Chapter 1: an Ironic mission

The blinding sun hanged high overhead of a beautiful floating city. Mid spring as the flowers bloomed in its large parks as the cities inhabits were off doing their own important things through their day to day life style. Such was a common time of mid-day in the always busy city of Pharaoh that People flocked in large crowds, leaving and entering into new ones. Ships flew overhead and train rails ran about, blowing their horns as signals for departure a simple beauty of such a vast city.

Although sadly there lays a few torn buildings, broken and deformed from a great threat that had arisen near the city not too long ago. Although most of the damage was all but removed the scars of destruction and madness caused by a trio of Hybrids and their mystical and horrifying metal Giants Lares and Laress. With Their power they nearby brought an end to all life in the world, although to most though they did not know this. Only knowing that pair of mad strange creatures caused great scars that still rippled through the world. But their power reached a height when a strange shield ball of some kind had appeared and descended upon the city. It was not till the combined efforts of many brave souls though that the enemy was defeated.

Although it seemed useless to most with the aid of Lares and Laress who managed to open the shield for only a few seconds was the Creature known simply as Tartaros was destroyed. Most also did not know what had happened behind the scenes where a brave hero had defeated and returned peace to the world. Such glory was saved for the hero need not be praised for his victory. The peace of the world was all he needed as payment… and so along with his friend Elh the hero set back to his life of being a hunter. Nine months passed after that faithful day.

Sadly though, what little did he know was that peace had not been achieved because somewhere deep in the earth of a floating island lay a flickering light. Behind that light lied steel walls, enclosing around a secret location.

The Sound of computers beeping and buzzing about as they went about working around, systems being check and DNA analyzing and construction was underway. The computer Voice spoke clearly and loudly "Creation process 98% complete. Subject *Error Subject name unfound* is completing final mental checkup."

The system whizzed about as a tube like tank slowly came out of a nearby wall. Vapor steaming from it as slowly slid forward into the center of a test chamber. The chamber had been dirty, vines falling from the ceiling as a sign of which the lab had long been abandon for vegetation had taken its footing in the building "System checkup complete, Mental State is *Warning Unstable* complete. Releasing test subject in thirty seconds. Any rejections to completion are to be filed now. *Error* recommending recreation, subject is unstable. Five seconds till release."

As the computer lifted the tube, the Subjects started to awaken, his eyes quickly scanning about. "Process… Process…" The computer started to lap, the system was breaking down.

The Subject shook inside his water filled prison. Eyes narrowed as he pressed his hands against the glass. The tube suddenly to turn bright as it exploded. The subject falling from it, coughing up the water that he had been trapped in for so long. After the subject had filled his lungs with the first breath of life he would take. He turned to the computer, looking down at his hand as he stated moving it into a fist, feeling the soft skin. "Hmm… Strange." He slowly looked back to the computer, grinning darkly. He lifted his hand "Lets see." he muttered before a small ball of light had formed in the creature's hand, he slightly pushed the light forward as the mystical ball soon pressed against the wall.

The lab had then been engulfed in a bright light; a loud explosion shook throughout the facility as the computer along with the chamber the subject had been in were both removed from existence by the blast. The facility started to shake for the explosion had weakened the foundation of the lab and it started to collapse in upon itself. The subject cared little for what had happened as he started to stumble "Not ready yet…" he muttered while he stumbled further, still little weak from his awakening.

He released another blast from his hand that landed against a nearby steel wall, breaking through it and the earth that lied on the other side. Day light appeared upon the other end of the blast as the remains of the facility were being crushed by the falling earth. The subject walked out towards the light, his final words before the light had consumed him were hateful, dark… "Process complete…"

Meanwhile back at Pharaoh at that exact moment the Lone Robot Rider who had saved the world was in the process of his latest and greatest task… "Gah get back here you damn rat!" rodent catching. Red Savarin the seventeen year old caninu charged in after the rodent, he couldn't use his Dahak to get into the tight spaces of the warehouse so his only option was to do it on foot.

"Come on Red, You can do it!" His Felineko friend Elh Melizee supported Red from atop a crate. She giggled as Red was charging about, hopeless at catching the rodents.

"Come on, come on, I almost…!" Red yelled out before smashing into a crate, falling back. He rubbed his head softly as he looked up to see the crates tumbling, soon englufting the Caninu's form. "Gah!" He said while crawling out.

