This story is inspired by Power Rangers and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Haim Saban (NOT Disney) owns Power Rangers, and Hasbro owns Friendship is Magic. All rights go to them. I'd like to give a shout out to barryc10, who has a fanfiction so similar to this one it's funny. I came up with this before I read his, and he gave me his permission to write this.

Everyone in this story is humanized, and the suits look similar to Mighty Morphin, but instead of dinosaurs, the helmets look more like the In Space helmets with fancier visors.

I have no idea what Snips and Snails would look like as humans, so let's just assume they look like Bulk and Skull.

Also, there's an important reason why everyone else has the same name, but I just call Applejack AJ. It's story related.

~Begin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme~

Two astronaughts open a seal, and Night Mare Moon flies out.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! After one thousand years I'm free! It's time to conqure Equestria!"

Princess Celestia teleports into the Power Chamber and goes over to Spike and Twilight.

"Twilight! Nightmare Moon has escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!"

AJ, Rainbow, Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are whisked from Canterlot High and magically sent to Canterlot Castle. A buckle with the symbol of Honesty appears on AJ's belt, and she turns into the Red Harmony Ranger.

Centaurus Mega Zord rises up activating at the same time as the logo come up.



AJ swings a lasso above her head and then throws it forward. Double shot of her looking up thoughtfully, and her as the Red Ranger swinging her sword.

Rainbow spins around and leans against a railing with an arrogant smile. Double shot of her looking up with a confident smile, and her as the Blue Ranger punching the air with armored fists.

Pinkie is seen in her cheerleading uniform dancing with her squad. Double shot of her looking up with a sweet smile, and her as the Pink Ranger swinging her guns.

Rarity is walking down a hallway waving her hair to the side arrogantly. Double shot of her looking up seriously, and her as the Black Ranger swinging her whip around with a hand on her hip.

Fluttershy is screaming in fear as she dodges a group of Putties. Double shot of her looking up in fear, and her as the Yellow Ranger swinging her bow.

Quickly goes through all five of them shouting their Elements, followed by a view of the Red, Black, and Blue Mare Zords.

All five Rangers pose, their Elements appearing behind them.

Twilight is sittting at a desk reading a spell book.

Snips and Snails are sitting at a bench at school, trying to flirt with a student to no avail.

Celestia is sitting in her throne with her legs crossed nodding as if listening to someone speak.

All five Mare Zords are running/flying together. The five of them come together, forming the Centaurus Mega Zord, which poses at the end of the song.



Ranger Rising

Our story begins on a far away planet actually. Two astronauts were exploring the planet searching for any sign of life.

"Anything Taylor?" one astronaut asked his partner.

"Nope, sorry Mike," the other astronaut said, "I'm thinking we should head back to the ship. We're not going to find anything."

"Just a few more minutes," Taylor said. Mike shrugged and they continued their exploration. After a few seconds they saw a large seal in the distance.

"Huh, what's that?" Taylor asked.

"Let's go and investigate."

They made their way over to the seal, anxious to see what it was. The seal had a symbol of a black horse and a crescent moon underneath it. Mike and Taylor slowly put their hands on the seal.

"What do you think it is?" Mike asked.

"No idea," Taylor said. As the rubbed the seal, it began glowing dark blue.

"Huh?" Taylor asked.

"Wh, what?" Mike screamed. There was a bright flash as the seal broke, knocking the astronauts down. A dark blue mist came out of the seal, and took the form of a tall yet beautiful woman with long full blue hair with stars in it, wearing black lipstick a dark blue generals outfit, black high heels, long black cape, and a black crown.

She thrusted her sword into the ground, and looked around with an evil smile. After a while, she couldn't contain herself any longer, and broke out into an evil laugh.

"I'm FREE!" she shouted gleefully. The astronauts looked up in horror at her, and began running off as fast as they could. The woman looked over at them and pointed her sword at them, "Uh, uh, uh. Where do you ingrates think you're going?" she asked, firing a black flame at them from her sword. The flame engulfed them, and judging by the screams of pain, they painfully disintergrated.

"Now then," she said looking up, "My first target, is you!" she said looking at the large blue and green planet in the distance...


"I'm coming for you, Celestia!" she said evilly. She then broke out into another loud and evil laugh.

Celestia woke up with a start. She sat up from her bed, and looked up at the night sky in fear.

"You can't have..." she said putting her hands over her heart in fear.

Dear Ma and Pa,

Ah don't believe it! Here Ah am in the big city of Canterlot! It's beautiful out here, and it's so active. Why, Ah feel a bit out of mah element out here. But Ah won't let that intimidate me! Ah swore that when I left the farm that Ah was gonna make a a name for mahself, and that's what Ah'm gonna do, or my name ain't Ambrosia!

Ah start mah first day at Canterlot High tomorrow. Ah'm mighty nervous, but Ah'm determined to make at least one friend. Well, wish me luck!

Love ya'll lots!

Your daughter, AJ

She looked up at the new school with an anxious expression on her face. It had been a bit of a sudden decision to move out to Canterlot to live with her grandmother and her older brother, but she felt a need to get out there and explore the world.

"Well, here Ah go," she said taking a deep breath. Gripping her brown backpack, she walked into the building with a sense of determnation. That determination quickly turned into fear as she looked around. She stuck out like a sore thumb looking at the other students. Okay, she was attractive. She had really long blond hair in a pony tail, and in her mind she had a killer body, but her clothes were the problem. Everyone else looked like they belonged in the city, while she was sporting light brown cowboy jacket, red vest (her favorite color) over a white shirt, blue jeans, brown cowgirl boots, and a light brown cowgirl's hat to boot. She didn't wear make-up, mainly because she didn't feel the need to wear it.

