Yes, this is one creepy dream; but it's full of symbolism as well. One of you figured it out.


The young man led Luke to the Emperor where the young man tried to get Luke to kneel. Luke refused and the young man after a few minutes gave up. The Emperor didn't seem to care which was strange.

"Welcome young Skywalker, I have been expecting you. One day you will take his place as my servant." Palpatine said calmly.

Luke shook his head. "I am here to free your slave and destroy you." Luke informed Palpatine.

Another spine tingling laugh left the corpse of a human. "Only the fabled Chosen One can destroy me and I broke his spirit long ago." Palpatine told Luke as he stood and stroked his 'lap dog's' face.

"Soon the Rebel's will be crushed and you will take the life of the Chosen One." Palpatine continued.

Luke's face was impassive.

"You have never heard the tale of the Chosen One?" Palpatine asked. "It's an ancient prophecy of a being that would come into being by the Will of the Force. This Chosen One would then bring Balance to the Force. The Jedi believed that Balance meant the destruction of the Sith." He continued as if they had answered.

I noticed the young man reach up and take off the slave collar that was around his neck. I watched in horror as he offered it to Luke. Relief filled me when Luke glared at the collar and pushed the young man's outstretched hands away.

"I will not become a slave." Luke told Palpatine coolly.

Palpatine sneered.

"It is the only way to free the one you have come for." He informed Luke just as coolly as Luke had spoken to him.

Luke turned to stare at the young man. The young man just looked back; I could tell that he completely broken inside.

I could believe but at the same time couldn't believe that Palpatine was completely capable of breaking someone. But if what I had been told as a child was true; that the Emperor had shattered the spirits of my parents then it had to be true.

Suddenly Luke took the slave collar from the young man and started to put it on. I screamed. But just before the collar snapped into place Luke stopped and tossed the collar at Palpatine.

"I will never become your slave. I rather die than suffer his fate." Luke sated with bravo.

Fear twisted in my gut, Palpatine was sure to kill Luke now and do who knows what to either me or the young man.

"If you will not become my slave then you will die." Palpatine spat. Palpatine stood and a vibroblade appeared in his hand. He advanced on Luke.

I nearly closed my eyes so that I wouldn't have to witness the death of my brother. But I forced myself to keep them open.

Just before Palpatine could plunge the vibroblade into Luke's heart the young man leaped in front of Luke and pulled out a vibroblade of his own.

The fight was quick seeing that the young man stabbed Palpatine close to his heart. But Palpatine lived long enough to stab the young man in the gut.

Luke screamed in horror and dropped to the young man's side. The young man lived only long enough to brush Luke's cheek and whisper something about Luke being right.

Luke screamed again when the young man went limp in his arms.

After a minute or two Luke stood and picked up the young man's body and carried it away.

That was when I woke up. I will be speaking soon to Luke about my dream and see what he thinks of it.