"The Drama Warriors"

Rated M for language

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Chapter 1: The Shot Heard Round The World

It was night time. The ferris wheel at Coney Island as busy shining throughout the nocturnal moon.

D.J: It's still on, and we're going. Chris sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure. Now Chris don't want anybody packed, he don't want anybody flexing any muscle. So I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce. Now everybody says that Chris is the one and only. I think we'd better go have a look ourself.

The rest of the guys of this certain gang has boarded the train. It just happened to be headed for New York City. One by one, the rest of the Drama Warriors chat one by one, in prior to this gang rally.

Justin: We ain't even been to The Bronx before.

D.J.: No sweat, this conclave's gonna be a real big item, every gang in the city is gonna be there.

Meanwhile, the rest of the pimps, mimes and men dressed in military gear are wandering around the subway.

Mike: We're going in there with nothing.

Lightning: We're going in there like everybody else, nine guys, no weapons.

Men dressed in black leather and blue denim jeans move through the subway gate as a gang with yellow jackets who call themselves the Electric Skullcrushers approach the hallways.

D.J.: You got the stuff? I want you to hit everything in sight. I want everybody to know that the Warriors were there.

Geoff: You never know what you're gonna run into out there, we're wearing our colors so we can't hide.

Owen: Who wants to hide?

Duncan: Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way.

D.J.: You just soldier and keep your mouth shut.

Justin: When we get there, you stick close by, okay?

Noah: Don't worry, I don't feel like getting wrecked.

Duncan: One thing we might get out of Chris' little get together is meeting some strange wool. I wouldn't mind laying a little something down on the way back.

Owen: You got a one-track brain, you know that?

Duncan: What's the matter, you goin' faggot?

Geoff: What do you know about Chris?

Mike: Magic, whole lot o' magic.

Geoff: What do you know about Chris?

Duncan: He's the one and only.

Mike: When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, you don't have to take any shit.

Duncan: Ahh...fuck him! I'll tell you something, I bet nobody's even gonna be there!

They appear in this large gathering at an abandoned park. The rest of the gang chatters, then quietens. Every gang from the Orphans, to the rest of the Moonrunners has shown up for this festive occasion. Chris McLean, the leader of the Wawanakwa Riffs appears on top of a stage. He brings them to his attention.

Chris: Can you count suckas? I say the future...is ours! If you...can count.

The rest of the crowd members agree and urge him to go on more.

Chris: Now look...what we have here before us. We've got the Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street Boys. We've got The Moonrunners, right by The Vancourtand Rangers. Nobody...is wasting nobody. That…is a miracle. And miracles, is the way things ought to be.

Some of the crowd cheers by this comment. Some of the crowd members shout things like "Yeah!", "All right", "I heard that!". and "Take it on Cyrus! Whoo!" Chris then climbs up the platform.

Chris: You're standing right now with a hundred delegates. From a hundred gangs and there's over a hundred more. That's 20,000 hardcore members, 40,000 counting affiliates and 20,000 more not organized but ready to fight. 60,000 soldiers! Now there ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?

A small crowd cheers.

Chris: Can you dig it?

The crowd's cheers almost turns to loud.

Chris: Can...yooooooou dig it?

The rest of the crowd roars and cheers for 15 seconds.

Chris: – Now here's the sum total. One gang could run this city. One gang! Nothing would move, without us allowing it to happen! We could tax the crime syndicates, the police, because we got the streets, suckas! Can yooooooooou dig it?

The rest of the crowd cheers loudly as the police cars roll quietly into the park unnoticed.

Geoff: Right on!

Chris: The problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another. We have been unable to see the truth, because we've been fighting for ten square feet of ground. Our turf, our little piece of turf. That's crap, brothers. The turf is ours by right, because it's our turn. All we have to do...is keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time. Secure our territory, secure our turf, because it's all our turf!

The crowd cheers as more police cars roll into the area. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rogues pass out a gun real quietly right to Alejandro, leader of the Rogues. He starts to take aim at Chris, keeps an eye on it's target and...