As she was walking through the halls, she bumped into another student, both of them falling to the ground.

"Ah!" she cried out as she fell.

"Ugh, watch where you're going!" the student said. She looked at the student she bumped into and did a double take. She. Was. Gorgeous! Not only did she have a great body, but she had really long purple hair that went all the way down her back and knew what to wear to bring the most of her body out. She was currently wearing red lipstick, a black suit jacket, white shirt, black suit skirt, and black high heels.

"Ah am so sorry!" she said helping the student up.

She sighed, "It's alright, I guess. You must have just been so struck by my incredible looks that you had no idea what to do."

"Uh... beg your pardon?"

"My name is Rarity Dubois," the fashion savy student said holding out her hand.

"Um, AJ Ambrosia," she said, shaking Rarity's hand.

"AJ? That's a..." Rarity looked strained trying to think of something nice to say about the name, which was just two letters, "Nice... name... You look like an AJ, yeah..."

"Um, thanks Ah guess," AJ said with a nod, "You look like a... Rarity... too."

"Oh... that's nice..."

What almost looked like a great friendship in a making had all of a sudden gotten really awkward. So much for making friends...

"Do you know your homeroom?" Rarity asked, changing the subject.

"Oh, uh, hang on," AJ said pulling out her schedule, "Ah think it's... World History."

"Oh, then it's a good thing I found you, darling, you were going in the wrong direction," Rarity explained.

"And you know this... how?" AJ asked.

"Simple, you and I have the same homeroom," Rarity said with a smile before taking AJ's hand, "Come on, follow me!"

"Um... okay?" AJ said following after Rarity.

When they got to the classroom, Rarity immediately took her seat as the teacher wanted to introduce everyone to AJ before she got comfortable.

"Alright class, starting today we're welcoming a new student to our class," she said motioning for AJ to walk in. She walked in and bowed to everyone before stating her name.

"Hi ya'll, mah name's AJ Ambrosia. Mighty nice ta meet ya," she said with a smile. She looked around, noting four students in particular. One was of course Rarity, who was smiling sweetly. The other three she hadn't seen before.

One was a cute girl with wild dark pink hair that went to her shoulders, light blue shorts, pink and white shirt, jean vest, and white sneakers. She looked at AJ with a bright smile as if she were really excited. She looked really bubbly and sweet.

One of the other students was a pretty girl with really long light pink hair that was a lot straighter than the other student and covered her right eye. She wore a yellow sweater, black skirt, and black shoes. She looked at AJ for a second, but then looked away nervously. She looked really kind hearted, but also really shy and introverted.

The last student she noticed was sort of scary. She looked really attractive, with sort of long multi-colored hair, and dark red lipstick, but she was wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans, and black sneakers. Sitting with her feet resting on her desk, she looked at AJ with an almost challenging expression. Ultimately, she looked like trouble, but she had this air that made her seem like a really faithful person. The kind who has only a few friends, but those friends are friends for life.

AJ felt a little uncomfortable looking at them. After a second, she took a seat next to the bubbly student.

"Hi," she whispered, "My name's Pinkie Pie."

"Nice ta meet ya," AJ said.

"Don't get too comfortable," the delinquet said, "People like you are the kind to get eaten alive in this city."

"People like me, huh?" AJ said rasing an eyebrow. The student turned to her with a challenging smile.

"People that make it painfully obvious that they're out of their element. Where are you from, the country or something?"

"Ah was born in Sweet Apple Acres out in Ponyville. Why?"

"Oh, no reason. Just sizing up the fresh meat," the delinquet turned away and laughed. AJ frowned looking at her.

"Don't mind her," Pinkie Pie said, "Rainbow Dash is always like that with new students."

"Rainbow Dash, huh?" AJ asked, taking the name in. She looked over to the shy student, who was sitting on the other side of the classroom completely. AJ gave her a sweet smile and waved. The student just gave a small wave, and looked away sheepishly.

AJ shook her head and focused on her class, fully aware of the number of looks she was getting.

Back in Canterlot Castle, a young girl was running through the hall frantically. She had, long straight purple hair with pink highlights, and was wearing white wizards robes, matching ankle boots with a two inch heel, and she was carrying a large book in her arms.

She ran through a large red door, which led to the throne room. Inside she saw a tall figure with really long multi-colored hair and wearing a long white dress looking out a window. The young girl ran over to the figure.

"Princess, Spike confirmed it. She's free," the young girl said. The figure stiffened a bit, but then looked down, "What should we-"

"I think it's time, Twilight," the Princess said, shocking the young girl.

"Time? But, Princess, your power-"

"Isn't enough!" the princess turned around to face her student, revealing her gorgeous face and nice figure, "The only thing that can stop her now are the Elements of Harmony. Have you and Spike figured out the sage's manuscripts?"

"Um, yes, Your Highness," Twilight said looking down seriously, "The morphers are done, as are the Zords. They're currently asleep, waiting for the chosen five."

"Then we need to find the chosen five," as soon as she spoke those words, a dark cloud apppeared over Canterlot, catching the attention of Twilight and the Princess, "Twilight, I don't care if you have to pull the chosen five over here. We need them!"

"What should I look for?" Twilight asked looking at the princess in fear, "What's the common trait?"

