Chapter 2: Hindenburg V.2

Flying in upon the amazing gliding Robot, Red made his approach. Elh alongside him as they flew downward to the rather large, reconstructed Trade ship, The Hindenburg. The ship in it seemed like junk, not even looking safe to drive as it was more likely just crushed together. "Hello? Red can you get my signal?" Chocolat asked while back aboard the golden roar.

Red smiled as he responded "Roger, hearing you loud and clear sis. We are moving in on the target right now…" Elh gripped tightly to Red's arm as they fell at a much faster rate. Making the Felineko of course a little nervous and Red blushing slightly "Yep we're good." She muttered.

"Okay you should be reaching the air pad in about a minute. Although from these scans you might not be able to hear us clearly once you're inside so being careful." Chocolat explained as a loud voice was heard in the background. "Mewoe! Best way to get rid of the communication suppresser is to simply take out the main computer where the flies are so good luck!" Opera stated.

Red turned to Elh "Get that? We need to take out the main computer after we steal the flies." Elh nodded "Got it!" yet before the two landed another voice appeared upon Red communicator

"Red, remember the Upgrades as well. You'll need them at some point so don't be afraid to use them" Merveille reminded Red who replied with an "Okay I got it!"

"Good now good luck you two." Merveille replied before then the communications were handed back to Chocolat.

The Dahak along with its passengers landed upon the steel platform, used for loading and unloading crates. The original Hindenburg had no such thing… improvements to say the least. "Phew that was close… This thing looks like it was made out of ships from basset based on the design" Red seemed to be speaking to himself and semi-comforting the Felineko who gripped his shoulder tightly.

"U-Uh Elh…" Red shuddered for a moment, blushing abit. "You can let go…" and upon that Elh did release the Caninu from her tight grasp, blushing as well. "Oops sorry."

"Okay Red you should be able to still hear me, entering in on the supply pad will be the best option because they can pick up anything yet. We will shut down the communications shortly so they don't figure out your in there." Chocolat explained before adding "Oh and Elh… make sure he doesn't get himself hurt again for me!"

Elh giggled "Alright I can agree to that." Red sighed in response to this "Okay turning off the communicator now. Wish us luck!" Before Red turned off and pulled out the device, setting it in a storage container inside the Dahak.

Meanwhile deeper in the Hindenburg…

"Vhat! Vhat do you mean there was signs of a ship nearby! I thought ve vere on top security!" A man shouted from within the mainframe system.

The door to the room was knocked open as a half beaten to death caninu solider went flying out of it. The solder was wearing a blue like clothing that was similar to the Kurvaz outfit. Only the symbol was a blue flame instead of a black paw. "And not only that you didn't even get a full report!" The angered commander growled. The Solider tried effortlessly to get away though.

"Vorms… All of you…" he said while then taking out a rather large claw like contraption that he had attached to his right fist. Lifting his hand up and smiting down upon the guard who yelped in pain… before his groans of agony were ended with a loud crack sound. .

The blood pooled around the guard's body while the commander lifted himself up off it, pulling his steel claws from the lifeless caninu guard. The blood dripped silently onto the wooden floor as he turned to two pale guards who stood tall in reaction legs trembling. "You two send varning and check the ship for any intruder's right avay. Anyone vho doesn't fulfill their duty to the clan is useless!"

The Soldiers nodded, saluted and yelled "Sir Yes Sir!" Before running off quickly to follow their orders. While the commander cleaned his steel claw "I vill not lose this ship twice!" before he walked back into the mainframe, getting back to his work.

Back with Red and Elh the two had just entered the ship through the supply line. Sneaking into the bottom of the ship was easy for them and went without a single event occurring. Although seeing they were on the lower levels of the ship there was bound to be some form of…



"Elh shhh!" Red whispered as they walked through the lower cargo storage area, trying to find an entrance. Although some of the food supplies had come loose do to the many bugs found that Dahak stepped through. The loud crushing sounds of the insects echoed as it caused the Felineko to close her eyes, covering her ears.

"P-please let it be over… please let it be over…" She slowly repeated to herself, opening her eyes to find Red looking at her concernedly. He reached over and smiled softly pulling her into a comforting hug, "Hey come on it isn't that bad… you have me to defend you…" But just as Red was saying that a spider started to move down from its web over to Red.

"Red…" Elh tried to speak but Red went on "So please be quiet, we are trying to remain as stealthy as we can and…" Meanwhile the spider slid down the webs and was nearby the Caninu's cheek.

"Red…!" Elh tried to warn once more as Red asked "What is it?" Before the Spider jumped on to Red's face landing upon his cheek. This caused Red to flinch in reaction and Elh to well…

The loud smacking sound could be heard echoing around the two as Red held his right cheek, tears streaming from his eyes as the steam came off the slam mark. "O-Ow... Ow…" he muttered to himself. Meanwhile Elh blushed and got nervous feeling so bad about doing so.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to… it's just that it was so close and I!" The embarrassed Felineko was cut off as a loud voice yelled out "Hey you!"

