From this point on I'll be taking themes from both Power Rangers and Friendship is Magic in order to create the episodes. It should be clear what each episode is based off of, but I hope to add my own little twists to them. I'm going to do this is the same way Mighty Morphin Power Rangers did the episodes, so I hope you enjoy.

Today on Power Rangers!

An old friend of Rainbow's comes to Canterlot to visit.

"Guys, this is my friend, Gilda Griffindor," Rainbow says, referring to the rough looking girl next to her.

But this friend isn't so friendly to Fluttershy...

"We're not having that problem, are we?" Gilda says right in Fluttershy's face.

"Oh... uh..." Fluttershy says sheepishly.

Nightmare Moon sends down a monsterous Griffin to challenge the Rangers, and it attacks the school. Will the Rangers be able to defeat this new foe? And will Fluttershy be willing to protect Gilda?

"A... Power Ranger?" Gilda says, looking up at the Yellow Ranger, who's just looking at her silently.

Find out, on the next episode of Power Rangers!

~Begin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme~

Two astronaughts open a seal, and Night Mare Moon flies out.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! After one thousand years I'm free! It's time to conquer Equestria!"

Princess Celestia teleports into her Power Chamber and goes over to Spike and Twilight.

"Twilight! Nightmare Moon has escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!"

AJ, Rainbow, Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are whisked from Canterlot High and magically sent to Canterlot Castle. A buckle with the symbol of Honesty appears on AJ's belt, and she turns into the Red Harmony Ranger.

Centaurus Mega Zord rises up activating at the same time as the logo come up.



AJ swings a lasso above her head and then throws it forward. Double shot of her looking up thoughtfully, and her as the Red Ranger swinging her sword.

Rainbow spins around and leans against a railing with an arrogant smile. Double shot of her looking up with a confident smile, and her as the Blue Ranger punching the air with armored fists.

Pinkie is seen in her cheer leading uniform dancing with her squad. Double shot of her looking up with a sweet smile, and her as the Pink Ranger swinging her guns.

Rarity is walking down a hallway waving her hair to the side arrogantly. Double shot of her looking up seriously, and her as the Black Ranger swinging her whip around with a hand on her hip.

Fluttershy is screaming in fear as she dodges a group of Putties. Double shot of her looking up in fear, and her as the Yellow Ranger swinging her bow.

Quickly goes through all five of them shouting their Elements, followed by a view of the Red, Black, and Blue Mare Zords.

All five Rangers pose, their Elements appearing behind them.

Twilight is sitting at a desk reading a spell book.

Snips and Snails are sitting at a bench at school, trying to flirt with a student to no avail.

Celestia is sitting in her throne with her legs crossed nodding as if listening to someone speak.

All five Mare Zords are running/flying together. The five of them come together, forming the Centaurus Mega Zord, which poses at the end of the song.



Speak Softly, but Carry a Big Stick

~Recreation Center~

At the Rec. Center, AJ and Rainbow were at the sparring section training. Currently, they were both wearing black sweat pants, black martial arts belts, and tank tops the colors of their respective Rangers (Red for AJ, and Blue for Rainbow).

Rarity was at the balance beam wearing a black leotard and pink leggings, practicing her gymnastics. Pinkie Pie just walked in, and looked around happily. Ever since becoming Power Rangers, the five of them began spending a lot more time together just in case they were needed again. She looked over at the bar, and saw Fluttershy sitting by herself. Pinkie Pie frowned, and then walked over to her.

"Hey Fluttershy!" Pinkie Pie said brightly.

"Oh... hi Pinkie..." Fluttershy said meekly.

"Why are you here by yourself?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Well, AJ and Rainbow wanted to spar, and Rarity has that competition coming up next month, so I thought I'd just sit here and watch them," Fluttershy explained.

"You should go over to AJ and Rainbow and spar with them," Pinkie suggested sweetly, but Fluttershy shook her head.

"Oh no... those two don't need me... I'm still a yellow belt in martial arts... They can get more out of training with each other than with me..." Fluttershy said.

"But what are you going to do?" Pinkie asked.

"I can just train by myself, it's no problem..." Fluttershy said in a dismissive manner. Pinkie Pie frowned again. She really liked Fluttershy, always did. The only thing about Fluttershy she didn't like was how she always put herself down. Since she was so kind she could never speak ill of anyone else, but that caused her to put all the blame on herself when something happened.

AJ tried to knock Rainbow off her feet with a sweeping kick, but Rainbow jumped over the attack and did a roundhouse kick to AJ, who ducked out of the way. They both stood in front of each other in fighting stances, and bowed. At the same time, another girl walked into the Rec. Center. She had short blond hair, and was wearing a black jacket, black pants, and matching boots. She looked like bad news.

She looked around, stopping on Rainbow, "Yo! Rainbow!" she called out. Rainbow looked in her direction and smiled.

"Gilda!" she called out running over to her. The two of them did a interesting pound and fist pump, suggesting a close bond.

"Still training in Martial Arts?" Gilda asked.

"Yeah, I'm still gonna be the best in Equestria," Rainbow bragged.

"Not if I make it first," Gilda stated, making Rainbow laugh.

"Mind introducin us to your friend," AJ said walking over to them. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy joined them.

"Guys, this my friend Gilda Griffindor. She's visiting here for a while since her parents got work here," Rainbow stated.

"Gilda, nice to meet you!" Pinkie said going over to Gilda with her hand out, "I'm Pinkie, Rainbow's best friend!"

