Epilogue to the golden hero of konoha.

I know i know, i said i wouldn't write this but after re-reading my own story I had an idea. This isn't going to be a long one but hopefully it will give some satisfaction to the fans of this story that wanted an epilogue. And I hope that this might make some people happy that I intend on starting a new story that is another Femnaru story soon. I just have to finish some stuff before I do.


-10 years after the end of the 4th war. -

Naruko sighed as she stood in her office looking over the village hidden in the leaves. It was late in the afternoon and everything was peaceful. She had taken over as the 6th hokage 5 years ago and had never been happier. She and Tenten were married and had 6 kids, two twins, a boy and a girl, which had been given birth to by Naruko while the other two, two boys, were given birth to by Tenten.

They also had adopted Natsumi and her brother, Akira, from the orphanage after the war, both of them were shinobi with their own teammates. They had decided to have kids 2 years after they got married and the adopted siblings were oldest at age 15 and 13 while the twins were 8 years of age, while the other two were 7 and 5. They loved all of their kids very much and while the twins were rowdy and energetic like Naruko they were also turning out to be great shinobi to be and the other two boys were just like Tenten, loving sharp pointy things. The twins were named Minato jr and Kushina jr while the other two were named Kai and Asuma.

Naruko had just finished working that day, the mountains over mountains of paperwork were a pain in the ass but she thankfully had realized a way to defeat it by using shadow clones. She released another sigh before turning around and pulling the hokage cloak around her started heading home to her wife and kids. They lived in the Senju compound by now which now also held Haku and Zabusas families along with Tsunade and Jirayas kids along with said parents and Kurenai and Asuma who now had 2 kids.

Their first born, Hashirama had been born 9 months after the last war, while their second born was 8 years of age like the twins, he was named Sendo, they also had one girl that was 5 years old named Naruko jr.

Kurenai had given birth to an healthy baby boy shortly after the war who was named Hiruzen after his grandfather who was now deceased, having died of old age 5 years prior. He had lived to see Naruko become hokage and then died in his sleep with a smile on his face and a peaceful aura. Then they had another one that was now 7 years of age who was a girl that they named Natsumi.

All in all the Senju compound had become lively again along with the rest of the village. All of the konoha 11 had their own families now along with Uchiha Itachi who had gotten married after being reinstated and had started the Uchiha clan once more. Shikamaru and Chouji kept in close contact with their old team mate and were her own advisers in every decision she made that was important. Shikamaru was also the head his clan and the boss of the strategy division while Chouji was the head of his clan and controlled importing lines between the five great villages who remained in peace after the war.

When Naruko came to a stop in front of her house she saw her kids playing with the other kids of the compound. Her kids were telling the story of how their parent had defeated the akatsuki and brought peace to the shinobi world once and for all and acting the story out. Tenten was watching from the porch and smiling at the kids antics before noticing Narukos staring.

Naruko walked up to her wife and kissed her softly on the mouth before turning around to watch their kids finish the story with an arm around the shorter womans shoulders. When the kids finished the story and noticed that Naruko was home she was immediately tackled in a big hug by all of the kids present. The twins had their mothers golden hair color and former blue eyes while the other two had tentens brown hair and brown eyes. Natsumi and Akira were the only ones who just stood there smiling at their younger siblings and cousins and adopted cousins, obviously amused. Akira was 15 years of age and had been a Chunin for some time now while Natsumi sr was 13 and had only recently graduated since Naruko had upped the graduating age a year to have the kids more emotionally ready.

Naruko was laughing as the kids ambushed her and she looked at her wife who was laughing lightly and noticing the blond looking at her, smiled lovingly at her. Naruko felt at peace. She was finally...



Finished for eternity sadly :( I hope this wraps it up a bit for you guys.