Red and Elh turned over to see a guard coming down from the elevator in a Grizzle Mech. The design was large bottom half with thick legs. It had to rely upon it's rather weak arms for support as they were long, in a range of about seventeen feet that were tipped with sharp talons. The mech was about twice the size as Dahak in length.

Red smirked softly as he states "Well looks like we have been discovered! Good! I was tired of sneaking around anyway!" he said while then suddenly charging forward. The guard was surprised to see the small mech user not retreat and charged in as well. Running in a feral like state as the thick legs kicked the cargo out of the way.

Red smiled as the Grizzle mech swung its right arm out, which Red quickly gripped hold off leaving the solder left speechless "Hehe… Thanks I was looking for an opening" Red grinned before he then used Dahak's superior strength to lift the Grizzle mech. The soldier trying to shake free but of no avail.

Red started to swing the mech in a clock like motion, sending the mech flying as he released after two rotations. The Grizzle mech was bashed against the wall and soon as it slammed into the ground it was covered in the cargo crates. This prevented it from moving for sure.

"Well that was easy!" Red smirked before getting punched in the shoulder by Elh "you know you could have been a lot quieter when dealing with him…" She criticized the caninu who growled "Well true but it wasn't my fault he attacked!"

"Yes it is! You started to rush at him first!" Before Elh could continue the criticism six more of the Grizzle Mech's came down upon the duo. Red smirked softly as he looked to Elh "Still want me to be quiet?" Elh narrowed her eyes in a soft anger. "Let them have it then… moron." She muttered before the suddenly they shifted forward.

Red spread himself abit, getting the Dahak into its basic battle stance as he smirked "Come at me!" He taunted the guards which case two of them to charge at the Dahak's front… and left flank. Quickly Red ran straight for the one charging forward at his front having the flanking one gave chase behind him.

One the Grizzle was in range as its claws lifted up as the mech was using its speed to its advantage for the attack, unfortunately it wasn't very agile. Red quickly raised the Dahak's arms up, lifting the front Grizzle mech up just enough that it went flying. The claws of the pouncing mech slamming into the flanking Mech's body which the two rolled and crashed, cargo also following atop them. Following that attempt all four remaining enemy Mech's tried a quick rush.

This wasn't affective as Red quickly used Dahak's boost ability, sending the Caninu's mech up and causing the enemies to rush blindly into each other. Of course though the boost didn't last long and the Heavy Dahak was starting to fall back down "Hold it!" Red yelled as he quickly gripped to a rather large metal crate that hanged from a large storage net, bringing it down. The pilots screaming in fear as the giant metal box came down upon them. Red yelling "Take this!" The next thing seen was four crushed Grizzle Mech's followed with Red and Elh walking away from the wreck.

"Such a show off but impressive none the less." Elh smirked lightly while teasing the caninu before Red rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah… come on we need to move now!" He said while then running to the Elevator that had brought down the Grizzles down in the first place. The two rode the rising platform as it led up to the next tier of the ship.

"Maybe I shouldn't have gone too hard on them. They at least brought us a ride…" Red turned over to the ledge of the platform and smiled "Thanks guys for your help!" he called out while looking at the blacked out or totally tired soldiers.

Before they reached the second tier of the ship Elh quickly muttered something, looking away from Red "I… s… f… hi…"was all that was heard, which caught Red's attention "Sorry what was that?" he asked with Elh saying it again, only more silently which made it ever harder to hear. Red returned it with an annoyed glance and looked away "Fine if you don't want to say it that's fine."

This made the rather silent Felineko turn from a muttered girl to a fury raged beast as she looked to Red, fire blazing within her eyes. "I'm trying to say sorry for slapping you but you're too much of a thick headed moron to listen." She yelled out as Red screamed in terror at the sight of the death bringing Felineko.

As the two once more were left in the silence as the pad released a loud beep sound, stating they reached the second floor. The Felineko out of the Dahak, chin held high in an almost snobby manner as she walked out, followed by Red who whimpered, rubbing his red right cheek from the Felineko's wrath slap.

"Now the flies if I am correct should be on the sixth floor. Sadly the Elevator only took us up to the second floor so we need to find a few ways up." Elh explained to Red who examined the surrounding area, the designs of flags were blue flamed copycats of the Kurvaz own look

"Guess they are not too good with originality." Red joked as Elh seemed to be inspecting about "Maybe it's out of respect seeing the Kurvaz were the ones fighting Tartaros " Elh suggested as she then ran up to a nearby door "I think this is the way… we need a way of opening it though…" Elh looked to the key pad, pressing her fingers against it softly "Hmmm what I can remember from what Opera told us, the numbers seven, three, and eight are used in th…" but before Elh could finish she looked to see Red gripping the opening and ripping it right open.

