Title: Beauty, The Beast

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence and adult themes; mild swearing; complete nerdy-ness

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I'm not sure how well I did with the Doctor Who characters… so please let me know if you think I'm screwing them up. And of course, if you think the plot is silly or stupid, let me know that too. If you've read any of my other fics you'll know that I love angst and darkness and grittiness and all that wonderful stuff. And if you're really familiar with it, you'll know I have certain rules that I follow… *deep breath* a couple of those rules may be broken in the course of this story, but as for which ones I'm not saying. Suspense, I believe, makes for a better story anyway.

And as for relationships… right now the only real pairing will be Kevin/Garcia and since that's canon, it hardly matters. There may be other pairings later, I haven't decided yet. Anyway, this is set in early season 7 of Criminal Minds and probably somewhere mid-series 3 for Doctor Who, so yes, Martha is there.

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Beauty, The Beast

Chapter One

"Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it."
~Terry Pratchett

Martha stumbled out of the TARDIS, waving her hand in front of her face, coughing slightly. A faint billow of wispy smoke followed her as she stepped onto the dark street and looked around, squinting at the street lights. The Doctor soon followed her, shaking out his long coat and shutting the doors before turning to face the street with keen, perceptive eyes.

"Where are we?" Martha asked, spinning around in a slow circle. "It looks like somewhere recent."

The Doctor was silent for a moment as he studied the dim lit street, "Not sure… somewhere in the early 2000s… Probably, oh, 2011 or near enough,"

"That's so close…" Martha sounded surprised. She'd met Shakespeare, nearly gotten killed by Daleks and pig monsters in the 1930s and almost crushed by Macra on the Motorway of New New York, but 2011? That seemed so tame compared to everything else. "Where exactly are we then? Doesn't look like London."

"It's not…" The Doctor frowned, walking down the deserted street to a newspaper box and kneeling in front of it, opening the lid easily with his sonic screwdriver. He pulled one out and slid his glasses on, scanning the paper for anything important or out of the ordinary. "This is the United States!" he blinked in surprise, "…Virginia to be exact."

"Virginia…" Martha walked up beside him to read the paper over his shoulder, "Why would the TARDIS bring us here? I thought you said we were going to the 51st century and here we are, stateside, just a few years into the future."

The Doctor nodded, a grim expression on his face, "That we are…" he murmured, "Something must've pulled us off course, drawn the TARDIS here for some reason."

Martha raised a brow, watching as he slid his glasses off and put them back into his suit pocket. "Something… dangerous?" she asked curiously.

He grinned and she couldn't help but smile back as she saw that now very familiar light in his big brown eyes. "Dangerous… perhaps. Or powerful,"

"Maybe it's both," Martha suggested, feeling herself already getting ready to run whenever it was necessary. Life with the Doctor… lots and lots of running.

His grin somehow grew even wider, "Oh, don't get my hopes up…"


Just a few miles away, on a similar street, a nineteen year old girl sat on a rusty bus bench, the faintest traces of tears still lingering on her cheeks. Her long brown hair was covering most of her face and sitting beside her was a small duffle bag with her cell phone in one pocket, packed full with clothes and just enough money and food to keep her going for a week at the most. She hadn't wanted to leave, but she couldn't stand another fight with her mother… so she packed her bags and walked out the door.

Now more than ever, she found herself wanting her mother's embrace. She sobbed quietly and buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking slightly.

A pale, thin hand suddenly slipped through the darkness of the night and she jerked when it brushed against her arm.

"Oh, shush," a soft voice spoke and a tall, slender woman stepped out of the shadows, smiling kindly down at her. The girl was struck dumb for a moment. The woman was beautiful. Long, thick blond curls spilling over her shoulders, large blue eyes sparkling in the street light, perfect red lips and skin that almost glowed in the darkness. "It's alright, sweetheart." She had such a gentle, wonderful voice.

"What's your name?"

"An-Anna," the girl stuttered slightly, still breathing shakily from her sobs.

The woman smiled and sat down next to her, placing a warm hand on her back, "Anna… That's a beautiful name," she whispered, using her other hand to lift Anna's chin so that she could look into her eyes. "And such a pretty face as well." She beamed at her and wiped the tears away.