Chris is shot dead as he collapses through the stage. The rest of the shocked crowd scatters as Alejandro soon takes aim at Noah, but gets blinded by the police lights.

Cleon: The other way, against the crowd, and keep your ass down, down!

D.J. hops over the bar, and excuses one of the members of the Wawanakwa Riffs.

Cleon: Get out of the way!

Duncan gets caught up by a wall in the rush. Chris is carried by gang members to another spot and D.J. moves over to pay his respect.

Gang member: Watch out man, watch his head. What's up with that? There wasn't supposed to be no guns!

Noah: Come on, move it!

Cody: Is D.J. alright?

Noah: I think he's up there.

Cody: Are you sure?

Noah: No, come on move it!

Noah and Cody soon run off. Alejandro and the rest of the Rogues soon spot D.J. as he stood close to Chris's body.

Alejandro: There he is, that's him! That's – The Warrior. He shot Cyrus.

D.J.: Hey, you're crazy, I didn't do nothing.

Alejandro: We saw him!

He then drags Sam, one of the members of the Rogues.

Sam: Yeah, that's him.

Alejandro then pushes Sam back.

Alejandro: He's the one, he's the one, The Warriors did it, The Warriors did it, The Warriors did it, The Warriors did it!

Rogue: Kill him!

Alejandro tries to attack D.J., but gets elbowed in the face instead. Then the rest of the gangs converge and collide all over D.J., therefore killing him in brutality. Duncan punches his way through a fence and The Warriors narrowly escape to a graveyard.

Duncan: Come on, move it! Everybody down, everybody down, shit!

Cody: Are you alright?

Duncan: Yeah.

Mike and Noah soon appear after them, panting.

Justin: Everybody quiet. Everybody make it?

Noah: Just D.J.'s missing.

Mike: Fuzz must have got him.

Justin: Did you see him get busted?

Mike: I seen him then he wasn't there no more, I was hauling ass!

Justin: Why don't you look around make sure we're okay?

Cody looks around and he is quite surprised where they are right now.

Cody: (exclaiming) This is a graveyard!

Geoff: Okay, what are we going to do now?

Justin: (changing his mind) We're going back.

Duncan: You mind telling us how? Fucking Coney Island must be fifty to a hundred miles from here.

Justin: It's our only choice we got.

Mike: Yeah, real simple. Except that every cop in this city's lookin' to bust our heads.

Justin: We got something else to think about.

Owen: Yeah, what?

Lightning: The truce, is it still on?

Owen: If it ain't, we're gonna have to bop our way back!

Geoff: Shit, I wish we was packed.

Justin: If this truce is off, anything could hit us between here and that train. If you get separated, make it to the platform at Union Square, that's where we change trains.

Duncan: I only got one question. (To Justin) Who named you leader? I got as much right to take over as you.

Noah: It was D.J.'s choice. Justin's war chief.

Duncan: Well right about now, D.J.'s most likely got a nightstick shoved half way up his ass. Shit, I bet you can't even find the subway.

Justin: Maybe we oughta talk about this later, huh?

Duncan: (acting frustrated) Well, what's wrong with right now? I wanna be war lord!

Justin: (trying to urge Duncan to hit him) Make your move.

Geoff: Hey Duncan, lighten up.

Owen: Big boy, Swan's war chief.

Mike: We better stick together.

Cody then sees a train approach the station a few miles away from eagle eye vision.

Cody: Hey you guys, the train's right over there. Come on, hurry up, lets go.

Justin: Let's move.

Mike: Hey man, don't worry about it, stay loose.

Duncan: (complaining angrily) Ah, Fuck!

Justin: (to Cody) Mark this spot.

They leave. Cody takes out a can of spray paint and sprays a Red "W" on the gravestone. He sees that the rest of the Warriors are far away from Duncan.

Cody: Hey, wait for me!

Cody finally leaves the gravestone.

Geez, I just shudder to think the image of D.J. and that nightstick...

But this is just the beginning! What will Justin's group of Warriors do next since they're in a whole lot of hell for something they didn't do? The next chapter will be revealed after you read and review.