"Attitude," the Princess said, "The five of them must have attitude."

"Attitude?" Twilight asked, not fully believing what she heard, "I'll get right on it!" Twilight said shaking it off and running off to her study. The Princess looked back up at the sky in fear.

"Are we really going to repeat one thousand years ago?" she asked, wondering if the person she was talking to could hear her.

In a black air ship shaped sort of like an alicorn, the queen that was sealed away was looking at the castle with a dark expression.

"Not repeat," she said seriously, "This time, you'll be the one sealed away!"

After school, everyone went to the Recreation Center, as it was a nice place to get a little studying done, and even hang out with friends (assuming you had any). In the case of Fluttershy Wyrmwood, she mainly came out to hang out with the few friends she did have, but also so the local tough girl, Rainbow Dash, could train her in martial arts. Right now, she was wearing a yellow tank top, black sweat pants, and was holding the bag for Rainbow, who was using it to practice her kicks.

"Good job, Rainbow," Fluttershy said softly.

"Thanks," Rainbow said taking a breather, "You know, we should get Rarity up here. She could work on her kicks."

"I can hear you, you know," Rarity said from her seat next to Pinkie Pie, "And for your information my kicks are just fine. You on the other hand could really work on your form."

"Hmph!" Rainbow turned away, "Okay Fluttershy, let's do a little sparring."

"Oh, um, I don't think..." Fluttershy said looking down.

"Hey! AJ!" Pinkie Pie called out, catching Rainbow and Fluttershy's attention. Sure enough, AJ just walked into the Rec Center and was looking around.

"Hey, let's get started," Rainbow said seriously.

"Wh, what?" Fluttershy asked, looking surprised and scared.

"Don't worry, I'll go easy," Rainbow said. Fluttershy was scared, of course, but she trusted Rainbow, so she nodded and the two of them got in fighting stances.

AJ was looking around the Rec Center taking it in. It was nice that there was a place like this in the city. She would probably spend a lot of time here.

"AJ! Over here!" she heard from a distance. AJ looked and saw Pinkie Pie waving to her happily sitting next to Rarity. AJ decided to go sit with them, since she didn't know anyone else.

"Hi ya'll," AJ said sitting across from them, "What brings ya'll two here?"

"Well, I was planning on practicing my gymnastics, but Pinkie Pie came so I figured I'd just sit here and relax," Rarity said.

"You're a gymnast?" AJ asked, Pinkie Pie nodding actually.

"Mm hm, and I'm a cheerleader!" she said happily.

"Somehow, Ah ain't surprised," AJ said with a smile.

"Hey there, sexy," a male voice said from behind Rarity, who groaned in agony.

"Ugh, Snips," Rarity said in a pained manner. AJ looked up at who she was talking two, and saw two students, both male, and sort of pathetic looking. One was really chubby and the other one was really thin. Both were wearing black jackets that made them look like bad boys, but not the somewhat attractive breaking-all-the-rules bad boys. The chubby one was obviously Snips.

"And I see you brought your shadow, Snails," Rarity said turning to them. Snails laughed when she said that, obviously thinking she was joking. AJ got the impression that he wasn't all that smart, while Snips was the brains, which showed when he raised his hand making Snails stop laughing instantly.

"Anyway, I heard that you recently broke up with your boyfriend," Snips said.

"You heard right," Rarity said.

"Does this mean you're free Saturday night?" Snips asked, raising his eyebrows up and down.

"Sorry, but you see, I have this thing to do, and it doesn't involve you," Rarity said simply, not even hiding that she just didn't want to go out with Snips. Snails began laughing again, only this time, Snips glared at him, making him stop and look down in shame.

Snips regained his cheerful disposition and looked over to AJ, "So, this is the new girl. AJ, right?"

"That's right," AJ said tipping her hat forward a bit, "Mighty nice ta meet ya, partner."

Snips chuckled, "Likewise. I'm Snips, and this is my bro Snails. If you ever want a special tour of Canterlot, or anything else," he and Snails both raised their eyebrows, and AJ swore she saw his eyes land right on her bustline, "Let us know, alright?"

"Yeah, right..." AJ said, suddenly seeing why Rarity gave them the cold shoulder.

"Come on, Snails," Snips said walking off. Snails stood there looking at AJ with a stupid lovesick look on his face, but Snips came back and pulled Snails away.

"I am so sorry you had to meet them like that," Rarity said.

"They seem intolerable," AJ said, making Rarity laugh.

"That's them on a good day," Rarity said, this time Pinkie Pie laughing too.

Suddenly they heard Fluttershy cry out. AJ turned around and saw Rainbow kick Fluttershy to the ground. That made AJ a little upset.

"What in tarnation!" she said getting up and walking over to the sparring section.

"W, wait!" Rarity called out, but AJ wasn't listening. She didn't know that they were sort of friends, so of course AJ would think Rainbow was bullying her, "Oh dear..."

"This is going to be good!" Pinkie Pie said, catching Rarity's attention.

"You mean ugly," Rarity said.

"Hey!" AJ called out, catching Rainbow's attention. AJ walked onto the mat and helped Fluttershy up, "pickin on sweet innocent girls now?"

Rainbow laughed, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think you got it all wrong. I'm helping Fluttershy here. She needs to get tougher, and I'm just trying to help her along with that."

"By kickin her to the ground?" AJ asked walking over to Rainbow.

"Um... actually..." Fluttershy tried to say.