Elh could not contain herself from giggling softly. "Red I suggest you stop for a moment, if you keep mindlessly chasing them you won't catch them. After all I had already done my side an hour ago." She jumped down from her crate and walked up to him, offering her hand for support. "Get up now before the Rats get away."

Red smiled softly, taking the hand and with Elh's aid quickly lifted himself up. He rubbed the back of his head, releasing a heavy sigh "Fine, let's do it your way." Red could never truly argue with Elh anyway for many reasons, most of them embarrassing ones as well.

"Now then seeing I think you have gone through enough trouble… plus I rather you not lose any brains you had left…" Elh teased before walking over to the rodents "I'll take it from here…" Elh then got into an almost prowl like stance, slowly creeping upon the rodent. She pounced and within a spilt second Elh had the rat within her grasp, carrying the squirming critter by the tail. "See nothing to it…" she said while placing the rodent in a nearby cage full of fellow rodents.

"Yeah, although I am not a Felineko so I don't have natural rat catching abilities. Besides I thought girls were scared of rodents?" Red said with a soft smirk, causing Elh to blush a bit, tempter rising for a moment.

She clenched her fist "Well at least I catch them, rather then you charging blindly into crates! This is the third time you been buried in boxes!" Elh returned spitefully. Red choose to back off, he already has seen the fury of Elh and would not like another slap to his face for the day. Besides after so many head on collisions with the hard iron crates, Red couldn't really do with a much greater headache.

"So let us turn in the reward" Elh said while picking up the cage, walking out with head held high, a sign of which she was still angry with the Caninu.

The dog followed loyally behind her; till they were outside and he managed to get back atop his Dahak. "Good, now I feel whole again!" Red gave a soft cheer.

Elh on the other hand was handing the Cage to the client, a small Merchant caninu who thanked the two and offered up Seven hundred rings. "Thank you and have a nice Day!" Elh said, waving to her merchant as they walked off, Red remaining atop his Dahak.

Red turned to Elh, who looked away from him with a loud "Hmpfh!" leaving the two in a almost painfully silent walk to the train station.

"Okay, seeing I will not have any other choice… I'm sorry." Red sighed, hating to submit, yet it was as always the case with Elh. Elh turned back to Red, still having the bland look on her face "You're forgiven, not your fault that those blows to your head made you forget how to think. Although that is you most the time" She added with a soft smile.

Red laughed as well. "Yeah I guess your right." Red agreed as they started for the port, going back to the ship for a rest laughing together as they always had at the end of a long day.

"So when do you think we will be able to afford those new upgrades for the Asmodeus? You know how Chocolat loves her upgrades?" Elh asked as they took a trip upon the nearby Train, being the fastest way to the port.

"Well, seeing that pirate activity has rapidly increased, a few guns or such would cost us a couple thousand Rings. Plus ammo…" Red trailed off for a moment, seeming to stare at the carts ending.

"What is wrong?" Elh asked as she leaned over to see while Red was viewing, nothing at all really aside a few dents in the ceiling.

"I-It is the cart where I fought Blanck and Nero…" Red trailed off, for the scars of the past had not fully healed. He remembered while they fought… he had a gun to his advantage. Yet even if he defeated them, nothing could change the truth of which had happened… the day he had the order. The one Order that turned him into a vile creature who not only killed his kin, but harmed the one thing he sought to protect most of all.

Elh sighed lightly, the train starting to depart. "Red, I thought you had long since passed that mistake. It wasn't your fault and you know it." Elh tried to comfort the depressed Caninu who nodded hesitantly.

"I know, yet it doesn't make it any easier. Besides I do still have nightmares…" Red admitted the nightmares where he screams out for Elh as his world crumbled around him. As If he was there watching himself harming everyone he loved… yet he could nothing to stop it.

Yet Elh did not take shock to this small truth. Red had been tossing and turning at night after all and offend found little rest till she would comfort him with a few words while he slept. "Why can't you let go, if you fear that they despise you for your deed then why might they have saved you?" Elh tried a more reasonable approach which Red shrugged off

"It is not so much their deaths and thoughts that I fear of…" Red began to say. Elh tilted her head a tad bit, giving a puzzling look to him as she was about to ask what it was that was wrong till the train had stopped. "Let's go." Red stated before walking out, Elh following behind this time.