Gilda looked at Pinkie for a little longer than usual, and then shook her hand, "Nice to meet you... Pinkie..."

"My name's Rarity," Rarity said walking up to Gilda, who did the same thing to her before shaking her hand.

"Rarity... nice to meet you," Gilda said. AJ walked over to her giving her a challenging expression.

"Mah name's AJ, Ah just moved here from Ponyville," AJ said holding out her hand. Their eyes met, as if they were reading each other. Gilda took her hand after a few tense seconds, which everyone breathed out in relief.

"Glad to see Rainbow has someone who can give her a good fight," Gilda said with a smile. AJ gave her a slight smirk before stepping back, revealing Fluttershy who for some reason was hiding behind Rarity.

"Oh my god!" Gilda said, "Is that Fluttershy Wyrmwood?"

"Oh, um..." Fluttershy said looking away.

"Hey Fluttershy!" Gilda said, "Remember me?"

"Uh... yeah... I remember..." Fluttershy said softly.

"Ya know her?" AJ asked, a little concerned. Fluttershy was meek, but she almost seemed scared for some reason.

"Yeah she knows Gilda," Rainbow chimed in, "The three of us went to the same middle school."

"Wow, I'm surprised," Rarity said raising an eyebrow, "Fluttershy and I have been best friends since the ninth grade, and while she introduced me to Rainbow, she never mentioned you..." she said now looking at Gilda suspiciously, noting how her best friend was hiding behind her.

"Oh, I'm hurt, Fluttershy," Gilda said, "How could you not mention your good friend Gilda?"

"Um... uh..." Fluttershy was really having a hard time for some reason, which made AJ, Rarity, and Pinkie suspicious.

"Hey Dash, I was thinking about hittin the arcade. You comin?" Gilda asked.

"Do you even have to ask?" Rainbow said.

"PSST!" the Rangers heard from the side. They looked at the doorway and saw Spike motioning for them to go over to him.

"On second thought, why don't I meet you there?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh... okay," Gilda said, "I'll see ya there," she then turned to Pinkie, Rarity, and AJ, "Nice meeting you guys," she then looked right at Fluttershy, "and I'll see you later, Fluttershy," she said before walking off. Fluttershy squealed silently.

"Is everything okay?" AJ asked.

"Um... yes!" Fluttershy piped up, "Didn't Spike want us?" she asked rushing over to Spike.

"Fluttershy, wait up!" Rainbow shouted running after Fluttershy. Rarity and Pinkie walked over to AJ.

"Something's wrong," Rarity said.

"Very wrong," Pinkie agreed. AJ nodded, and the three of them walked over to where Spike was wating.

"What's up Spike?" AJ asked.

"Sorry to pull you away, Rangers," Spike said, "but the Princess said she needs the five of you at Canterlot Castle. She has something to give you."

"You mean we get more cool stuff!" Rainbow asked, "Awesome! What is it?"

~Power Chamber~

As soon as they arrived in the Command Center, Twilight gave all five of them wrist watches, but they had speakers instead of a clock on top.

"These are your Ranger Communicators," Twilight explained, "From now on, you'll use these to get in contact with us here, and each other."

"It's great that we can get in touch with the Castle now without morphing," Rarity said, "but we have cell phones."

"Yes, but these will allow you to contact each other without the fear of anyone listening in," Celestia said from her throne.

"Also, it's free, so stop complaining," Twilight said crossing her arms. Rarity scowled.

"I am not complaining!" Rarity demanded.

"Those watches also have teleportation magic in them, allowing you to transport back here so long as I am present in the Castle," Celestia explained.

"So we can transport here at will? SWEET!" Rainbow said, turning to Pinkie, who nodded in agreement. Fluttershy was a little out of it, and AJ was getting worried. Ever since the whole thing with Gilda, Fluttershy had been jumpy, and really quiet.

"Hey, ya alright 'Shy?" AJ asked Fluttershy, who quickly turned to her and nodded.

"Y, yeah. I was just thinking about my History homework," Fluttershy said quickly, "Um, I need to get home."

Fluttershy pushed a button on her watch, and instantly turned into a yellow light and flew up in the sky. Rainbow walked over to AJ looking up at the direction Fluttershy went.

"Completely ignoring how awesome that was," Rainbow began, "we don't have any homework for History."

AJ figured as much. She decided to question Fluttershy on it later.

~Nightmare Moon's Airship~

On Nightmare Moon's airship, Nightmare Moon was sitting in her throne waiting for Chaos to return (yes, he survived the first fight).

"Your Highness," Chaos said walking up to her, "I have found what you were looking for."

"So, you found the location of the Rangers?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Not only that, but I know their names as well. Apparently, the day of our arrival, five students mysteriously vanished for a long period of time, one of which was this "AJ" you mentioned."

"Were they all girls?"


"Hmm..." Nightmare Moon thought to herself, "Five girls disappear suddenly, and then five warriors appear to face me? That's too much of a coincidence. What are the names of the other four?"

"Alongside AJ Ambrosia, there's Rainbow Dash, Pinkamena Diane Pie, Fluttershy Wyrmwood, and Rarity Dubois."

"Do we have pictures?"

"Pulling them up now."

