Neverland: The sequel

Chapter seven

Wendy walked to the end of the plank and jumped off. They waited for the splash, but all they heard was the tick tock of the Crocodile.

"Did you hear her hit the water?" Smee asked. "Because I didn't"

"The beast has swallowed her whole" One of the other pirates whispered. No one saw Peter land on the deck with Wendy in his arms. He set her down and she ran off to get weapons. Peter readied his sword. He flew around the ship, knocking pirates off, here and there. Hook was getting nervous until finally Peter landed in front of him. He scowled.

"So, Peter Pan. This is all your doing" Hook accused.

"Aye, James Hook. It's all my doing" Peter said.

"Proud and insolent youth, prepare to meet thy doom" Hook snapped.

"Have at thee!" Peter lunged for him. The rest of the Lost boys spread about the boat with weapons, fighting pirates.

Peter flew into the air to a high rigging. Hook climbed up to the rigging and grinned maliciously. Peter went to attack but Hook's next words stopped him.

"She was leaving you, Pan" He said. "Your Wendy was leaving you" Peter looked down at Wendy, arm still raised. She wouldn't leave without telling him, would she? "Why should she stay? What have you to offer? You are incomplete" Peter tried to fight, but he was getting weaker. "She'd rather grow up than stay with you" Peter shook his head, trying to stay in the air. Hook hit the side of his head, creating a gash. "Let us now take a peep into the future. What's this I see? 'Tis the fair Wendy. She's in her nursery. The window's shut"

"I'll open it!" Peter cried out.

"I'm afraid the window's barred" Hook jabbed.

"I'll call out her name" Peter said frantically.

"She can't hear you" Hook said slyly.

"No!" Peter cried.

"She can't see you" Hook continued.


"She's forgotten all about you" Peter held up his hands.

"Stop! Please! Stop it!" He pleaded.

"And what is this I see? There is another in your place. He is called... husband" Peter raised his arm, but he was too weak and fell to the deck below. Wendy stopped and turned to him.

"No! Peter!" She cried. The pirates seized the moment to grab the kids so they couldn't move. Hook swung down on a rope, landing beside Peter. He forced the boy to look at Wendy.

"You die alone...and unloved" He said. "Just like me" He raised his hook. Wendy broke away from the pirate and grabbed Hook's hook. "Silence, all, for Wendy's farewell" Hook scoffed. Wendy knelt beside Peter.

"Peter, I made my decision. I love you and I will stay" She leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. Hook pulled her up, but it was too late.

"Brace yourselves, lads" Slightly warned.

"'Tis a powerful thing." Tootles said. The children crouched down, placing their hands over their heads. Peter brightened and soared into the sky, happier than ever before. Wendy pushed Hook overboard and the Crocodile swallowed him whole. Everyone cheered as Peter touched back down. Wendy ran to him and threw her arms around him.

"Did you mean it?" He asked.

"Yes" Wendy said. "I meant every word" Peter kissed her again and they were in sweet harmonious bliss.

Back home, at the Darling House, Mrs. Darling was just waking up, sadness etched in her face. The window was still open, but lying on the sill was a slip of paper.

Dear Mother and Father,

We have found a place where we belong. We are quite safe and well,

But we don't want to grow up. Never Land allows us to be children forever.

I hope you understand.

Wendy, John and Michael.

Mrs. Darling clutched the letter to her chest, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Wendy, Peter and the Lost Boys had many adventures in Never Land. They never returned to London, for they saw no need.

They all lived Happily Ever After.