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Chapter 1

11:52 pm 17th June 2010

Sorry, but I want to add one more letter to your pocket.
Today is the day I finally told you that you are the most wonderful person in my life. This realization took place during the summer holidays on the 2nd of June; but I am happy that I told you. Today is also the day I walked into the biggest set-up of my life. I have to appreciate your acting skills because my heart rate had increased and so had my temperature.
Well, that was because I would never want lose such a wonderful person as you, and thank you for your act of anger towards me, because if you had not done that then I am not sure if I would be able to tell you that you are the best person in my life. When I look back, I guess I have a lot to thank you for...
So here it goes:
Thank you for talking to me for the first time in our first year of junior high. You really changed my life and also made me smile countless number of times. I have been smiling a lot from 2nd June, due to thinking about you.
I have also been thinking about you for 95% of my day. The other 5% includes sleeping and my PSP. There are two reasons why I give you presents. First, you are wonderful and you deserve all the gifts that I can give you. Secondly, I just love your big and cute smile, and gifts make you smile :). I never thought that I would say this but...thank you for rejecting me when I first proposed because we would not exactly be together for such a long time if you had said yes and then it would inevitably lead to our break up and all that hatred...we would have lost something great, we would have lost this chance to be with each other like this. And, thank you for being my bestest (I know that the word doesn't exist) best friend ever


P.S Best of luck for the student council elections. Kick their ass! :)

Heil Fuhrer

2:11am 21st June 2010

Technically, Good Morning. I just finished my english article and also switched off the television. Because I will need my complete concentration on this. Now before reading this letter, I want to warn you that this letter may make you cry and I would not want my best friend crying so please do not cry. Okay? You have been warned :) Now let me describe my situation. I seriously need some sleep because I have not had much the night earlier but if I sleep now then I will oversleep and thus miss my bus. I am on one half of my bed with loads of pieces of paper lying on the other half. Most of these date back to our 9th grade. I have always wanted to read all of them again and now that I am completely home alone I am going read them and tell you about each one. The first one I picked up is the circular for the Cultural Eve's Rs500 contribution thing when we were Prefects. I kept this paper because it had your signature on it and there are the rough drafts of the 4 poems that I wrote for you. I would like to quote a few lines which I believe are really true...

"I have so many feelings I just cant express

But without you my life's a mess"

"You are more important to my existence than freedom was to the WWII French Resistance"

"Your smile makes it all the worth while

So let's end this poem with Sieg Heil"

Here is the rough draft of the content of the farewell card I made for you during art class in 9th just before the final exams. It refers to the "crumpled piece of paper" where I had written down your good qualities. It kind of breaks my heart to think that you threw all of the memories attached to those pieces of paper away but I cannot blame you. Your feelings at the moment were completely legitimate (by the way I can hear a cat moaning while mating in a distance). So the farewell card also has a little poem. It is kind of the funny type and it also uses the word "boo-boo."I also see the little piece of paper you gave me saying thank you for helping Sayu. I guess this is the first piece of paper kind of thing you have given to me so I must thank you for giving me this and I must take special care of it .I see the piece of paper where I had written down the show timings for New Moon and also the little paper where you wrote to meet you near the ice cream parlour in GVK at 10am and my favourite part of this is that you wrote "sharp" after 10am :). This is the second paper, I guess. I see the paper where I made a list of the dreams where you were there. I told you about all of them during the tenth Farewell practice. Now I see a paper with "Voui uscire con me" and its pronunciation written on it. Here is another paper where I told you that 1 Enzo Ferrari was equal to 2151.6 PS3s. (there are birds making sounds in the background now). Oh what's this now? is a piece of paper which I wrote in the winter holidays but I never told you about it although it stayed in my left pocket for a few days.

From Light to L ~

Since you mention I never gave you any paper, well here's one. When I say you are the single most wonderful person I mean it. I thought a lot about you in these holidays and you know what - 'of-oh' doesn't make me the happiest, you do. Just thinking about you makes me smile my huge grin.

Whenever I get mad at you it is because of drama effect only - just to keep ourselves laughing about it later. With you I can cry, weep, make a mess of myself, share my worst days and best ones too. You say my smile makes you the happiest, well here's one to you. (It's a little extra toothy than mine, I think!)

You make my day and I will always be indebted to you for all your care, concern, friendship and most importantly, yourself. I promise on the Nazi army to always be your friend (It's my honour), to always remember you (as my bestest friend) and yes,

Heil F├╝hrer!

1:06am 24th June 2010

Gutten Morgen!

I am fine and hope the same for you. I smell the new Cultural Secretary. :) Yesterday was really fun, all thanks to my big brother. I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go for the Robocamp Exhibition and you know that I listen to you. By the way, I am feeling kind of weird writing this letter. I do not know the reason though. You must have noticed that I do not write very often. I take big breaks in between my works, that's because whenever I have tried to push myself, my work has deteriorated. I guess this letter is an example of that. I think we are similar in one other case. We both have different disguised meanings behind our words. I think and hope that I am correct but anyways please tell me what you think, bro. This fact sometimes distresses me because I cannot explore all the possible meanings. You once said that I understand you with tears in your eyes..but they weren't unhappy tears more like from...I don't know...relief? Gratitude? But I did not exactly understand about why you said that. I mean what makes you think that a freaky maniac ( I like the sound of these 2 words) like me, can understand a wonderful, caring, kind-hearted guy like you. I am smiling after a long time today and that is because an image of your smile flashed in my mind. I write letters to you because I have some feelings in my mind which I need to pour onto this paper and also because I want to see your big and cute smile. I also want to thank you for that piece of paper which you wrote for me. It means a lot to me. Thank you. You must be bored of listening to this but you are the most wonderful person in my life.

P.S. Thank you for using your precious time to read this crappy letter

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