Hey guys, it's me. Uh, to those who have been waiting patiently for something from me for years, I thank you for your dedication. However, I must inform you that I'm rewriting this crossover and, after a week, scrapping everything else. I am aware it's a bit of a spit in the face to you guys - and trust me, I'd spit in my own face if I could. However, I looked over my old stuff, and I realised they weren't written or planned very well, especially the stuff from all the way back in 2011 when I first started. Heck, those of you who were following me that far back would recall that I wrote several smut fics with little to no thought put into them.

My Fire Emblem crossover was particularly badly thought out, as I had my 3DS from those times with a copy of FE8 (you guys remember that Ambassador thing? Good times, eh?) to play the game as I wrote the fic because I was a stupid dingus who had no idea there were playthroughs on YouTube at the time. Yeah, 16-year-old me was so stupid… Anyway, as has been mentioned already, I'll be restarting the fic. To give you guys a thought of what's gonna be involved, here's a preview of the Prologue for you all. Enjoy.


Ashura and Eirika had been sparring with their swords for a fair while, and they aren't letting up. The raven-haired man had gotten proud to notice that now, Eirika is using her sword as a sword and not as a spear. Their siblings Alexis and Ephraim being gone had done little to hinder their spirits too much. They had decided to stop for a breather.

"Thanks for teaching me, Ash. It's been amazing learning under you.", Eirika said gratefully to him. It truly was a thrill to finally know how to properly use a sword.

"No problem, Eirika. Glad I could help you out as I have.", Ash said with a smile across his face.