When Nightmare Moon saw the images of the five Rangers in human form appear on her screen, she was shocked. They did not look like heroes AT. ALL. In fact, with the exceptions of Rainbow Dash and maybe AJ (who was easy to identify due to the Texan accent and hat) the other three didn't look like they could fight at all. What was Celestia thinking? Was she even trying?

"It's no fun if you don't put any effort into it, Celestia," Nightmare Moon pouted.

"They did defeat our army of Putty warriors," Chaos said, "And they bested me in combat."

"Yes, but you went easy on them," Nightmare Moon said, "and they had the help of the Elements of Harmony. I want to see if they can handle a fight without their powers."

"How would you manage that, my queen?"

"Knowing Celestia, she doesn't want them using their powers in public. Chaos, I need a monster from the Abyss of Darkness."

"As you command," Chaos turned away and pointed his sword at the ground, "I open the Abyss of Darkness! Come forth, my creature, and SERVE YOUR QUEEN!"

When those words were spoken, a black whole opened up on the ground, and something flew out. It was a monster with golden fur all on his body, claws on his hands, and an eagle's head.

"My queen, this monster is yours to command," Chaos explained.

"Will you be able to take on the Power Rangers?" Nightmare Moon asked.

"Those Rangers won't know what hit them!" the Griffin shouted jumping up and down.

"Good. Chaos, send him down with an army of Putty warriors. I want him to take them to their school. Do not attack them until I give you the order, understand?"

"You got it!" the Griffin shouted with a laugh.

~Canterlot High: Main Hall~

The following day, Fluttershy's main focus was getting through school and getting home. She hoped that she could just get done with classes today and go home before she ran into Gilda. But when she left her locker she bumbed into someone... and got the shock of her life...

"Oh, sorry!" Fluttershy cried out.

"Yeah, I know," a female voice harshly stated, a voice Fluttershy recognized. She looked up and saw a face she didn't want to see.

"G, Gilda!" Fluttershy screamed.

"Fl, Fl, Fluttershy!" Gilda mimicked harshly, backing Fluttershy into her locker, "You're lucky I wasn't holding anything fragile, otherwise that could have been bad for you."

"Oh, um, right... Sorry..." Fluttershy said looking away, not knowing that Pinkie walked into the hall and was hiding behind her open locker door listening to their conversation, "Um... why are you... um... I mean... you don't go here... do you?"

"Well, my folks wanted me to keep going with my studies while I was here, so for the next year or so, I'm a student here at Canterlot High."

"Oh... I see..."

"Which is great, right? I mean, you, me, and Rainbow, one big happy family," Gilda said, "It'll be just like old times, right?"

"Well... I... uh..."

Gilda's smile slowly changed to a serious glare, "We're not having that problem, are we?" Gilda asked.

"Oh... uh..." Fluttershy looked away, but then sighed, "No... just like old times..."

"Very good Fluttershy," Gilda said slapping Fluttershy on the shoulder hard, "That wasn't so hard, right?"

"N, no..."

"Now, I'm gonna go to my class, and I expect you to make my visit here a pleasant one, alright sugar plum?"

"O, o, okay..." Fluttershy said sheepishly. Gilda walked away, and Fluttershy fell into a sitting position in front of the lockers. Pinkie Pie took that as her chance to walk over to her friend.

"Fluttershy, what was that all about?" Pinkie Pie asked, "Was she bullying you?"

"Oh no..." Fluttershy said shaking her head, "Gilda and I are... really good friend, yeah!"

"Fluttershy, you're trembling," Pinkie Pie said looking at Fluttershy's hand, "Are you sure-"

"I'm fine Pinkie," Fluttershy said getting up, "We're going to be late for homeroom."

Fluttershy forced herself up and walked to her homeroom. As Pinkie Pie watched her go to homeroom, Snips and Snails walked up from behind her, Snips putting his arms around her.

"You look troubled," Snips said arrogantly, "Think there's something we can help you with?"

"Yeah, something we can help you with?" Snails mimicked, much to Snips' annoyance.

"Nope," Pinkie Pie said simply, "I'm fine," she was about to walk off, but she stopped and turned to them with a smile, "Actually, I think I do have a job for you."

~Canterlot High: Cafeteria~

It was lunch when Pinkie Pie put her plan into action. She sat at a table by herself and waited until Gilda walked into the cafeteria. Once she did, she looked at Snips and Snails and nodded. They nodded and made their way to Gilda.

"So, Gilda," Snips said, "I heard that you're staying here for a week."

"That's right," Gilda said uninterested.

"My name's Snips, and this is my bro-"

"Did I ask for your names?" Gilda asked harshly turning to Snips and Snails, who were both speechless.

"Well, no, but-"

"Then why are you here?" Gilda asked. Snips and Snails were stammering like crazy. Any other time Pinkie would have thought this was hilarious, but this time it was just sad.

"Uh..." Snips said.

"We were just..." Snails said.

"Why don't you do me a favor and GET OUT OF MY FACE!" Gilda shouted. Snips and Snails screamed and ran away, falling over in their rush to get out of the cafeteria.

"Okay, if those two can't even keep their cool, then something's up," Pinkie said standing up suddenly, "That Gilda is a bully! No wonder Fluttershy was so timid when she was dealing with Gilda."

Pinkie Pie looked around to find Fluttershy, but then she remembered that Fluttershy always ate outside on nice days. She picked up her lunch and rushed outside to find Fluttershy.

Sure enough, she found Fluttershy outside sitting under a tree with her lunch. Pinkie went over to her and sat down, as if Fluttershy invited her.

