A pink digital alarm clock that also doubled as a PET charger went off that at 7:00 am in the morning waking up a pink haired girl sleeping soundly next to it. Without getting up she reached over to turn it off, but her hand kept missing the snooze button.

"Maylu is time for the birthday girl to get up and go to school. You wouldn't want Mrs. Mari to give you detention on such a special day now would you?" Asked Maylu's cheerful Netnavi, Roll.

Giving off a soft groan Maylu Sakurai threw back her soft pink lavender scented sheets and sat up in her bed looking groggy. "I'm up Roll, thanks for the wake up." She yawned stretching out her limbs.

"Look at you, you're still tired." Roll nagged. "I told you go to bed early last night but noooooooo! You kept going on and on, on how your parents are coming back to Den-Tek City today, and how their taking you out to dinner tonight!"

"Well of course I'd be excited Roll!" Maylu shouted excitedly. "I mean I only get to see them twice a year, and that's only when there in town on business trips. Lucky for me Daddy said that he would finish his work early, and also said he and mom would take me somewhere and I'd get to pick out one present."

"Well I'm glad your excited Maylu but don't forget you still need to go to school, you have a test on the applications of web 5.0 today, you need to be focused if you want to pass it."

"Shouldn't you be saying that to Lan and not me? Unlike him I actually study!" Maylu boasted.

Roll sighed shaking her head in the PET. "You know if you don't hurry you're going to be late, and if you're late try explaining to your parents why you were in detention today?"

"Hehe! Yeah sorry about that Roll, I'm about to get moving!" Maylu childishly stuck her tongue out. She hopped out of bed and went straight to the bathroom. Walking over to the bathtub/shower she reached over and pulled the lever activating the showerhead. Next she reached over and twisted the handle for the hot water and turned it on allowing the water to come spraying out from the shower head. After deeming the water to be the right temperature she threw off her pajamas and stepped into the shower.

The warm water felt so great against Maylu's skin as she sighed in comfort fully waking her up. Soon after relaxing for a while she went ahead to washing herself in quick time knowing she was running late. After stepping out of the shower she wrapped a large drying towel around her body and walked back to her room.

Inside her room Maylu went to her dresser and took some underwear and a bra which she quickly slipped on in a jiffy, then walking over to her closet she took out her regular clothes that consisted of a long sleeved powder blue shirt, and a royal blue vest, she also took out short pink pleaded skirt along with a pair of black knee high socks. Maylu make quick work of dressing herself and went over to the mirror to do her hair. After deeming herself cute by winking at herself in the mirror she walked over to her nightstand and grabbed her PET along with her holster and battle chips and left her room.

Outside Maylu looked out at the bright blue sky, not a single cloud in sight, nothing could ruin the beautiful day she was having so far. "Even though I'm running a little late today I wonder how long I'll have to wait on Lan this morning?" She asked walking next door to his house, she ranged the doorbell.

"Coming!" She heard a voice from the other side of the door. The door was opened by a woman with short, light coffee colored hair. She wore a short sleeved purple shirt with a white line across the chest area and along green skirt that went all the way down to her feet. "Oh, hello Maylu, and happy birthday to you dear."

"Thank you so much Mrs. Hikari." She bowled. "So is Lan almost ready for school, or is he still sleeping?" Maylu asked.

"Oh I guess he never sent you that E-mail like I told him too!" Mrs. Hikari sighed. "I'm sorry to make you come all this way for nothing, but Lan ran out of here early this morning!"

"What…. Lan was up early? Am I dreaming or is the world coming to an end?" She pinched her cheek.

"Hehe! I was just as surprised as you were. Before he left I had to check his temperature just to make sure he was feeling ok. He didn't even eat breakfast!"

Maylu gasped covering her hand with her mouth "Okay that's not normal, I wonder where he could have gone, to the school? I don't think he has class duties today."

"I'm not too sure myself honey, but his dad was right behind him so it probably had something to do with his net saver duties."

"Oh, I guess there still the little viruses hanging around the net, but it couldn't be that serious to have Lan get out of bed at the crack of dawn. I really hope everything's ok."

"Don't worry about it so much. Now if you don't hurry you're going to be late for school, wouldn't want that now would you?" Mrs. Hikari smiled. She grabbed Maylu by the shoulders and turned her towards the sidewalk and gave her a gentle push off.