"You understand that I didn't need any codes to get on beforehand." Red smirked softly as Elh quickly climbed up into the Dahak. "You…" She began before Red cut her off "Am amazing? Yes I am!" He smirked softly before then suddenly Elh busted into another rage "You Idiot! You don't know anything at all! Did you read or even listen to Opera's full on briefing! She gave us the codes so that the alarms wouldn't go…"

The room started to flash Red with the bright light over head as Elh growled in anger at the caninu who was tensing up nervously. Yet to the Caninu's luck the alarms systems were working just fine as the two turned to see turret systems activate. Four double barreled mini gun systems that fired heavy rounds that would rip through normal Mech's, Lucky though Dahak was not normal "Where did they get that tech!" Red screamed as they were suppressed under heavy fire, Red using Dahak's arm. Elh held tight to Red as she was frightened, the sudden situation placing pair in an instinctive pinned down position.

Red quickly had to think as he had little cover, Dahak was strong but the arms were not meant to block bullets as a few of the shells went flying past the cracks in the arms. He quickly yelled out "Have no choice as he quickly jolted, turrets moving with his motions and spraying seemingly endless rounds upon the Mech.

Red was quick witted enough to spot a pair of crates, metal crates was the thing they needed as he charged right into them, hearing the quick and violent sounds of bullets clinging and ricochet off the metal, causing holes in the nearby walls. The turrets stopped for a moment of fire, scanning to see if the target had been emitted. "Elh…" Red whispered as he used Dahak to carefully lift her up. "Stay here I got this under control." The Felineko squirmed at first before being released, looking up at Red "WH-What are you going to do! You'll get killed if you try to charge it." Red simply smirked "I am not going to charge them… I got something new in store." Elh gave a confused stare before Red moved off into the open.

The turrets turned to face him as Red smirked softly. "He he Guess I am going to need this right now…" he said while then moving the Dahak's right arm back the mech pressing a button upon his backside as the strange new sound of whizzing went about within Dahak. The side of Red's seat suddenly clicked and slid out abit, seeming to look like some sort f Key hole. Red lifted up his stun gun and placed it into a slot that then seemed to shin rather bright as Red narrowed his eyes. The Binding light causing glare in the Turrets system and making it unable to fire.

Once the light stopped the turrets turned back, only to have one get shot by a blue like blast. The Turret started to some and twitch from volts of electric shock that short circuited the defense turret before exploding. Following with two others exploding after from being connected to the same system.

"Here" Red smirked as he held out a rather large blade in the Dahak's right hand. The shape was the same as Red's own Stun gun designs only though that instead of a pistol blaster appearing in the back of the blade, this one stretched like a long barrel that met the blade half way.

"I Present The Nano Blade Dahak!" He said while then holding it up high, charging forward now as the rest of the turrets was still shocked from the blast upon the first. He quickly used his boost to fly up, the Blade in hand "Take this!" he yelled out before then the blade sliced the turret clean in half, which exploded behind the Caninu as he fell back down to the floor.

Turning to Elh he smiled "Come on we still need to get those files before they find out what happened!" Elh came out with a bewildered expression upon her face at the sight of the blade "H-how did you?" she asked before Red having lifted her up. "No time to talk we need to move now!"

Elh was in no state to argue as she placed herself back on the Dahak, then charged through the door way. Room after room they searched for an entrance to the second floor. Every room was full of Grizzle's as they entered it. Red with his new blade was able to dispatch of them rather quickly and with little effort.

In total nearly twenty defeated with not a single mark up the Dahak, Elh was even more impressed… did the blade not only give the Dahak a ranged weapon but also increased abilities as well? Although Elh was broken from her throats as quickly the Dahak stopped having found a new elevator.

"Alright let's go!" Red yelled out while they were being fired upon by another defensive system of ceiling turrets. "Why don't you just shoot them down?" Elh cried out as Red managed to use the blade as a better shield then Dahak's own arms. "I can't!" he yelled out, the bullet's bounced off the thick Nano metal.

"Why?" Elh cried out yet again being replied with "I'll explain later!" from Red. They managed to hold the suppression back and move into the lift, taking them out of the turrets firing range. Red panted softly as he wiped his forehead "J-Jess that was close."

With them seemingly out of danger for the moment, the sound of ropes and wire moving about, going to work upon lifting the two up to the next tier. The two remained silent, Red in focus while Elh in a puzzlement. Finally the silence was broken when Red turned to Elh "Okay I guess I will explain…" Red began, flashing back on board to Golden Roar…

Within the Lower Bowels of the Laboratory…

Red stumbled down into the Laboratory, finding no one in sight among the many test tubes, blue prints, mech designs and experiments. "Merveille where are you?" Red called out, walking about, experiments for his biological 'mother'.

He then stumbled over a nearby cord that caused the caninu to trip over, the wire pulling on a nearby table that caused a few heavy wooden boxes to fall atop the Caninu. "o-Ow…" he groaned, dragging himself out of the wreck.

"Well if it isn't my greatest achievement, Hello my son." Merveille walked before Red offered her hand to the cargo crushed Caninu. After lifting him up Merveille quickly stated "I was joking by the way, mostly at least." Her expression was bland and serious as usual. Red often didn't get along well with such people but there was always a small light, a twinkle even one could call it that made Red feel that Merveille was a much, much deeper person that she would perhaps ever let on.

