This takes place in Breaking Dawn while Bella is changing. I don't know how many chapters this will be, or how many points of view it will cover, but the idea is that it will show some other perspectives while Bella is changing, and their thoughts about her, Renesmee, and the rest of the family.

This is Rosalie's perspective. Of course Edward will be there, but I will try and focus on Rosalie's thoughts, not so much Edward's point of view. The only knowledge I have of Rosalie's perspective comes from a short moment Stephenie Meyer wrote from New Moon, so I am sorry if I don't quite get her point of view how you expect it would be.

I imagined that this took place early on in Bella's transformation stage. It will try and follow what I set up in my other piece 'Just Two Days' but some aspects might be slightly different.

Beautiful. There was no other word to describe her dazzling appearance. She is the very definition of beauty. Beauty, such a human word. Of course, Renesmee is half human. A few weeks ago, the idea that anyone remotely human could be more beautiful than me would have tainted my pathetically superficial mind with jealousy. The idea that any vampire even equalled my appearance would have brought about the same pitiable feelings. I wasn't indefinitely compassionate like Carlisle, or loving and accepting of everyone like Esme. I didn't have Alice's usual exuberance of happiness, or Emmett's carefree yet loyal nature. Beauty, that is what I have. It is almost shameful not having anything personality wise to be proud of. But I was shallow enough to be happy knowing that I am the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

That I was the most beautiful, I corrected myself. Much to my surprise, there was no jealousy in the comment, no anger or hatred towards this being that was, without a doubt, the most beautiful creature to ever grace the earth with her presence. Renesmee. How could anyone ever have any bad feelings towards this little angel in my arms? Even the dog couldn't keep his eyes off her. I made a disgusted sound in the back of my throat, making an effort to turn my back on the drooling mongrel. This whole imprinting crap is disgusting if you ask me. I don't care if it's uncontrollable. The dog falls in love with the daughter of the married women he had a sick obsession with? I don't see how Edward can stop himself from coming downstairs and ripping his miserable head of.

Cocking my head to the side, I could hear a second heartbeat upstairs, fluttering like the one in my arms. A changing heart. I recognised the sound immediately. All too clearly I could see Emmett in my mind, broken and human, changing into the thing I hated being so much. As if it were happening now, I could feel the anguish and guilt in my chest, stronger than I had ever felt since waking up a vampire. I could imagine how Edward was feeling now; helpless, lost, confused. Carlisle's reassurances would comfort him, like they had for me, but nothing will seem complete until she wakes up. Edward and I are rarely on the same page, but strangely this child had brought us closer.

A small, dimpled hand pressed to my neck, hot and soft. Images flashed through my mind, a now familiar feeling. I could see the look of longing of the beautiful face below as I felt the feeling in my mind. But this wasn't my feeling; it was hers. Throughout her traumatic growth in the womb, and then her scarring birth, I hadn't thought too much on what she would be like. All I saw was a newborn baby, cooing and crying like any other child. Of course I shouldn't have overlooked the possibility that she would be gifted. Just like her father. As if she wasn't special enough already, Renesmee gave perfect a whole new meaning.

The images put into my mind this time showed Renesmee what she wanted now. Daddy. It wasn't a word, exactly, more an image. I could see my brother in my mind how she saw him, covered in the blood from her birth, the only memory she has of her parents. But the connection was strong, even I could see that. I was on my feet in one fluid movement, Renesmee cradled in my arms. The gesture felt so natural, having a child in my arms. I tried to keep my mind away from the truth that in a few days, Renesmee will have yet another set of arms to be nestled into. Of course she would want her mother, the woman who carried her, even if she was only inside Bella for less than a month.