Once in the more lively air the Caninu's features seemed to brighten up rather quickly. He turned back to the half worried purple Felineko and smiled softly "Let's get back to Chocolat before it gets late." Red said as he offered up his hand to Elh, who took it. She gave a soft smile and nodded

"Let's go then!" She gave a soft cheer, matching with the Caninu's before they started to run off atop the Dahak, heading straight to their home.

Meanwhile at the Asmodeus it there was a transmission coming in, only to be picked up by no other Ace pilot then Chocolat, the pink slightly frilly Caninu. "Hello?" she said, smiling up at the screen which appeared to be none other than Calua Napage.

"Hello is this thing on?" he asked with his casual misfit tone. He was looking down at the tiny screen on the control pad. "Yes it is on Calua, long time no see!" Chocolat said with a sweet smile.

The Orange colored Felineko smiled after looking up to see the larger screen "Hey dude. It's good to see you! Where is the Red dude? I want to talk to him!" He asked while looking close to the screen, his eye filling up most the screen on Chocolat's end as he looked around pointlessly.

"Uh well he is out on a job, should be back shortly though. Can I take a message for him?" she asked trying to keep the sweet smile. "Nah, if he's not there he is not there. We can handle it…" suddenly a whack came behind the Felineko's head, in return causing him to smash his head against the control panel and slide down off the chair out of eeped in reaction.

"Sorry about that Ms. Chocolat." Gren, the blue loyal caninu said, his straight face hiding his emotion's as always. He took the seat and looked to her "Listen, we need Red to report to the Golden Roar at once. Lady Opera is demanding he come, we have a job." Gren was about to go on till suddenly Calua got up and yelled "Not cool dude!" Which Gren simply stated in a calm voice "You were not following Opera's orders properly so I took over!"

Calua sighed and shrugged "Ahhh well." He leaned in to the screen and smiled to the pink caninu "Well listen, once the Red dude comes on board head for the Golden Roar. We will explain the rest later!" Chocolat nodded and waved "Okay bye guys, See you later!" She said, which both replied with a goodbye. "Goodbye Ms. Chocolat" and "Later Dude!" Before the transmission ended.

Chocolat leaned back in her chair and sighed. "Wonder what that was about." She thought to herself as she went back to her checkup on the basics of the ship.

"Were home!" Red called as he entered into the bridge followed by Elh. "Good to see work went well. Hope it wasn't too much trouble." The pink caninu smiled as she turned to the two.

"Well I had no problems what so ever." Elh said, smiling a bit as she turned to Red, smirking as she added "Red did fine as well. He put a lot of hard work into the job." Red felt a little tense and nodded "Yeah I did just fine. Although I'm a little sore." He said as he took a seat.

Chocolat went over to a nearby chair and started to press a few buttons. "She's ready to sail now. We also got a call that I think you should hear about." Red turned to Elh as they both leaned in, interested.

Chocolat explained the transmission in detail, aside Calua's abuse from Gren. "Well and then they told me they needed to see you about a job. So what should we do?" She asked The Red caninu who processed the pink Caninu's words. "Hmmm… well I think we should head off. I mean we do need work still to pay for your upgrades. So we should make ready for takeoff in an hour. Till then though…" suddenly though there was a loud blasting sound as the trio turned to see a large mob forming nearby. Fire lightly up further in the distance.

"Red what's going on?" Chocolat asked as the mob was moving down the street to the city hall; her voice gave away her fears. Red peered through the half lighted city. Dusk was coming upon the golden town.

"I don't know but I have a bad feeling." Red responded as he went running down the hallway to the hanger, Elh calling after him "Where are you going!" Red turned back and yelled, not slowly down "Going to make sure no one gets hurt!" and before Elh could stop Red he was already on the Dahak and gone. "Be careful…" Elh muttered silently to herself as he headed off into the city.

Red walked through the streets, no one was there. The streets were empty and not a sound was heard. Most of the windows were closed as it seemed a lot of the people were hiding from whatever had happened. Red kept running down the street in Dahak, picking up speed till he reached the court yard for the town hall, full of people. By the time he had gotten there night had already settled in.

"Let us in! We demand to see the Mayor!" a Caninu citizen screamed at a security guard who kept the rather large mob at bay with his fellow officers. "Please people, go home. The Mayor is not seeing anyone at this moment." A guard with a speakerphone ordered. This only riled the rioting crowd more.

