am cumming hard.

"Now bear! Cum for me now!"

Suddenly I feel Emmett's ass clench while he cums, making my own orgasm last even longer.

"OOOH FUUUCK" we both shout simultaneously.

I slow down my thrusting to an unhurried pace as I ride out my orgasm with one of my favorite people on this earth. I stop moving as I watch Emmett calming down from his pleasure, making sure he is as pleased as I now am. I slide out of him, wincing at the loss of his tight heat. I need to provide aftercare for him. He has spent the last few hours in the same position; I'm sure his legs are close to cramping.

"Em pick up your ass a bit and move up some. I need to go grab the lotion. "

He moves up a few inches not able to do much more than that as he looks completely spent. Taking both my hands I pull the cock ring gently up to remove it from him, earning me a soft moan. I move quickly through the playroom to a room that is off to the side, a bathroom that we always wash up in after. After I turn on the water in the jacuzzi tub I peek out of the bathroom making sure Emmett is okay and not about to fall off the bench, as he has a habit of falling asleep right after a lengthy play session. I chuckle remembering the last time he fell off a piece of furniture in the playroom, had a bruised shoulder for weeks. He is laying there not moving but doesn't seem to be asleep. I turn back to the bathroom and shut off the water, turning on the jets. I step back over to where Emmett is laying, and as I look down at him I feel my heart begin to swell, again. For over two years now this man has trusted me with his life, in and out of the playroom. It means the world to me that he is so damn trusting. Wishing I could be more like him in that area He draws me to him. The need to be close is palpable.

"Are you still awake bear?"

"Yes Master" he mutters, I am barely able to hear him. I chuckle softly.

"Come on. Let's get you up, I want to apply some lotion." I move to help him up and he grabs my wrist.

"Master, your bear would rather just get into the bath with you instead. But only if it would please you, Master." He gazes at me like he is looking to find gold behind my eyes. Hopeful that I will allow him to just spend time with me in the bath.

I smile down at him. "Alright come on then. I will apply the cream to your skin once we get out of the bath."

"Thank you Master." He sounds almost relieved. I help him up off the bench and lead him into the bathroom. I grab his wrists and guide him into the jacuzzi tub. He scoots forward giving me room to sit behind him. I climb into the tub, reaching out to take off his collar.

"I'm only going to take this off because of the water. Remember you are still collared and need to behave as such." I take off his collar and place it on the stand that is sitting beside the tub. Wrapping my arms around his waist I lean closer to him and plant small kisses along his neck and shoulders. The smell from his natural essence mixed with the salt from his sweat has my cock beginning to harden again.

He looks over his shoulder at me and smiles a very cute dimpled smile. "Master are you getting hard again?"

"Yeah, I guess I am. I will never have enough of my monkey-man." I laugh loudly.

He turns suddenly making the water splash out the side of the tub. He looks me in the eyes as I see his hand snake out to reach for my growing erection. I put my hand over his and stop him, shaking my head at him.

"I think that maybe you need another orgasm. I have had two tonight, I think it's only fair that you receive two as well."

"Whatever pleases you Master" he replies. His no longer flaccid cock is now semi-hard.

"Get up on the ledge." I command.

I push him off his knees so he is out of the water on the back ledge of the tub which holds him at the perfect level. I move to position myself over his lower half. I lean in to his mouth and give him a long, deep, sensual, open-mouth kiss. Our tongues are fighting for dominance, swirling around each other. I finally give up the fight letting him win for once and start peppering kisses down his throat, to his chest, making my way down past his stomach. I grab his shaft at the base and flatten my tongue as I run in up the underside of him as he grows rock hard.

I position my mouth over his tip and roughly suck his complete shaft down to my throat. I swallow around his swollen head making him twitch in my mouth. I place one hand on his thigh letting my thumb caress the meat of his inner leg while the other pumps his base; my mouth gliding over his erection. Swiftly I move my mouth over him faster, tighter, longer pulls on his skin. Finally I feel the tightening of his groin under my fingers, knowing he is ready to cum. I deep throat him as far as I can, slipping his head down my throat and swallow.

"Holy fuck Master, Oh please I need to come, don't stop please let me cum, please Master?" he begs loudly.

I nod my head at him and seconds later feel the long, hot spurts of salty goodness running down my throat. He mewls as he is looking at me with his cock in my mouth. I slowly pull up on his shaft and releasing him from my mouth, licking his head clean. I push up off my knees a little and place my mouth over his, kissing him deeply. He opens his lips allowing entrance and I stick my tongue in his mouth granting him a taste of himself on me. He groans and deepens the kiss. Heaven. That's the only word I can describe how I am feeling right now. I sit back on my ass and reach over to the cabinet, opening it up to grab out two washcloths. I throw one over to him and grab my body wash. I begin to wash up my own body knowing I had to finish up in order to call out for dinner.

"I am going to get out now and I want you to relax in here for the next half hour. I am going to order Chinese and set up in the living room. Your clothes are in your bedroom. Put your collar back on and meet me in the living room when you are done." I lean over and give him a few quick kisses on the lips and step out of the tub.

"Thank You Master."

I smile at him, reaching for a towel as I leave the bathroom. Walking through the playroom I decide to help him clean it all up in the morning. Tonight I just want to spend time with him relaxing. I stop in my bedroom and put on a pair of red basketball shorts and use the phone to call out for our favorite dish-sesame seed chicken. When I finish with the phone call, I walk out of the bathroom and down to the beige and dark accented living room. I turn on the TV to ESPN setting it to a low volume. I take a few pillows off my black leather couch and place them on the floor. There is a blanket that Emmett and I bought together in Chicago last year resting on the back of the couch that I grab as well, placing it open on the floor.

I can hear Emmett emptying out the tub so I go to the kitchen to grab a couple of plates and forks and set them out on the counter. Emmett comes down the stairs and stops in the doorway of the kitchen. He looks good in nothing but his collars and black boxers. I grab a few beers out of the fridge and walk over to him. I grab his hand, leading him into the living room. I sit down on the floor with my back against the couch and pull him between my legs, handing him a beer. I pull him back to snuggle against my chest as I place a loving kiss on his neck just above my collar. And as sit there waiting for our food to arrive, I wonder if I will always have to keep my life with him a secret. And more importantly, do I really want to?

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