"Well I am here to see you; you called for me after all? While I was sleeping?" Red tried to cut strait to the point but it seemed as it Merveille was to in depth with her work that she was scribbling upon a clipboard. "Uh hello?" Red asked, giving a bit of an annoyed look at the blond Caninu.

Merveille placed a pencil behind her right ear and faced Red "Have your wounds healed?" She asked, having totally undermined Red question causing him to hunch over and sigh "Y-Yes they have. Mostly at least." Red answers while rubbing his wounded shoulder.

"Good." Merveille replied before then pulling out a ruler and slapping the Red caninu against his left cheek, "Then I don't feel shame in doing that." She finished her sentence while Red looked up, rubbing his cheek as tears trailed down. "Why did you do that!" he yelled out, standing up.

"Because you're a moron, you were designed imperfect yet that doesn't imply that you should go off doing incredibly foolish things. Even more so when others have to pay for it afterword." Merveille then released a soft Sigh "I will not lie when I say I was worried." This truth caused Red to blush slightly.

"T-Thank you M-mom." He smiled lightly before then getting slapped again by the ruler, resulting in the same reaction. Red tearing up again "W-Why!"

"You're still a moron." She said, holding the ruler out while in a threatening stance before then lowering it. "I worried for you because you were my finest creation, destroyed by nothing more than a gun would worry me greatly. It insults my name as a scientist." She coated up her emotions were more logical statements.

Red simply smiled "Yea I guess that be awful on your Rep. My bad." Getting up he stretched himself out abit, feeling abit sore still from the boxes… and rulers. "Now before you attack me once more can you tell me as to why you called me here?" Red watched Merveille move over to a nearby door, placing in a code and have it slide open.

"Come." She ordered while walking into the dark room, Red following… hesitantly. Till the door closed the room totally black as he then called out "Merveille?" Before the lights flashed on, at first blinding the caninu before seeing for himself that Dahak, engineering going on behind it as a strange liquid like metal was being slowly poured into a nearby tank that had been attached within the Dahak. "W-What? What are you doing to my Robot!" Red cried out as he turned to Merveille who was working upon it at that very moment.

"I am adding an adaptor of Nano metal." She replied, feeding the strange metal into the tank till it was full. She then turned to Red "I am sure you have noticed that after your battle against Baion that you have not entered in Trance state." Red slowly nodded "Yea? I can do it willingly still… but these days I don't really find the need."

Despite that reason Merveille seemed persists on the topic. "Well the reason I need to add an upgrade to the Dahak is because it the Nano system that you used to escape Tartaros by changing the Dahak has grown tired, you were only in turn able to use it while you are in trance. " She explained to the caninu who gave a confused stare. Merveille sighed softly "Basically only when your power is at its height you are able to change Dahak's form, till then though you can do so little that I wished to add an upgrade… a sort of slot system so to speak." Red perked his ears in interest.

"The system works simply as to Nano metal will form into whatever is placed within it. Although it is primarily design is to be used for my stun gun. Although instead it will reform it with the metal as an Emp-gun so it is best useful against robots and other enemies of such kinds. Although there is a drawback…" Red was about to explain to Elh who listened to Red's detailed description of how Red managed to gain such a useful ability for his own mech. Yet before he could get into detail the time had passed and they lied already on the fifth floor. Not too many guards have been seen past the second and third floor.

"I guess they are so busy searching for us in the lower deck they don't expect us to be able to get this high up…" Elh said while looking about. Seeming as if no one was here she dismounted from the Dahak. "Or maybe they want us to drink that." She suggested, narrowing her eyes to better examine the room, seeing that the door to the elevator was just down the end of the rather spacious room that stretched about to the length of about two hundred feet and nearly over one hundred feet in height. "Red can you…" She turned around, seeing Red was gone.

She looked over to see him walking over to the other elevator "You Idiot! You don't ever listen do you!" but all she was replied with was the loud metal footsteps as they stomped upon the ground. "Fine then if you won't listen then you can go on without me!" Elh called out before then Red quickly turned around. "Elh… run." He called out.

"What?" Elh stared confused as Red shouted again for her to quickly move, it was only till it was too late that Elh saw why red warned her. A rather large Mech, not a Grizzle for sure appeared before them, it was a violet like color that stood at nearly forty feet, the Mech stopped before them it's bulked up upper body carrying duel blaster cannon's that stuck out, along with the arms having claws similar to the grizzly design only with hands underneath. "I have my targets now!" The pilot of the mech yelled out. Elh was frozen in terror for a moment as it quickly pulled back, readying itself and charged strait for her. Red quickly reacted to this by thrusting Dahak's boost strait into the large mech as it was charging at Elh. "Elh run!" Red cried out again and this time Elh listened, running to the next floor.

"I'll get those files!" She called out before running up, entering and sealing the next lift. As it headed up to the next and final floor the mech turned to it "No you don't!" he said while gripping the Dahak, throwing Red across the room. He turned back to the lift readying his chest cannon's to firing them quickly. Red tried to reach him yet he already started to fire upon Elh who screamed in reaction trying to keep under cover. Red hearing Elh's screams caused him to go into a frenzy, he lifted up his sword even and pointed it to the mech. "Hey you!" he called out to the pilot, who turned to see Red firing the Emp blast at him. He quickly dodged it and growled softly.