"If that's what it takes, then yeah," Rainbow said now walking up to AJ, "Maybe you want some too, fresh meat," Rainbow said poking AJ in the chest.

"Um, Rainbow... I don't think..." Fluttershy tried again, but no one could hear her.

"Where Ah come from, those be fightin words," AJ said seriously.

"Well, maybe I just feel it's time to break you in," Rainbow said arrogantly.

For a long time, everything was still, until...

Rainbow tried to punch AJ, but she stepped back just in time and caught the punch. She then pushed Rainbow back, and the two of them began trading punches and kicks, blocking and dodging each other's attacks.

Rainbow jumped up and kicked AJ, who blocked the attack but was pushed back. She then ran back up to Rainbow and did a spinning drop kick, knocking Ranbow to the ground. Rainbow pushed herself up, and blocked another series of kicks from AJ, followed by a sweeping kick, which Rainbow jumped over.

Rainbow did a spin kick to AJ's head, but AJ fell back on the ground dodging the attack, caught herself, and kicked back up and continued her assault.

By this time, everyone was watching them. Rarity was shell shocked looking at them fight. Pinkie Pie was watching them as if it were a movie. Fluttershy just looked really scared and sad, as if it were her fault they were fighting.

The two of them kicked each other's legs three times, and then threw kicks at each other's faces, both stopping short of hitting the other. They kept their legs raised for a few seconds, just looking at each other. Rainbow raised an eyebrow. AJ gave her a smirk in response, and the two of them lowered their legs and continued their fight.

Rarity and Pinkie Pie went to stand next to Fluttershy.

"I've never seen anyone keep up with Rainbow," Rarity said.

"I told you this would be good," Pinkie Pie said.

Now the fight was at it's climax. Rainbow ran over to AJ and tried to do a jumping kick, but AJ bent out of the way of the attack. When Rainbow turned around, she met AJ's fist, which stopped right in front of her face, a mere inch from her nose. Rainbow looked shocked, as was everyone else. The new girl had just beaten the number 1 martial arts champion of Equestria.

Just who was this girl?

Before anyone could say anything, there was a sudden tremor, which caught everyone's attention.

"What's happening?" Pinkie Pie cried out.

"Everyone, stay close!" Rarity commanded.

"I'm scared!" Fluttershy cried out, actually crying.

Everyone was running out of the Rec Center in fear, while Rainbow and AJ ran over to Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy.

"Are earthquakes common in Canterlot?" AJ asked.

"Not even!" Rarity shouted.

"Fluttershy, it's okay! We're here!" Rainbow said going up to Fluttershy and hugging her, confusing AJ a bit. Were they friends?

"Spike, do you have a lock?" Twilight asked her assistant, a young man with short green hair, wearing purple robes, a white shirt, black pants, and brown shoes.

"I have five hits! I think these are the ones!" Spike said.

"The princess said we needed them here now! Begin the transportation spell!" Twilight commanded.

"Got it!"

If things weren't weird before, they were getting weird now. All of a sudden, the five of them felt something strange. Magical energy was gathering around them.

"Whoa! Now what?" Rainbow asked.

"This is getting weird!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

"We're being transported!" Rarity cried out as all five of them were engulfed in different colored lights, and shot out of the Rec. Center.

The five of them landed in what looked like a laboratory or something of the sort. There were a lot of machines everywhere, including a large computer in the back of the room.

"Is everyone alright?" Rainbow asked.

"Except for my upset stomach, yes, I'm fine," Rarity said.

"Where are we?" Fluttershy asked looking around.

"I don't know, but that was fun! Let's do it again!" Pinkie Pie cried out happily.

"This place..." AJ said to herself, "What's going on?"

"Twilight! They're here!" Spike called out, catching everyone's attention.

"Excellent," Twilight said, walking into the room with Spike, "Pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Twilight Sparkle."

"I don't care who you are!" Rainbow shouted walking up to Twilight, "Where are we?"

"You're inside Canterlot Castle," Twilight explained, "This is a secret chamber in the basement."

"Oh, yeah, sure," Rainbow said, "next you're gonna tell me is that Princess Celestia is right behind me!"

"Maybe not right behind you, but you're pretty close," a sweet yet regal voice said from behind everyone. They looked and saw Princess Celestia slowly descending down to them, "My name is Princess Celestia. It's a pleasure to meet you, Rangers."

Everyone was confused. Did she just call them... Rangers?

The evil queen was walking through Canterlot with an army of clay made fighters. They were throwing tables around, scaring the people, just wreaking havoc.

"Yes, my Putty warriors, YES! They'll have to come soon! Come on Celestia! Where are your chosen five!" she called out evilly.

AJ, Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy were currently looking at her attacking Canterlot.

"Who is that?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Her name is Nightmare Moon," Celestia said seriously, "A being of pure evil. One thousand years ago, I used the Elements of Harmony to seal her away."

"Wait, one thousand years?" AJ asked, "But ya don't look an age over thirty."

"Well, I thank you," Celestia said bowing elegantly to AJ, "But I'm far from human, and the same goes for Nightmare Moon. My powers as they are aren't a match for what she's become. That's why I need the five of you."

"Wait, what?" Rarity asked stepping forward, "What can we do?"

"I know this is asking a lot of you, but you five must fight her in my place," Celestia said sadly.

"Us? Fight her?" Fluttershy asked in fear, "We can't!"

"You have to," Twilight said, "You five are the only ones who can use the Elements of Harmony."

"Why us?" Rainbow asked, "And how do you know you have the right ones?"