Red looked around as he walked over to someone "Hey." He called to a Small Felineko girl "Do you know what's going on?" he asked as she looked up at him. "oh not really, all I know is that they want to see the Mayor. I thought this was a party but I'm starting to get scared… these people seem really angry… I'm getting out of…" She said before suddenly screaming as a blast was heard.

Red turned over to see a man with a large revolver, pointing it at the guards "Let us in right now! I am not scared to use this on you bastards." The rather large Caninu shouted. Apparently he was the mob's leader "Sir put the weapon down at once!" a Felineko officer ordered to the mob leader.

"Oh yea… and what are you going to do if I don't?" he said while suddenly firing near the officer's head. Who fell back in reaction, panting a bit from the moment of shock gripping his heart "No daddy!" The Girl screamed. "Okay that's just nuts!" Red said to himself before then starting to move through the crowd.

The crazed man held the gun high and pointed it at more of the officers. They couldn't do anything without causing the angered crowd to be sent into a fury if they tried to reach the armed Caninu "See nothing! That's why the military left us when we were in dire danger! Let's take the town hall everyone!" He said while riling the crowd.

Red couldn't stand by any more as he yelled out "Stop it!" He said while atop his Dahak. "Oh yea?" The man turned to the Red caninu with gun in hand, pointing it to him. "So you're going to stop me kid? Another government scum?" The man asked as he started to pull on the trigger.

Red quickly rushed forward, using Dahak's hands to block the man's fire as Red approached. Soon enough he lifted the man after securing him into a tight hold. "Ahh! Let go of me!" The man yelled, dropping the weapon. Red crushed the gun under Dahak's foot and released the man, who fell and to the ground and coughed "Sorry." Red gave a sour apology while the people around him started to yell, throwing trash and rocks in anger.

"Gah looks like the scene isn't getting pretty." Red told himself as then the Riot leader yelled out once he had air in his lungs again "Get him now! He's another spy of the government! Get him!" Before Red could tell the people he wasn't such a thing men started to climb up atop the Dahak to reach Red.

"Ahh shit! Looks like there is no other way." Red reached down to his belt and pulled out his sword stungun. A man lifted up his fist to try and attack Red, lucky though Red shifted to the side. He had no choice as he blasted a man back who tried to attack him once more. Feeling the electric shock the "He shot him? Get him!" Another Felineko yelled out as Red turned his blade sideways, smashing the same Felineko in the side knocking him off.

Another tried to hit him with a wooden board which Red ducked and punched him in the gut. "Gah!" The man cried and fell off the side. Red was caught in a hot spot, every single rioter he took down another one would replace him along with a fellow one. Red even took a blow to the back with a heavy wooden broad, releasing a growl of pain. Red kept the fight going long enough before he could finally push some of the Dahak's controls which swung the arms about.

Many of the men who had jumped on were thrown off from the metal arms swinging about and it made room for Red to move about in the crowd.

Though Red was soon surrounded once more by more of the mob "This is pointless and I can't beat them all…" Red started to charge forward, the crowd moving out of his way till it opened way to the same man with a new gun "Take this!" he said while he fired. Quickly Red brought Dahak's arms to the ground and pushed upward, flinging himself past the crowd and out in the end of the street.

"Get him he is running away." The mob leader yelled out as the people started to chase after the Robot Rider.

"Sorry but I do have places to be!" Red said in a cocky manner as he ran through the streets. He saw the girl he had talked to a moment ago, worry they might harm her Red picked her up quickly "No get away!" She said while hitting and kickings Red side "Ahh stop! I'm a good guy." Red tried to convince her and she ooohed "Okay then run!" She said while looking back

The problem now was though that the mob was catching up on him, some within their own Robots now. Red placed on his communicator and called Chocolat while he was being pursed. "Sis, get the ship ready now!" He ordered. "Red? What's going on!" She asked as a gun shot just grazed the side of the Dahak "Red!" She called out. The little girl screaming in fear as she hid inside the Dahak.

"I'm still here! but something's up. Go now and get the ship up! Just hurry!" Red ordered as he was now getting shot at by a few mob members. "Shit!" He said while then having to grip hold of a nearby lamp post and throwing it down, blocking the mob for a moment. "Keep moving now!" The mob leader ordered.