"Oh, hello Pinkie Pie," Fluttershy said, "What brings you here?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Gilda was bullying you?" Pinkie Pie asked, making Fluttershy choke on her sandwich.

"Wh, what? Oh no, you've got it all wrong. Gilda and Rainbow are-"

"I just sicked Snips and Snails on her, and she sent them away in tears, Fluttershy, tears! What's really going on? Does she make you uncomfortable?"

"Well... not really uncomfortable... just... maybe... a... little..." Fluttershy whispered, but Pinkie Pie could hear her fully.

"Why don't you tell Rainbow?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"She and Gilda are good friends... I don't want to disrupt that... and she doesn't hurt me or anything... she just..."

"Pushes you around and makes you feel small, right?" Fluttershy tried not to, but in the end, she had to nod, which broke Pinkie's heart, "Fluttershy, if you don't want to ruin Rainbow's relationship with Gilda then you need to stand up for yourself."

"It's okay..." Fluttershy insisted shaking her head, "Gilda's not going to be here forever. Once she's gone, everything will go back to normal. There's no reason to make a fuss over it."

"But if Gilda visits again then it's right back to you feeling like this! Fluttershy, it's okay to speak up if something is bothering you."

"Um... well..."

"Tell you what, I'll talk to Gilda," Pinkie Pie said standing up and walking off. Fluttershy got really scared and ran after her friend.

~Canterlot High: School Yard~

"She seemed like she was enjoying herself," Rarity said, "Nightmare Moon, I mean."

"Someone that evil, of course she enjoyed herself," Rainbow said, "Next time she shows herself, I want a piece of her!"

"Princess Celestia said that Nightmare Moon wouldn't come out like that 'gain," AJ said turning to Rainbow, "Besides, Ah sorta agree with Rarity on this one. Nightmare Moon was treatin the whole thing like a game, especially when she went up against me."

"In other news, have you seen Fluttershy today?" Rarity asked, "She rushed off after homeroom."

"That was weird," Rainbow said, "I mean, Fluttershy has always been a little jumpy, but this is a new level."

"Hey Rainbow, what's her relationship to Gilda," AJ asked, getting a shrug from Rainbow.

"She never spoke of it. I used to notice that she would get tense when Gilda was around, but when I asked Gilda about it, she said said that they were cool. I asked Fluttershy about it, and she didn't deny anything."

"But that's just Fluttershy being Fluttershy," Rarity said, "Ranger of Kindness, remember? She couldn't say anything bad about Gilda even if she wanted to. I'm not saying that Gilda isn't a nice person, but I do think there's a chance she and Fluttershy aren't as good of friends as you think."

Rainbow was thinking hard on that statement. After a second though, AJ looked forward and saw something that she didn't think she would see at school.

She saw a Putty...

AJ tapped Rainbow and Rarity's shoulders to get their attention, and then pointed to the Putty, who ran off when the other Rangers saw him.

"Is that?" Rainbow asked.

"Come on," AJ said, getting nods from both Rainbow and Rarity. They ran over to a clearing in the park, and suddenly were ambused by a group of Putties. The three of them stood next to each other in fighting stances (Rarity was a little more scared as she wasn't as much of a fighter as AJ and Rainbow).

"This is bad!" Rainbow shouted.

"Um, do you think it's time?" Rarity asked in fear.

"No!" AJ stated, "Remember the second rule, we can't escalate a fight unless they force us to!"

"What does that even mean?" Rarity asked.

"It means we gotta try and fight these guys ourselves before we use our powers!" Rainbow said seriously.

"If we work together, we should be able to beat 'em!" AJ stated, "Let's go!"

The three of them spread out and began fighting the Putties. They soon realized that although the Putties were pushovers when they were Morphed, they were a lot tougher to fight without their powers.

AJ did a series of back flips away from a Putty as it tried to punch her. When she was far enough away from it she kicked it in the stomach. Another Putty ran up to her and tried to punch her, but she ducked out of the way and grabbed its arm and flipped it over.

Rainbow was blocking the attacks of one Putty, but then ducked when another Putty tried to punch her, forcing him to punch his friend. When she came up though, a Putty grabbed her from behind. Rainbow threw him over her back, and then punched him while he was on the ground.

Rarity ran over to a tree while two Putties ran after her. When she reached the tree she ran behind it. The Putties tried to follow her, but she had disappeared. They rounded the entire tree, unable to find Rarity. They stood next to each other looking really lost as Rarity secretly jumped down behind them and slammed their heads together, knocking them out.

AJ and Rainbow were back to back kicking any Putties that approached them. Rainbow ducked allowing AJ to roll on her back and kick the Putty she was fighting back. When she came up she punched the Putty AJ was fighting, knocking it back.

Two Putties grabbed Rarity's arms and she screamed, catching AJ and Rainbow's attention. The two of them ran over to Rarity and grabbed the Putties and threw them off of Rarity.

"Ya alright?" AJ asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," Rarity said.

'We're not out of the woods yet!" Rainbow shouted as the Putties surrounded them again.

"Got it! Human chain!" AJ requested. Rainbow jumped up and sat on AJ's shoulders and leaned back, at the same time Rarity held onto Rainbow's legs. AJ spun them around, causing Rarity to raise up from the momentum, her legs hitting the Putties. At the same time, Rainbow's arms were punching the Putties. All in all, the remaining Putties fell back and vanished.

