Jacob's point of view has been requested, so here is my take on Jacob when he first sees Bella. I will try and have some memories of when Jacob first saw Renesmee, and his thoughts towards her, but I would like to focus on how the relationship between Bella and Jacob is changed. The context of this was set up in my other story 'Just Two Days'. I loved Jacob's humour in Breaking Dawn, but I don't think the writing style of this chapter will be too similar to Jacob's point of view in Breaking Dawn due to my amateur writing ability. This starts off from the end of Rosalie's point of view, so Jacob, Edward and Renesmee are alone with Bella.

I flashed Blondie a smug smile as she gave me a parting glare, taking off downstairs to get Renesmee some breakfast. She had only eaten a few hours ago. My eyes flashed to Nessie's face. It wasn't a conscious action of mine; my body simply felt the need to check on her. Sure enough, she was fine. Of course she was. Everyone in this family was working to protect her. Even Sam's pack, the very pack who wanted her destroyed as soon as they found out she existed, would do nothing to harm her. There was an insane feeling of relief knowing she was safe. It was stronger than any of my other feelings, she was more important to me than myself.

It was a strange, yet amazing feeling, having all my thoughts focused towards one person. I could remember watching Sam and Jared and Paul and Quil, feeling disgusted as they happily lived without their own minds, their own free will. I'd thought it sick that they were happy giving up their own instincts, and even sicker that we all had the gene to imprint, to lose our minds. I had lived months hating the idea of imprinting, the idea of becoming completely dependent on another for happiness. I would have rather lived in misery than have to give up my freedom. It almost made me laugh to think of how much of an idiot I was.

Now imprinting was an amazing, beautiful thing. Just seeing her eyes made every hurt, every pain I had ever felt disappeared. My confusing, soul-tearing ties to Bella just vanished. I no longer felt this desperate love for her. Our love would never disappear; it just shifted back to something more normal, something right. My link to the earth had shifted, the ground no longer held me in place. Renesmee did. It didn't matter that she was only minutes old, or there was a family full of vampires ready to rip my head off as soon as they realized what happened. None of that mattered as long as Renesmee was happy and safe.

I took a deep breath. Best to get this over with. I knew the moment would come when I would have to face Edward, explain to him that I was now bound to his daughter forever. His newborn daughter, the child he was only just meeting. How was I going to explain that so he didn't jump to the same conclusion that Blondie had? Her disgusted face was almost priceless as she fumed over the idea that I was in love with Nessie. Of course I wasn't in love with her! She was a baby, a baby only hours old. Even I wasn't that sick. All I want is for her to be happy and safe. I felt myself fall into a protective role with her, someone to watch over her, make sure she had food when she was hungry (or thirsty), make sure she wasn't sad. That couldn't be so different from what her parents want for her. So how am I supposed to explain all this crap?

"I think I have a pretty good idea of what's going on," Edward said, hearing my thoughts. That used to annoy me, having all my thoughts picked from my head. It was more convenient now from ever. At least he would be able to see that there is nothing romantic going on, I wasn't putting my claim on his newborn daughter before she even had the chance to grow up.

"Yes, I can see that there is nothing romantic about it. You just want her to be happy and safe. I understand that," Edward continued, speaking as if my thoughts were intended as part of the conversation. I couldn't even feel annoyed as he plucked the comment from my head. Edward didn't seem fuelled with rage like Rosalie, or about to rip my head off like Jasper. I snuck a glance to Renesmee, cradled in his lap. She had her tiny pink hand pressed against Edward's neck. Did she know that was unnecessary?

"I'm not going to get angry with you just yet," Edward said calmly, a slight smile on his lips. Yet? "I want to see how Bella will react. Knowing her love for Renesmee, I can't see her letting it slide so easily. But she's Bella, so she might surprise me. It would bother her if I rip your head off now and she decides to forgive you later." I laughed. That sounded a bit more like the way things used to be between Edward and I, before we had to form this strange compromise to save Bella's life. But the compromise didn't bother me anymore. Now that Renesmee was part of my life, I should probably make more of an effort to get along with both her parents. Edward laughed quietly.

"There's something I want to talk to you about. Well, ask you, really," I said after a deep breath. Although he probably already knew, he waited for me to explain before responding. There's a first. Ever since I saw Nessie's impatience to see her mother when she wakes, I have been worrying over and over again about Renesmee. Of course Bella would never ever hurt her daughter intentionally, but I had seen young vampires before, seen how out of control they are. Not one of them seemed aware of their actions. In just a few days Bella would be one of them, a newborn vampire. She would still be Bella, sort of. Even when her skin is ice cold and rock hard and her heart doesn't beat, I have to believe that she will be in there somewhere.