"The spell that brought you here was meant to bring the chosen five here and assign them with their Elements," Twilight explained, "If the spell was a success, which is obviously was, then you five would be the Elements of Harmony incarnant."

"In other words, we're all the full embodiment of the elements?" Pinkie Pie asked, getting a nod from Twilight, "This is AWESOME!"

"Ah don't mean ta be rude, Your Majesty," AJ said walking forward, "But we're just five regular human girls. We don't have special powers or nothin. We can't fight a plus one thousand year old demon and her goons."

"Not yet, but with our help, the five of you will be able to," Celestia stated, "You see, many centuries after Nightmare Moon was sealed away, I met a sage named Zordon. He shared with me his technology, and taught me how to convert the power of the Elements of Harmony into what he called Power Coins, which when applied properly, can morph the chosen person into what he called a Power Ranger."

"Power Ranger, eh?" Rainbow said walking forward, "This is sounding interesting. Go on."

"There are six elements total, but I currently only possess five of them. Each of you have been chosen because you possess the inner traits that represent one of the Elements.

"Rarity," Celestia began, Rarity looking up seriously, "Your heart is open to all those around you, therefore you have been chosen as the Black Ranger of Generosity, and will wield the powerful and tactical Black Unicorn Marezord."

An image of a black robotic unicorn with a purple mane and a large cannon coming out of it's horn.

"Rainbow Dash," Rainbow looked up with a confident smirk, "Loyal to those you call friends to the end, you will be the Blue Ranger of Loyalty, and will command the swift Blue Pegasus Marezord."

An image of a dark blue robotic pegasus with a muli-colored mane flying around quickly.

Fluttershy," Fluttershy looked up in fear, "You show no ill will to anyone, not even those who hurt you. Such purity of heart makes you perfect to be the Yellow Ranger of Kindness. The heroic Yellow Pegasus Marezord is yours to weild."

An image of a somewhat bulky yellow robotic pegasus with a long pink mane slowly descending onto the ground, it's wings still and having propellors in them.

"Pinkamena," Pinkie Pie looked up with a happy smile, "No matter the situation, you never lose your smile. You have been chosen to be the Pink Ranger of Laughter, and will command the Pink Earth Marezord. Use it's assortment of weapons to bring a swift end to your enemies."

An image of a heavily armored pink robotic earth pony with a puffy pink mane firing multiple machine guns and missiles from its body.

"Finally, AJ" AJ looked up with a thoughtful expression, "You possess a strong sense of justice and are unable to leave those in danger. Such a strong heart is needed as a leader, therefore you will be the Red Ranger of Honesty, and weild the mighty Red Earth Marezord. Use it's raw strength to lead your team to victory."

An image of a kind of scary looking red robotic earth pony with a long blond mane getting up on it's hind legs and kicking forward.

"When the time is dire, and your enemies push you to the limit, your Marezords are able to combine to form the powerful Centaurus Megazord."

An image of the five Zords, now combined to form a multi-colored centaur knight.

All of this was a lot to take in, and each of them seemed to be handling what they just heard differently. Rainbow and Pinkie Pie were both smiling, but Pinkie Pie looked more excited while Rainbow looked really confident. It was clear those two were looking forward to what was to come.

Rarity and Fluttershy seemed more reluctant, at the very least more hesitant. Rarity looked like she was in deep thought, while Fluttershy looked downright terrified. It didn't seem right to AJ to force them to fight.

Speaking of AJ, she didn't know what to think. Not only was she being asked to fight a super villan that even the Princess was afraid of, but she was expected to be the leader! Fist of all, yeah, she was a good fighter. She took martial arts back when she was in Ponyville, and was a fourth degree black belt. And yeah, she said she wanted to make a name for herself, and do something worth while with her time in High School, but Celestia was talking about fighting to save the world! Could she handle that?

Also, she barely knew any of them. She just met Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow today, and she hadn't gotten a chance to speak to Fluttershy too much, and it didn't look like she and Rainbow were going to get along too well. How could she lead a team like this? Filled with people she barely even knew?

"Um, excuse us," AJ said to the Princess, then turning to everyone, "What do ya'll wanna do 'bout this?"

"Well, this is a lot of responsibility," Rarity said, "What about school?"

"Who cares about school, right now! This is the fate of the world!" Rainbow said.

"Doesn't this sound exciting though?" Pinkie Pie asked, "I mean, we could be REAL. LIVE. HEROES!"

"Pinkie Pie, we should take this a little more seriously," Fluttershy said softly, "We could die out there!"

"But if what the Princess said is true, a lot more people are going to die if we don't do this," Rarity reasoned.

AJ looked up at the screen, looking again at Nightmare Moon. She was hurting people right now, right this second, and she was smiling! She was evil, and she needed to be stopped.

And AJ was someone who could do it...

"Well, Ah'm doin it!" AJ said, catching everyone's attention, "Ah can't force ya'll to come with me, but Ah can at least do what Ah can do!"

"Um... I think I want to go too..." Fluttershy said, shocking Rarity next to her.

"Fluttershy?" Rarity asked.

"Um... I'm scared of getting hurt... but if AJ is going, then for some reason... I feel safer..." Fluttershy whispered.

"Well I'm not about to let AJ here hog all the glory," Rainbow said, "And someone needs to look after Fluttershy, so I'm in!" she turned to Pinkie Pie, "You're coming too, right?"

"Uh, duh! Of course I'm coming! I'm not going to leave my best friend high and dry!"

