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Summary: Katniss and Peeta are both 19. They take a stroll through the woods reflecting on the past few years. (CUTE FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF)

I carefully tie up the lace of my hunting boots and put on my loose black jacket. I turn my face to the mirror and examine my every flaw. The small scars on my cheeks, the split ends of my coal colored hair. The darkness in my once bright grey eyes. I always wonder what Peeta sees in me. What is so great about Katniss Everdeen? I messily braid my hair back and tuck a few strands behind my ear.

"Katniss? You ready?" Peeta's angelic voice comes from downstairs.

"Coming!" I happily reply.

Once Peeta came back to District 12 just two years ago, we became closer then ever before. Sure, he still had his flashbacks. I still had my nightmares but we help eachother through them. That is why I love Peeta and that is why he loves me. He never fails to say it atleast once every day.

"I love you. You know that right?" He smiles as he takes me hand.

"Of course, and I love you too." I say sweetly, kissing him softly on the nose.

He takes my hand as we head towards the fence. They put in a gate last year so that I could easily hunt or just take a break. We stroll through the bright colorful meadow. Past the singing mockingjays and the swaying of the trees. So peaceful. I always have loved the spring.

"You sang to Rue. In our first games. You sing it to the mockingjays when you're happy. Real?" Peeta asks, breaking the sweet silence.

"Real. But I don't always have to be happy." I giggle. I remember Rue's kind face as she lay on the cold, hard ground. Slowly dying. I shake away the thoughts.

"You're cutest when you're happy. But when you dohave a scowl on your face, it is pretty adorable." He chuckles lightly.

I smile brightly and let go of his hand. I run into the forest and hide behind the trees.

"Try to catch me?" I giggle into the fresh air. Never in my life have I been so joyful.

Before my father died, I would laugh every second of the day. I would smile non-stop. I would dance and sing around our small house. I would eat the small portions of food without a frown. But everything changed.

"Katniss. I have something for you." He says as he peaks his head over a branch.

I slowly walk behind him and tap his shoulder. "And what is that?" I smile.

"Turn around." He says kindly, his blonde hair glowing against the sun. His blue eyes sparkling everytime the light reflected off of them.

I obey and turn around swiftly. I feel his arms embrace me from behind as he rocks me back and forth. He kisses my cheek, head, nose and forehead. His breath smells like sugar.

Sugar cubes. Finnick. Annie. Little Finnian. How I miss them.

"Peeta. You won't ever leave me. Right?" I ask curiously. Still thinking about how Finnick died before he could meet his son.

"Why would I ever leave you Katniss?" He asks, sounding a little sad.

"I was just wondering." I whisper.

"I will love you and always stay with you. Forever and always." I turn around to look at him and see a tear roll down his cheek.

I wipe away the tears with my finger and kiss his soft cheek. We continue to walk. We stop at the fence and walk along it. We pass the victors village and pass my house. Ourhouse. I see the lovely primroses on the side of the house.

"Prim." I whisper gently. Tears threatening to escape their barrier.

"She's with you also. Never leaving your side." His lips close to my ear.

I nod softly and lead him to the rock Gale and I once shared memories on. The times where it would be cold and I would cuddle up next to him. Where he would share random out bursts about the capitol. A shot of his face flashes before my eyes. The last time I saw him at the execution of Snow. The guilt in his eyes. The sadness. The hint of longing.

"I miss him sometimes. All I want is my best friend back. But I can't stand to see his face again." I say calmly, a blank stare on my face.

"One day the time will come when you will have to face him and I will be right by your side." Peeta says, waking me from my trance.

"Thank you Peeta. For everything. I love you so much." A few tears fall as he hugs me tight. Never letting go.

"I love you too my mockingjay." His soft lips kiss the top of my head again.

He leans down against a tree. Guiding me with him. I snuggle my head into the crook of his neck and fall into a deep dreamless sleep. Finally.

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