"Now, hush, sweetheart, no need for those tears," she assured her, looking around, "Are you alone?"

Anna nodded numbly. She wasn't entirely sure why she was talking to this woman. Some small little voice in the back of her mind was screaming at her to take her bag and run, run as far and as fast as she could, but she was so beautiful and wonderful and kind… Why should she run from her?

The woman licked her curved lips and stood, "Good…" she said quietly, almost as if she were talking to herself. "Now, Anna, I'm sure you must be cold and hungry. Follow me, I can give you everything you could ever dream of."

Anna hesitated for a moment, studying the woman's outstretched hands. Her fingernails were long and sharp, painted a deep, glittering black. "W-Who are you?" she finally asked, looking back up at the woman and meeting her crystalline eyes.

"I'm here to help, Anna," she insisted, "Just take my hand. Follow me. I can show you such wonderful things…" She wriggled her long fingers and Anna stared down at them, tempted take them, but still a little bit nervous. The woman scowled after a moment, her pretty features distorting into something altogether sinister and evil and she was grateful Anna's attention was still on her hand.

"Follow me, Anna, and you'll never be lonely and hurt again. I promise. I'll take care of you,"

Anna's eyes drifted back up the woman's face and she took a deep breath, nodding, mostly to herself. She reached out and took the woman's hand, allowing her to tug her off into the darkness. It wasn't until they were well down the street that Anna remembered she'd left her bag on the bench. And by then, it was too late.


Coffee. That was the one thing on Dr. Spencer Reid's mind as he made his way to the Round Table Room early the next morning. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before; another of his headaches had kept him up. They had, thankfully, become less frequent in the recent months, but were still as severe as ever when they did decide to plague him. His eyes were only half open as he pulled his chair out and sat down, reaching out and grabbing the folder from where Garcia had already placed it.

"You alright, Pretty Boy?" Morgan asked quietly, eyeing his friend with concern.

Reid nodded and fought back a yawn, "I'm fine, Morgan, just tired. Once I get some coffee, I'll be back to normal,"

JJ, sitting on Reid's other side, smiled, "Coffee," she laughed, "That's your solution to everything isn't it?"

Reid looked defensive, opening the folder while everyone else turned their attention to their tablets, "Coffee is good," he muttered.

JJ and Prentiss smiled faintly, sharing a quick look before giving their full attention to the tablets and the plasma screen at the front of the conference room. Though he had yet to really say anything out loud, JJ couldn't even begin to admit how relieved she was that Reid seemed to have forgiven her for all of the lies and deceit over the last few months. She had always known it would be difficult, once Prentiss came back from the "dead", but she hadn't really thought very far into the huge emotional impact it would have on someone like Reid.

Things still felt a bit strange, if she were being honest. Having Prentiss back, being promoted, hell, even just being back with the BAU. It had all happened so fast it felt like the dust had barely had time to settle in her old office yet and here she was once again. Looking around at her team, her extended family, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"So," Garcia spoke from the end of the table, holding the remote in her hands, "As you can see this isn't, thankfully, one of our more disturbingly gruesome psychos… but it is a little strange,"

"Strange how?" Rossi asked, glancing up as she showed them blown up photographs of three young girls, probably late teens to early twenties, lying dead in city alleys. They were abnormally pale, deep bruising on their wrists and ankles and all fully clothed.

Garcia took a deep breath, "Three girls, missing and found dead in the Quantico area. The only thing any of them have in common is they're relatively close in age. Kelly Fey was a redhead, short, eighteen years old; her friends said she was walking home from a party one night and she never made it. Her body turned up twenty-four hours later. Michelle Force, blond, tall, athletic, twenty-three. She went out for her nightly jog at eight, never came back and was found dead the next night,"

Pressing her lips together, Garcia pulled another picture to the front, "Caryl Shea, brunette, college student, twenty. She stayed at the library to do research for a project, was supposed to take the late bus back to her apartment; roommate said she never showed. Found dead the next night. And, our latest apparent victim, Anna Hutchinson. She's nineteen, brunette. Lives with her mother. According to her, she packed her bag and left late last night, no one's seen her since."

"Packed her bags?" Hotch frowned, flipping through the files on the tablet, "She's nineteen. She could be staying with friends,"

"Or maybe running away," Morgan offered, "What makes her an apparent victim?"