AJ set Rarity and Rainbow down, and they did a three way high five.

"Good job!" AJ said.

"Ha! I knew we had that," Rainbow said.

"Guys, I just thought of something," Rarity said, "They were too close to the school."

"That's true," AJ said, "Ya reckon they'll go after the school?"

"We better not take any chances. Let's go," Rainbow suggested, getting nods from the other two Rangers before they ran back to the school.

~Canterlot High: Basketball Court~

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were looking at Gilda from a distance. She was leaning against a wall outside listening to her MP3 player. Pinkie Pie looked at her seriously before Fluttershy tapped her shoulder.

"Um, I really don't think..." Fluttershy started, but Pinkie Pie patted her head.

"Don't worry about a thing, Fluttershy. Auntie Pinkie Pie will take care of everything," she said before walking off to confront Gilda. Fluttershy thought really hard about what Pinkie Pie said, before looking at her a little miffed.

"I'm a year older than you," Fluttershy said seriously before walking after her friend.

Pinkie Pie tapped Gilda on the shoulder. Gilda pulled out her earphones and stared daggers at Pinkie, who was completely intrepid.

"Can I help you?" Gilda asked.

"You're making my friend uncomfortable, and I want you to stop," Pinkie Pie said simply.

"Um... Pinkie Pie... I really don't think..." Fluttershy said, stopping when she met Gilda's gaze.

"Oh, I see," Gilda said with a laugh, "You didn't have the guts to face me, so you decided to send one of your friends to do it. How cute."

"Um... uh..."

"Come on Fluttershy, tell her," Pinkie Pie said pulling Fluttershy over to them. Gilda looked right in Fluttershy's eyes, making her heart race. All she wanted was something to take her away from this.

It was then that they heard a scream. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie looked in the direction of the scream and saw a student backing away from three Putties.

"What in the world..." Gilda asked.

"Flutershy, they're in the school!" Pinkie whispered to Fluttershy, who nodded before running over to the student, shocking Gilda.

"Hey! Where are you going?" she asked.

Fluttershy ran over to the Putties and grabbed them pushing them back. She then turned to the student, "Go! Get out of here!" Fluttershy shouted. The student nodded and ran back inside.

When the student left, Fluttershy pushed the Putties down on the ground, took a deep breath, and then got into a fighting stance (she was still a yellow belt after all).

When the Putties got up, they ran over to her, and one tried to punch her, but she ducked and did a front kick knocking it back down. She turned to the other two, punched one hard in the stomach, and then pushed his partner on the ground. The Putty she attacked first grabbed her from behind, and the other two Puttied looked ready to attack the now helpless Yellow Ranger.

"Get into the school where it's safe!" Pinkie Pie commanded, "I'll help her!"

"Hold on! What's going on here?" Gilda asked.

"Don't worry, we're going to get help!" Pinkie Pie said. Gilda looked really confused, but she nodded and ran into the school. Now out of Gilda's sight, Pinkie Pie ran over to Fluttershy and kicked the Putty away.

The Putties were about to start fighting again, but AJ, Rainbow, and Rarity chose that time to run in and kick the Putties face first onto the floor. Realizing that they were outnumbered (and probably surrounded by the Power Rangers) they quickly got up and ran off.

"Ya'll alright?" AJ asked.

"Y, yes," Fluttershy said with a nod.

"We were about to call you and warn you about the Putties in the school, but it appears you two found out," Rarity stated.

AJ's watch played a weird tune. Did that mean they were getting a call? AJ looked at the other Rangers, and then pushed the button on the watch.

"Rangers," Princess Celestia's soft voice said, "Nightmare Moon has sent an army of Putties into your school."

"Yeah, we know," Rainbow said, "What should we do?"

"The leading monster is a monster called Griffin. We've found it out in the city. Three of you need to go into the city and face the monster while the rest of you defend the school."

"Rainbow, Rarity," AJ said, "Ya'll two are with me, we'll take on the Griffin. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, ya'll two stay here and defend the school!" The rangers nodded and stood in a line, "It's Morphin Time!"

~Morphing Sequence~

Lightning bolt comes down, beginning the sequence.

"GENEROSITY!" Rarity shouted.

"LAUGHTER!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

"LOYALTY!" Rainbow shouted.

"KINDNESS!" Fluttershy shouted.

"HONESTY!" AJ shouted.

Zooms into AJ as her Ranger uniform and helmet materializes on her.

~Canterlot City~

Red, Blue, and Black raced into the city and saw Griffin waiting for them.

"Power Rangers? You three don't look so tough!" Griffing taunted.

"What's Nightmare Moon planning?" Red asked harshly.

"All she told me was I needed to test you!" Griffing said.

"More tests?" Black asked.

"Bring 'em on!" Blue said slamming her fists together, "I'll take all of her tests and pass every single one!"

"Then let's get to the main event!" Griffing shouted running over to the Rangers. Red, Blue, and Black all activated their weapons and rushed over to the Griffin.

Red made it first, and slashed a few times with her sword, but the Griffin seemed to take the attacks pretty well, and slashed Red in the chest knocking her back. Blue rushed over to the Griffing and threw a few heavy punches with her armored fists before the Griffin threw her away. Black wrapped her whip around the Griffin's neck, but the Griffin grabbed the whip and pulled Black over to him and threw her into Blue.

The Griffin shot it feathers out at the Rangers, knocking them all to the ground.

