With a curt smile, DJ Pon3 looked Octavia straight in the eye, and removed her glasses. Without the violet lenses to hide it, her gaze betrayed her as a pony who was quietly, ruthlessly formidable. Behind those red eyes lay an unflinching soul.

Octavia held the gaze. If there was one thing she was not afraid of, it was an audience.

"You're a good musician," Pon3 said quietly, and replaced her glasses. "I enjoyed your concert."

"You look better without the glasses," Octavia replied, walking away. She didn't like Pon3's tone.

Pon3 watched her go, and smiled. Worth looking into.

A/N: Okay, the rub: 1) I haven't bothered to look at the fanon personalities to these two, so I'm just inventing wildly based on how they look and act. 2) These pieces are in chronological order- unlike most of my collections, I won't be zipping around the timeline. 3) Each piece will have 100 more words than the last. 4) As befits a musical couple, the prompts are all song titles (with the artist listed underneath. I've ignored the lyrics; only the titles are important). 5) This will probably be more plot driven than the rest of my drabble collections, rather than piquant character pieces. Enjoy!