"Vho the hell are you! Vhat do you want you troublesome… vait I know you! You're the trouble making brats vho destroy the Hindenburg last time!" The pilot undid the cockpit, exposing who he was, captain of the Hindenburg, Captain Grumpf… the purple caninu that had threatened the children of Basset and nearly did so, the one who once ran the ship the Hindenburg The one who he fought when Red first met Elh. The same lived and he smirked softly "Ahh Revenge is so sweet! Such a beautiful twist of faith, I would kill you and zhen be promoted a General to ze Blue Devils! Zhere be nothing better!" He then started to point his cannon's to Red, at least getting the fire off Elh who was defenseless. "Now die!" Grumpf roared out as he fired, blowing up anything in his way as Red tried dodged the blasts.

Red started to close in the distance between the revenge drunken caninu captain and himself as he raised the Dahak's blade and charged forward, about to strike before met with the sharp blade claws of the mech. "ha-ha fool ze metal made from ze clavs are to strong you von't be able to vin against me!" The captain then slashed forward, causing Red to dodge back. Their distance once more brought the captain to firing at him as Red was left in a helpless state.

"Damn it there is no way I can get close!" Red growled to himself as his focus kept to the blasts while Elh had managed to make it to the next floor. All Red needed to concern about was getting close to that crazy fool. "I can't blast him… he just dodges it… I need to get up close." Red was given little pause to think though as the energy blasts kept flying at him. Holes started to from in reaction and then Red got an idea.

The captain growled in anger as he fired on 'hold still!" he cried out as the blasts missed the Red caninu completely. Which Red then stopped and smirked "Okay hit me with your best shot!" Red called out and then the Purple caninu growled softly "Alright then take this! You little brat!" The chest cannons pointed to Red who smirked softly.

The next thing seen was Red being engulfed in the blast as the rather large energy shots fired through the ship's wall leaving nothing left in its place. The smoke started to settle and nothing remained as a whole from the blast formed through the ship floor. "Heheh…. Hahah! Take that you little brat thinking you can withstand my power!" He laughed in his victory and left his guard down.

Soon enough he opened his eyes from the heavy laughing, finding himself upside down as Red smirked while holding the giant Mech's leg from the ceiling. "Hey…" he said before then dropping the mech through the hole, which crashed down through the following floor. The next and next till at the bottom of the ship where the cargo laid as then a large explosion was heard signaling the captain's defeat. "Next time… make sure to look above you before declaring victory." Although he honestly didn't know if anyone would respond nor did he care right now as he ran over to the elevator which Elh had just came down from.

"So?" Red asked as Elh held the files, smiling lightly as she handed them to the caninu "I got them right here. They were unguarded but they are there." Red smirked softly as he let Elh climb up on into the Dahak. "Alright let's move now…"

Suddenly though just as he had said that the ship started to shake… the entire interior crumbling as it shook violently. Red looked to Elh who looked back, with fury in her eyes "What did you do while I was gone you moron!" she cried out as Red started to charge for the exit, jumping down the hole caused by the former captain's mech.

"I didn't do anything! It was that dude shooting about and then exploding when I defeated him it's not my fault he did that!" Red pleaded innocent to the Felineko's accusations while they dodged the falling ship pieces that came down atop them.

"Red? Elh? Are you two okay?" Called out from the communicator as Red placed it on once more. "Yes Chocolat its Red! Me and Elh are fine but the ship seems to be coming down! What's going on?" Red questioned his sister while trying to run for an exit, which got blocked off from the collapsing ship. "The ship is going down big time! There was a big explosion that must have weakened the already dangerous structure of the ships new design. You and Elh need to get out before the thing falls into the cloud sea!"

The ship was starting to tilt and Red soon was having to grip onto a nearby wall to climb up, trying to reach a nearby opening. "Hold on tight!" Red yelled out as Elh gripped tightly to him. The Dahak's boost was used once more, quickly flying them through the gap as they landed atop the side of the ship, having fully been turned over now. Red looked about trying to spot any sign of his sister, the ship falling to fast.

"Chocolat where are you! I can't see you!" Red was screaming into the communicator as Elh quickly turned behind them after hearing a loud bang. "Red!" She cried out before then Red turned to see pieces of the ships quick fixed hull started to break off, flying at them at rapid speeds. "Damn no time to dodge!" Red said quickly taking out the Nano blade as the pieces of metal flied at the pair.

Red quickly sliced through anything that stood in his way, showing off his sword expertise. Although Red tried the best he could the wreckage kept flying, bits of it getting through Red's defense and hitting the Dahak. "Chocolat!" Red yelled out for his sister, slowly seeing the growing ship in the distance as it closed in.

