Gibbs sat there holding Maddie in his arms as they both shivered from the cold that was creeping under their clothes and under their skin. Gibbs was watching the paramedics as one of them started CPR on Tony, while the other was getting out the AED.

Gibbs had failed his agent; he had given up on him and went to save Maddie. He regretted his actions at that moment as he watched Tony's head lolling to the side lifelessly with each compression.

At that moment another male paramedic ran from the ambulance carrying some thick thermal blankets and joined the other two beside Tony. The paramedic handed Maddie and Gibbs a blanket each then began drying Tony with another.

The woman paramedic stopped the CPR and she tore Tony's wet shirt open to reveal his bare chest. The woman paramedic took the blanket off the paramedic and began drying his chest as the other paramedic attached the defibrillator electrode pads to his chest.

"Stop CPR, do not touch patient, analysing," The AED ordered.

The paramedic stopped drying Tony and sat back waiting. Gibbs was watching them closely as they worked on his agent and he shivered slightly. Gibbs was dreading the outcome of the situation. After a moment the AED spoke again and the red light flashed.

"Shock advised,"

"Clear," The woman paramedic said.

She pressed the shock button on the machine to deliver the first shock to Tony. Tony's chest buckled and jerked violently as it tried to restart his heart. Gibbs watched Tony's chest jerk and he prayed that he would live, that his heart would start beating once again.

"Come on DiNozzo," Gibbs urged under his breath.

Maddie watched and covered her mouth with her hand as she sobbed at the sight. The paramedic checked for a pulse at Tony's neck after the shock and still found nothing. After a second the AED continued the orders to them.

"Continue CPR,"

The male paramedic did as it said and continued with the life saving procedure. Gibbs watched them and he hugged Maddie closer to him. His gut was in knots and he was getting the feeling that their efforts were useless. After a minute or so the AED ordered them to shock Tony again.

"Clear," The male paramedic said.

As they all moved back the woman pressed the shock button. As the electricity went through Tony's chest again his chest jerked and buckled once more. Gibbs felt a lone salty tear roll down his cheek and he wiped it away. At that moment though he smiled as he heard the paramedic announce the one thing he wanted to hear.

"I've got a pulse," The male paramedic announced.

Gibbs smiled as relief rushed through him and he kissed Maddie's head. He watched as they put Tony on a stretcher and just moments later they carried him to the ambulance and loaded him in to the back of the ambulance.

At that moment another car pulled up and Ziva and McGee stepped out. They ran over to where their boss stood with the girl and they watched as Tony got put in to the back of the ambulance.

"Boss what happened?" McGee asked.

"I'll explain later at the hospital, the dead guys are over there," Gibbs replied.

The woman paramedic then walked over to them and suggested that Gibbs and Maddie go get checked out at the hospital so they climbed in beside Tony. The male paramedic shut the back doors of the ambulance and then got in the front, started the engine of the vehicle.

"What's his name?" The male paramedic asked.

"DiNozzo... Tony DiNozzo," Gibbs replied.

The flashing lights of blue and red and the siren went off as they drove off towards the hospital. As they drove to the hospital, Gibbs watched the paramedics as they tended to Tony. He was still unconscious and the paramedics were pumping oxygen in to him. His skin was taking on a bluish colour from the cold, so the paramedics were removing his jacket, shirt and pants, replacing them with thick thermal blankets.

"Is he going to be okay?" Maddie asked.

"He's stable for now, but he's breathed in a lot of water, so time can only tell the out come of his condition," The male paramedic replied.

"He's had the plague," Gibbs remembered.

The man nodded at him and Gibbs continued to watch Tony closely. He seemed so weak and fragile as he lay there. Then Tony's eyes were fluttering and a moment later he gasped before water spewed past his lips, and he dragged in a ragged gasp that hitched over droplets of water.

He coughed and spluttered, struggling to get the dirty water out of his scarred lungs. The male paramedic instantly turned Tony on to his side, facing away from him. The paramedic watched him as he coughed. Gibbs was over the moon and he couldn't help but smile with happiness. Coughing loudly and choking on the water he had took in to his lungs, Tony regained consciousness.

Tony turned on to his back and he blearily opened his stinging eyes. Every object blurred beyond familiarity, he blinked slowly a few times and the unfocused concerned face of Gibbs and a paramedic filled his vision.

"Boss?" Tony coughed.

"Don't speak DiNozzo," Gibbs told him.

"But Boss..." Tony coughed slightly.

"No buts DiNozzo," Gibbs stated.

"You're okay Mr DiNozzo, we're taking you to the hospital," The male paramedic announced.

Tony nodded and looked at Gibbs who reached over then put his hand on Tony's shoulder. Gibbs then wrapped his arms around him in a fatherly hug and thanked the gods that he didn't believe in for not taking Tony away from him.

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