"No I guess not, If I see him in school I'll ask him, and plus he still owes me a birthday present." Maylu smiled and was off to school.

As Maylu ran off Mrs. Hikari's usual smile turned sad and her eyes began to water. "Oh Maylu I'm so sorry. I just don't have the heart to tell you at the moment. This is going to be hard on you as it is on me!" She fell to her knees and began to cry.

Minutes later Maylu had made it to school and was walking down the hall to her first class "Hey Maylu!" Maylu turned around to shouting from a very small girl running towards her. She looked like she could be no older than seven or eight years old. She had a wide forehead and wore a bright red dress that had little diamond shaped patterns on the bottom.

"Oh hey Yai, how are you this morning?" Maylu turned around to greet her friend.

"Happy birthday girlfriend, I hope you like them!" Yai snapped her fingers and two guys that seemed to come from out of nowhere appeared holding an expensive looking bouquet of white and blue flowers, and a gift card for a thousand zenny.

"Wow thanks Yai this is really nice!" Maylu said taking her gifts, but just as fast as the two men appeared they both disappeared.

"So come on girl, tell me, tell me, what did your boyfriend get you today."

"Wha-…." Maylu started to blush. "Lan is not my boyfriend, why does every one keep saying that!" She shouted.

"Who ever said I was talking about Lan?" Yai smirked. "What's the matter feeling a little guilty Maylu?"

"Yai knock it off, you know that's not funny!"

"Hmmm! Speaking of Lan I don't think I've seen him today." Yai said looking around. "I wonder where he is, I hope he at least gave you your birthday kiss today, or is that for when you two hit the sheets tonight?" She snickered.

"Yai if you don't knock it off I'm going to post a certain picture of you on Navibook. You know that one picture I found at your house of you dressed in baby clothes for some odd reason?"

"Y-You wouldn't dare!" The shorter girl shouted. "I told you that it was my grandma's idea, she never knew as a baby so she just wanted to see what I looked like that's all?"

"I'm just joking, I got rid of that picture a long time ago, but the talk of Lan and I going out with each other is really getting old. We're just child hood friends and nothing else…."

Yai raised an eyebrow to Maylu's sadden expression and quickly changed the subject. "So hey why don't we do something after school, we could go shopping, get our hair done, and get manicures."

"Sorry I'll have to pass, first I have to stop by the cleaners and get my dress out, and then I'm off to go have dinner with my parents."

"Wow you mean your parents are back in town?" Yai asked surprised. "Oh my gosh Maylu I'm so happy for you. You always tell me that your parents are always out of town doing business, so to hear that there hear now is so surprising."

"Yeah well it was all a coincidence that they actually came into town around my birthday, but daddy called me up and told me that he and mom could set some time on the side and spend it with me."

"You know when you first said get your dress out of the cleaners I was going to ask do you need a thong to go what that, but sense you're going to be with your parents and not Lan you won't be needing it."

"That's it Yai prepare to say 'gu-gu-ga-ga' for a while because I'm sending your grandma a new picture, come here!" Maylu yelled as she began to chase Yai around the hall.

It was three O'clock and the final bell had just ranged. Making hace Maylu rushed out of the school after putting her school books away in her locker and headed straight for the cleaners.

After picking up her dress, Maylu walked down the street to the nearest bus stop and waited for the next one to come.

"Man I wonder where Lan is? He didn't come to class today and that's not like him." She wondered.

"He must be really tied up. I tried to get into contact with Megaman earlier today but I kept getting a connection failed message." Roll responded.

"You think we should head down to SciLab and see what's up?"

"No Maylu, you need to head straight home." Roll scolded. "You're supposed to meet your parents in three short hours and you want to look your best don't you? I mean you're going to be spending at least half that time in the mirror like you always do!"

"Yeah I guess your-" Maylu suddenly gasped when she saw someone who looked familiar, some who shocked her greatly. She had long dark brown curly hair wearing dark sun glasses. She wore all back her clothes just being a pair of jeans, a shirt that exposed that woman's belly button and a long coat. "No way…. it couldn't be, she's supposed to be dead!" Maylu nearly shouted gaining the attention of everyone around her.