"I'm coming Red! You and Elh just hold on tight!" she said while piloting the ship around the explosive debris that flew around the duo. Red kept slicing through any threats before losing his focus as something had managed to slip through his defense, a small box of tools. As Red was knocked back, soon was a loud screech heard as the metal tore and then released the side of the cargo hold which many of the box's then started to fly at the Dahak "You got to be kidding me!" Red said nervously as they closed in. Just as they were about to collide with the Dahak though the Asmousdos swooped in, quickly Red jumped and gripped on the ship that was picking up the Dahak and its riders.

"We did it!" Red cheered out as he looked to Elh "Yea we did! She returned the cheer as they hung from the lower bars of the ships belly, still having the wind run through their forms. "Now then let see those files." Red smirked softly as he was offered them by Elh who had held on to them in the chaos. Red smiled widely and the then raised the files up high "Hahah! So much for being the best bandits in the world!" Red taunted as just then the Hindenburg exploded which caused a major shock wave to shake the ship. Red stumbled and released the flies that flew into the wind. All seemed lost but Red then quickly used Dahak's free arm to reach out for it, gripping it just at the edge. Elh sighed with relief, Red turning to her and stating "No worries!"

Just then though a single piece of the remains of the smoldering Hindenburg shoot through the air, flying quickly and going write through the flies, being perhaps nothing bigger than a small pebble but the heat it had was enough to cause the flies to burst into flames "oops…" Red muttered as they saw the ashes of the files burn up and flutter off into the breeze.

"You got to be kidding me!" Screamed Chocolat as Red and Elh stood shamefully hanging their heads. "I mean you nearly got killed today and you didn't even get the mission done! This is exactly like last time!" Chocolat cried out while then Red smiled nervously "N-now calm down sis… You do tend to get aggressive when you're mad…" he tried to ease his sister who was pulling out a wrench, fire burning in her eyes.

"Normally I let this slip by but after the events of you getting shot and this I have to at least beat some sense into that brain of yours!" She said lifting it up which Red quickly prepared to take before then a loud "Meowie!" was heard as a greeting from the leader of the Kurvaz. "Greetings my little trouble makers, It's good to see you got out alright I was almost starting to worry." Opera smiled softly, trying to look as young and beautiful as ever while she greeted the trio from their mission.

"U-uh hi Opera… it's good to see we made it out as well." Red chuckled abit nervously as he then tried to address the current problem "S-speaking of making it out about those files…" Opera was quick to state "Yes about them I need them as soon as you can… so quickly return because we can't stay here to long less those blue devil thugs scanners pick us up."

"Yea you see about that the files are kind of burnt" He slowly stepped up to Opera upon the big screen, making it look like he was cowering before a deity of some kind. Opera smiled softly "What was that?" Her smile remained calm although it caused red to tense up abit "W-Well you see we almost had them and then they just well… caught ablaze?" Red explained to the Felineko who nodded softly still keeping calm.

"Ahh well that's alright… only cost three months to find that data on the ship, Like we need it." Opera said, allowing Red to relax. "Phew that was Close I was worried you might…"

"HOW DARE YOU!" Opera screamed the flames of fury Red had seen in Elh now burnt bright within the Kurvaz leader. "We spent three months on that search and now we don't have anything to show for it! To top it off now we just got some more bad news…" Yet before Opera went on a solider came up to her, whispering something within her ear, the fury quickly vanishing on the Felineko's face.

"Y-you don't say…" Her face now filled with a sorrowful frown as she sighed. "Listen you idiots… I have bad news for you…" she said, the trio listening in with interest as the Felineko explained the story.

Meanwhile on the floating Junk Island on Basset…

The islands surface was nowhere to be seen as it was all but buried under an endless graveyard of ships. Although the place would seem uninhabitable the island was a great place for savaging and was more than enough reason for small pockets of civilization to appear upon it. The towns were often made from the remains of ships that were dug out and walkways allow people to travel as they pleased across the lands.

Although this place was mainly a town of Junkers and fisherman… an ideal place for corruption and propaganda against the Shepard government to fall into play as it was the only city without a mayor. Riots of angry mobs started to from about as they listened, surrounding a caninu male in a white jacket. The man had a half crooked grin and a slight twitch to him… his words were like poison, sliding into the wounds of weak-minded people who allow themselves to fall to his tongue. An Ideal agent of a revolution "Gather around quickly!" The man shouted as the crowd closed in around him, listening in silence. "I have gathered word that the military and government are falling into chaos! It is the word of the people they fear and as such they will do anything to keep it!" He cried out, the crowd in queue yelling, hollering with anger.

The man raised his left hand. The people fell silent. "As you may also know there was an uprising in 'our' city! The city where we were shown the true colors of our government as nothing more than Mayors in fancy suits… wilding away in their homes with the tax's they collect from you! Then a military that deserted you to doom before the creatures of darkness!" his words brought the crowd to anger, which he raised his hand again, the people went silent.

"Yes now as of this moment you must know that our attempt at taking control at the roots of this false republic failed! Not by the hands of no police officer or a martial law on them! Which sure the government would do if given the chance on us all! But no…" he paused for a moment… waiting till the people were all upon their edge to drive them further into listening. "It was none other than a hunter! A hunter that was for sure hired by the government! Which means that also that all hunters might be working with the government…" the man was about to go on before voices broke through the riots.