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie were best friends? AJ felt she needed to remember that for the future.

"Well, I don't like it," Rarity said, "but it sounds like I'm out voted either way, so I might as well go too," Rarity said, silently making AJ happy for some reason. The five of them turned to Celestia.

"Your Majesty," AJ said, "Ya got your Power Rangers!"

"Thank you, Rangers," Celestia said with a warm smile, "Spike, if you would, please?"

"Right!" Spike said pulling out a small wand. He waved it and belt buckles with golden coins in the center magically appeared on everyone's waists, "Those are your Morphers. Use them to transform into the Power Rangers."

"This just got twenty percent cooler!" Rainbow said as she and everyone else examined their morphers.

"It's nice, but it totally clashes with my outfit," Rarity said looking at it. She looked up and noticed that Spike was looking at her, but he looked down when their eyes met, which made her smile.

"Princess! Nightmare Moon is still attacking!" Twilight shouted.

"Rangers, we don't have much time!" Celestia said in response, "I'm afraid you'll have to learn as you fight!"

"Can you at least tell us how to activate these things?" Rainbow asked.

"All you have to do is call out the Element you reprsent, and you will instantly be transformed into your Ranger Forms," Celestia explained.

"We'll take care of sending you there once you've transformed," Twilight stated.

"Alright," AJ said with a nod, "Ya'll ready?" she asked her fellow rangers, who all nodded, "It's Morphin Time!"

~Morphing Sequence~

Lightning bolt comes down, beginning the sequence.

"GENEROSITY!" Rarity shouted.

"LAUGHTER!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

"LOYALTY!" Rainbow shouted.

"KINDNESS!" Fluttershy shouted.

"HONESTY!" AJ shouted.

Zooms into AJ as her Ranger uniform and helmet materializes on her.

All five of them flip in the air in the city, and land right in front of the Putty Patrol and Nightmare Moon.

"POWER RANGERS!" they all shouted at the same time.

Nightmare Moon looked a little surprised looking at the five warriors in front of her. They all looked about the same except for the colors, and a few cosmetic differences in the helmets. She knew that they were the Chosen Five, she could smell Celestia's cheap perfume on them.

"So, you must be her Chosen Five," Nightmare Moon said evilly.

"That's right!" Red said pointing to her, "We're the Power Rangers!"

"And we're here to drive you out of Canterlot!" Blue stated.

"Preferrably off of Equestria PERIOD!" Black shouted.

"If you don't leave quietly, then we'll be forced to use violence!" Yellow shouted, though the fear was apparent in her voice.

"And you don't want us to use violence!" Pink shouted boldly.

"As long as we stand, Equestria will NOT fall!" Red proclaimed.

"How bold," Nightmare Moon said sounding slightly uninterested, "GET THEM!"

The Putties got in fighting stances and rushed forward.

"This is it team, let's GO!" Red shouted, the other four Rangers all getting in fighting stances and running forward. The fight was now on: five Power Rangers vs an army of at least twenty Putties.

Princess Celestia, Twilight, and Spike were all looking at the Rangers fight from the computer.

"I don't believe it," Twilight said, "They're doing it!"

"Ha ha! This is too cool!" Spike said.

"It's too early to celebrate," Celestia said sitting down in her throne stationed in the Command Center (a/n: yes, where Zordon's Time Warp would be), "Nightmare Moon is testing them. She isn't taking this fight seriously."

Blue was right in the middle of the group, punching and kicking at a group of Putties aggressively.

"This is amazing!" Blue shouted happily before going back to her fight.

Yellow was using evasive tactics to fight two Putties, mostly letting them hit each other. When they fell, Yellow looked around and breathed out in relief.

"I... did it..." she said, noticing two more running up to her. She screamed and ran off.

Black was standing on a stone ledge, kicking any Putties that tried to approach her. After a few seconds, she did an elegant back flip on the railing, and continued her assault.

Pink mostly used dancing moves to attack her group, using hip bumps and high kicks to make quick work of her enemies.

Red was almost as aggressive as Blue, but more skilled and percise. After punching one Putty, she jumped up and did a flying kick to a group of Putties, knocking them down.

"Rangers, each of you has a weapon," Celestia said from the Command Center, "Use them to bring out the most of your powers."

"Ya'll hear that?" Red asked, "Activate your weapons! We'll take these guys out quickly!"

"You got it!" Blue shouted, slamming her fists together, which instantly gained blue armored boxing gloves, "Oh yeah, I make this look good!" she exclaimed. She then began punching the Putties with incredible force, now mostly using boxing tactics.

Pink and Yellow stood back to back with their weapons out: two hand guns for Pink, and a mechanical bow for Yellow. They fired at the Putties surrounding them with scary precision, Pink firing small pink lasers, and Yellow firing a long laser beam out of her bow.

"Ha ha! This is fun!" Pink shouted gleefully.

"I feel better using this weapon," Yellow said breathing out in relief.

Black was walking through a group of Putties, hitting them with her laser whip in true dominatrex fashion.

"You boys have been awfully naughty!" she said swinging her whip horizontally knocking a group of Putties back.

Red was fighting a group of them with her broad sword, when out of nowhere, Nightmare Moon ran up to her and slashed her with her sword, sending her back. Red got up and met Nightmare Moon's sword with her own, stopping in a weapon clash.

"I have to say, the five of you are strong," Nightmare Moon stated, "Much better than I originally thought."