Red then looked to the girl and suggested "It might be time to get you home…" he said while then picking her up with the Dahak "Hey be careful!" She wiggled about as Red then asked "Where is your home?"

The little girl pointed to a nearby house and Red Stopped and sat her down "You stay out of places like those now do you hear?" Red ordered and the little girl nodded "Thank you! You saved my daddy!" She said while waving goodbye to the fleeing Red "Thanks tell him your welcome for me!"

Red had made it out of sight from the mob in the time he managed to save from skipping through a few alleys now; he turned through the streets and up to the port. Seeing that the ship was in the air he smiled "Red!" Elh called from atop the ship as the hangar opened. "I'm coming hold on." Red replied as he started to run to the port.

Then without warning the Mob leader along with serival men came out from the side alleys, panting a bit "h-ha… knew you be c-coming." He panted before then raising a rifle. "Take this!" He yelled before Red lifted up his arms once more to block the bullet. Although the firing worsened as a few more men joined into the volley of bullets by using their rifles and side arms as well.

Red was pinned and having to move back but noticed something on his left soon he smiled "Sorry but I don't plan to stay here very long!" He said while taking hold of a shipping crate, charging forward with it blocking the men's guns. "Gah… that's it!" Red yelled while throwing the Crate, the people moving aside in order to dodge it. Then Red jumped atop the crate and jumped into the hanger opening for The Asmodeus.

"Later!" Red called out as the Mob leader started to fire once more. "You won't get away!" He shouted before firing one last shot. "Out of ammo!" he yelled out throwing his gun to the ground.

Red just chuckled "Later!" he waved before the hanger door closed. Elh ran down and looked to Red who smiled at her "Hey… that was a lot rougher than I expected."

Elh was about to punch his gut, clenching her fists for Reds own safety "You idiotic dog you could have been killed!" She yelled out. Walking up in his face "Do you know how much we were worried!"

"Yea but I wa… I wa…" Red's eyes suddenly closed as he fell atop Elh. "R-red?" She asked, blushing a bit as she wiggled underneath him "Red! Get off this isn't funny!" Elh ordered the caninu who didn't reply. "R-red?" she said concerned till then suddenly she felt a warmth against her fingers… it was hot like a warm body… and felt thick as well.

"Red hold on I'll get you help!" She said getting free. Red had been shot in the left shoulder; the pure rush of adrenalin must have made the Caninu unknown of it. "Chocolat!" Elh screamed as they rushed back to Red… who lied in a half unconscious state.

The last thing Red could see before darkness had over taken him was Elh's face… something felt odd… he couldn't see it… but he felt something wet, warm. Was it the blood flowing from him… he just couldn't tell. As it fell upon his face… was it… "Elh?" his lips motioned before he was out.


Red felt the world rush around him in a dreamlike state "Am I dead?" He seemed to ask in a void that surrounded his clouded mind "No…" A voice replied to him.

"Where am I?" Red asked again as he looked around "Your safe now. Just relax." The voice tried to comfort the Caninu. "Who are you?" Red asked as he rubbed his eyes tiredly "Your salvation" The voice stated, the worlds echoing till at the edge of the void appeared a bright light, "no… I don't want to leave yet…" Red said while trying to move away from the light as it started to grow.

"No! No!" he yelled out before the light had taken his form. He slowly raised his eyes and looked about… before him stood Elh, smiling sweetly as she offered up a flower to the caninu "Elh?" He asked as she motioned the flower to him.

He raised a brow and slowly took it with a soft smile "I had the strangest dream again…" He began to say before then Elh pressed her index to his lips

"Shhh its okay now. Don't worry… its not your fault." She smiled sweetly "Wait? My fault for what?" Red asked as Elh leaned in, then he saw a small tear form in Elh's left eye… as it wasn't a normal tear but red… "That you killed me…" She muttered as she started to decay before him, his blade within her as he was left in shock.

Elh fell down, lifeless and Red's hands were stained with her blood "W-What have I… I didn't do this… no, no, no" He said to himself as he looked down at her. "Please Elh don't go!"

Red shook the lifeless body of the felineko as the blood pooled around him staining the flowers that Elh loved so much. "D-Damn it!" Red screamed out as a deep voice called from the darkenss that soon enfolded Red and Elh's dead body. "Its all your fault."

