I knew that I was about to die, but no one had told me how. As I came to the final door, I knew that the instrument of my death was behind it. However horrible the method, it would all be over with very soon. The door opened, and I cringed when I saw the guillotine. A bloody death was to be mine, but there was no turning back now.

Quickly they led me to the machine, placed me in position, fitted my neck into the curved slot at the end. I felt the bar come down, felt my hair being swept out of the way, felt the smooth, cold wood against my neck. I heard the blade being released and felt a sharp pain, then a bizarre falling sensation.

Instantly I hovered somewhere above, looking down on my headless body. I wanted to scream but was unable to make a sound. Suddenly before me was a man dressed all in white, with wings upon his back.

"Don't be afraid," he told me. "I've come to take you home."

He took my hand and together we flew far beyond the building in which lay my broken and bleeding body, far up into the sky beyond the clouds, until we came to a beautiful field with green grass as far as I could see, blue skies, and a shining sun. I gazed around myself in wonder. After awhile, I have no idea how long as time seemed to have lost all meaning, I saw a man approaching. As he got closer, I recognized him as my brother, Hans. Right behind him was another man. Christoph. My heart was filled with joy as I ran to them and we embraced in a three-way hug, just as we had done in the cell only moments before.

We were free and safe at last.

RIP Sophie Scholl 5/9/1921-2/22/1943, Hans Scholl 9/22/1918-2/22/1943, and Christoph Probst 11/6/1919-2/22/1943.