A/N I wrote this after watching my mum and dad...Yes, I know Sherlock has powers of deduction but I just couldn't help but think of it like this;

"Will you help us?" Lestrade asked impatiently.

"I'll need to speak to Mr Finnemore myself" Sherlock replied.

Donovan roled her eyes but before either her or Lestrade could respond, John came hurrying into the living room.

"Ok, I don't want to know what is going on, I am already late and I can't find my..." John rambled whilst looking around the flat.

"On the mantelpiece next to the skull," Sherlock said without looking up from his laptop.

John stopped for a second, glanced at Sherlock and then following the detective's direction, he found his keys. "Thanks, you don't happen to know..."

"Underneath the microscope on the kitchen table,"

Again, John followed Sherlock's instruction and sure enough there was his wallet.

"Ok, cheers," John placing his wallet in his pocket and then doing a quick check of the other to make sure he still had his keys, "Can I borrow..."

"My bedroom. Don't use the bottle on the left. Do you know..."

"Behind your chair on the floor," John nodded and headed towards Sherlock's room. Sherlock turned, bent down and reached for his scarf.

There was silence for a second.

"Oh my word," Donovan started.

"What?" Sherlock asked as putting on his coat.

"You two...you're like a married couple."

"Yeah, you are more 'married' than me and my wife ever were," Lestrade agreed as newly scented John re-entered the room.

"Who's more married?" John asked grabbing his jacket.

"We are apparently," Sherlock answered flatly.

John rolled his eyes, "Right, well, I'm sorry Sherlock but I am about to go and cheat on you."

"Now that sounds more like my marriage," Lestrade muttered.

"It's ok, John, you go on your date. I'm going to work," Sherlock stated, smiling slightly.

John chuckled, "I suppose we're even then."

Donovan looked between the two flatmates, "I feel like I have missed something."

"Nothing knew there then," Sherlock retorted as he and John both made their way to the door.