Everybody's eyes followed Renesmee as I glided over to the staircase. Carlisle and Esme looked pleased. Alice gazed, aware of what was going on. Jasper and Emmett rose off their seats, glaring as Jacob followed me. I turned to give him a cold look; he didn't seem to be looking at anyone other than Renesmee. I made that disgusted sound again, but made no move to stop him following me. After spending over half a century with Edward, I was fairly certain he wouldn't be so calm about this whole dog-falling-in-love-with-his-daughter thing when he saw Jacob face to face. But who knows? Maybe Bella has him so distracted at the moment. That's a shame. I would give anything to see the mutt get a good kick in the gut.

I small wriggle in my arms immediately caught my attention. Impatient, wanting to see her father. The feelings in my head were strong. It kind of reminded me of the effect Jasper had on people, except I could feel my own emotions separate from hers. I smiled down at Renesmee, patting her hand where it rested on my neck. Unlike any beauty I had seen before, she parted her perfect, round little lips to reveal her array of milky, bright teeth. So advanced for her years, but unlike Carlisle, I would live in the moment and try to enjoy her childhood while it lasted. Her accelerated growth wouldn't taint how I felt right now. I'm sure we will work something out. We have to. Everyone in this family is willing to put their lives on the line to save Renesmee. One of us had already.

I took a deep, unnessesary breath, pausing outside the door to Carlisle's study. What would the room look like now? I had heard enough of what went on upstairs to know things have been cleaned up, so there would be no danger of me repeating my performance from last time in this room. A feeling close to guilt swept through me as I remembered my limited moments from Renesmee's birth. One second I had been ready to pull Renesmee out of Bella's body where she suffocated, the next everything went red. I could remember being thrown around the room, knowing it was the dog beating the hell out of me. And I had let him, just that once. Because there was something more important than getting my revenge on the dog at that point.

The small hand patted impatiently on my neck again, twisting my curls around in her fingers, reaching out towards the door with her free hand. Thanks to Carlisle's reassurances, I didn't need to worry about her not being able to support her body. Already she had the development most one month old babies had, or maybe even two month babies. I chuckled under my breath as I noted her impatience, so much like her mother. In a swift movement, I reached out and opened the door, the dog managing to slip into the room before I could slam the wood on his fingers.

My eyes scanned around the room instinctively. It had begun to look more like an office in here. The medical equipment had disappeared who knows where, the only piece remaining being the sturdy medical table in the centre of the room. That's when I saw the broken, battered body of the life I had spent the past few weeks protecting. Bella lay flat on the table, her legs and arms limp, but lied out perfectly for healing. There was little flesh on her bones still, but I could see an improvement already. Her skin had no colour, bleached of any pigment she once had. But that is what venom did to all of us. Not that it was too noticeable in Bella's already alabaster pale skin.

Edward didn't look up as we entered the room. Guess he didn't need to anyway. I could hear Jacob somewhere behind me; I could smell his reeking odour now filling up the room. I peered down at Renesmee who had dropped her hand from my neck. She wasn't looking at me at all, or even Jacob. There's a surprise. Renesmee gazed at her mother, her eyes filled with worry and love, emotions far beyond the normal range for a newborn child.

"Edward, there is someone who has been waiting hours to meet you," I said quietly as Renesmee reached forward again, her hands forming little fists, unclasping and clasping again in midair. That dazzling smile lit up Nessie's face as Edward turned around to look at her, wonderstruck, just as the rest of us were when we first saw her. Of course, he has seen her through our thoughts before. He had even been the first person to hold her, but it was like he was seeing her for the first time. For the first time in weeks, Edward smiled, the way he smiled at Bella, full of love and adoration, despite whatever circumstances there were.

It felt strange, releasing her from my arms, but I carefully handed Renesmee over to Edward. I could see this was what Renesmee wanted more than anything at this point, to meet her father again. Like she would with any of us, she placed her hand against his neck, showing him something in her special way. I wondered if it felt any different than just hearing her thoughts. Feeling intrusive on such a moment, I turned to look at Bella, sitting in one of the empty chairs by her bedside. We didn't need to sit at all, it had just become habit.

