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Warning: Contains love, excitement and jealousy!

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Thundering down the halls and passing every woman in plain sight, prince Kail, the next soon-to-be heir of his father's throne; was only interested in one girl.

A woman who would become his new wife and the mother of his hopefully soon-to-be son or daughter.

But prince Kail was not the only one to be seeing this woman this very minute; a man with pale skin and shining black, spiky hair had also come to see Giou Yuki.

The man's name was Luka or also known as "Zess" and...he was an eyesore to prince Kail. Giou Yuki, a woman whose beauty had outshone the other girls of an orphanage where she was adopted from. Her past memories were not the best of memories but they weren't all sad either for she had met a nice young man, one who had looked to be like an outcast to begin with. Kail was not going to allow her seeing him any longer but he did not want to make him it look like he was the bad guy.

"Oh, prince Kail! I'm sorry, he just..." Yuki's soft tone of voice was more than either of the men could handle. To them it was like listening to the sounds of water splashing up against a shore line.

Prince Kail glared at the other man who had been holding onto Yuki's hand this entire time.

He did not look like he was ready to let go. "Mind if I cut in, sorry to inform you, Zess, there is nothing between you and my Yuki. Do we have an agreement?" Yuki looked worried and noticed a slight squeeze on her hand.

Although this was the prince they were talking to, Luka and Yuki did not move from their spot. Yuki was too nervous to move at all and it seemed that the only way to get rid of Zess was to call for the guards. But it did not look like there would be a call for the guards today.

"Yuki is my betrothed woman and I will not stand to see her with the likes of you!" Kail took Yuki's hand forcibly and pulled her out of the other man's clutches.

Luka stood there, watching as Yuki was pulled into the main throne room while all the girls blushed at the delight of their prince being so forward and unfair during a squabble over a woman.

'Yuki...' It was all that Luka would think of before disgracing the palace floors with his boots, stomping his way out the palace doors.

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