Red looked around seeing no one in sight. "What?" He said with a nervous tone

"You killed her…"

"No I didn't!"

"Enjoyed it…"

"Shut up I didn't do it!" He said while tears streamed from his eyes

"I know you did it… you murdered her"

"NO I didn't how can you say such a thing…" Red argued with the formless voice as then he felt a tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned around to see a dark reflection of himself, smirking with blood dripping from his fingers

"Because I am you."

Red screamed as then rising up from the bed, yelling out "NO!". Red looked around fall back, looking around as he started to pant a bit "Gah" he muttered while turning to his side, leaning on his patched up shoulder.

His vision was fuzzy, barley able to see he was in some sort of medical room. "My, my you do always find a way to get yourself into some nasty situations don't you feisty pup?" a women's voice giggled as Red turned over to his right looking to see who it was.

What stood before him was a Purple Felineko, much taller than Elh as she smiled "Well lucky for you Opera is always here to help." She smiled sweetly

. "H-hey, where am I?" Red asked weakly. "You're on the Golden Roar." Opera quickly responded while moving over to Red. "W-What? How did I end up here?" He asked, mind still hazy from the events that had happened.

"You lost a lot of blood, Elh and Chocolat were able to do a quick fix on your arm but at the time you were looking a little to pale. So they brought you here, you have been out for nearly nine hours." Opera explained.

Red Just groaned "N-nine hours huh? Guess I did kind of overdue it… but at least I'm here for the job." Red smiled, giving a soft chuckle.

Opera sighed "So helpless you are I feel sorry for her. Either way, your cute little friend wanted me to get her once you woke up. I'll send her in." Opera said before walking out of the room. Not even giving time for Red to see if he was okay with this.

Red could hear some chatting in the background before Elh charged into the room, looking to Red. "Red! Your awake!" Elh's voice cracked abit as she started to tear up abit. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Red smiled weakly as he looked at her, then up at the ceiling.

Elh, at first seeming sad and scared then turned to a smile. Although behind her was a dark aura as she approached a nerve showing as her fists clenched "I was so worried and yet you seem to act as If nothing happened."

Red widens his eyes as he started to feel nervous sweat forming along the his face "U-uh well you see… I mean of course I'm better cause of you!" Red tried to defuse the situation. Yet to no avail

"You jerk! I worried here none stop! I thought you might have died!" Elh started to scream as she even punched him in his wound. The Blood showing in the bandages. "GAH!" the poor Red yelped as tears filled up his eyes "Y-you didn't have to do that!" he muttered before then Elh walked out, angrily "Idiotic dog." She coldly muttered, leaving the caninu in his painful state. A few giggles were heard as he understood a certain sister and lady were listening in.

"Man…" he muttered as he looked up at the ceiling. Retracing the events that had followed through, this wasn't the first time he had seen a riot forming out of many composed fan girls. Although often it was when he was dragged along to guard Chocolat as she got some sort of new hit single. Although Red didn't mind helping his little sister out there was still no danger, not compared to what had happened yesterday. Or was it today? Red didn't honestly know anymore and neither did care for that matter.

Red slowly lowered his eyes to go back to asleep, the pain subsiding in his arm from Elh's punch as he relaxed, rested up. The world around him became a blur once more as he heard Chocolat wishing to come in. yet Elh seemed to be stopping her.

"Red is trying to rest. Apparently the loss of blood has caused him to become even worse of a fool then before." Elh yelled out which almost caused Red to return the insult after awakening from the loud noise.

Although he thought about taking another painful punch and just lied back down, sleeping the pain away. The world phasing by him as he drifted off to a new dream. Sleeping soundly as the sounds of the outside world faded from existence. The dream did not haunt him, not this time… but something made it hard for him to rest.

Red awoke the next morning, not by the sounds of others. Not by the soft turns of the ship as it rode upon the wind. No for in the end Red was awakened with a nice heavy wooden box falling atop his face. It must have jerked loose from a sharper turn.

"Gah!" Red yelled out as he flailed about abit while off guard. Pulling the box off his face, rubbing his snout softly. "Oh damn" he muttered. His snout was alright this time and he didn't seem to be bleeding anywhere. "Who puts cargo in a place like this?" Red said while lifting the box and upon it written in rather poor handwriting and a nice large kitty face

"Hey Dude got you a nice get well gift! Get better soon." Red tilted his head, looking inside to see what had Calua had brought him. "What the…" he said while looking at a box simply full of stones.