Feeling slightly strange, I held her hand- the one which Edward was not holding- and brushed a loose strand of hair from her face, quite a few degrees colder than it had been before Renesmee's birth. I didn't really know what to say. Could words cover the strange guilt-like feeling I felt? After all, I was supposed to be her protector, ensure that Renesmee's birth went smoothly, and, contrary to most people's beliefs, I wanted her to live, as a vampire at least. It seemed almost ironic that I was hoping for the very thing that I had pleaded her against becoming.

"Bella," I said, knowing she wouldn't be able to hear me. When did I start recognising the outside world during my own transformation? I didn't want to relive the memory. "I know you probably can't hear me right now, but I have to say I am sorry." I could feel pairs of eyes on my back, probably confused or shocked. There was a brief, throaty snort in the corner. I tried my best to fight my better instinct to rip his head off and continued.

"I promised that I would look after Renesmee and help her come into this world, but I lost it. Everything turned out all right in the end, though I can't help but feel like I have failed you in some ways. So I just want you to know I am sorry for that, for everything. I know we have never really seen eye to eye, but I have nothing against you Bella. In fact, I do see you as a sister, and I hope we will still be...friends when you wake up. It seems we have a lot more in common than I thought." I smiled briefly. Finally Bella had made the same choice I would have made if I had a second chance at being human- to have a child, no matter what the consequences.

I could see the mutt gaping at me in the corner, his mouth hanging open like a moron. I resisted the urge to scoff. I knew what he thought of me, and made no effort to correct him. Why should I waste my breath on him? Surely when Bella wakes up she will find out about this disgusting imprinting business, and then give the dog the reaction we all wish we had the excuse of giving him. Mind you, Bella has always acted oddly forgiving with Jacob. Still, if anyone imprinted on my child, I would never be able to take that news sitting down. Ugh. Thinking about him again. I tried to turn my thoughts towards more pleasant avenues.

Keeping my eyes away from the corner, I searched for my one and only niece. Maybe she was hungry, or needed to be changed again. It was only an hour ago when I put her in a new outfit, but she was already growing out of it. Good thing Alice has enough clothes to last her through the days, though the first few hours were tricky. Despite her rapid growth in the womb, none of us had anticipated just how big she would get within hours of her birth.

"Rosalie," Esme's soft voice called from the doorway, Carlisle entering the room, probably to check on Bella again. Or Renesmee. Or both. Both of them had undergone quite a few medical examinations by now. "Why don't you come downstairs?" I knew what that translated to. Why don't you leave Renesmee alone with her father. It wasn't the father I was worried about. I glared over to Jacob, who gave me a stupid grin. Carlisle interjected before Esme could reply, holding Renesmee's hand to his cheek.

"Rosalie, would you like to get Renesmee some breakfast?" Carlisle asked, obviously seeing what she needed through her thoughts. It was a very convenient form of communication.

With a sigh I got off my seat in one swift moment, stopping to kiss Renesmee on the head before leaving. As I strode through the door, I shot a warning glance towards Jacob, and blew another kiss to Renesmee. There was a strange feeling in my chest, like everything was complete now, thanks to Renesmee. I knew it was irrational. She's not my child, and in a few days, I would be seeing a lot less of her. I knew that. But it seemed like for the first time in a long while, I didn't have to have this bitter feeling in my chest, this complete desperation to be human. Finally everything seems to be falling in the right place, thanks to this little miracle, one no one thought could ever exist.

I have to say sorry again for starting a new story before I finish another, but this idea just stuck in my head. I will try and update Distractions very soon, but I can't make any promises. Please review and tell me what you think, and who else you want to see the point of view of. No mistake, kiwihipp, but I am sorry it didn't make sense! Carlisle came up with Esme, and went to check on Renesmee. It was Carlisle who suggested Rosalie go downstairs to get Renesmee more blood. I guess it would make sense that Edward send Rosalie off, but I was going by the idea that he was totally captured by Renesmee at this point. Sorry for the confusion!