The blade cut into the scarred flesh of her arm and she smiled as the warm blood welled au and began to flow down her arm. The sharp pain was a relief, a release of the pain that had been building in her all day. This was Freedom, it kept her clean, washed away the pain from the hate that had slowly become her life.

The razor tore again through her shoulder. She frowned, It wasn't enough! She needed more something to feel, anything except the pain filled numbness that flowed through her mind everyday.

With frantic energy she tore at every bit of bare flesh she could reach reopening old scarred wounds and words.

Midget. RuPaul. Manhands.

The pain hit her then and she relaxed against the toilet behind her as black spots began to fill her vision. The darkness rushed forward and she smiled.

Ok well that was dark! Poor Rachel!

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