Author's Note: I came up with the idea for this while lying in bed one morning. However, after reading Shadowblade-tara's "Prelude," I had been thinking for a while about how to write a series of successful shorts. It has always been difficult for me (writing shorts, that is), so I wish to challenge myself in this way :) I will still be writing "Healer," so please no one worry about that one being out of commission just because I started this one. Hope you enjoy! Please read and constructively review!

Chapter 1 Meeting

I lay in my bed that night, now comfortably enough accustomed to my ningen body to actually be able to fall asleep without worry. My strength had increased greatly in the last four or five years, and I figured my powers now ranked close to a B-class demon. Still not great enough, but with training, I knew I could improve.

I turned on my side. I did not typically approve of restlessness or idle thoughts, but my thoughts turned to the demon I had met that very night. Hiei, he'd said his name was. Of course, that could be a pseudonym. But for the time being, I referred to him as Hiei in my thoughts.

After deciding to remain in the Ningenkai with my human mother, living my life out as a human, or at least living as a human the remainder of her life, I had never thought to connect with a demon again.

I had not realized how much I missed being side by side another, fighting together. It was hard to believe that after only just meeting, Hiei and I worked so well together. Once we combined our efforts, it had taken us no time at all to defeat that low-life Eight Hands and rescue Maya.

Maya…yes, it would have been nice, and she was acceptable for a human girl. My mother would have been very pleased with such a coupling, no doubt. She was exactly the type of girl my mother likely thought I would end up with: smart, opinionated, and not only opinionated, but one with a unique opinion who could easily hold an intelligent conversation. She would be perfect for Shuichi.

But the youko in me longed for something more than a human girl. Someone I would not have to keep secrets from. Someone I could be myself around. Someone I could fight beside, as an equal. Someone to enjoy the times of peace with, as well. I had not had someone like that since Kuronue, and I doubted I would find a replacement so easily, if I could find a replacement at all.

Kuronue…I was filled with longing at just the mention of his name. I didn't think I could find another like him, but this Hiei was something special to be sure. I would not lose contact with him. I felt we would meet again someday. Fate usually has a reason for chance encounters such as these. As I fell asleep, the promise of tomorrow eased the ache in my heart minimally.

2nd A/N: So…please let me know how it was! Like I said, I have never been comfortable with shorts, because I like to draw things out. This story will likely span the entire YYH series at certain points, and perhaps go beyond it. Most chapters will probably be from Kurama's POV, but I imagine some will be from Hiei's POV, too. Please stick around and read some more :D