"Maylu what's wrong!" Roll asked. Without answering her navi, Maylu gave chase to the woman but was caught by a red light and couldn't go anywhere else, the person she was tailing was soon out of sight.

"She got away!" Maylu cursed herself panting heavily.

"Maylu what's gotten into you?" Roll shouted trying to get her Netoup's attention. "Geez why did you just take off like that all of a sudden?"

"Ms. Yuri. I could have sworn I saw her just now!" Maylu answered franticly.

"Maylu you know that can't be possible, she was shot and thrown off a bridge by Proto Man while he was still under the control of the dark chips. There's no way she could have survived that."

"I know what I saw Roll!"

"I'm not saying you didn't see her, I'm just saying maybe you saw someone that looked like her, I mean her hairstyle is pretty common."

"I guess your right Roll. With Lan being nowhere to be found and seeing someone looking just like Ms. Yuri I jumped to conclusions."

Roll sighed. "Look let's just get home so you can take a nice hot soak in the bath tub so you can chill out. Your way to stressed out over not being to see Lan for someone who supposed to be having the best day of her life. Your parents are going to worry if they see you looking the way you do now!"

"Yeah I guess you're right, sorry about that Roll." She apologized.

After another hour or so Maylu finally made it home and immediately went to her room to get ready for her wonderful night out with her parents. She took Roll's advice and took a bath, not a shower this time so she could wind down from all the stressing out she did today.

After getting out of the bath tub and feeling much more refreshed than before, Maylu wrapped another towel around her body and went back to her room. She immediately took out her dress from the plastic wrapped around to keep it from getting dirty or wrinkled and laid it next to her bed while she took out another pair of underwear and a bra. The next forty-five minutes where spent getting dressed and looking in the mirror while doing her hair again until she deemed herself cute again.

The dress she was wearing was light pink with a large ribbon tied on the back, and a darker pink lining in the bottom. Along with her dress she wore pink one inch heeled shoes and a white hat with a pink ribbon tied around the front of it.

"Wow Maylu you look great, I bet Lan, Dex and Tory would be drooling if that saw you right now." Roll complimented.

"Why thank you Roll!" Maylu responded politely. "So what time did daddy say he was supposed to pick me up tonight?" She asked twirling around in the mirror.

"If I remember correctly he said wait for a phone call around six and he would be on the way." Maylu turned her head and face the clock hanging on the wall, it read 6:05 pm. "Maybe they're just running a little late, why don't you wait a little while longer?" Roll asked.

"Yeah, daddy was never the type to work on other people's time. I'm pretty sure he and mom will be here come soon."

As the minuets went by the sky outside was getting darker and Maylu waited patiently in her living room couch waiting to hear a horn honk or even the phone to ring to let her know that her parents were on the way. At 7:10 pm the phone finally ranged, it did startle her for a minuet but she quickly rushed over to answer it.

"Hello, Sakurai residents."

"Yes Maylu, daddy speaking."

"Daddy it's about time. So when are you and mom coming to get me?"

"Yes about that, I ran into one of my old business partners and he offered me a deal that I just couldn't refuse, so your mother and I are going to have to cancel our plans for the evening."

"No way but you promised!" Maylu shouted, her voice was beginning to crack.

"I know I promised but you know how busy you mother and I are, and you know that everything we do is for you. So please try to understand."

"Understand….oh yes I understand father! I understand that you and mom care more about your stupid jobs than you actually care about your own daughter!" Maylu snapped.

"Stop acting like a spoiled child!" Mr. Sakurai shouted over the phone with all his might. "How dare you speak to me in that tone young lady!"

"I'm so sorry daddy, please forgive me!" She backed down quivering.

Mr. Sakurai sighed over the phone "Chives our personal driver is on his way to the house right now to pick you up. He will take you shopping for anything you want to make up for canceling our plans for tonight. I hope that will at least satisfy you?"

"Can I at least see you and mom tonight?"

"Sorry honey you'll just have to wait until we come into town next year. Daddy will be very busy tonight."

"OK I…understand." Maylu said as she fell to the floor and broke down into tears. After hearing a clicking sound meaning her father hung up on the other side, Maylu let out an ear shattering scream before brawling out on the floor.

Roll felt so bad knowing that she was completely helpless to help her partner in her time of need. All she could do was sit there and watch as Maylu let out all her emotions.