But she will still be a vampire, and her daughter is half human. She has a heart that beats, blood that pumps through her veins, and no one else sees a problem with bringing a newborn vampire near her half-human child. I am certain that nobody would allow any harm to come to Renesmee, but I wouldn't risk her with anyone. Especially not her young, potentially uncontrollable vampire mother. Edward was frowning as I mulled over these thoughts, clearly in disagreement with her assessment.

"I know you've had trouble imaging Bella as herself when she wakes up, but that's who she will be. She will still be the Bella you know," Edward explained, answering one of the lesser problems on my mind. Renesmee was my priority. I heard Edward sigh as he looked at me, then his daughter, and finally his eyes settled on Bella.

"I won't keep Bella away from her daughter," Edward spoke with conviction. Of course you won't. He would still give her exactly what she wanted, no matter how dangerous.

"I don't think it will be dangerous. I would never put Renesmee in danger, and neither would you, or the rest of my family. Renesmee is half-human, but she is also half-vampire. For all we know, the vampire parts might be strong enough that Bella can ignore the human parts. Don't worry about putting Nessie is harm's way. She won't be in danger for a second, and Bella would be devastated if she can't see her own child." I wasn't fully convinced by Edward's explanation.

"Still, I have to do something. What about if we test her out on me first?" Edward laughed at my suggestion.

"Even as a newborn, she will have much better taste," Edward explained, still laughing.

"But I am still human, sort of. If she is completely fine with me, then she can see the child," I proposed, desperate to do something to ensure Bella would be fine around Nessie.

"Like I said, I won't keep Bella from Nessie, but I'll let you have your little test if it makes you feel better. It's your life. Don't blame me if she attacks," Edward said, half joking about the last part. I had experienced enough to know that Edward wouldn't let Bella hurt me, because she would regret it later. I was sure that her kindness wouldn't change along with her body.

"I don't care if she attacks me, as long as Nessie is safe," I explained. Mind you, if she doesn't attack me because of my blood, she would surely attack me when she finds out about me and Ness. The whole newborn-vampire thing wouldn't help Bella's tendency to overreact. But she has always forgiven me in the past. Maybe she won't think too much of it. Maybe she will finally be glad we can love each other the right way, we can be in each other lives. Bella had always wished we were family. Alright, she wished that I was her brother, but this way, we will still be like family, in each other's lives without this crazy love triangle business.

"One more thing..." I said out loud, knowing it was pointless. He would have heard the idea as soon as I thought of it. "Would you mind if I tell her about imprinting? I don't want her to jump to conclusions like everyone else." Edward thought for a long second.

"Okay, I can promise you that much. I owe you as much as telling her about that particular situation yourself." I sighed in relief.

"Thanks, Edward," I said out of true gratefulness. Of course I didn't trust him completely to keep that secret if she happened to ask. The way he seemed to give Bella exactly what she wanted, when she wanted was similar to the way I would give anything, do anything for Renesmee. I wasn't the only one who had someone they couldn't live without. Maybe if I explain that to Bella... My mind still covered all the ways I could explain imprinting to her. I remembered her reaction when I first told her about Quil imprinting on Claire. Even after explaining it to her, I still got the idea that she couldn't understand how Quil could be so bound to a toddler. It really didn't help that she has seen how things are with Sam and Emily, with Jared and Kim. But it isn't like that with me and Renesmee, and it never would be if she didn't want it to be. How do I explain to Bella that all I want is for Nessie to be happy and safe?

"I'll let you deal with that particular obstacle," Edward said, his tone sort of smug. I bet he's hoping that she lashes out and tries to attack me. He'd probably enjoy that. Oh well. I can take care of myself, and its better she attack me than Ness. As long as she doesn't bite me. I'll bet my system won't take to that very well.

"I won't let her bite you," Edward said, struggling to keep a smile off his face. Probably imagining his wife attacking me when she finds out.

"Believe it or not, Jacob, I don't want her to attack you. I'm sure even though it would be completely justified if she did," Edward laughed, "she would be upset with herself afterwards." He was right though. It wouldn't matter if I walked away without a limb, as long as Bella didn't regret her actions.