"I don't get the joke…" Red muttered before setting the box aside. Sighing as he tried to go back to sleep, till of course a loud feline had come into the room once more

"Hello Darling! Are you feeling better yet?" Opera asked with a wide cheerful smile. "You could knock you know." Red said as he slowly sat up, looking at his shoulder and back at her "Yes also I am feeling better." Red added as he turned himself about, standing up out of the bed.

"Well it is my ship but I understand pup. Also that is good to hear because we are about to go over your mission." Opera replied while leading the semi-recovered caninu to his stuff. "Your clothing is all in there. We had to take them off and wash them of course from the blood. They should be cleaned now though" Red blushed for a moment "So wait you guys saw me in my boxers?"

Opera giggled softly "Not me. I think of was your little girl friend." Opera winked and walked out. Red replying with a loud "She's not my girlfriend!"

Red got dressed, seeing a small patch that covered up the bullet tare. It was also lucky his clothing was such a shade that the small stains of blood that couldn't be undone were not seen too well.

Once he finished, tying his shoes on he placed upon his hat he walked out. He had known the ship with the time he had spent on it, fighting the hybrids and Bruno. The trouble that had happened… and the pain he was placed through with the tiring simulations. He walked into the meeting hall with Gren, Calua and Opera awaiting him.

"About time you got here." Gren said to Red, sounding irritated by the matter "You shouldn't keep lady Opera waiting."

"Well I was in the middle of a nice nap so I rather you speed this up. It's going as slow as your combat speed!" Red replied with a smart tone.

"Why you little…" Gren growled before Calua broke in between the two

"Hey dude! Get my gift?" He asked while pushing Gren away, causing the blue caninu to drop the issues for now.

"Yea… it fell on me hard… dude…" Red replied as he then pondered for a moment before asking "What was the joke?"

The airheaded Felineko replied "Well you seemed out of it and I was told you're a rock head so I thought give the dude rocks! You know to make you feel better?" He smiled softly, honestly thinking that might have worked.

Red's eyes went wide "What was this guy thinking." He thought. He flared up in fury as he muttered "And who said that?" already having a good guess that a certain Felineko was saying things again.

"Uh well it was Chocolat!" he answered the caninu whose face went from a raging red to a blue in gloom hunch backing as a storm appeared over his head 'not literally of course'

"Aww now she's making fun of me as well…" While the caninu gloomed, Elh and Chocolat came in from the main entrance

"We are here." Elh announced while noticing Red being rather blue… "Is there something wrong Red?" Elh asked with a small hint of concern in her voice. Red looked over, noticing it was Elh and perked back up as if nothing was wrong. "N-nope nothing at all. I'm totally fine!" Red fearing for what might happen if he got upset again… and angered Elh.

Elh was about to ask Red again for the truthful answer but then a loud smash was heard as Opera slammed a clip bored onto the nearby table. "Here" She said while sliding it to Red, who caught it and looked at it.

"So the mission huh?" Red asked, not bothering to Red the details. "Yes looks like the blood loss hasn't affected your brain too much." Red thought to himself "Her to…" as he felt the clouds rolling back in. "The Details are in the fine print…." Opera began to explain before Chocolat spoke up "Wait! I want to hear it from you Opera… what is this mission?"

Opera leaned abit onto the table with her right side, looking away from the pink caninu "Hmm where to begin…" She said to herself… leaving the trio of Red, Elh, and Chocolat in suspense as she hmed for a long time.

"Well you see you pups. After you defeated Tartaros there was much chaos to clean up. Lucky for you though only the Kurvaz were the ones to do all the picking. We didn't bother to tell them what had fully happened but they seemed to think that they managed to defeat it themselves. Among many of the fallen ships we had to scrap were pirates and outlaws that were caught in the middle of it all so after seeing the defeat of those monsters the pirate's moral gone high up." Opera paused and sighed.

"Now here is where it gets bad. You see one f the ships to be rescued had a former major military officer. Seeing the Military had left he went to fight with the people who had to stay… he then brought together the survivors and created a pirate band. Seeing high amounts of resentment were left in the eyes of the people for the government… as you saw earlier" Opera looked to Red's wounded shoulder which in turn Red grabbed.