Maylu didn't know how long she had been crying until she heard a knock at the door. She quickly stood up and wiped her face with her dress and dried her eyes. She had seen the door knob twist and it open up completely. Entered was an older man in his 50's having gray hair and a long mustache that pointed out on both sides and he wore a drivers uniform.

"Ah, lady Maylu how you have grown." He smiled.

"Chives!" Maylu hugged tackled the man burying her face into his bold chest. "Chives it's been so long, I've missed you."

As far as she could remember Chives has always treated Maylu is if she were his granddaughter. Back when Maylu was younger and could not stay home alone and had to leave the country with her parents because of their work, Chives was always the one to look after her as a caretaker. He would always make sure Maylu would keep up with her independent studies, keep practicing with her musical instruments and other things she needed.

"Lady Maylu I'm terribly sorry about your parents. I've had talks with them in the past on how they should spend more time with you instead of always being busy with work, but you know how they are."

"It's ok Chives, just you been here is enough!" She hugged him tighter not once taking her face away from his chest.

"My lady if you may allow me, I will take you anyplace you choose tonight. This is your special night and should not be ruined by anyone, not even your parents."

"I want you to take me to where their having dinner."

"Wha- but miss!"

"Please Chives, I'm begging you!" Maylu pleaded. "I really need to get something off of my chest. If questioned, just tell them I was already gone when you arrived at the house to pick me up."

Chives smiled. "As you wish Miss, but I know I did not help raise a young lady who would outright disrespect her parents, even if she was mad at them! The Maylu Sakurai I know is better than that!"

"I just need to tell them how I feel."

"Then please grab a coat, it's rather chilly outside to night."

After grabbing her coat and walking out to the car, Maylu stepped into the backseat and the car took off towards the restaurant where Mr. and Mrs. Sakurai were dining at.

The car pulled around the front of the restaurant, chives stepped out of the car and went around to the back and opened the door for Maylu. Taking her by the hand, Chives held Maylu as she stepped out of the vehicle and walked her onto the side walk then placed her coat around the girl's shoulders.

"Maylu are you sure you want to do this?" Roll asked. "I mean I know your mad at your parents for canceling on you like they did, but you can get into some serious trouble for what your about to do."

"Oh so you're taking their side now Roll?" Maylu snapped. "You think it's good that they make promises and not keep them?"

"You know that's not what I mean." Roll said back. "I'm just telling you calm down and think this through. I know you plan on going in there and tell off your dad, but do you really think it's the right thing to do?"

"Like I told Chives, I just want them to know how I feel. I'm sick of always being alone in that big house with one of my mom friends who only checks up on me three days a week, and that only if she's not on the bottle when she comes over or call's."

"Listen Maylu I know you've had it hard but-"

"No Roll, don't try and stop me! This is something I have to do and I'm going to see it through to the end, and whatever happens in the end just happens!"

"But Maylu-" Roll was cut off when Maylu closed the PET and shoved it into her purse, blocking out any pleading that Roll was making.

Maylu walked inside the restaurant and was greeted by a waiter. "Hello sir. I'm here under the name of Sakurai, can you please show me to their table."

The waiter eyeballed Maylu looking her up and down then spoke. "I'm sorry but the Sakurai's don't have any guest's reserved tonight. If you don't have a reservation tonight then you'll have to leave."

"Please tell them at their daughter Maylu Sakurai is waiting. I know they'll accept me."

"As you wish Miss, please wait here while I go confirm you are who you say." The waiter said before walking away. The waiter did shortly return looking slightly nervous like he had just been chewed out by his boss or by one of the guests. "Sorry for the wait Miss. Your parents have a personal table waiting for you, this way please."

"Thank you." Maylu smiled as she followed the waiter to her table.

Upon arriving Maylu saw that Mr. Sakurai was already waiting for her with an infuriated look on his face. Before Maylu even had a chance to sit down or say one word Mr. Sakurai stood up and yanked the girl by her shoulder causing her to painfully yelp in surprise. "Maylu what the hell do you think you're doing here, didn't I tell you that I had an important meeting tonight?"

Maylu snatched her arm away from her fathers grip. "You mean on the night you promised to spend some time with me, on the night of your own daughter's birthday?"

"I told you I was sorry about that and I would make it up to you."