"It's not exactly like that, Jacob. I would be lying if I said Bella wasn't my biggest motivation for making sure she doesn't injure you, but I wouldn't want you to be the victim of her attack. I still owe you a lot Jacob." Edward explained, picking out my thoughts again. Before imprinting, I would have loved to have him owe me, but now I couldn't really care less. Not having my own feelings as my first priority wasn't as bad as I had imagined.

Taking a deep breath before looking, I turned my head to Bella. Her body wasn't much better than when I had left her dead corpse in the room. She wasn't much better, but there was a definite improvement. It was clear right away that the little vampire had taken advantage of Bella's unmoving state to dress her. The blue cocktail dress was nothing Bella would have ever chosen for herself. Thankfully it covered the worst of the wounds, the giant hole in her stomach where Nessie had broken free from.

There were still clear bite marks along Bella's arms and neck, where the venom was locked in her system. I didn't realize how much of a difference it would make; knowing Bella would still be alive, even if she wasn't red-checked and human. Any form of alive was better than dead. At least as a vampire I would know Bella would be happy, and she would be safe. That was all I ever wanted for her, once I put my own selfishness aside.

Edward started humming to Nessie, whose eyes happily drooped. I could tell she was about to drift off to sleep soon. For a newborn baby, she sleeps amazing well, not waking once throughout the night. Out of politeness more than want, I tried to give Edward and Nessie some privacy. I took Bella's hand- the one Edward did not hold- in my own. Her skin was colder than usual. Everyone but Nessie felt cold to me, but I could feel that her temperature had dropped. It wouldn't be long now, maybe a couple of days, before she wakes up, ice cold and rock hard. For now, her skin was still slightly soft. I was scared to hold her hand any tighter, worried I would mess up her recovery.

The smell of chemicals in the air burnt my nose. For obvious regions, everyone had been incredibly thorough with sterilising the equipment and cleaning up all the blood in the room. Bella didn't quite smell like one of them yet. Her scent didn't burn my nose like the rest of them. That would be one thing that I would miss in a few days. Bella's body lay limp and still, her legs and spine repositioned so they would heal properly.

Bella's heart was the loudest thing in the room, fluttering stronger than Nessie's light heartbeat. Through a closed mouth Bella took small, shallow breaths. I wondered what she was feeling now. Could she hear us?

"I don't think so," Edward replied to the question I had not asked aloud. "She hasn't moved at all. Carlisle thinks that the morphine is keeping her out of pain, so she will just remain like this until she wakes up." It was clear from his tone that Edward doubted that Bella wasn't in pain. It was like Bella to be a martyr though, stay quiet and still, afraid she would hurt him if she let on what she was truly feeling.

"That's what I am afraid of," Edward said in a pained tone. In a seemly unconscious action, he held Renesmee closer to his chest. The bloodsucker was doing a surprisingly good job at being a parent. Then again, he had been good a taking care of Bella, so why should it be any different with the child they shared?

"You'd rather she be screaming and moving around?" I asked, surprised. Edward shrugged.

"If it would make her feel better. I hate to think that she is putting herself in even more pain to spare my feelings. She must be in so much pain..."

"She's probably still all drugged up and can't feel a thing," I replied. Bella didn't look like she was in pain at all, and she was such a terrible actress that I was convinced she couldn't feel anything. Her face was perfectly smooth and composed. Someone had wiped all the blood and sweat off her face, so she looked peaceful, just like she was sleeping.

It was strange looking at her, not feeling that crippling pain as I watched the girl I loved throw away her life. The love between us hadn't vanished, it had just changed into something understandable, something which didn't leave us both in pain as we realized we had a future all mapped out, one that would never occur. In a normal world with no vampire and no werewolves, we would have been happy together, just as easy as breathing. But Bella was almost under a spell by her love for Edward, something I couldn't compete with. She couldn't live without him.

Now we both have people we can't live without. I won't have to feel in pain looking at Bella, knowing what would have been. We wouldn't have to tiptoe around each other, trying to ignore this love which was more than friends. Finally we could just be friends, like family. We could see each other every day- I couldn't leave Nessie alone for very long- and we could be happy being with each other. It was so ironic that every dangerous choice Bella made lead to my happiness. Her marrying her vampire, having a real honeymoon, almost being killed by the result of that honeymoon, and finally her changing into a vampire. All of that was essential for my own happiness. For the first time, everything was perfect between us.

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