River, The melody of my hearts:

As her eyes began to open, I realize that I'm no longer alone, my life can start again.

"Doctor? Is, is it really you?" She says "Yes, River, it's really me my beautiful wife!" I reply "Jenny, thank you so much! I can never repay you, this is the most wonderful thing on you could have ever done!"

"No problem daddy-o" She says "So I guess this makes you my step-mom, right?" She asks River. "Doctor? Who is this?" River asks me. "River, this is Jenny, my, daughter." "You have a daughter, oh, how many more secrets are you going to keep from me?" She replies "You never told her about me?" Jenny asks "I'm sorry, I thought you were dead, I didn't want to tell her about my dead daughter" I tell her.

"Gee, thanks, anyway, I'm Jenny, the Doctor's daughter" Jenny said. "You're a genetic anomaly, not really my daughter…" I reply. "Doctor, haven't we been through this before?" She states. "Oh whatever." I remark

"So, Doctor, how did you do it? Revive me I mean?" River asked. "I didn't, Jenny did." I tell River. "How is that possible Doctor?" She asks "I'm not sure, probably has something to do with the way she was created; she has pure Time Lord DNA, but the ability to heal, without regenerating."

"So, she's a Time Lady? Well, nice to meet you, I'm Professor River Song, and your father is my husband!" I start to respond, "River I don't think you nee-"

"That's the problem sweetie, you never think." She replied

"Oh, she calls you 'sweetie', how cute." "Now, Doctor, where to next?" Jenny asks.

"Somewhere we should never go, but we must, we need to find an old friend, one of my oldest friends, this is a matter of life and death, if what's happening is what I think it is, than we are going to need her." I tell Jenny "Need who?" Jenny and River ask.

"Rose Tyler".

A long silence spanned throughout the room, as if what I had said was too un-comprehendible to be possible, and I knew it was, but I can't do this without them, all of them, not just River, Jenny, and Rose, but all of them, all my friends of the past, Martha, Donna, Amy, and… Susan, my granddaughter.

"And myself of course." I break the silence.

"What do you mean Doctor?"

"I have a Meta-Crisis of myself, the one you know, he is living with Rose, in her world" I tell her. "What do you mean by 'her' world?" She asked

"Rose was the Doctors friend a few faces ago, she got trapped in another version of reality, a parallel world." River tells Jenny. "Yes, and if I'm right, it should be possible." "All we need is some power." I say.

"To Cardiff then!" River announces.

I let River take the controls and get us to Cardiff, it's rather boring when you're not the one actually flying the TARDIS, but at least I got to get some relaxation. Before I knew it, the TARDIS was beginning to materialize, right in the middle of Cardiff, where a rift in Time and Space could give the TARDIS enough power to get us to Rose's universe, I call it, Pete's World, on account of her late father still being alive there.

After about 4 hours we arrive in Cardiff. River lands her in the usual spot, just outside the entrance to Torchwood 3, or at least where it used to be… "Alright, River, can you set the TARDIS for these coordinates?" I say as I hand her my psychic paper with the coordinates on it. "Jenny, you and me are going to go find someone who can help us on our little journey." "Who?" Jenny asks. "An old friend." I reply. "Oh, and River, keep the TARDIS here, she really doesn't like this person." I say. "Oh, I know who your looking for, such a tease." She remarks. "Will you just tell me who were looking for Doctor?" Jenny asks. I give in and tell her "Captian Jack Harkness." "Who?" she asks. "Like I said, an OLD friend."

As Jenny and I are walking along the street I hear something on the television that sounds rather… disturbing.

"And like that, the Miracle is over." One reporter says.

"The exact cause of the Miracle is not known as of now, all we know is it is over" another says.

The headline, "Death is back".

"Something isn't right here, something happened and I missed it." "I need to get to a phone." I tell Jenny Jenny and I race over to the nearest public phone, I dial the number for U.N.I.T the Unified Intelligence Task Force.

"Welcome to the U.N.I.T emergency hotline, if this is urgent, please click 0"

I hit zero and go through several other menus. I finally get annoyed and sonic the phone.

"This is commander Jennifer Williams."

"This is the Doctor, its urgent, I need to get the last known number for Captain Jack Harkness, of Torchwood."

"The Doctor, as in, THE Doctor?"

"Yes, THE Doctor, now I really need that number please!"

"Yes sir, ill get that for you straight away!"

"Hold on one moment please" the commander says.

"Alright, the last known number for a Captain Jack Harkness, who worked for Torchwood is an American phone number, 408-555-7096."

"Thank you for your help." I reply

"No, Doctor, thank you."

After a pause I hang up the phone, and dial the number she gave me.


"Jack? Is this you"

"This is captian Jack Harkness, who is this?"
"It's the Doctor, I need your help Jack, where are you?"

"Doctor? This dosent sound like you, are you ok?"

"Im fine, I regenerated.I need your help though, meet me in Cardiff, at the usual spot in 12 hours"

"Alright, ill be there asap"

Alright, that's one down, alot to go,

"Doctor:!" River calls from the TARDIS "The rift is opening, this is our chance!" She exclaims. "Be right there" I reply.

"Doctor, what about this Jack?" Jenny asks. "He's going to be here in 12 hours, shouldn't we be here?"

"I have a time machine, we have all the time in the world.

Jenny and I run back to the TARDIS, River start up the temporal engines, and a lound sound radiates through the console room, the cloister bell, telling us something is wrong, be we already knew that, inter dimensional travel isn't exactly, natural. The TARDIS begins to materialize in the parallel world, directly in front, of the Tyler estate.