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February 9 – 3 Weeks

One pale, long-fingered hand splayed across Matthew's stomach before sliding to his hip and drawing the Canadian closer. Matthew smiled, curling up against his lover's chest. The hand slipped underneath Matthew's T-shirt, stroking over the soft skin. Leaning his head back, Matthew looked up at Gilbert but then closed his eyes as the albino kissed his forehead. No words were exchanged, nor were they needed. So Matthew and Gilbert relaxed in each other's presence, nuzzled against one another and breathing softly in time.

"Are you feeling better?" Gilbert asked softly, letting his short fingernails scratch Matthew's lower back.

"Mm." Matthew nodded, drowsy and content.

Gilbert let Matthew sleep, just watching the Canadian in peaceful silence. He eventually wormed his way out of Matthew's embrace, drawing a blanket up over his lover, and left him to sleep. A few of Ludwig's files needed to be reviewed and Gilbert didn't want to bother Matthew. He hadn't been sleeping well, and Gilbert wanted him to get as much sleep as possible whenever he could. It was close to two hours later that Matthew padded out of their room, yawning and pushing his hair out of his face. Gilbert was sprawled on the couch, just finishing his work, and grinned at Matthew.

"Hallo, sleepyhead," Gilbert drawled, taking Matthew in his arms when the smaller man curled up next to him on the sofa.

"Hey," Matthew murmured, tucking his head against Gilbert's shoulder. "Thanks…for earlier."

Chuckling, Gilbert kissed the top of Matthew's head. "You don't have to thank me, Ahornblatt."

"Do you want to go with me to the…specialist tomorrow?" Matthew asked softly, still a bit groggy.

"Of course. I want to do everything with you to take care of this whole…" Gilbert waved his hand, searching for the word. "…situation."

"Gil, you need to get used to talking about it. We're having a child together. It's a baby, not a situation. Are you changing your mind?" Matthew pulled away from the Prussian, beginning to tremble.

"No, of course not, Schatz. I'm not going to leave you, or give our child up. I want nothing more than to be with you, to have a family with you." Gilbert cradled Matthew's face in his hands to ensure his point was understood. "This is going to end with a healthy child, and it will do nothing more than bring us closer together. I will not abandon you because I'm not ready to be a father. I will take anything that is thrown at me, you know that."

Matthew kissed Gilbert suddenly, pushing him down onto the couch. Gilbert's hands gripped Matthew's hips, kissing back but allowing himself to be dominated. He knew that Matthew got into moods of dominance, almost as if wanting to protect the man who fathered his child. Gilbert truly hoped that the mood swings wouldn't diminish anytime soon.

When Gilbert and Matthew arrived back at their apartment after their visit to the specialist, Alfred was waiting outside the door for them. He grinned brightly, despite his tense relationship with Gilbert after he found out he was sleeping with Matthew. The Canadian had been too nervous to tell Alfred that he was pregnant with Gilbert's baby—he was still coming to terms with it himself—and the only person who knew besides Gilbert and Matthew was Francis. The man had been there to soothe Matthew's anxiety when he'd learned of his pregnancy, and had been a steadying force throughout the entire ordeal. Gilbert felt Matthew pull back slightly, tugging his unzipped sweatshirt around his still flat stomach. He smiled at Alfred and unlocked their door.

"Hey, Mattie! I thought we could get lunch. Have you eaten?" Alfred babbled as he followed his brother into the apartment.

"Ah, no. Gilbert and I brought home some stuff, though. You're welcome to stay," Matthew offered, setting his grocery bag on the kitchen table.

"Cool!" Alfred hopped up onto the counter beside the sink after shedding his bomber jacket onto the back of a chair. "Whatcha been up to, Matt?"

Matthew tucked some hair behind his ear, setting the new carton of milk and eggs in the refrigerator. "Not much. Just spending time with Gilbert. Papa came to see us a few weeks ago."

Alfred nodded, picking up a bottle that sat against the wall on the counter beside him. He furrowed his brow at the label and looked at Matthew. "Prenatal vitamins? These are for…"

It clicked when Alfred saw Matthew absently draw his sweatshirt tighter around his midsection and Gilbert draw nearer to the Canadian almost protectively.

He turned on the albino man, jumping off the counter and shoving the man back. "You fucker! You knocked up my brother."

Gilbert practically snarled at Alfred. "It's not like we were trying to have a child. It was an accident."

"I'll give you that," Alfred spat. "But remember this: If you leave him and this child, I will not hesitate to find you and cut your dick off. Don't think I won't."

Scoffing, Gilbert shoved Alfred out of the way. "I wouldn't think of leaving Matthew. He's the only person that truly cares for me besides my brother. Remember this: I'm the reason you and your little family remember Matthew now. I don't give a shit if you hate me, but at least notice your own brother. Now either sit down, shut up, and we'll feed you or leave."

Alfred sat down, but turned to his brother. "How far along are you?"

Matthew's cheeks turned bright red and he fiddled with the package of cheese he held. "Just a few weeks."

When Alfred grinned, Matthew smiled back shyly. Gilbert wrapped Matthew in his arms, kissing the back of the younger man's neck.

"I'm so excited to be an uncle!" Alfred punched the air, laughing.

Matthew chuckled, letting Gilbert unpack the rest of the groceries as he started in on lunch.


Hallo – Hey (German)
Ahornblatt –
Maple leaf (German)
Schatz – Sweetheart (German)