"The Drama Warriors"

Rated M for language

Disclaimer: I don't own both Total Drama and the movie "The Warriors". Total Drama is owned by Teletoon and the movie "The Warriors" is owned by Paramount Pictures. That's all you need to know. There will be some characters from Total Drama: Revenge of the Island" who will make an appearance in this fic of mine.

As many of you know, I always cast the characters I feel that are fit for this role. So far, here's the cast of characters.

Justin - Swan (He's pretty much a badass, and I know some people are thinking that it's pretty much a dumb idea to cast a male model like Justin to play a rough, handsome gang leader, but I see it like it is.)

Heather - Mercy (Also known as Swan's love interest in the movie, not to mention that she dresses like a floozy. All throughout in the movie. But this is perfect for a queen bee like Heather!)

Duncan - Ajax (The role just speaks to me so often...)

DJ - Cleon (Mmmmmm...he's got a hat or a do-rag covering his head in the beginning of the movie, so I think this fits him well.)

Lightning - Snow (Lightning's cocky and casting him as a no nonsense member in Snow is just that perfect.)

Owen - Vermin (In the wikia page, I found out that Vermin complains, but is also light-hearted and comical at times. I figured since the word comical is in there, I figured that Owen would play the part.)

Mike - Cochise (Really? Who can imagine a dude with MPD becoming the only member who has a thrill-seeking personality and so much colorful clothing? I think he would play the part real nice, of course, it's kinda hard imagining that Mike would act like a black man...)

Geoff - Cowboy (They both wear cowboy hats. So he plays very well into the part.)

Cody - Rembrandt (The gang's lead graffiti artist. Of course, Cody would be awesome for the role! It would show his bad side!)

Noah - Fox (No comment. You don't even wanna know what happens to him in the movie.)

Alejandro - Luther (Of course, the lead antagonist and the leader of The Rogues. He also gets one of the best, memorable lines in the movie. I'm not guessing which line it is, but it involves bottles.)

Chris McLean - Cyrus (The leader of the Gramercy Riffs.)

Cody - Sully (The leader of The Orphans. Not to mention that he's a coward.)

LeShawna - The Radio DJ (No comment either. It just fits her right.)

Chef Hatchet - Masai (The new leader of the Gramercy Riffs after Cyrus...well, you just have to read.)

Bridgette - Starr (The leader of The Lizzies)

Anne Maria - Policewoman (She's involved with Ajax)

Sam - Cropsy (The Warchief of The Rogues)

Scott - Vance (The leader of the Punks and the only member wearing skates.)

I'm sorry if I left out characters like Courtney or Harold or even Dawn or Zoey, but I will promise you that everyone will get a turn in this story as extras.

The first chapter will be out after you read and review! CAAAAAAAN YOOOOOOU DIG ITTTTTTTT?