"Mainly the riots and protests have been out on the limits of the Shepard republic. "With the government in a strain to maintain control over the situation the Military officer known only as The Jackal was able to lead it to a new height. Pretty soon they took over an island and the cities that were upon it. Setting it up as there base was easy due to the fact that they seemed like a rebellion in the peoples eye. That was five months ago then the group turned to attack traders and supply ports people. No longer just the government, the officer had not known this at the time. He wanted to overthrow the government but not harm the people if it wasn't needed… although that didn't last him long as he was killed on the sixth month after Re-Coda." Opera paused for a breath

"Some sort of Crime lord called Vero Fangsol was then in charge. He was so kind of Big baddy that grew up in Basset, he turned the inter force of the clan over to simply attacking cities and anyone else they felt like. They are currently called Blue Devils but most call them Fire Fanglings. Seeing that Fangsol is also a pyro maniac they often carry fire based weapons. They are also not easy to track or to defeat in combat either. Even so what they lack in weapons they make up in high numbers, seeing that makes me worried. They have already stroke out against us and it is clear that they have assumed what I have… with the countless government issues going on and the military in disarray the only ones who could stop Fangsol from taking the Republic by force would be the Kurvaz. Seeing I rather not go to war with them empty handed I like to get some files on their actions. Holding a few cards is always better then holding none." She then pointed to the trio "That is where you come in."

Red looked to Opera who pointed mainly to him, before he could respond though Elh yelled out "That is too dangerous… Red already got shot once and now he needs to go into the heart of the madness that caused it!" Only to be followed up by Chocolat "I agree that is way too much…"

Red replied with a soft smile as he muttered "You guys."

Opera chuckled "Well let's see what the pup thinks. A lot of people will get hurt in this war and I rather we get as much aid as we could in the battle. So what shall it be oh so mighty Hunter?" Opera asked… all eyes turning to Red.

Red had been quiet for a while now… the silence in the room almost made him nervous as he raised a brow and asked "Where are the Files?" Elh and Chocolat seeming in shock

"Red you can't be thinking of going through with this!" Elh argued but red raised his hand as if asking for silence. This made Elh mad… but she stayed silent.

"It is on a ship I think you and the cute kid there would remember quite well…" She slowly chuckled and continued "It's the Hindenburg. Well at least part of it anyway, seems like the pirates are scraping up what they could… it's abit of irony also seeing that the Hindenburg was a Kurvaz ship we still have the codes to it. This is why you are going onto it."

Red was taken back a bit by this news. The ship he had met Elh and taken the medallion was still about somewhere. Although Red didn't know what to think as he looked down, a dark aura seeming to form around him as he was thinking of it all… war and such always angered the Caninu and he didn't want to go through what had happened again from the other day. But if it meant saving lives…

Red raised his head and looked to Opera with a soft smirk… "Alright I'm on the case!" He gave a thumb up.

Meanwhile Elh sighed and then muttered "Moron."

Opera smiled "Good Now then seeing we will be flying to the drop off point in about two hours I suggest you rest up… oh and you're Moth- I mean Merveille wanted me to get you once you were recovered. She said she was doing some upgrades on Dahak down in the lab." The Felineko women suggested before walking away. "I have duties to run so I won't see you off… will you be okay?" she asked with a soft smirk.

Red smirked and nodded "Would you expect anything else from me?" He said with a wide grin. He then turned to Chocolat and Elh who slowly started to smile with the cheered up Red "Looks like we are back in action!" he said as the golden Roar flew through the sky heading to the Hindenburg!

Meanwhile, atop the same island which the lab had once existed The figure of the creature which had destroy his birthplace without a second of hesitation now walked across the small island.

"This is earth… at least what of it now…" he muttered to himself while walking thought the grass fields as the island was rather small, yet not near the Dwarvin Islands.

"Such an ugly piece of rock… a fitting place to find such loathing creatures. They managed to defeat him… but not this time." He raised his hand up, pointing to a nearby island that seemed luckily barren. Though the creature did not care what lived atop it as he released another blast of blinding light that removed the island from existence.

"I'm coming for you…" he muttered as he suddenly grew a pair of metal like wings, which he started to soar off into the distance. His figure disappearing into the rising dawn

"Red Savarin!"

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