Garcia took a deep breath and clicked her remote again, "Early this morning, local police found a bag with Anna's wallet, driver's license, clothes and cell phone inside. No sign of Anna anywhere,"

Reid frowned as his fingers slid down the page of his file, "There was no sign of a struggle at the scene? No blood or anything?"

"Nada," Garcia said, glancing back up at the screen and wincing slightly as she looked at the smiling face of Anna Hutchinson. "She just vanished. They all just vanished."

"And there was no sign of any sexual assault," Prentiss remarked in surprise as she looked over the autopsy reports. "Strange… So, our UnSub is abducting these girls late at night when they're alone and he keeps them for twenty-four hours. What for?"

"There's no sign of anything," JJ said after a moment, "This doesn't make sense. What was the cause of death? Other than the bruising caused from being restrained, there's nothing. No cuts, no stabs, no defensive wounds…"

Reid frowned, "There isn't a cause of death," he murmured, "The ME report says their hearts just… stopped."

Rossi frowned, "An entire day. No sign of any physical abuse. And three girls dead. What's he doing to them?"

The entire team followed his gaze as he stared up at the eerily smiling face. Those photos were often harder to look at than the crime scene photos were. They depicted the victims as they were before their lives had been horribly and unfairly snatched away from them.

Shaking his head, Hotch stood, "We'd better get started. We've got less than twelve hours before Anna turns up like the others,"


Martha sighed heavily as they walked down the street. It was late in the morning and they still hadn't found anything alien or out of place to suggest something sinister going on at all.

"Doesn't seem very dangerous, does it?" she murmured, glancing up at the Doctor as they walked into a small diner, "Besides, what would aliens be doing in a town like Quantico, Virginia anyway?"

The Doctor raised his brow and smiled slightly, "Well what would they do in a place like Cardiff for that matter? Easy. Destroy the entire planet, that's what,"

Martha smiled and shook her head, "Well, still, doesn't seem even remotely dark and spooky, does it? All bright sunshine and breezes. Nice people…"

"Aaaand," The Doctor said, "The FBI Headquarters, can't forget that. Hostile aliens, they'd have a field day with the US Federal Government's enforcement, now wouldn't they?"

She made a face at him as they took their seats at a small booth and a young waitress quickly took their order and scurried off to the kitchens. "Alright, you've got a point there. But the FBI's got different offices all over this country, don't they? Otherwise they wouldn't really be doing much good, just sitting in Virginia, having to travel thousands of miles to arrest someone?"

The Doctor shrugged, "Fair enough. But this is the main Headquarters. It's where the Director is. A lot more power here than any of those other branches,"

"So, you think that there's an alien, or aliens, trying to infiltrate the Unite States' federal government?"

"Well… that's just one theory. There are plenty of others. First I've got to find out what pulled the TARDIS here in the first place. Something's going on here, Martha. I can feel it in the air, can't you?"

Martha shook her head and smiled kindly at the waitress as she returned with her coffee and soon disappeared again, "All I feel is tired. You kept me up all night, wandering these streets looking for aliens," she rolled her eyes as she took a long drink of her coffee, "And what did we find? Nothing at all."

She continued talking for a moment or two before she realized the Doctor wasn't even paying attention and she frowned, waving her hand in front of his face, "Doctor? Are you even listening to me?" she demanded angrily.

"Shh!" he hissed and leaned forward in his seat, his eyes locked onto something behind her head. She made a face and turned around to see what was so important and realized it was a television, tuned to a local news station. The volume was off, but underneath the picture, captions ran across the screen and she squinted to read what they were saying.

"-leaving the local police baffled. The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit has been called in to handle the case. They're on the scene of what is suspected to be the fourth abduction now. Police urge you to call if you've seen Anna Hutchinson," a photo of a young girl, smiling brightly, flashed across the screen, "And to stay indoors at night. Nowhere alone is safe."

Martha pressed her lips together and looked back at the Doctor, his expression grim now, "Doctor… what is it?"

Slowly, he turned his eyes to look at the young doctor-in-training and Martha wasn't entirely sure she wanted to hear what he had to say anymore. His voice was quiet and somber as he spoke, "I think we just found our alien interference," he said grimly, "And it's killing young girls in this city…"


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