"Nightmare Moon was worried about you?" Griffin said, "You guys are a joke!"

"Man, this guy is tough!" Blue said trying to get up.

"I don't know if we can beat this thing!" Black said, also struggling.

"Don't say that!" Red said slamming her fist on the ground, "Canterlot is counting on us! Come on, we're not done yet!"

The three Rangers forced themselves up and rushed over to the Griffin again.

"Oh, round two? Let's do this!" the Griffin said hopping up and down.

~Power Chamber~

Twilight, Spike, and Princess Celestia were watching this fight on their computer. Twilight and Spike both looked really worried, but Celestia seemed perfectly calm, if not in deep thought.

"They're getting creamed out there!" Spike shouted.

"If only there was something I could do!" Twilight said to herself.

"Worry not," Celestia said, "We need to have faith in them. Once the school is clear, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie can join them."

"I hope you're right, Princess," Twilight said turning to the screen again.

~Canterlot High: Main Hall~

Students were running through the school in fear as Putties ran around causing havoc. Pink laser bullets shot three Putties down, and everyone turned to see the Pink and Yellow Rangers running into the school, both with their weapons out.

"I'll clear out the hallway, you try and get the students to safety," Pink said. Yellow nodded and the two Rangers ran in separate directions. Pink Ran right in the middle of a group of Putties and began shooting them all down with her guns.

Yellow was leading a group of students outside of the school when she heard a scream to her left. Yellow looked and saw Snips, Snails, and a third student she couldn't recognize on the floor backing away from a Putty. Yellow got on one knee and fired an arrow point black at the Putty killing it, and then ran over to stand in front of the students defending them in case more showed up.

"Are you three alright?" Yellow asked, not looking their way yet.

"Uh, yeah, we're fine," a familiar female voice said, one that made Yellow's heart jump up a bit. She turned around, and her eyes met with Gilda's.

For a few seconds, she was just still, looking at the person who tormented her for years in Middle School. Now here she was, looking just as terrified as anyone else in this situation.

"Who are..." Gilda asked slowly.

"I..." Yellow said, secretly looking away for a second, "I'm a Power Ranger."

"A... Power Ranger?" Gilda asked.

"You three need to get to safety!" Yellow commanded.

"You don't have to tell us twice!" Snips said grabbing Snails by the arm, "Come on Snails!"

"Right!" they ran, but when Yellow turned to leave, Gilda grabbed her arm, which even as a Ranger made Yellow stiffen a bit.

"Have you seen a girl with long pink hair and a yellow sweater?" Gilda asked, "She was outside fighting those things with another girl, and she could be hurt!"

Wait, was Gilda worried about her? It was sort of ironic, Gilda not knowing that she was asking Flutershy if Fluttershy was alright. Yellow turned around and put her hands on Gilda's shoulders.

"Don't worry," Yellow said tenderly, "That student and her friend are fine," as she spoke, Pink ran over to them and watched from a distance.

"She's safe?" Gilda asked, actually looking relieved.

"Yes, she is. I made sure she was in a safe place before I came here," Yellow said.

"Good. If anything happened to Fluttershy..." Gilda said, secretly making Yellow smile inside her helmet.

"This... 'Fluttershy' is lucky to have a friend like you," Yellow said, "Now go! Take those students outside where it's safe!" Gilda nodded and ran over to the students Yellow was leading before.

"Come on, follow me!" Gilda shouted. When the students left, Pink ran over to Yellow and put her hand on Yellow's shoulder. When Yellow looked at her, Pink nodded.

"Rangers," Celestia said, "The students of Canterlot High are safe, and I must say, you handled that situation very well Fluttershy. I'm proud of you."

"Th, thank you," Yellow said sheepishly, making Pink giggle. It was still Fluttershy, after all.

"But right now, you two need to get to the city immediately. Your friends are in danger," Celestia stated.

"We better hurry!" Pink said. She turned to Yellow, who nodded, and they both ran out of the school.

~Canterlot City~

Blue and Black grabbed the arms of the Griffin, but it was too strong for them and slammed them into each other. Red jumped up and slashed downward with her sword, but the Griffin slashed Red down onto the ground. Red rolled away from the Griffing and got on one knee as Blue and Black ran over to her.

"This is bad!" Blue stated.

"It's too dangerous to get close to it!" Black said, "But how are we supposed to kill it if we can't get close?"

"I'll tell you how!" Griffin said, "You can't!" he shouted firing more feathers at them. All three of them rolled out of the way just in time though.

"Argh! What are we going to do?" Red asked herself, wishing she had planned this better.

They then saw Yellow and Pink flip over the Griffin and fire their weapons at him, actually pushing him back. When they landed, Red, Blue, and Black ran over to them.

"Glad you guys could join us," Black said.

"Is the school alright?" Red asked.

"Yeah, Fluttershy and I took care of it," Pink said.

"Good, now we can finish this guy off!" Red stated. The other Rangers stood in a line with their weapons out. The Griffin looked a little scared now.

"Wait, there's more of you!" he asked, apparently thinking there was only three (where he got that idea, don't ask me).

~Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme~

"Now! Attack!" Red shouted.

Pink spun her guns around as Yellow got on one knee. They both began firing at the Griffin at the same time, sending him back.

Blue and Black ran over to the Griffin and took turns attacking him, Black first slashing at the Griffin with her whip, Blue then punching him with her fists, Black doing a front flip and then kicking the Griffin, and finally Blue ending their assault by giving the Griffin a heavy punch, knocking him far back.