"No you always say that!" Maylu shouted. "You always apologize for standing me up and say you'll never do it again but you always do. You and mom never keep your promises!"

Mr. Sakurai looked around, many of the other guest were stairing at the two because of Maylu's outburst. He a powerful business tycoon who usually makes people tremble before him had never felt so embarrassed before. "Listen I don't have the time to deal with you at the moment young lady, your mother is trying to keep a very important partner busy while I'm away, if this deal goes through I'll make more millions. I'll be able to buy you anything you want so please just go home!"

"So making more money is more important than me right?" Maylu spat out. "I don't need you to buy me anything, I just want a father who gives a damn about my wellbeing!"

That was the last straw, Maylu had pushed her dad so far to the edge that his eyes were turning red and his blood was boiling. Before he know it Maylu was lying flat on the ground because he backhanded her leaving the girls cheek redden and tear streaming down her face.

Maylu herself was stunned because it was the first time that her father, or anyone else at that had ever struck her like that.

"That's it I've put up with enough of you and these rebellious acts young lady!" Mr. Sakurai walked over and grabbed Maylu's purse and took out her PET. "It must be the damned thing that's got you acting this way. I've giving you way too much freedom over these past years and I'd thought you'd be a little more grateful, but now it's over."

"No give back Roll!" Maylu jumped up trying to take back her PET. "Give her back, she's more of a family to me than you and mom have even been!"

"You won't be needing this at the boarding school you'll be attending for now on, you'll never have another silly net battle again if I anything have to say about it." After a minuet of struggling Maylu was able to get her PET back, but not without getting hit by her father again.

"I hate you!" Maylu shouted running out of the restaurant in tears. Her father called out to her, demanding she come back but ignored his orders and kept running.

"Maylu are you ok?" Roll asked, but she did get answer, her netoup walked down the streets like a person with no soul. Her heart had been crushed from been rejected by the person she was supposed to love the most and who was supposed to love her back. "Maylu maybe we should head back home. It's getting late and it's not safe for you to be walking this late at night alone." Maylu just ignored Roll's words and just kept walking down the streets life a lifeless zombie.

"Lan….." She muttered. "I want to see Lan!"

"Why don't you try calling him now? I'm pretty sure he'll pick up this time." Roll said.

Maylu nodded taking out her PET, she pulled up Lan's name on the screen and hit the send button. The phone ranged at bit before someone picked up on the other line.

"Hello, Lan Speaking."

"Oh Lan thank goodness I finally reached you!"

"Maylu is that you? What's wrong, you sound like you've been crying."

"No I haven't been crying." Maylu said excitedly trying to fix herself up. "So what have you been doing all day? You didn't even call to wish me happy birthday."

"Yeah sorry about that, Chaud and I have been really busy. I wanted to call but I just couldn't get away from work."

"It's ok I understand. So where are you now, I really want to see you." She asked desperately.

"Yeah about that….I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, I can't go into much detail, but I'm Netopia and I'm going to be here for the next six months."

"What, you're going to be gone for six months?" Maylu asked shockingly. "But why, what are you doing all the way over there, and why will you be gone so long?"

"I already you, I can't go into much detail."

But Lan what about us, we just started going out last week, I really need to see you right now!"

"Maylu…I'm so sorry, you know I wouldn't do this unless I really had to."

"But Lan….please!" She began breaking down again.

"I'm sorry, I have to go." He hung up now leaving Maylu an emotional wreck.

She couldn't take it anymore. First her parents and now her boyfriend, at that point Maylu felt completely abandoned. Not caring anymore she got up and began to walk the streets in a complete daze, staggering from side to side as if she were drunk.

Not even looking where she was going, Maylu walked in the streets on a red light. A huge truck that was coming her way and honked it's horn and slammed on its breaks but could not stop in time. The truck was about to hit Maylu when she was suddenly grabbed by her shoulder and pulled back onto the sidewalk. She was way too stunned and devastated to processes what could have happen to her.

"Jeez do you have a death wish or something kid?" The voice of a woman asked.

Maylu looked up to see the person who just saved her, but became completely shocked. "No….. this isn't real….. you're supposed to be dead!"

"Is that the way you thank someone who just saved your life?" Ms. Yuri spat back. She eye balled Maylu's condition noticing her messed up hair, puffy red eyes, redden cheeks and dirty dress. "Jeez look at you, you look like you've just been through hell and back. What happened to you?"

