I always wanted to do something like this for the Winx Club fandom so here it is!

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that I'm not Iginio Straffi, therefore I cannot be the owner of Winx Club, sadly…

"Let's see. There's nothing much to do around here so let me browse the Internet..." Bloom lounged around in her room in the royal palace on her laptop.

"Hmm… fanfiction. net. Sounds like an interesting site. I think I'll go check it out…"

"Wait… There's a Winx Club category? Cool! But why are we in the Cartoons section of the site? We're not cartoons!" She exclaimed.

"Ah oh well… Wait, where are all these new levels of fairy power coming from? Flyrix? Elfix? Really?" Bloom raised an eyebrow but then shrugged it off.

"Hold the phone… Where are all these long lost relatives of mine coming from? Seriously? I don't have any other sisters! Or brothers for that matter either… And why are they more powerful and more perfect than me most of the time?" She asked.

"And why am I always going back to being Dark Bloom anyway? Am I not interesting enough as regular, not psycho Bloom?"

She sighed. "Ooh… Romance section!" She clicked eagerly on the Romance filter.

"Bloom/Sky? Sure that is to be expected…"

"Bloom/Andy? That too I guess..."

"Bloom/Riven? Oh come on. Seriously?"

"Bloom/Helia? Now that's just plain weird…"



"Bloom/Flora? Last time I checked, I wasn't a lesbian…"

"Bloom/Stella? That takes Les Yay a bit too far in my opinion…"

Bloom stared at the screen for the next pairing.

"Bloom/Diaspro stories? Hell no!"

"Wait, wait, WAIT. Bloom/ICY? That ain't happening!" Bloom went wide-eyed.

"Bloom/DARCY? That ain't happening either!"

Bloom stammered at the next pairing.

"B-B-B-Bloom and- a-and BALTOR?" She shrieked, falling off her chair.

"AAH!" She blasted her poor, unfortunate laptop with her Dragon Flame, incinerating it into bits.

Yes, I actually went through the Romance section of this category and came across these pairings… Check it out for yourself!

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