"Ah guess Princess Celestia made the right choice then!" Red said pushing Nightmare Moon away. The two of them then began fighting with their swords, both actually evenly matched.

Yellow got on one knee and shot through a line of Putties with her laser arrow. Nearby, Blue did an uppercut to a Putty sending into a park bench.

Pink jumped over a large group of Putties and shot downward with her guns, sending them flying in all directions. When she landed, she saw Black actually using her whip to spank a Putty, who was actually trying to run away from her (the whole thing looked rediculous).

"You're having too much fun, Rarity," Pink said.

"Look who's talking," Black retorted.

Red and Nightmare Moon were still going at it. They met in another weapon clash, this time Nightmare Moon was smiling.

"I must ask human, what's your name?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Mah name?" she asked, "It's... AJ! AJ Ambrosia!" she said eventually, something inside telling her that it was okay for Nightmare Moon to know her name.

"AJ? I see. When I saw that Celestia had chosen five high school girls I was a little worried, but you and your friends have peaked my interest," Nightmare Moon pushed Red back, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black all running to her side, "This has been an interesting game, Power Rangers. I'll give you all one final test. Don't die on me," she said pointing her sword at the city. She then summoned what looked like a giant knight in black armor with a helmet shaped like a horse. Whoever was in that armor they had long white hair.

"Chaos!" Nightmare Moon commanded, "Test these Chosen Five!"

"As you command, my queen," he said in a deep, dark voice. Nightmare Moon gave the Rangers one last smirk before she vanished from their sight.

"That guy is huge!" Pink shouted.

"How do we fight something that big?" Black asked.

"Well fearless leader, any ideas?" Blue asked Red, who looked down in thought. How were they going to get out of this?

"Rangers, summon your Marezords!" Celestia commanded, "They should have the power to fight this foe!"

"Got it!" Red proclaimed with a nod. The five of them got in a line and held their arms out.

"WE NEED MAREZORD POWER, NOW!" they shouted at the same time.

In a mountain far off, the ground opened up revealing the Red Earth Marezord rising out, giving a loud mechanical whinny.

In the city, some of the buildings moved out of the way, revealing a large elevator with the Black Unicorn Marezord kneeling on it. When the elevator stopped, the Marezord came to life and began galloping through the city.

The Blue Pegasus Marezord was seen flying down from high in the sky, calling out to it's master in a deep mechanical whinny.

The Pink Earth Marezord was running through a meadow towards the fight. When it reached a cliff it jumped up, and elegantly landed on the ground continuing its run.

In a forest, a high mechanical whinny was heard, making all the animals scatter. The large figure of the Yellow Pegasus Marezord was seen slowly walking out of the forest.

When the five Marezords found each other, they galloped towards the city in a large group, the Blue and Yellow Marezords flying over the Black, Pink, and Red Marezords, and the Red Marezord in front leading the other four.

Red nodded and jumped straight up in the air to her Marezord, followed by Blue and Yellow, then Pink and Black.

"AJ here, Everything checks out!" Red said from her cockpit.

"Rainbow here, let's take him out!" Blue said in her cockpit.

"Rarity here, all system ready!" Black said in her cockpit.

"Pinkie Pie here, ready to PARTY!" Pink said in her cockpit.

"Fl, Fluttershy here, um... let's g, go!" Yellow said in her cockpit.

"Come at me, Rangers!" Chaos said pulling out his sword.

The Red Marezord wasted no time. It rushed up to Chaos and began kicking him with its front legs, pushing him back a bit.

The Pink and Black Marezords stood at a distance, and activated their weapons, consisting of a series of missile launchers from the Pinke Marezord, and a cannon coming out of the horn of the Black Marezord.

The Red Marezord jumped away, and it's partners fired their weapons at Chaos, who blocked with his shield.

"You'll have to do better than that Rangers!"

"Fluttershy, cover me!" Blue called out.

"Um... got it!" Yellow responded.

The Yellow Marezord flew over Chaos and opened up two bomb compartments from it's side. It then dropped a series of bombs at Chaos, who screamed out in pain from the explosions. As that was happening, the Blue Marezord flew down at high speed firing machine guns from it's shoulders at Chaos.

"Team, let's put 'em together!" Red commanded, creating a crystal with her fingers. In their respective cockpits, all the other Rangers did the same.

"Insert Harmony crystals!" Red shouted inserting the crystal into a slot on her control panel.

"TWO! ONE! POWER UP!" the other rangers shouted, inserting the crystals into their slots.

~Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme instrumental~


The eyes of the Red Marezord glowed along with the mechanical voice.

The legs of the Blue and Yellow Marezords folded up to their sides as they flew next to each other.

The head of the Black Marezord came off and the front half of it folded open at the same time of the pack half of the Pink Marezord folded open. The two halfs linked up and continued to run forward.

The Red Marezord jumped up un the air and met the Blue and Yellow Marezords. The Blue Marezord connected with the left side of the Red Marezord, and the Yellow Marezord connected with the right side. At the same time, the red Marezord turned upright and straightened its back legs so they shot straight down.

The front section and head of the Pink Marezord opened up revealing a slot for the Red Marezord to fit in from the waist down, making the whole thing look more like a centaur.

The chest opened up a bit, and the head of the Red Marezord folded downward revealing a silver humanoid face with long blond hair, but stayed out looking forward in a way that made the robot almost look feminine.

The head of the Black Marezord came down on the humanoid head, forming a helmet. The eyes of the resulting robot glowed at the same time.