Before he could get ready to attack, Red jumped in with her sword and gave him a few really heavy slashes, now doing damage die to the wounds he already sustained.

"When did you get so strong?" he asked, now really scared.

"Let's finish him off!" Red commanded, the other Rangers running to her side. Pink and Yellow both charged up their weapons first and fired at the Griffin, Pink shooting rapid fire shots at him, and Yellow firing a large arrow at him.

Blue and Black then charged up their weapons, and they rushed forward. Blue punching the Griffin really hard, and Black whipping him really hard with her hand on her hip.

Red jumped high in the air, came down in front of the Griffin slashing him, and then spinning around slashing horizontally, stopping with her back turned to him.

"NOOOOOOOO!" the Griffin shouted, falling down onto the ground, then exploding.

~Nightmare Moon's Airship~

"Princess," Chaos said, "Griffin has fallen."

"So Celestia's Power Rangers really are powerful. Good to see that fight wasn't just a fluke, but I'm not done with them," Nightmare Moon said walking to a balcony. She then pulled out her sword and held it as if about to throw it, "RISE UP, MY MINION, AND SHOW THEM YOUR TRUE POWER!" she shouted, throwing her sword down to the surface.

~Canterlot City~

The sword landed on the street, and sent dark blue lightning onto the ground, recollecting the energy of the monster that fell. A few seconds later though, the Griffin was reformed, but at least ten stories tall.

"Look at me now, Power Rangers!" the Griffin shouted. The Power Rangers backed away in fear looking at the Griffin.

"Wait, no one told me they could do that!" Black shouted in fear.

"So, he's back for round three!" Blue said, "Bring it on!"

"Guys, I think we need the zords!" Yellow said, Pink nodding in agreement.

"I agree!" Red said. The Rangers all got in formation and held their hands up.

"WE NEED MAREZORD POWER, NOW!" the Rangers shouted.

In a mountain far off, the ground opened up revealing the Red Earth Marezord rising out, giving a loud mechanical whinny.

In the city, some of the buildings moved out of the way, revealing a large elevator with the Black Unicorn Marezord kneeling on it. When the elevator stopped, the Marezord came to life and began galloping through the city.

The Blue Pegasus Marezord was seen flying down from high in the sky, calling out to it's master in a deep mechanical whinny.

The Pink Earth Marezord was running through a meadow towards the fight. When it reached a cliff it jumped up, and elegantly landed on the ground continuing its run.

In a forest, a high mechanical whinny was heard, making all the animals scatter. The large figure of the Yellow Pegasus Marezord was seen slowly walking out of the forest.

When the Marezords found each other, they charged through the city toward their masters. Red nodded and jumped straight up in the air to her Marezord, followed by Blue and Yellow, and then Pink and Black.

"Log on!" Red shouted in her cockpit.

"Rainbow here, ready to rock!" Blue said from her cockpit.

"Rarity here, preped for battle!" Black said from her cockpit.

"Pinkie Pie here, let's do this!" Pink said from her cockpit.

"Fluttershy here, I'm ready this time!" Yellow said from her cockpit.

The Marezords stayed close together, now running toward the Griffin.

"Oh, am I supposed to be scared of your overgrown toy ponies?" the Griffin taunted.

"Insert Harmony Crystals!" Red said inserting her crystal into it's slot.

"TWO! ONE! POWER UP!" the other Rangers shouted, mimicking Red's action.


The eyes of the Red Marezord glowed along with the mechanical voice.

The legs of the Blue and Yellow Marezords folded up to their sides as they flew next to each other.

The head of the Black Marezord came off and the front half of it folded open at the same time of the pack half of the Pink Marezord folded open. The two halfs linked up and continued to run forward.

The Red Marezord jumped up un the air and met the Blue and Yellow Marezords. The Blue Marezord connected with the left side of the Red Marezord, and the Yellow Marezord connected with the right side. At the same time, the red Marezord turned upright and straightened its back legs so they shot straight down.

The front section and head of the Pink Marezord opened up revealing a slot for the Red Marezord to fit in from the waist down.

The chest opened up a bit, and the head of the Red Marezord folded downward turning into the breastplate, and revealing the silver humanoid face and long blond hair of the Megazord.

The head of the Black Marezord came down on the humanoid head, forming a helmet. The eyes of the resulting robot glowed at the same time.


The Centaurus Megazord got in a fighting stance, finishing the transformation.

The Centaurus Megazord trotted toward the Griffin and began fighting close quarter. The Griffin jumped up and kicked Centaurus, sending it back.

"Come on! You can do better than that!" the Griffin taunted.

"Careful what ya ask for!" Red shouted.

Centuarus' jousting staff fell out of the sky. Centaurus picked it up and charged over to the Griffin. Using it's jousting staff similar to a sword, Centaurus began slashing and impaling the Griffin.

Griffin grabbed the staff in an attempt to hold the Centaurus Megazord hostage.

"Got you now!" the Griffin taunted.

"Darn it, now what?" Blue shouted.

"Pinkie Pie, can you do something about this?" Red asked.

"Leave it to me, AJ," Pink said.

Centaurus then stood on his hind legs and kicked the Griffin back, forcing him to let go of the staff.

"Okay then, try this!" Griffin shouted, firing it's feathers at the Centaurus Megazord, which fell back from the attack.

