"I should be packing to start at Alfea, but I just want to check out some things before I go…" Roxy patted Artu idly as she stretched out on her bed and opened her laptop.

After checking her email and replying to some of them, an ad caught her eye for fanfiction. net.

"I wonder what kind of things they have there… Ooh! Is there any Harry Potter fanfiction… Of course there is! How could it not have that?"

"And then there's that show called W.I.T.C.H in the Cartoons section and right near that… Winx Club?" Roxy raised an eyebrow as she idly folded a pair of socks with one hand. "Winx Club in the Cartoons section? Must be some sort of mistake…" She shrugged.

"Language filters: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Filipino, Hungarian, Japanese… No thanks. I'll stick with just the English stories. And character filters. There's so many characters in there! Some of them I've never heard the Winx talk about before… Who are these people?"

She shook her head to clear it.

"Might as well look to see if there are any stories about me…" She selected her name in the filter.

"Ah well. As the newest Winx fairy, I wouldn't expect there to be many stories about me yet…" She shrugged.

As she clicked through the pages of stories, she began to notice a trend:

I suck at summeries, Plz read.

"No wonder you suck at 'summeries.' You can't even spell the word right!" The animal fairy exclaimed.

Give me ideas for the story pleez. I nee dem.

"No, I will not give you my story ideas! Go come up with your own!"

I neeeed OCs!

Plz send me you characteres!

Faeriees needed!

"Why would I want to give my OC's to someone who obviously can't write very well? At least not in English or any other recognizable language?" Roxy raised an eyebrow.

winx and there awesum adventures

winx club stroy

can't think of title. Plz read aneewai.

"The grammar and spelling failures! It hurts my brain!" She cried out, clutching her hands to the sides of her head. "Have these people never heard of a word processor?"

Artu perked up and looked at his mistress with worry.

"But wait… there seem to be a few gems hidden in all this. Had to look beneath all those horrors to find them, but they are there…" Roxy patted her dog's head.

"At least I hope…" She shuddered.