The Centaur looking robot got in a fighting stance, finishing the transformation.

"This, Rangers, is the Centaurus Megazord, meant only to be used in the case of an emergency. It's power is great, but it will require that the five of you work as a team in order to control it," Celestia explained.

"Alright Rangers! Let's go!" Red shouted, now in a new cockpit that she shared with the other four Rangers.

"Right!" the other Rangers responded.

Centaurus walked forward and punched Chaos a few times, but he blocked the attacks and slashed Centaurus with his sword.

"AHH!" the Rangers screamed from their cockpit.

"Pinkie, Rarity, can ya'll two knock that shield out of his hand?" Red asked.

"We can try!" Black said, Pink nodding in response.

Centaurus first got on it's hind legs and kicked forward with it's front legs, pushing Chaos back. Centaurus then turned around, and did a bucking kick with it's back legs, actually knocking the shield out of Chaos' arms.

"What?" he exclaimed.

"Rainbow, Fluttershy, your turn!" Red stated.

"Right!" Fluttershy said, Blue giving Red a thumbs up. Centuarus then did a double punch at Chaos, folowed by a series of punches sending him further back.

"Now it's mah turn!" Red shouted, pushing a button in front of her.

A large jousting staff came out of the sky and landed next to Centaurus, who picked it up and stood in front of Chaos ready to charge.

"CENTAURUS CHARGE!" the Rangers shouted.

Centaurus charged towards Chaos leading with it's staff. It then charged through Chaos, and stopped behind him.

"My queen, they passed!" Chaos shouted before falling to the ground and exploding.

Centaurus held the staff upright, and stood straight up in triumph.

Back in her airship, Nightmare Moon was watching the fight with an amused smile on her face.

"So her chosen five are strong enough to defeat Chaos," she said sitting in her throne and crossing her legs, "It looks like I'll have to take these five seriously," she turned to a picture of Princess Celestia as a child, only the frame was broken, "Well then, let the games begin!" she said, going into a loud, evil laugh.

This was going to be fun...

AJ, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity were now walking back into the Command Center, all of them excited about what they just accomplished.

"You guys saw me, right?" Rainbow asked, "The way I punched those guys into next week!"

"I'll admit, that wasn't as scary as I thought it would be..." Fluttershy said, actually smiling.

"There was something empowering about me and that whip," Rarity said with a smile.

"Oh boy, are we lookin at a preview of your future?" AJ taunted, making Pinkie Pie laugh. Rarity rolled her eyes at them.

"You five were amazing!" Spike said running up to them, "It looked like you had done that your whole lives!"

"Well, you know," Rainbow bragged, shrugging her shoulders.

"I will admit, you surprised me too," Twilight said walking up to them, "I honestly didn't expect you guys to pull it off so well," she turned to AJ, "And taking on Nightmare Moon head on like that took true courage."

"Well, it was more of self defense, really," AJ admitted, "But Ah thank ya for the compliment."

"You five did remarkably, I will admit," Celestia said, catching everyone's attention, "But do not rest on this victory for long. That was only a taste of what Nightmare Moon is capable of."

"So, she'll come back?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes, and I'm afraid she'll try and attack the five of you individually as well. It's for this reason that you must stay close to each other, for you'll be counting on one another in all your future battles."

"Well, it's a good thing we all generally know each other, then," Rarity said, making AJ look down. She was still so new. Should she consider herself a member of their group so quickly?

"Now, along with these new powers, there are a few rules that must be followed," Celestia said, making Rainbow groan.

"Aw, I can't stand rules!" she said.

"Don't worry," Celestia said with a smile, "They're pretty easy to follow. First of all, you must never use your Ranger powers for personal gain. Secondly, you are not to escalate a fight yourself. And finally, you must keep your Ranger identities a secret. No one is to know that you're a Power Ranger. Nightmare Moon probably knows who you are, but she will only attack you, and those who know your identity."

"Is that it?" Pinkie Pie asked, "That's easy to follow."

"You guys, should Ah really be a part of this?" AJ asked, "Ah mean, ya'll know each other, but Ah'm just some girl raised on a farm. Ya'll don't know me from a stack of hay," she looked down in sadness.

"Now stop that," Rarity said taking AJ's hand, "You may be new to Canterlot, but I feel like we were meant to be friends."

"Yeah, and the way you lead us in that fight was amazing!" Pinkie Pie said putting her arms around AJ.

"I'd like it if you stayed with us..." Fluttershy said walking up to her, "Even though you didn't know Rainbow and I were friends, you did try to help me, and that means a lot..."

"Fluttershy..." AJ said. She then looked at Rainbow from a distance, and pushed everyone away so she could walk to her, "And what about you," AJ asked seriously, "Ya got a problem with me bein leader?"

Everyone was silent watching Rainbow, anxious to see what would happen. Rainbow walked over to AJ with an equally serious expression, but then did something surprising...

She held her hand out.

"Just don't screw this up, Leader," Rainbow said with a smirk.

AJ looked down with a smile, looked Rainbow dead in the eyes, and their hands met in a handshake, a motion that would define them forever as a team.

Dear Ma and Pa,

Remember when I said that I was determined to make a friend on my first day of school? Well, wouldn't you know it, but I made a whole bunch of friends. They're all different, the kind of people you'd think would never want to be seen together, but they're all really nice.

I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting few years. Looking forward to the future.

You're daughter, AJ

Along with the letter, there's a picture of AJ in the middle of Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow. The five of them look really happy together.

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