"We're not givin up!" Red shouted, "Rangers, pull it together!"

Centaurus got up, and then began stomping it's foot on the ground, preparing to charge.

"Whoa, whoa!" Griffin said, "You weren't supposed to get up!"

Centaurus charged forward, it's front legs opening up to reveal a series of missile launchers. The Griffin saw that and actually began running away.

Centaurus fired the missiles at the Griffin, pushing him upward as he got hit. The missiles stopped firing and he began falling, stopping right in time to be impaled by the Centaurus Megazord's staff as it charged. He exploded on impact.

Centaurus stopped, stood on it's hind legs kicking the air in victory.

~Nightmare Moon's Airship~

"I apologize, my queen," Chaos said, "That monster wasn't adequate enough to destroy the Rangers. Next time-"

"Not at all Chaos, you did just fine," Nightmare Moon said, shocking Chaos.

"What? I don't understand."

Nightmare Moon chuckled, "Now we know how the Rangers handle situations where their powers aren't available."

"My queen, if I may ask, what are you planning?" Chaos asked, making Nightmare Moon laugh.

"That's a surprise, Chaos," Nightmare Moon said, "But don't worry. It will all make sense soon."

~Recreation Center~

This time, AJ was punching the punching bag while Rarity spotted for her. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow were talking to Fluttershy, who was wearing her workout uniform and just finished confessing what happened between her and Gilda.

"Fluttershy, why didn't you tell me Gilda made you uncomfortable," Rainbow asked.

"You and Gilda knew each other long before I met you," Fluttershy said softly, "I didn't want to ruin that friendship. Besides, I knew Gilda had a history of rough behavior."

"Yeah, which I always called her on," Rainbow confessed, surprising Fluttershy.

"So, you had to talk to her before?" Pinkie Pie asked for Fluttershy.

"Yeah, all the time. Gilda's a great person on the inside, but she doesn't really express herself well. She used to bully me before we became friends."

"I can't imagine anyone bullying you, Rainbow," Fluttershy said, making Rainbow laugh.

"Sadly I wasn't always the top Martial Artist in Canterlot," Rainbow stated, "Fluttershy, you're my friend too, just as much as Gilda is. If there's anytime where someone is bothering you, talk to me, okay?"

"Okay, I'll... try to speak up more," Fluttershy said. She and Rainbow hugged, but Pinkie Pie tapped Fluttershy's shoulder.

"Speaking of Gilda," Pinkie said, pointing to the door. Fluttershy and Rainbow looked, and saw Gilda standing there with her hands in her pockets, looking at them with an expression of almost guilt.

Rainbow was about to get up, but Fluttershy stopped her, "It's okay. I'll handle this," she said walking up to Gilda.

"Hey," Gilda said softly.

"Hi," Fluttershy said. For a few seconds they were both silent.

"Are you... okay?" Gilda asked.

"Oh yes... Those monsters didn't hurt me..."

"That's good."

More silence followed. At this point, Rarity and AJ were also watching them as well, just in case they were needed.

"Why?" Fluttershy asked, "Were you... worried?"

"Uh... a little..." Gilda confessed, "But I have to say, you changed a lot since Middle School, in a good way."

Fluttershy nodded, but still had a serious expression, "Gilda, back in Middle School, I let you push me around, a lot. But this time it's different. If you're going to be here then you have to respect me."

"I understand," Gilda said looking down, "I'm... sorry..."

"I was actually hoping..." Fluttershy said, holding out her hand, "That we could be friends, for real this time."

For a long time, Gilda just stared at Fluttershy's hand. The air was so tense, AJ was about to go over there, but...

Gilda smiled, and took Fluttershy's hand, "Yeah, I'd like that."

Rarity breathed out in relief, AJ nodded smiling, Rainbow sat back down relieved, and Pinke Pie was clapping. At that moment, Snips and Snails took that as their chance to go over to Gilda and Fluttershy.

"You know, we'd like to be friends too," Snips said with an arrogant smile.

"Yeah, we'd like to be friends," Snails mimicked, smile and everything.

Fluttershy and Gilda looked at each other, nodded smiling, and then kicked them back into a trash can. Everyone laughed as AJ, Rarity, Rainbow, and Pinkie all gathered around them.

"Ah think ah speak for ev'ryone when Ah say, welcome to Canterlot, Gilda," AJ said with a laugh. As Snips and Snails looked up at them indignantly, everyone continued to laugh, Fluttershy and Gilda still holding hands.

Dear Ma and Pa,

Today Ah saw a side of one of my friends that Ah never thought Ah'd see. Mah friend Fluttershy, who was always really soft spoken, actually spoke up for herself. She even reached out to that person on her own and made a new friend out of the whole ordeal.

Just goes to show ya that just 'cause someone doesn't look really strong willed, doesn't mean they aren't. In fact, that person may be the strongest one of all. What's that sayin? Speak softly, but carry a big stick? Yeah, Ah think that describes Fluttershy perfectly.

Your daughter, AJ

With this letter, there's a picture of Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Gilda together at a table. Fluttershy is sitting in the middle, while Rainbow and Gilda both have thair arms around Fluttershy, making the three of them look like a close knit group.

For those who are wondering, Gilda will probably be a reoccurring character in the series, but not a main character. If she does become a main character, it's going to be much later in the series.

Also, the letters in the end are AJ speaking aloud, that's why her accent is portrayed in the writing. Just a few things. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this episode.