"Everyone, I'm sure you've heard about a certain website through your relatives…" Morgana sat at the head of the table with Klaus on her right side. On her left was Miele and her parents Rowan and Ivy and sitting around the table were Radius, Luna, Ho-Boe, Maitlin's ghost, Mariam, Oritel, Mike, Vanessa, Teredor, Niobe and Tecna's parents Andreus and Eleanor.

"Yes, we have. I decided to go check it out on my own and what I saw has led me to believe that the people there are seriously out of their minds…" Mike said.

"Indeed. Stella visited my palace and showed me some… strange things on this website…" Luna wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Here's a review I saw on a story. 'You reviewed my story badly so now I'm revenge flaming you! HAHA! How do you like that?' How childish can you get?!" Mariam asked.

"Yep, that is pretty bad. Of course there are those reviews that seem to have nothing to do with the story itself…" Rowan said.

"There's even a review over here on this story that isn't even in the same language as the story…" Andreus said, bemused.

"What about the actual contents of the stories?" said Eleanor. "The plot of this one has me feeling lost. Somehow I don't feel as if I'm on the same page as the author thinks I am…"

"You can't make me read those stories again. I won't, I won't, I WON'T!" Miele cried, snuggling closer to her mother, who patted her gently on the head.

"I can see why poor little Miele wouldn't want to read fanfiction again after what she told us…" Ivy said softly.

"Indeed. Nebula sent me a text saying that even Fabula, our resident literature fairy and keeper of the library in Tir Nan Og actually went and got drunk after reading some of the stories. She says that even when we were imprisoned by the Wizards of the Black Circle, Fabula was never that… despondent…" Morgana said.

"My guess is that it might be bad for her powers. For example, Stella is the fairy of two different light sources: the sun and the moon. If she's trapped in darkness and cut off from both for too long, she grows weak. Perhaps bad literature is Fabula's weakness?" Radius suggested.

"This does not deserve to be called literature at all, Radius…" Niobe said.

"They send me up from the Realm of the Dead for this?" Maitlin asked, looking confused. "I can barely understand this to tell whether or not it's good or bad…"

"It's not all bad, at least. It took me quite a while, but I actually managed to find some stories I actually wouldn't mind reading. In fact, some of these are actually pretty good!" Klaus said.

"When you find those, send me the links dear and I'll forward those to Nebula so she can pass them onto Fabula. Maybe those will help her- if she can convince her to go back on the site again…" Morgana requested.

"Maybe, but look at these. Writing about relationships and offspring we never had. Look at this. An affair indeed. I would never cheat on my lovely Marian. And apparently I have a daughter from that affair too…" Oritel frowned.

"You're not the only one. Apparently the reason for my divorce from Luna was that I cheated on her with a witch… Well written in terms of technical details, but the plot disturbs me greatly…" Radius shuddered.

"That sort of thing would disturb anyone…" Vanessa also shuddered.

"Not to mention the relationships our own offspring seem to be having with everyone else…" Ho-Boe muttered.

"My daughter would never do such things!" Teredor said angrily.

"This is exactly why they greatly disturbed her, dear…" Niobe put a calming hand on her husband's shoulder.

"So what can we really do? These people just don't seem to care…" Mike said.

"Not in the slightest. Would they even pass writing tests at school?" Vanessa wondered.

"The evidence here seems to suggest to the contrary, Vanessa…" Andreus observed.

"So back to what Mike asked. What can we do anyway?" Klaus asked.

"Pascuela was all for hacking the site and deleting all the bad stories herself, but Nebula stopped her…" Morgana thought aloud.

"Why would they stop her?!" Miele wailed.

"Because they all wanted to try and recover from the first exposure first…" Morgana muttered darkly.

"If she wants help, I'd be glad to help her…" Eleanor said.

"And I would lend some assistance as well…" Andreus said.

"Count me in for sure…" Rowan said.

Morgana nodded. "Okay then. We'd need a plan. We can't just go rushing into this. It could be disastrous if we do. I'll call Nebula and we can all get together to arrange the details. If we don't, I'd end up more drunk than Fabula did…"

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