Summary:Naruto uzumaki. To everyone he was a trouble making prankster and a nuisance. But underneath he was a she, her real name was Naruko uzumaki, when she was young she was raped and left to die by a jounin of konoha. Afterwards the third hokage put a seal on her making her look like a boy, to make sure it never happened again. This is the story of the greatest kunoichi to ever walk the lands, and how she rose to greatness.

Chapter 1: Uzumaki Naruko enters

disclaimer: i own nothing. Exept for the story plot and perhaps the occ-ness of narutos character.

Naruto walked into the room where ''he'' would take his graduation exam and stood to face Iruka and Mizuki. When Iruka gave him the go ahead he did the signs and focused his chakra before calling out ''bunshin no jutsu!'' what he got were 8 perfect replicas of himself' ''Congratulations Naruto, you graduate'' said Iruka and smiled before handing Naruto his headband. Naruto grinned and ran out yelling at the top of his lungs ''HELL YEAH I WILL BE THE BEST HOKAGE EVER! BELIEVE IT!'' Iruka just chuckled while Mizuki glared at Narutos back because he had been planning on making him steal the forbidden scroll.

Naruto ran immediately to the hokage tower to tell the ''old man hokage'' about his graduation. When he got there he remembered the hokages promise, he would be able to take the seal off and show ''his'' real identity once he graduated. he smiled and ran up the stairs to the hokages office and knocked on the door.

When a 'enter' could be heard he opened the door and walked in. Sarutobi smiled seeing Naruto come in, and then he saw the headband on his forehead and the smile became a full out grin. "Naruto! I see you have graduated. I'm guessing your here to have the seal removed?"
"yeah." Naruto said simply letting his hyperactive annoying mask fall down now that he was with the hokage. The sandaime nodded and stood up and walked over to Naruto and Naruto took his orange jumpsuit jacket off and channeled some of his chakra making a seal appear on his neck that the Sandaime placed his hand on top of and said 'kai'.

Narutos appearance started changing, his hair became longer but remained spiky and unruly while his face became less masculine and became more heartshaped and softer, his eyes became a little more catlike while his chest started to grow until he had D sized breast while his torso became femine but still had the athletic look. All in all what Sarutobi saw in front of him was a rather beautiful young woman. Uzumaki Naruto was no more, his stead there stood Uzumaki Naruko ready to face the world of shinobi.

That's it for now. I am making a second attempt at writing a fanfic on here. Tell me how you like the beginning please. I know its short but i didn't want to write a long first chapter.