"Liars! Traitors! Money grubbing thugs! All the hunters should be punished!" The crowds many members started to shout with fury burning. "Now, now we must not attack those still innocent! Hunters are mainly tools by greedy men so do not blame them but those who run them against the people! The Hunter guilds! Even more so… The Kurvaz!" Although this started up mixed responses such as "No but they helped us!" Or "Traitors all of them!" yet the man raised both his hands now, demanding them to be silent at once.

"The Kurvaz were once loyal to the cause! They saved us when others fell and fought beside so many to destroy the evil giants and monsters! Yet all loyalty runs dry. May they be forgiven by the history writers who compose their sad fate! Now they have enlisted not only their souls to the evils of the government but also they have added another one as well! Do you wish to hear the name of the loyal government dog hunter?"

The question raised the crowds with roars of fury and anger! They demanded to know the name at once! Yet among the fury of the crowds a lone figure stood out among the rest. Its gaze was dark… the creature's gaze.

The creation had flown its way to the city of basset upon its metallic like wings. He had landed within the piles of waste and there he had used his interesting power. Reforming the scarped ships and metals into a new form with what some might call at first glance magic. The Metal was shaped into his form and placed upon him.

His features were all covered up by the armor so none may panic at his sight. All but his dark bluish eyes that seemed to have a lingering flare of anger and the dark aura that seemed to follow the 'creature' He had not intended to stay long but at the sight of a settlement he was more than interested on some reconnaissance.

Although his efforts within his own mind seemed to be wasted as nothing had turned up on his 'target'. He started to walk away till then the announcer spoke the words that drove the creature's desires.

"His name is Red Savarin!" the man cried out as the rioting public spat hatful comments above those that praised the hero. They knew much of Red through his title as a master of the duel ship arena. Besides why would one such as Red known to be free become a 'dog' of the government?

Yet reason was out matched by anger and deceit as men and women cried for Red's head. Yet while among the crowds the dark figure slowly trailed through, wanting to hear more.

"Yes! Yes! They were on to hire a dueling master! Another Prey of the military's indoctrination with the promise of false riches all for the expense of your life's and souls! Which is why it is time… for an act was committed that cannot be undone as they attacked a peaceful transport ship called the Hindenburg with none other than Red in command of the sinful assaults!" The deceitful man went on as the dark creature listened…

Finally the man went straight to the point, sighing softly "Let me tell you this… it is time we stop trying a peaceful manner! We will take each city one by one! It is time brothers and sisters! Rise up your arms and fight for upon this day the Kurvaz will pay and all will remember it as such! For now we go to…"

"War." Opera said as she raised a piece of paper. Sliding it across the metal table as Red sat on the other side for he was asked to come alone. "The blue devils have chosen to declare war upon the Kurvaz as I feared. Basset has been declared independent and the starting base for the 'rebel' forces. It has started…" Red taking up the flies while Opera explained, his eyes narrowed as he processed this.

"Why tell me? I'm just a hunter and I don't want to take place in a war that has nothing to do with my line of work or affects me." Red honestly admitted, ready to stand up before Opera wiped out another file "No it does."

Opera showed Red the file, a Picture of him along with Elh and Chocolat's. "The blue devils know how dangerous you are… they have set up bounties for you. Although you may not find this troubling I will say this, the price for your head is worth about half of the total Kurvaz fleet's worth. In other words you'll have every hunter and 'rebel' out for you. There is also no alive in that deal either." Opera slid that file forward to Red, who took it up. He looked over it and slowly gulped.

His face was much paler then when he was shot and nearly died, he muttered with a trembling whimper. "e-eight billon rings… they put eight billon rings on my head?" He took the 'wanted posted', reading it further. He ripped it apart in anger then threw it aside. "Gah! Not only that but they also are aiming for Elh and Chocolat! Why I will… I will…" Red pondered for a moment as Opera got up.

"Listen darling. War is not your thing and I can understand but you must listen to reason here. No one will defend you if you're attacked by surprise and it's better to have the Kurvaz on your side when facing against hunters, Assassins, and rebels. All I ask in return is that you assist in ending the war as soon as we can." Opera tried to reason with Red, who was still burning with anger.

He turned to Opera and barked out "It's your fault! If you had not contacted us into doing your fetching we might not be in this…" Red slowly widened his eyes, turning away with a heavy sigh. "Sorry Opera…" he muttered. The Felineko sighing as well.

"I can't blame you and I can't say sorry enough but you don't have much of a choice now. The past is the past and just because it was my fault doesn't mean they won't still go hunting for you. I ask you to stay here for your own protection." Opera once more tried to reason and at the same time comfort Red who with some regret nodded.

"I don't like the idea of hiding though. We need to stop these guys before they become a true problem. I'm not much for government issues though but I know bad people when I see them and so far nothing proves to be 'for the people' on their end." Red stated as he then started to head out of the room before Opera called out to him.