"It's none of your business, how are you still alive?"

"One, it's nothing for you to worry about, and two, breathe, you look like you're about to have a heart attack!"

"Don't patronize me, why should you care what happens to me anyways!"

Ms. Yuri sighed. "Look I know we used to be enemies, but to DenTec city and Nebula I'm dead. This is the perfect chance I have to start all over and start a new life somewhere far away where no one knows who I am and all the bad things I've done. And as a woman I couldn't just sit around and let a young girl who's as troubled as you are get hit by a truck."

"I still don't trust you!" Maylu hissed, backing away.

"Fine suit yourself, this is the second time you've seen me today, but you haven't told anyone about me, I just hope you're willing to keep it that way?"

"So you've been following then? You wouldn't have anything to worry about if you would have just let me die just now! What's to stop me from telling everyone you're still alive?"

"You know-" Ms. Yuri started reaching into her pocket and pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Maylu's head. "I saved you hoping I could make peace with at least one person before I left this place for good, but if you want to act that way then I could just end you right now!"

"Do it, I just don't care anymore!" Roll gasped to Maylu's words and Ms. Yuri raised an eye brow. She was looking in to the eyes of a girl who had been broken down and just given up on life, but an idea suddenly popped into her head.

"Ok fine, I don't know what going on in that head of yours, but since you don't care about your life anymore-" Suddenly in a quick flash Ms. Yuri drove her elbow into Maylu's gut knocking the wind out of her. Maylu fell to her knees clutching her stomach gasping for air, drool was spilling from her mouth. "I'll decide when and how you'll die." Lastly she struck the girl over the head with the butt on the gun knocking her out.

"No Maylu!" Roll cried. "Please don't hurt her I beg of you!"

"Don't worry she'll be just fine." Ms. Yuri said to Roll.

"What are you going to do with her?" Roll shouted.

"This girl is now a danger to herself, I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to kill herself at some point, and I'm not willing to let that happen!"

"No that's not true, Maylu would never do something like that!"

"I pointed a loaded gun to her head and she didn't even flinch. I think I would have done her a favor if I'd pulled the trigger."

"No please don't, just leave her alone. Maylu's already been through enough today!" Roll screamed.

"I said I wouldn't hurt her, it's parents like hers that made me want to become a net terrorist, I don't want her to walk down the same path I did." Ms. Yuri said before turning off the PET, she then dragged Maylu to the back of a truck parked in an ally and opened up the trunk. From the trunk she took out some ropes and proceeded to tie Maylu's hands behind her back and her ankles together also. While doing her work Ms. Yuri heard footsteps and quickly turned around gripping her gun.

"Hold on it's me!" The person spoke. The voice sounded male but the person's face could not be seen as it was covered up with a hood.

"You're late!" Ms. Yuri said.

"What's with the little girl? I thought I told you not to be seen or make contact with anyone!"

"Don't worry about her, so do you have what I need?"

The man handed Ms. Yuri and large envelope, inside of it was a key and the picture of a large house and boat ticket. "With this you can safely get out of the country. The house where you'll be living at is paid in full. The Town is fairly small, only five thousand people living there, no one will know who you are."

"Thank you. You said that the house used to be a nursery before being converted right? Well I think I might have found a use for all that equipment now." She said looking back a Maylu.

"What do you mean?"

"Well since I can't have kids myself I was thinking about adopting a child so I would never turn back to my old ways, I'd have something to keep me occupied, but adoption would be too risky because they always run back ground checks."

"Do whatever you want, I think you should kill the brat right now though!"

"I do feel sorry for her, she's been through enough, killing her while she's this broken down would be cruel. I would like to start my new life with a semi clear conscious."

After she was finish talking to the man Ms. Yuri finished tying up Maylu by placing a gag over the girl's mouth, threw her in the back of the trunk and finished the job by throwing a blanket over her. Ms. Yuri got back into her car and drove all the way to the harbor where a boat was waiting for her. Showing her ticket at the front gate, Ms. Yuri was allowed to drive her car onto the boat and park it along with many other cars that were being transported also. The boat soon took off and Ms. Yuri and the reluctant Maylu were on their way to an unknown land.