Demi's POV

*flash back*

I'm 6 years old and since I'm really little my dream is acting. I'm so nervous today, because today my dream might come true. Today mom is taking me to the auticions of the populair kids show "barney and friends".

"Ugh, mom, do we really have to sait in that line? It is so long!" I asked my mom. "Yes honny, we really have to." She awnsered me.

Just before me in the line, there was a girl around my age. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. I asked her if she wanna be friends, just because I was bored. She agreed and we started playing some games and talking.

An houre later it was the girl, who's called Selena, her turn to go do auticion. A couple minutes later she came out really happy and told me she was in the show.

Now it was my turn, the director asked me to sing a little and say some lines. After this the director told me that I was in the show, I started screaming of happines immediately.

Outside I started looking for Selena and I found her at a bench at the park next to the building were the auditions were. When I told her I was in the show, we started jumping around like crazy.

This is how we became best friends.

*end flash back*

Today was my 16th birthday and Selena was coming over. After all these years we were still best friends. Actually we were mutch more than best friends. Selena is like my sister, she knows all my secrets. Now, yes, almost all my secrets. What she doesn't know is that I indof like her, I mean like like her. I proberly will never tell her this, it will only damage our friendship. And that is the last thing I want, She is like my only friend.
I went to the basement for taking a mattres for Selena, because she will stay sleeping over. I've arranged everything.

First we'll watch some movies, I also bought popcorn to eat with the movies. After that we'll play our favorite game, Sing star. Later on the evening we'll see what we gonna do, proberly just talk.

This is the first chapter of the first fanfic I ever wrote. hat do you guys think, shut I go on with this? :)