"We are heading to the duel ship right now. Currently there is said to be a prize involving the diplomatic matters of the Shepard Republic with its neighbors. The princess of Prairie as you might have met before shall be there. There are reports of Blue devils there as well so we won't have a choice in going. If we are to go to war we need to get as many allies and resources as we can or else this battle will go on longer then I like with many more deaths in the process." Opera explained to Red while she had gotten up and went through even more files. "This is also why we like you to fight in the duels as well Red." She added.

Red turned back and smiled softly "I guess I don't have too much of a choice. Alright! Let's go to the duel ship! It's been a while since I had a good match anyway!" Red's optimism was more than brightening for the Felineko who giggled softly.

Following with Red leaving though did she go from a soft smile to a worried, frightened shiver that coursed through her body? "I… I hope what we have gathered isn't true… or else we will all be in trouble…"

Red had met up with Elh and Chocolat in a dining area of the ship, settling down to eat and rest. Red also explained on the matter of the bounty which caused Chocolat to spit out her water in reaction "Eight billon!" She cried out, getting the attention of nearly half the crew who were also eating.

"Chocolat calm down your drawing a scene." Red calmed his sister who sat back down and relaxed. "Okay so I guess we are working with the Kurvaz again only this time to save the government. How do we end in these situations?" She sighed softly. Meanwhile Elh was quietly eating her food having been silent for a while now.

"Yes and no. We are not fighting 'for' the government. We are simply ending the war quickly before any more innocence people are hurt. Right now we are heading to the Duel ship on some sort of diplomatic mission. I'll be fighting to win the prize which I think is some meeting with the princess of Prairie." Red went on explaining with Chocolat primarily listening to him while Elh kept silent.

Red then started to chuckle "It's a good this I know her already! She's a very nice person and seems to like me very well! Heck maybe I won't even have to fight if I just put on some charm." Red busted into laughter as he was simply making a joke Chocolat giggled abit as well even. Meanwhile Elh set down her cup, turning to Red with a soft smile.

"Red?" She asked. Red turned to her with a raised brow "Yes Elh?" he asked while leaning in. "Come over here." Elh ordered. Normally Red would ask why but he did so without thinking, sitting right beside her.

"Now then you were saying about charming the princess right?" she asked while leaning in closer which caused Red to tense up abit. "Y-yes but that was just a joke. You know to be funny?" He responded while leaning back abit. "Well even so I do have to say one thing about that." Smiling sweetly as she kicked forward. A loud painful bell like sound echoed throughout the room as then Elh stood up and walked away muttering "Moron."

Red on the other hand held his hands below, tears streaming from his eyes as he whimpered loudly. With Chocolat sighing softly "W-well looks like still nothing has changed." Chocolat smiled softly, petting the back of red's head to comfort the Caninu in intense pain.

"As of that moment the heroes had come together once more"

"Although little did they know that their world was in more danger then they ever expect."

"For in the shadows of the enemies lied a new monster"

"A New begin of destruction"

Meanwhile back at basset among the rebels laid a base that held high the flag of the Blue Devils.

"So how many men are we going to send to the duel ship?" asked the same man that just that day was inciting the people into revolt. He was answered by a Felineko who walked beside him down the long dirty hallways. "About seven have proven to be the best fighters we have. We have them fighting fight now to choose who be sent as our 'diplomat'. We should be coming upon them now." The man said while slowly opening up the door. The two walked in and had their jaws drop at what they beheld.

"Among these weaklings I have stood strong." Said the dark creature whose fury eyes faced the two lesser men. The dark figure seemed to be unharmed as he stood atop the wreckage of the robots below him, He himself not even having a mech.

Once the men had totally processed this the deceitful man who the creature had listen to before yelled out "Who the hell are you! What are you doing here! How did you do this?" he asked although the creature seemed more annoyed. He jumped down and faced the two cowards of men as he stated "I'm here for the job of hunting Red savarin. These men got in my way so I destroyed them." The creatures words were hallow… without emotion which only caused the two to shiver.

The Felineko solider reached for a gun and placed it against the creatures chest "I don't care who the hell you are bu..." was all he could get out before then the two half's of him fell apart on either side. The creature kicked away the one that was closes which slid over to the man in white screamed at the sight "O-Okay doesn't do anything rash! Y-you want to hunt Red then so be it!" he cried out as if trying to barging information with his life.

The creature seemed to simply not care of most of what the deceitful man had said he then stated. "The men I killed spoke of a duel ship. I assume Red shall be there as he is not one to shy from a challenge. Place your banner upon me worm I shall go as your 'fighter' So long as I get Red's head I care little." The creature then walked past the man in white down to the hall. After a few moments the man slowly started to smile "Y-yes indeed. He will surely be there. Tomorrow morning we will depart for the duel ship! Till then feel free to make yourself at home!" the pitiful man called out to the creature that departed down the hall.

The creature only was focused on what was to come, Red was to be there… in his grasp by tomorrow. "Red Savarin, I can't wait to see you in battle." He said with a dark grin, fists clenching up with tension. "And I can't wait to see your blood cover my body…" the creature chuckled to himself as he vanished into the dark bowels of the rebel base.

"This is where our story begins…"